JEFFERSON (Jepherson)


Deborah, w.Aaron Sr.,末蔓末,1760.GR2

George H., s.Abel and Eunice, Nov.末,1845.GR2

Lorinda, d.Aaron and Sarah, Oct.4,1828.GR2

Polly M., d.Aaron and Sarah, Jan.末,1826 [?].GR2

Miranda, w.Welcome, Apr.2,1806.GR3

Sarah, w.Aaron,末蔓末,1788.GR2

Sumner, s.Abel and Eunice, Aug.末,1843.GR2

Welcome, Mar.末,1800.GR3


Edward Livingston, s.Philander and Ann, Dec.7,1844.




Merab, w.Jonathan,末蔓末,1800.GR3

Sophia, 2d w.Jonathan,末蔓末,1800.GR3

Timothy Knowlton, s.Jonathan and Merab, Oct.11,1827.GR3

JEPERSON (Jepherson)

Jemime, d.Joseph and Mehetebel, Nov.14,1753.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mehetebel, June5,1751.

Rodah, d.William and Sarah, Aug.22,1764.

Rhodah, d.Aaron and Deborah, Nov.10,1778.

Sarah, d.William and Saarah, May12,1762.

William, Lieut.,末蔓末,1717.GR3

JEPHERSON (Jefferson, Jeperson)

末末, d.William and Asha, Aug.15,1839.GR2

Aron, s.William and Sarah, July2,1754.

Absalem, s.Reuben and Mary, Sept.16,1805.

Amos, s.William and Asha,末蔓末,1829.GR2

Anna, d.Reuben and Mary, Oct.15,1781.

Anna M., d.Cyra and Patty, Jan.8,1848.

Anne, d.Seth and Mary, Oct.3,1796.

Benona, s.Ezekeil and Hepsibeth, Jan.18,1774.

Caleb, s.Seth and Mary, Mar.17,1783.

Charles, s.Job and Lucy, bp. June23,1814.CR

Cyrus, s.Job and Lucy, bp. July28,1805.CR

Duty, s.Reuben and Mary, June22,1798.

Elizabeth, d.Solomon and 末末, Dec.20,1760.

Ester S., d.William and Asha,末蔓末,1834.GR2

Eunice, d.Ezekeil and Hepzibah, June16,1778.

George Baker A., s.Salem and Maria, Feb.27,1848.

Hanah, d.William and Sarah, Mar.9,1752.

Harvey, s.Aaron and Deborah,末蔓末,1791.GR2

James, s.Reuben and Mary, Apr.23,1796.

Jepthan, s.Reuben and Mary, Feb.25,1794.

Laura, d.Seth, Sept.14,1843.

Levina, d.Zilpha Herendeen, Feb.27,1793.

Margaret, d.Thomas and Deborah, May26,1750.

Mary, d.William and Sarah, Dec.20,1749.

Polly, d.Reuben and Mary, Mar.20,1783.

Mary, d.Seth and Mary, Aug.29,1788.

Marcy, twin d.William and Sarah, Oct.29,1756

Moses, twin s.William and Sarah, Oct.29,1756.

Phila, d.Reuben and mary, Apr.12,1785.

Prudean, d.Job and Lucy, bp. June23,1814.CR

Rachel, d.William and Sarah, Sept.28,1745.

Rebekkah, d.Zilpha Herendeen, May17,1791.


Reuben, s.Reuben and mary, Nov.12,1787.

Russel, s.Job and Lucy, bp. June23,1814.CR

Sabra, w.Abel and d.Nathaniel and Pauline Bowdish,末蔓末,1820.GR2

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Sept.12,1747.

Sarah, d.Ezekeil and Hepzibah, Mar.26,1776.

Seth, s.William and Sarah, June17,1760.

Seth, s.Seth and Mary, May17,1786.


Thankfull, d.Reuben and Mary.Jan.11,1792

William, s.William and Asha, Mar.15,1828.GR2

Willis, s.Reuben and Mary, Sept.25,1789.

Willis S., s.William and Asha,末蔓末,1826.GR2


Gilbert L.,末蔓末,1819.GR3

Harriet P., w.Gilbert L.,末蔓末,1826.GR3

Mary T., w.Uriah,末蔓末,1789.GR3



Frederick F., s.Lewis A. and Lucy N., Sept.8,1846.

Ithiel Town, s.L.A. and L.N., July24,1849.


Elena Maria, d.Sylvanus and Alice, Mar.24,1807.

Betty, d.Silvanus and Alice, Mar.1,1809.

George Edwin, s.Esick and Huldah, Apr.16,1845.

Jason, s.Esek, and Huldah, July17,1847.

Phila, d.Silvanus and Alice, Apr.27,1805.

Sally, d.Silvanus and Eliice, Feb.13,1803.

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