David [Cragge. int.] and Olive Foskett, Oct.21,1787.


Robert and Lidia Marrs of Western, int.Sept.5,1771.


Lauchlan and Jerusha Ward, Oct.15,1789.


William S., of Southbridge and Fanny Comins, May1,1837.


Archibald Jr., and Martha Laflen, Nov.26,1788.

Alexander and Patience Hammond, Nov.27,1811.


Edmund, Col., and Ana W. Hicks, Mar.24,1829.

Alford [Alfred ?] (s.Abraham and Anna, a.30) and Maria E. Sibley of Spencer, Sept.17,1848.

Julia A. of Spencer (d.Edmund and Anna W., a.18) and Levator McIntire, Dec.9,1849.


Ama and Benjamin Woodard, int.Feb.5,1809.

CAROL (Carroll)

Aaron and Cynthia Dresser, Dec.11,1803.


Dorcas of Woodstock and Joseph Ammidown, int.Jan.4,1765.

Nancy of Woodwtock, CT, and Lemeul Marcey, int.Sept.7,1791.

Jerusha and Elijah McIntier, int.June1,1800.

Oliver of Sturbridge and Amey Drury, int.Feb.24,1811.

Jason of Southbridge and Mercy Merritt, Sept.1,1828.

David and Abigail Rich of Sutton, int.Sept.25,1831.

Cordelia and Hiram Holden, int.Apr.12,1840.

Sally Ann and John Clinton of Barre, Sept.15,1840.

Hannah E. and Ellis H. Thayer, Oct.21,1840.

David W., and Harriet W. Stockwell of Sutton, Mar.30,1841. At West Sutton.

Nancy and Sumner Kinney of Oxford, Apr.6,1841.

Reuben and Adeline Hobbs of Brookfield, Apr.6,1841.

Abigail and Charles Rich of New York, May16,1842. Res.Illinois.

Emily and Daniel Prince of Dudley, Sept.8,1842. Res.Dudley.

John and Clementina McIntire, int.May12,1844.

Jane M., and Prevostus McKinstry of Southbridge, int.Nov.16,1845.

Loren (s.Simon and Fany, a.27) and Waty M.P. Aldrich, Apr.2,1846.

George Blanchard (s.Leonard and Matilda, a.21) and Lucy Emeline Baker, May13,1847.

Charles T. (s.Ira and Elizabeth, a.26) and Roxannah Johnson, both of Sturbridge, Sept.18,1849.*


Kiron and Mary Clark of Oxford, int.Apr.15,1837.


Mary of Sudbury and Samuel Ryan, int.Oct.7,1838.


Sally of Oxford and Nathan McIntier, int.Mar.5,1803.

Phineas and Tamer Trumbel of Leicester, int.Nov.13,1808.

Ann of Johnson RI, and Amasa Olney, Sept.18,1814. At Johnson.


Rhuama and Asa Clemons, May11,1812.

John R. and Clarissa Whipple, int.Jan.21,1844.


Rachel of Eastown and Abither Vinton, int.Jan.21,1763.


Allise and Josiah Conant, both of Dudley, May17,1829.*

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Phebe of Dudley and John Polley, int.Nov.11,1769.

Mary of Dudley and John Blood, int.Apr.2,1773.

Joseph and Esther Twiss, Feb.9,1778.

Eliakim and Anna Stow, June17,1780.

Asa and Prudence Dresser, May10,1787.

Elisabeth of Dudley and Collins Mower of Oxford, July1,1787.*

Samuel and Wid.Anna Johnson of Sturbridge, int.Feb.6,1789.

Sarah, wid.and Capt. Samuel Healey, both of Dudley, May24,1797.*

Lucy and Ephraim Bacon Jr., of Sturbridge, int.Dec.20,1801.

Edward [of] and Emela Dyer, Jan.29,1807.

Samuel and Abigail Tucker, Sept.13,1807.

Nathaniel and Patty Streeter of New Salem, int.June3,1810.

John and Hannah [Sally ?] Edwards, Dec.1,1814.

Charlotte and Aaron Tucker [of Foxcroft, Dist. ME], Oct.8,1818.

Jason and Polly Mason, Jan.6,1819. At Windham.

Judith and Levi Ellis, May30,1820.

Eliakim Jr., and Betsy Searle, June8,1828.

Dolly, Mrs.and Jesse C. Chamberlain, int.Nov.3,1839.

Jesse C., and Mrs, Dolly Chamberlain, int.Nov.3,1839.

