HAGGERTY (Heagerty)

James (a.36) and Calista Vinton, both of Southbridge, Dec.13,1845.*


Elizabeth and William Coborn of Thompson, Mar.11,1762.


Elizabeth and Noah Mackintir, int.July23,1757.

Thomas and Anne Milens Oct.26,1769.

Anne [Anna.int.] and Thomas Lesure, Apr.20,1773.

Anna and Isaac Chase, Dec.9,1797.

Sylvania of Sturbridge and Stephen Belknap Jr., int.Sept.1,1817.

Samuel and Martha Stone, Jan.1,1819.

Mary and Ransley Harrington of Hartford, Feb.26,1826.

Elthucy and Otice Darling, Aug.28,1827.

Mary and William [Willard.int.] Dickey, Oct.2,1827.

Tryphena, Mrs., and Lemuel Adams int.Aug.19,1832.

Clarisa of Ware and Harvard [Howard?] Wood, int.Aug.13,1837.

Daniel S., and Achsah Sibley, Nov.末,1838.

Cyrene and Russell Sibley of Spencer, Oct.末,1839.*

Samuel and Polly Hobbs of Sturbridge, Jan.17,1843.

Martha Ann and Adams Nichols, int.May19,1844.


Joseph and Eliza Convers of Leicester, int.May29,1819.


Elisha of Brookfield and Mary Smith, Mar.3,1763.

Rebeckah of Brookfield and Ebenezer Slaton, Jan.22,1784.

Elias [Hambleton. int.] of Brookfield and Ame Lamb, Dec.3,1789.

Jabez and Patty Ward, Dec.24,1803.

Fanny, Mrs., and Leonard Morey, Dec.23,1831.

HAMMAND (Hammond)

David and Delight Merit, Nov.19,1767.


Job Jr., of Sturbridge and Salley Stow, int.Sept.14,1793.

HAMMOND (Hamond)

Margaret and William Cummins, int.Nov.8,1760.

Ebenezer, Lt., and Mrs.Susanna Jonson of Worcester, int.Dec.28,1764.

David and Rebekah Arms of Spencer, int.Mar.23,1765.

Mary and Samuel Robenson, Dec.1,1768.

Hannah and David Dunbar of Leicester, int.Oct.29,1773.

Jonas, Dea.and Mrs.Bulah Hobs of Brookfield, int.Nov.6,1778.

Elizabeth and Capt. William Tucker, int.Jan.10,1782.

Moses and Mrs.Dorothy Dresser, Apr.2,1783.

Aaron and Sarah Bartlett of Sutton, May25,1784.

Esther [Mrs.Esther Hammon. int.] and Moses Healy of Dudley, Jan.7,1790.

Rhoda and Matthew Clapp, July14,1791.

Lydia and Capt. Levi Davis, Dec.8,1791.

Olive and Simon Ward, Jan.19,1796.

David Jr., and Nancy Simons of Brookfield, int.Jan.12,1798.

Aaron Jr., and Esther Wheelock, Nov.18,1806.

Moses and Anna Watson of Leicester, int.Oct.4,1807.

Patience and Alexander Campbell, Nov.27,1811.

Sally and Aaron Marble Jr., int.May10,1812.

Esther and Hervey Lamb, Nov.28,1816.

Clarissa and Lewis Merrit, Apr.14,1817.

Lydia and William Marble, Sept.27,1818.

Ebenezer and Ruhamah Boomer, May8,1823.

Samuel and Polly B. Gibbs, Mar.29,1825.

Levi [Lt. int.] and Rachel Williams, Apr.3,1825.

Dorothy and Seth Hartwell of Millbury, Sept.3,1835.

Elijah and Mary S. Beers, Dec.21,1836.

HAMON (Hammon)

Sarah and Jonathan Davis of Oxford, Sept.12,1787.


Mary Ann Elizabeth of Providence, RI, and Luke Humphrey, Dec.5,1843.


Mehetible of Sturbridge and Daniel Ryan, int.June28,1782.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Jonathan of Shrewsbury and Susanna Pennamon, Oct.27,1814.

Holloway and Charlotte Merrit, Dec.25,1817.

Relief and Moses Dresser, int.May3,1818.

Ransley [Ransly Harenton. int.] of Hartford and Mary Hall, Feb.26,1826.

Theodore of Springfield (s.Henry and Maria, a.24) and Lavina Fitts, Oct.29,1845.

