Edward Nichols, adopted s.Lt. Amos and Elizabeth, Apr.7,1810, a.6y.11m.GR3

Ellis P., s.Ellis and Thankful, Sept.11,1832, a.3y.9m.GR2

Joshua, Lieut., July5,1783, in 55th year.GR3

Lincoln, s.Joshua, Jan.末,1811.


Abasaba, s.Simon and Phebe,末蔓末,1824, a.2.GR2

Amah S. d.Simon and Phebe,末蔓末,1838, a.1.GR2

Basha M., d.Reuben and Hannah, Nov.2,1843, a.19y.3m.21d.GR2

Simon W., inf.s.Simon and Phebe,末蔓末,1836.GR2

Simon (farmer), s.Abraham and Abiel, July17,1848, a.44y.7m.14d."Disentery." Born in Uxbridge.


Mari, d.John and Martha, July24,1788.

Thomas, s.Capt. John and Martha, Nov.3,1802.


Ruth H., Feb.28,1840, a.7m.GR3

Thomas J., Nov.30,1839, a.35.GR3


Emily, d.William and Lydia, Aug.4,1848, a.4m.10d.GR3

William L., s.William and Lydia, Sept.2,1841, a.4m.GR3


Lydia, d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.27,1755.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.5,1755.

Sarah, Wid., Oct.13,1802.

Thomas, July16,1801.

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