Samuel of Sturbridge and Deliza Reynolds, Nov.8,1843.

Calvin of Foxcroft, ME (s.Samuel and Abigail, a.36) and Mrs.Mary R. Convers, Mar.15,1847.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Esther and James King, int.Oct.20,1781.


Malinda and Parker Holden, Nov.12,1843. In Southbridge.


Calven of Longmeadow and Abigal Stevens, Apr.8,1826.


Martha and William Eastwood of Millbury, int.Mar.16,1834.


John, resident of Charlton, and Persis Clemons, int.Oct.25,1800.

John of Leicester and Martha McIntier, int.Dec.21,1800.


Eseck and Louis Patch of Oxford, int.Sept.30,1781.

Seth [Chace. int.] and Phebe Putney, Aug.16,1792.

Lous and Stephen Belknap of Ward, int.Jan.30,1796.

Jonathan of Sutton and Mehitable Geneson, int.Dec.18,1796.

Isaac Jr., and Anney White of Dudley, int.Aug.6 or 12,1797.

Isaac and Anna Hall, Dec.9,1797.

Waite and David Blackmer of Western, int.Dec.27,1807.

Polly of Douglass and Alkenah McIntier, int.Jan.8,1809.

Anne amd Alpheus Lee of Thompson, CT, int.Aug.4,1811.

Timothy and Elenor Blood, May8,1817.*

Anna of Douglass and Rufus Mixer, int.Feb.27,1820.

Susan of Millbury and Jeremiah Morse, int.July6,1827.

Hiram, Rev. of Strong, ME (s.Isaac and Eliza, a.38), and Elura Ann Thompson, Aug.19,1844.

CHEANEY (Cheeney, Cheeny, Cheney)

Artemas and Priscilla Gore, both of Dudley, May26,1790.*

CHEENEY (Cheaney, Cheeny, Cheney)

Calven and Meriam Foskett. June4,1795.

CHEENY (Cheany, Cheeney, Cheney)

Sally of Dudley and Rugals Mors, int.Dec.6,1794.

CHENEY (Cheany, Cheeney, Cheeny)

Leonard of Dudley and Merriam Bachelor, int.May9,1802.

Susanna Richardson of Milford and Rufus White, int.Oct.17,1824.

Parmelia and Otice White, int.May20,1826.

Hannah and Thomas Sweet of Oxford, int.July21,1832.


Charles and Lury Fitts, Aug.30,1825.

CHILD (Childs)

Susanna and Joshua Bigelow, Dec.22,1791.

Betsey and Benjamin Doubty Jr., May29,1797.

Diademia and Asa Weld, int.Sept.8,1801.

Sally and Daniel Woodbury of Sutton, int.Mar.31,1802.

Polly and Samuel May int.Dec.7,1803.

John Jr., and Sally Pike, int.Dec.25,1805.

Danford and Semina P. Town of Dudley, int.Feb.22,1828.

CHILDS (Child)

Charles S. (s.Gardner and Mary, a.26) and Alma Marble, Sept.16,1847.*


Elisabeth and John Fargue, Jan.22,1784.

Joseph and Mary Freeman, Feb.10,1784.

John and Elisabeth Oaks, Aug.8,1787.

Dilley [] and David Clemmons, May2,1793.

Chloe and Rueben Clemon, Nov.22,1795.


Lucy of Shrewsbury and Jonas Stone, int.May13,1781.


Matthew and Susanna Ryon of Sturbridge, int.Nov.9,1799.


Matthew and Rhoda Hammond, July14,1791.

Daniel of Spencer and Mary A. Lathe, June10,1829.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Anne of Stirbridge and John Dresser Jr., int.Mar.18,1769.

Betsey and Reuben Commins Jr., int.July17,1796.

Relief and Amos Waters [of Worcester], Nov.9,1803.

John [Jr.. int.] and Prudence Merritt, May29,1804.

Vasthi [Clerk. int.] and Ebenezer Lamb Jr., June14,1814.

John and Olive Craige, Dec.3,1815.

Olive and Marcus Ledoyt [of Sturbridge], Apr.24,1822.

Thomas of Oxford and Sally B. Howe, int.Jan.10,1836.

Mary of Oxford and Kiron Carroll, int.Apr.15,1837.

CLARKE (Clark, Clerk)

Henry [Clerk. int.] and Permelia D. Lamb, May4,1834.

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

Edward C., and Mary Ann Marble, Oct.13,1835.

CLEMANS (Clemens, Clemmons, Clemon, Clemons)

Maryann and Welcome Washburn of Worcester, int.May6,1821.