Maria and Henry E. Durfee of Southbridge, int.Nov.3,1849


Sarah of Dudley and Hollis Witt, int.Nov.20,1819.


Nathan [Harris.int.] of Uxbridge and Patty Blood, Dec.9,1828.

HARROD (Harwood)

Lucy and Daniel Phillips, Dec.19,1816.


Lyda of Dudley and Lt. Asa Walker, int.Jan.5,1788.


Seth of Millbury and Dorothy Hammond, Sept.3,1835.

HARWOOD (Harrod, Hayward, Herwood, Heywood)

Garshum and Susanna Wimon, May29,1781.

Jonathan and Dameris Clemons, Aug.18,1784.

Ezra Jr., and Polly May Mar.22,1798.

Elizabeth and Nehemiah Merritt, Feb.10,1801.

Abigail of Oxford and Jeremiah Ammidown, int.Aug.8,1801.

Prudence and Ezra Nichols, May27,1802.

Julia and Isaac Robinson, Oct.23,1808.

Polly and Jonas Tucker, Feb.16,1809.

Mary and Daniel Hatheway of Sutton, int.Apr.23,1809.

Ezra and Sally Brackett of Dudley, int.Sept.30,1810.

Jonathan 2d and Nancy Dunbar, Mar.31,1812.

Polly and Stephen Newell of Sturbridge, int.July11,1813.

Phebe and David Putnam 2d, both of Sutton, Nov.25,1813.*

Clarisa of Holland and Wright Woodard, int.Jan.9,1814.

Sally and Orin H. Walker, May3,1816.

Lucy and Daniel Phillips, int.Dec.末,1816. [See Harrod]

Harriet of Barre and Isaac Tucker, int.Feb.2,1817.

Susan [Susannah.int.] and Samuel Rockwood, Nov.22,1820.

Lydia and Janathan Emerson, Oct.31,1822.

Harriet and Moses Stevens 2d, Mar.21,1831.

Lucian (s.Reuben and Hannah, a.27) and Susan Jane Merritt, both of Warren, Sept.24,1846.*

John (s.Reuben and Hannah, a.22) and Amey Morse, both of Oxford, Aug.28,1848.*


Almira of Belchertown and Porter Davis, int.May19,1822.


Abigail of Dudley and Joseph Hill, int.末蔓末, [1756?].


Mary and Ezra McIntier Jr., May28,1783.

HATHAWAY (Hatheway)

Hannah, Mrs.Sutton and Capt. David Rich, int.Aug.23,1789.

Prudence and Daniel B. Perry, Apr.3,1828.

Phebe of Holliston and Thomas J. Ware, Sept.6,1831.*

Mary and Edwin Walker of Sturbridge, May17,1835.


Daniel of Sutton and Mary Harwood, int.Apr.23,1809.


Sibbel and Jonathan Curtis, Oct.19,1780.*

Mehitabel and Paul Sawyer of Boston, Dec.24,1797.

John Aldis and Susanna Williams, Dec.29,1807.


David of Worcester and Hannah Rich, int.Mar.2,1801.

HAYWARD (Harwood, Heywood)

Rebecca and Henry Segars of Spencer, Oct.6,1791.

Sally [Howard.int.] Billings and Amos McIntier, int.Feb.7,1796.

Samuel and Persis Clemons, int.Aug.31,1804.

Cynthia and Levi Whitney of Hopkinton, int.Apr.12,1812.

HEAGERTY (Haggerty)

Richard and Mary Young, int.Oct.5,1840.


Calvin and Tamer Ward, Jan.18,1825.


Moses of Dudley and Esther Hammond, Jan.7,1790.

Samuel, Capt. and Wid.Sarah Chamberlain, both of Dudley, May24,1797.*

Jedediah and Abigail Bacon, Oct.19,1817.


Diana and William Johnson, int.Nov.8,1824.

Nancy and Manley Ransom, int.Dec.11,1824.

HENSHAW (Hincher, Hinshaw)

Thomas of Brookfield and Sarah Lamb, May22,1788.

Marcia J., and Sumner Reed of North Brookfield, Apr.19,1843.

Charlotte P., of Brookfield and Charles D. White, int.Nov.5,1843.

Mary C., and Luther W. Amidown, int.Mar.10,1849.

HERD (Hurd)

Betsy of Oxford nd David Melendy, int.Mar.5,1827.


