Abel, s.Elisha and Beulah, bp. Sept.末,1788.CR

Abel, s.Abel and Betsy, Nov.12,1823.

Abigail Sanger, d.Josiah and Arattusa, Jan.6,1820.

Arathucy Caroline, d.Josiah and Arathusa, Nov.21,1810.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Betsy [Rhody.CR], June17,1786.

Charles, s.Caleb and Betsy [Rhoda.CR], Jan.8,1793.

Charles Wesson, s.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Dec.21,1814.

Crisse Bacon, d.Josiah and Arathusa, Mar.3,1803.

Daniel Webster, s.Isaac and Hitty, Sept.12,1839.

David Foster, s.Abel and Betsy, Feb.14,1815.

Edward, s.Isaac and Hittee E., June21,1844.

Edwin, s.Sullivan and Sally, July2,1809.

Elisha [Elisha S.GR2], s.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Apr.7,1808.

Elisha Stowel, s.Elisha and Lefe, bp. Aug.9,1818.CR [Perhaps same as foregoing.]

Eliza Adaline, d.Josiah and Arathusa, Mar.4,1823.

Eliza Adeline, d.Josiah A. and Sally, Sept.20,1844.

Betcy, d.Caleb and Betsy [Rhoda.CR], Jan.22,1796.

Elizabeth, d.Abel and Betsy, Mar.14,1817.

Betsy Tameson, d.Isaac and Betsy, Aug.22,1822.

Ella Annette, d.Josiah A. and Sally, June11,1848.

Ellen, d.Isaac and Hitty, Nov.26,1836.

Elvira, d.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Jan.22,1817.

Eunice Maria, d.Aaron B. and Elvira, Oct.13,1847.

Francena, d.Aaron B., Apr.9,1846.

Francis, s.Josiah A. and Sally, May27,1840.

George Francis, s.Josiah A. and Sally, Apr.7,1842.

Hariet, d.Abel and Betsy, May2,1821.

Isaac, s.Caleb and Betsy [Rhody.CR], May19,1782.

Joseph, s.Caleb and Betsy, Jan.11,1791.

Joseph Loreng, s.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Mar.19,1813.

Josiah Alexander, s.Josiah and Arathusa, Oct.27,1816.

Gustian[Justin?], s.Caleb and Rhody, bp. Nov.28,1790.CR

Laura, d.Sullivan and Sally, Aug.7,1806.

Leonard Franklin, s.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Oct.27,1820.

Lucy, d.Elisha and Lefe, Mar.7,1806.

Mariah, d.Isaac and Hitty, Aug.12,1830.

Melancy, ch.Isaac and Hitty, July24,1832.

Otis, s.Elisha S. and Phebe, Sept.14,1838.

Febe, d.Elisha and Lefe, Sept.28,1803.

Rockwell, s.Isaac and Hitty, Nov.22,1827.

Rosella, d.Elisha S. and Phebe, May18,1841.

Roene, d.Sullivan and Sally, May24,1804.

Semantha, twin d.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Jan.18,1810.

Sally, d.Sullivan and Sally, Jan.9,1818.

Sophronia, twin d.Elisha Jr. and Lefe, Jan.18,1810.

Susan Elvira, d.Isaac and Betsey, Aug.7,1820.

Susanna, d.Abel and Betsy, Apr.22,1819.

Wesson, s.Elisha and Lefe, bp. Aug.9,1818.CR


Abigail, bp. Oct.21,1832.CR


Abigail Irene, d.Isaac and Mariah, Sept.4,1826.

Isaac Porter, s.Abram and Abigail, Apr.30,1825.

Maria Louisa, d.Isaac and Mariah, Mar.5,1832.

Mary Frances, d.Isaac and Mariah, Apr.17,1835.

Sarah Maria, d.Isaac and Mariah, Jan.21,1830.


Nathan, Aug.31,1846.GR2


Mary Jane, d.George and Louisa, Feb.10,1846.


Mary Amanda, d.Clement and Amanda A., June13,1828.

JILLSON (Jilson)

Denzil D.,末蔓末,1830.GR2

Henry H., s.Sylvester W. and Mary, Nov.6,1841.

Justus K., s.Sylvester W. and Mary, Nov.17,1839.

Leander Sylvester, s.Sylvester W. and Mary, Mar.17,1844.

JILSON (Jillson)

Abigail S.,末蔓末,1834.GR2


Persis How, d.Lemuel and 末末, bp. July20,1806.CR


Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Lucy, Mar.29,1789.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ellen, Aug.15,1847.

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