Julia [Clemence. int.] and Joseph W. Brown, Feb.14,1822.

Dexter and Sylvia Thomson, Mar.5,1822.

Jary and Lucina Stow, Apr.15,1823.

Margret M., and Hirum Newell, Apr.18,1825.

Cynia and Tyler Simson of Dudley, Nov.29,1827.

Mahitable of Southbridge and Joshua J. Brown, int.Apr.9,1828.

Rachel and Sumner Dunsmore of Grafton, May1,1828.

CLEMENS (Clemans, Clemmons, Clemon, Clemons)

Benjamin and Bety Woodard, int.Dec.15,1762.

Benjamin and Deborah Woodard of Spencer, int.Dec.16,1763.

Jonathan and Hannah Woodard, Nov.29,1764.

Hannah T., and Leonard Corey of Springfield,末蔓末, [int.May10,1838].


Phillip Jr., and Sarah Crosman, int.Dec.3,1762.


Jacob and Lydia Fuller, Nov.29,1807.

CLEMMONS (Clemans, Clemens, Clemon, Clemons)

Dorkas and Benjamin Woodward Jr., of Spencere, int.Mar.末,1776.

Hannah [] and Abijah Oaks, Jan.22,1784.

David [] and Dilley Chubb, May2,1793.

Jacob and Betsey Laythe, int.July19,1796.

Jonas and Lydia Doubty, int.Apr.28,1798.

Benjamin Jr., and Ruth Sanders, int.Oct.13,1799.

Nancy and George Woodward, both of Leicester, Apr.7,1840.*

CLEMON (Clemans, Clemens, Clemmons, Clemons)

Rueben [Reuben] and Chloe Chubb, Nov.22,1795.

CLEMONS (Clemans, Clemens, Clemmons, Clemon)

Mehitable and Ebenezer Twiss, June25,1767.

Phebe and John Oaks Jr., int.July14,1769.

Bette and Enoch Bigelow, Aug.28,1770.

Sarah and Joshua Woodward [of Spencer], Oct.24,1771.

Abijah and Elisabeth McIntire, June18,1776.

Ebenezer and Eunic Putney, int.Jan.28,1778.

Jonathan [] and Mary Hopkings, Mar.14,1782.

Mhitibel [Mehetibel. int.] and Robert Edwards, Apr.7,1784.

Dameris [] and Jonathan Harwood, Aug.18,1784.

Pheebe [Phebe. int.] and Caleb Weld, Jan.18,1788.

Asa and Mary Warren of Dudley, int.June5,1789.

Jonathan Jr., and Susanna Dugar, Nov.26,1789.

Darkes of Spencer and Thomas Howard, Nov.22,1792.*

Lucy [] and Samuel Putney, Mar.21,1793.

Aaron and Lucretia Hooker of Sturbridge, int.Apr.1,1798.

Persis and John Charde, resident of Charlton, int.Oct.25,1800.

Anna and Asahel Fitts, Dec.27,1801.

Joel and Betsy Upham of Sturbridge, int.Apr.12,1803.

Ebenezer and Jane McIntier, Oct.6,1803.

Persis and Samuel Hayward, int.Aug.31,1804.

Ruth and Asa Twiss, Dec.18,1808.

Persis and George Hunt, a resident of Charlton, May30,1809.

Sally and Caleb Weld, July7,1809. In Western.

Asa and Rhuama Case, May11,1812.

Hannah and Charles Brown Jr., Oct.22,1812.

Jabez and Mehitable Twiss, Nov.13,1814.

Luther and Marcy McKinstry of Sturbridge, int.Mar.5,1815.

Mary and David McKinstry, Apr.3,1815.

Clarissa and Simeon Clemons, Aug.27, [int.July1,1815].

Simeon and Clarissa Clemons, Aug.27, [int.July1,1815].

Eli and Matilda Owen of Gloucester, RI, int.Mar.31,1816.

Asa and Zurviah Gleason of Row, int.Dec.22,1817.

Reuben and Zilpah Pike, int.Jan.11,1818.

Susanna of Southbridge and Nathaniel Johnson, int.Mar.15,1818.

Catherine and Albigence Marsh, May6,1819.

Polly and Hanson Hill, Aug.31,1819.

Eunice and Rufus Brown, Nov.14,1819.

Susannah and Dana Smith, Apr.2,1821,

CLERK (Clark)

Danforth [Clark. int.] of Sturbridge and Marcy Allton, Dec.18,1788.