Levi and Trifena Holms of Killingly, int.Mar.4,1831.


Irena [Herring. int.] and James Dressor, May7,1783.

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Rufus of Brookfield and Prudence Walker, int.June31, [sic], 1797.

HERWOOD (Harwood)

Ebenezer [of Stirbridge. int.] and Rebeckah Amesbury, Jan.3,1771.

Elisabeth and Caleb McIntire, July11,1776.

Abigail and Ebenezer McIntire, int.Dec.12,1777.


Rodney and Sally Ann Maynard, Oct.14,1824.


Nathan of Sutton and Hannah Barden, int.Oct.21,1804.

Susannah and David Benson Jr., of Sturbridge, int.Aug.18,1844.

HEYWOOD (Harwood, Hayward)

Nathaniel [Hayward.int.] and Rachel Fitts, Apr.2,1820.

Lucy of Oxford and Caleb Learned, int.Oct.26,1827.


Levy of Glosester and Hannah Smith, Oct.28,1779.

Ana W. [Anna.int.] and Col. Edmund Capen, Mar.24,1829.

Meranda H., and William Ryan, May13,1830.

Samuel P., and Abigail Phillips, int.Mar.10,1833.

Adaline and Russell W. Jones, Mar.17,1837.

Elijah W., and Matilda Wakefield, Mar.5,1838.

Nancy and Percival Whipple of Milbury, Apr.3,1838.

Horace P., and Susan Adams of Spencer, int.Mar.24,1839.

Louisa and Clarke Putnam, Nov.13,1844.


Sarah and Obadiah Mackintire, int.Nov.13,1756.


Joseph and Abigail Hatch of Dudley, int.末蔓末, [1756?].

Elisabeth of Pomfrit and William Wares, int.Sept.20,1771.

Sarah [Mrs.int.] of Spencer and Caleb Blood, Sept.2,1777.

Dorothy and Josiah Town Jr., Sept.14,1780.

Betsy S.M. [Shumway Morey.int.] and Austin F. Bond, Dec.13,1804.

John Jr., and Hannah Edwards, int.May20,1809.

Hanson and Polly Clemons, Aug.31,1819.

Joshua Jr., of Spencer and Sarah Morse, int.Feb.1,1822.

Rosetta and Prevostus McKinstry of Southbridge, Apr.14,1833.

John Jr., and Elvira McIntire, Sept.29,1842.

Philemon (s.John and Hannah, a.23) and Martha McIntire, Oct.19,1845.

Maranda E., and Alexander Brown of Southbridge, int.Nov.30,1845.

HINCHER (Henshaw)

Mary [of Brookfield.int.] and Jonathan Tucker Jr., Sept.29,1768.

HINSHAW (Henshaw)

Betsy of Brookfield and David Lathe, int.Aug.20,1813.


Sabra and Rufus Robens of Stirbridg, int.Oct.4,1769.

HOBBS (Hobs, Hoobs)

Silas of Brookfield and Lydia Mirritt, Nov.29,1787.

Josiah 2d [of Sturbridge. int.] and Polly Pratt, May30,1810.

Linda and Daniel Wheelock, June1,1812.

Evelina of Brookfield and Mathais Ryan, int.Oct.28,1822.

Sally and Asa Spauldin, Apr.13,1824.

David of Sturbridge and Abigail Pratt, int.May22,1836.

Adeline [Adaline of Sturbridge. int.] of Brookfield and Reuben Carpenter, Apr.6,1841.

Selina of Sturbridge and Charles Adams, Oct.26,1842.

Polly of Sturbridge and Samuel Hall, Jan.17,1843.

Hannah of Sturbridge and Samuel Laken, Apr.4,1844.

Thankful W., (d.Josiah and Polly, a.21) and William S. Goodel, Apr.5,1849.


Elisabeth [Hobbs.int.] and Josiah Blanchard, Apr.7,1763.

Bulah, Mrs.Brookfield and Dea.Joseph Hammon, int.Nov.6,1778.

Calvin and Charlotte R. Boyden of Sturbridge, int.Sept.26,1841.


Patiance of Sturbridge and Lt. John Dresser, int.Dec.31,1784.

Betsey and William Smith, int.Dec.17,1803.

Zenos of Brimfield and Wid.Sarah McIntire, int.Sept.27,1807.


Hiram and Cordelia Carpenter, int.Apr.12,1840.