Baxter and Melinda Merrit, Nov.10,1811.

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Pain of Union, CT, and Wid.Mary Dodge, int.Dec.9,1821.

Fanny A., and Bowen Adams of Holliston, Dec.11,1823.

Abigail L., and Asa Conant, Nov.15,1827.


John of Barre and Sally Ann Carpenter, Sept.15,1840.

COBORN (Coburn)

John of Oxford and Sarah Dresser, int.Dec.16,1758.

Zerviah and John Davison of Dudley, Feb.11,1762.

William of Thompson and Elizabeth Hail, Mar.11,1762.

Richard and Sarah Edwards, June16,1768.

Clement and Dorothy Edwards, Dec.26,1770.

Sarah and William Tucker Jr., Jan.25,1785.

COBURN (Coborn)

Alphus [Alpheus Cobourn. int.] and Joanna Edwards, May27,1780.

Edward and Sarah Ryan, Mar.1,1781.

John Jr., and Dorcas Howard of Woodstock, CT, int.Aug.4,1791.

Polly [] and Richard Rogers Town, Aug.5,1792.

Jacob and Polly Billings of Northborough, int.July25,1794.

Joseph and Polly Learnard of Oxford, int.Mar.15,1796.

Mary of 末末 and William Fox of Woodstock, CT, Oct.17,1798.

Asa of Cabot, VT, and Polly Gibbs, Feb.12,1800.

Elihu [Ellihu. int.] of Cabot, VT and Abigail Putnam, Feb.12,1800.

Polly and Hosea Mansfield of Dudley, int.Sept.26,1814.

Ruth and Asa Foskett, Jan.8,1815.

Hannah and Robert Williams, Jan.2,1816.

Amasa K., of Oxford and Sophia P. Nichols, int.Oct.23,1824.

Marcia [Colburn. int.] and Luther Litchfield, Apr.10,1825.

Harriet and Bebee White, both of Southbridge, Jan.19,1834*


Exsperance of Salsbury, CT, and Samuel Twiss, int.Apr.6,1788.


James F., of Burrillville, RI, (s.Zacheus and Esther, a.23), and Adaline Foskett, Aug.9,1846.


Lucy and Abijah Storey [of Monson], Feb.19,1804.

Hannah and John Tucker, Apr.8,1810.

Elisha, Dea.of Southbridge and Herietta Merritt, int.Sept.28,1828.


Samuel of West Springfield and Susanna Burden, int.July10,1800.


Ezra and Fanny Warren of Cambridge, int.Feb.16,1799.

Rufus of Boylston and Elizabeth Warren, int.Feb.28,1801.


Warren and Rhoda M. Goodell, Apr.8,1844.


Luther of Hartland, VT, and Phebee Dennis, Jan.27,1785.

Moses and Betsey Waters, Jan.8,1809.


Mary of Sutton and Jacob Gibbs, int.Jan.27,1795.

COMAN (Comens, Coming, Comings, Comins, Commins)

Sabra, Mrs.Dudley and Salem Town, int.Dec.14,1791.

COMENS (Coman, Coming, Comings, Comins, Commins)

Lemuel [] and Rachel Stevens, Nov.27,1766.

COMING (Coman, Comen, Comens, Comings, Comins)

Aminda [Arminda] and Hiram Marble, Jan.31,1828.

COMINGS (Coman, Comens, Coming, Comins, Commins)

Rachel and Hezekiah Albee, Dec.23,1817.

Lorana and Jesse S. Merritt, Dec.18,1820.

Lucy [] and Solomon Richardson of Brookfield, Jan.17,1821.

Chester and Deborah Borden, Dec.10,1827.

Augusta and Lt. Fisk Bacon, Dec.23,1827.

Abigail and Mason Marble, Nov.22,1830.

Issachar [] and Mrs.Lydia Marble, Apr.10,1831.

Permelia D., and Samuel Tourtilot of Sutton, int.Apr.24,1836.

Caroline and William Bradford of Southbridge, Nov.25,1839. In Dudley.

Frances L., and Charles Stowell of Dudley, Nov.25,1839.

Mary B. (d.Jacob and Fanny, a.26) and James W. Merchant, Aug.19,1847.

COMINS (Coman, Comens, Comings, Commins)

Reuben [] and Mary Parker, Dec.2,1762.

Jacob [] and Phebe Convers, Sept.14,1769.

Jonas and Abigail Tucker, June26,1786.

Willyam and Sally Spurr, Dec.3,1787.

Naomi and David Ward, Apr.16,1789.

Free Capt. [] and Rachel Williams, Feb.2,1797.

Barnabas and Molley Bacon, Sept.3,1797.

Cooledge [] and Margaret Mansfield, Mar.25,1798.

Elizabeth [] and Asa Bacon, Oct.24,1799.

Ruth and Jeremy Thompson of Sutton, May28,1800.

Free [Jr.. int.] and Abagail Dresser, Sept.27,1801.

Hannah and Nathaniel Spurr of Brookfield, NY, int.Nov.20,1801.

Phebe and Isaac Merritt, May31,1810.

Jacob and Fanny Gibbs, Oct.26,1815.

Issacher and Cynthia Wilson, Nov.3,1816.

Alice and William Richardson, Jan.1,1817.

Serena and Jesse S. Merritt, int.Nov.27,1820.

Ruth and Aaron Willard, Apr.10,1821.

Lewis and Mrs.Rebecca Ruggles, Dec.2,1832.

Fanny [] and William S. Camp of Southbridge, May1,1837.

Susan [Sukey] and Schuler Morris, Mar.29,1838.

COMMINS (Coman, Comens, Comings, Comins)

James [] and Anne Rider, Sept.18,1793.

Acksy [] and Jabez Willis, Dec.19,1793.

Mindwell [] and Jonah Taylor, Jan.17,1796 [?].

Reuben Jr., and Betsey Clark, int.July17,1796.

Mary and Joel Parker, int.Sept.2,1797.


Janette of Union, CT, and Merchant Goodell, int.Mar.23,1834.

Martha of Union, CT, and Roswell Goodel, int.Feb.25,1838.


Abijah and Bathsheba Nichols, Nov.29,1775.

Bathshebe and Ebenezer Brown, int.June10,1781.

Lodemy of Dudley and Joseph Rich, int.May5,1787.

Josiah Jr., of Dudley and Lucy Foskett, int.Oct.25,1795.

Harvey and Susanna Rider, May26,1799.

Claricy of Dudley and William Fosket, int.Mar.12,1809.

Dolly of Dudley and Andrew King, int.Oct.5,1816.

Hosea and Lucy King, June11,1818.

Martha and Jacob W. Smith of Oxford, Jan.22,1824.

Asa and Abigal L. Cleveland, Nov.15,1827.

Josiah and Allise Chaffee, both of Dudley, May17,1829.*

Rufus and Claracy C. Nichols of Oxford, int.Feb.26,1830.

Rufus and Ruhamah G. Johnson of Dudley, int.Mar.10,1838.

Hosea and Polly Blackmar, Apr.18,1839.

Matilda and Lewis Burnap of Sutton, July末,1840.

Daniel K., and Catherine Davis, Mar.末,1843.

Polly Mrs.(d.Noah Blackmore, a.37) and Moses C. McKinstry, Jan.25,1846.

CONVERS (Converse)

Luke and Ruth Lamb of Spencer, int.May12,1759.

Phebe and Jacob Comins, Sept.14,1769.

Daniel and Mary Drury, Sept.5,1778.

Anna of Thompson, CT, and Richard Dresser Jr., int.末蔓末,1793.

Uriah and Esther Lackey, int.Mar.8,1799.

Mary and Abner Wheelock, May10,1804.*

Eliza of Leicester and Joseph Hambury, int.May29,1819.

Elliot and Elizabeth McIntire, May10,1825.

Mary R. Mrs.(d.Jonas and Mary Tucker, a.34) and Calvin Chamberlain of Foxcroft, ME, Mar.15,1847.

CONVERSE (Convers)

Dolly of Sturbridge and Abijah Richardson, int.Mar.8,1807.

Freeland, Capt. [Freelon. int.] of Spencer and Mary R. Tucker, Nov.2,1834.

Brigham of Spencer and Betsey Parker of Oxford, [Sept. ?] 25,1841.*


Prudence and Aaron Maret, June29,1778.

Patience and Stephen Ward, int.Sept.22,1780.

Solomon and Susanna Flagg of Spencer, int.Sept.30,1781.

Thankful and Elisha Ward, Apr.15,1782.

Sibmitt and Jonathan Blenden, Feb.6,1783.*


Ziba of Whitestown and Hannah Dorrance of Dudley, Jan.15,1798.


Jonathan Jr., and Mrs.Rebecca Weld, Apr.3,1814.

Abigail, Mrs.Spencer and Rufus Rich, int.May14,1823.

CORBAN (Corben, Corbin)

Phillip [of] and Mary How, June9,1768.