Parker and Malinda Chandler, Nov.12,1843. In Southbridge.

Mary C., [Clarke of Barre. int.] and Amos Pike, Oct.17,1848.


Thomas and Hannah Thompson, Feb.3,1764.


Patty, Mrs.Woodstock, CT, and Luther Ammidown, int.Oct.17,1789.

Betsey of Sutton and Ebenezer McIntier, int.Mar.20,1791.

Jeremiah of Union, CT, and Sally McIntier, Dec.14,1809.


Jane W., of Southbridge and Danforth Kinney, int.Mar.10,1833.


Trifena of Killingly and Levi Heredeen, int.Mar.4,1831.


Mary of Willington and Daniel Needham, int.Feb.17,1783.


Israil and Isabel Town, July23,1776.

Isabell [Isabela.int.] and Ebenezer Rich of Sutton, July24,1785.

HOOBS (Hobbs)

Aaron of Brookfield and Mary Ward, int.Feb.1,1793.


Persis of Sturbridge and Reuben Lamb, int.Nov.15,1788.

Parker 2d of Sturbridge and Hannah Blanchard, Sept.10,1795.

Lucretia of STurbridge and Aaron Clemons, int.Apr.1,1798.

Parker and Polly Winslow, int.Dec.15,1799.

Polly N., of Sturbridge and Silas Dresser, int.Nov.30,1834.

Veranes C., of Sutton and Abigail J. Stone, Dec.9,1838.


Mary [Hopkins.int.] and Jonathan Clemons, Mar.14,1782.


Elijah of Dudley and Mrs.Ama Brown, Dec.13,1812.


Moses and Levina Robens, Nov.20,1791.

Eunice, Mrs.and William Fisher of Dudley, int.Sept.8,1798.

Ezekiel and Marcy Fitts, int.Mar.10,1802.


Mary and Phillip Corban, June9,1768.

Mary of Brookfield and Aaron Bowen, int.Jan.24,1770 [1771?].

Betsey of Spencer and James Blanchard Jr., Sept.24,1795.


Nicholus and Lucy Alexander, int.Nov.1,1775.

Asahel and Elisabeth Moffit, Aug.26,1785.

Dorcas of Woodstock, CT, and John Coburn Jr., int.Aug.4,1791.

Thomas and Darkes Clemons of Spencer, Nov.22,1792.*

David and Percillah Shehi of Oxford, int.Nov.8,1794.

Polly and David Dodge of Harkemon Co., NY, int.Nov.30,1794.

Abishai, Dr. and Rachel Alton, int.July18,1795.

Sally Billings and Amos McIntier, Feb.23,1796. [See Hayward].

May of Brookfield and Benjamin McKinstry, int.Sept.3,1815.


William of Spencer and Azubah T. Stone, Mar.12,1828.

Hiram of Spencer and Azuba Williams, int.Oct.4,1835.

Sally B., and Thomas Clark of Oxford, int.Jan.10,1836.

Emeline and Luke Bardwell, both of Southbridge, Dec.10,1840.*

William F., of Leominster (s.Winthrop and Lydia, a.23) and Lydia G. Dodge, Feb.16,1848.


Lucia S., and Henry Tucker of Boylston, Oct.28,1841. In Southbridge.

John and Mrs.Abi Melendy, int.Mar.3,1844.

Rosella P., (d.John, a.17) and Emory Pike, Oct.28,1845.


Martha of Brimfield and Elijah Batchellor Jr., int.Dec.31,1796.


Joseph of Oxford and Mehetable Thomson, int.Oct.7,1758.

Tamisin of Oxford and Isaiah Blood, int.Aug.24,1768.


Adaline and William Ryan, Sept.5,1837.


Aaron and Roxa Smith of Palmer, int.Sept.8,1839.

William and Mary Ann Elizabeth Fry [Sly?], Aug.26,1841.

Luke (colored) and Mary Ann Elizabeth Hampton of Providence, RI, Dec.5,1843.

Aaron (s.Thomas, a.52) and Ann Goff, July2,1845.


Sarah of Dudley and Samuel Fosketh, int.Feb.16,1775.

George, a resident in Charlton, and Persis Clemons, May30,1809.

George A., of Guilford.VT, and Sophia Bugbee, June末,1840.


Hannah [Mrs.int.] and Curtiss Mower, May6,1827.

HURD (Herd)

John and Anna Twiss, int.Sept.12,1819.

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