Abigail of Dudley and Thomas Addams, int.Sept.7,1776.

CORBEN (Corban, Corbin)

Timothy of Dudley and Ruth Albe, int.Feb.21,1801.

Samuel of Dudley and Sally Albee, int.Apr.17,1814.

Jedediah and Hannah Rich, June1,1830.

CORBIN (Corban, Corben)

Jeams of Dudley and Ann Tucker, int.Apr.11,1761.

Lucy of Dudley and John Brown, int.Aug.14,1808.

Rhoda of Dudley and Sylvanus Wakefield, int.Oct.27,1811.

Royal of Dudley and Polly Needham, int.Jan.23,1814.

Dexter and Cynthia Rich, Oct.10,1816.

Susan of Dudley and Genison Dodge, int.May24,1818.

Jabez [of] and Meriam McIntier, July7,1818.

Calista and Charles Raillion of Dudley, Mar.31,1841.

Schuyler D. (s.Dexter and Cynthia, a.21) and Margaret A. Parish of Oxford, May1,1849.


Leonard of Springfield and Hannah T. Clemens, 末末, 末, [int.May10,1838].

CORTIS (Curtice, Curtis, Curtiss)

Harvey of Thompson, CT, and Phebe Blood, Mar.26,1834.

Phebe H., and Dr. Addison Knight of Cumberland, RI, Oct.31,1838.

Japheth Jr., of Thompson, CT, (s.Japheth and Clarissa, a.24) and Lucy A. Davis of Websterm Nov.30,1848.*


Sarah of Western and Aaron Axtell, int.May3,1781.


Susannah and Jesse W. Bradnury of Boston, int.Aug.4,1822.

Robert and Diantha Rich, Nov.30,1843.


Hannah and Alvan Lamb, Dec.3,1815.

Olive and John Clark [of Sturbridge], Dec.3,1815.


Arandal of New Albany, IN, and Sally Ellis, Aug.16,1832.


Jeremiah of Milton and Joanna Dunbar, Sept.28,1828.


Nancy, Mrs.Plymouth and Maj. John Danforth Dunbar, int.Mar.2,1794.


Sarah and Phillip Clement Jr., int.Dec.3,1762.


Cyrus S., and Relief Wakefield, Nov.16,1825.


Charles of Uxbridge and Sarah Fessenden, Dec.9,1830.


Moses [] of Oxford and Alma Lamb, Apr.12,1832.

Julia Ann [] and Gustavus L. Wyman of Norridgewock, ME, Sept.16,1839.


William and Margaret Hammond, int.Nov.8,1760.


Edward of Holliston and Mary M. Town, May21,1834.

CURTICE (Cortis, Curtis, Curtiss)

Marey and Silas Albee, int.Dec.14,1793.

Caleb Jr., and Polly Davis, int.Dec.22,1793.

Robert and Mrs.Lorinda Daoane, int.Mar.15,1846.

CURTIS (Cortis Curtiss, Curtice)

Huldah and Nathan Taylor, Sept.14,1769.

Samuell Jr., and Mary Putney of Dudley, int.Mar.8,1776.

Jonathan and Dolley Willson of Spencer, int.Nov.25,1777.

Sabra and John Edwards, Dec.30,1778.

Abigail and John Birchard of Granby, Jan.28,1779.

Tamer and Moses Axdell, Mar.30,1779.

Jonathan and Sibbel Haven, Oct.19,1780.*

Charity [Mrs.. int.] and Marshal Mower, July1,1790.

Caleb Rev. [] and Lucy Putney, May21,1796.

Lucinda and Asa Barton, Nov.25,1813.

Ezra and Betsey Livermore of Spencer, int.July7,1816.

Daniel [Curtiss of Southbridge. int.] and Julia Bacon, July28,1816.

Betsy of Douglas and Rufus Twiss, int.Apr.13,1817.

Chester [of] and Lucinda Willis, Dec.2,1818.

Aby of Douglas and James Melinda, int.Oct.4,1828.

CURTISS (Cortis, Curtice, Curtis)

Jared and Phebe Putney of Dudley, int.Nov.8,1783.

Huldah of Dudley and William Allen of Wardsborough, VT, Feb.26,1797.*

Eli and Betsey Bennett, int.Sept.6,1802.

David and Hannah Negus of Woodstock, int.Dec.12,1805.


Nathan of Royealston and Vilany Morey, int.Nov.24,1768.


Althucy of Sturbridge and Adams Drury, int.Mar.12,1815.

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