DABY (Darby)

Nabby, d.John, bp. Sept.15,1776.CR1

Amos, s.Nahum and Mary, Apr.27,1762.

Amos, s.Nahum Jr. and Susanna, Aug.5,1769. [Amos, s.wid.Susanna, bp. Mar.31,1771.CR1]

Asa, s.John [Jr.CR1] and Sarah.Feb.6,1767.

Asa, s.Asa and Elisabeth, Aug.19,1797.

Augustine W. [Augustine Whitcomb.CR1], ch.Asa and Lucenia, Feb.24,1824.

Benjamon, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.24,1746. [Benjamin, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.5,1746.CR1]

Calven, s.Simon and Judith, July4,1773.

Calven, s.Simon and Judith, Aug.16,1775.

Daniel, s.Nahum and Mary, Mar.30,1760.

Deliverance, s.Joseph and Euzebeth, Dec.17,1748.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1738.

Betsy, d.John and Sarah, May7,1774.

Betsy, d.Simon and Joanna, bp. June16,1793.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Asa and Elisabeth, Mar.13,1804.

Esther, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, July17,1740.

Ethan, s.Asa and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1799.

Eunice, d.Nahum and Mary, Feb.27,1746-7.

Hannah, d.Simon and Marcy, Nov.21,1746.

Hepzebeth, d.Nahum and Mary, Dec.2,1748.

John, s.Simon and Marcey, Mar.24,1741.

John, s.Nahum and Mary, Apr.30,1755.

John, s.John and Sarah, Jan.9,1779.

Jonathan, s.Nahum and Mary, Mar.13,1751.

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.11,1742.CR1

Joshua, s.Joseph and Elizebeth, Oct.17,1751.

Levi, s.wid.Sarah, bp. Nov.4,1781.CR1

Levi, s.Simon and Joanna.bp. Oct.21,1792.CR1

Lucy, d.Simon and Judith, Feb.2,1772.

Mary, d.Nahum and Mary, May末, 末末. [bp. May12,1745.CR1]

Mary, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.19,1744.CR1

Molly, d.Thomas and Molly, May10,1765.

Marcy, d.Simon and Marcy, Sept.24,1742.

Mercy, d.John and Sarah, May11,1769.

Nahum, s.Nahum and Mary, Sept.2,1743.

Olive, d.Simon and Joanna, bp. Oct.21,1792.CR1

Oliver, s.Thomas, bp. May24,1767.CR1

Phebe, d.Simon and Morey, July25,1748.

Phebe, d.Simon and Esther, June21,1758.

Sarah, d.Thomas, bp. Feb.3,1771.CR1

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Feb.7,1772.

Sally, d.Simon and Betsey, bp. May23,1798.CR1

Sarah J. [Sarah Jewell.CR1], d.Asa and Lucenia, Aug.24,1825.

Simon, s.John Jr. and Sarah, May20,1765.

Solomon, s.Nahum and Mary, Sept.9,1757.

William, s.Nahum and Mary, July16,1751.


Charles Ruggtes,末蔓末,1830.GR1

Elizabeth Bigelow, w.Joseph, Aug.7,1810.GR1

Joseph, Mar.3,1800.GR1


James R.,末蔓末,1817.GR1

M. Josephine,末蔓末,1833.GR1[Josephine Mehitable, b. Medway, 2d w.Anson Daniels]

DARBY (Daby)

Thomas, s.Simon and Mercy, Sept.22,1739.


Rhoda, d.Benajah and Anna, bp. Sept.3,1758.CR1


William, Oct.3,1816.GR2


Aaron, s.Abel and Martha Jr., Dec.26,1770.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Hephsebeth, Sept.7,1800.

Abel, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Mar.1,1736-7.

Abel, s.Abel and Martha Jr., Feb.16,1767.

Abel, s.Abel and Ruhamah, June30,1768.

Abigail Sampson, d.Jonas, bp. Nov.20,1785.CR1

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Mary, May18,1788.

Alice, d.Abel and Ruharnah, in Stow, June7,1778.

Amos, s.Amos and Elizebeth, in Littleton, Sept.2,1732.

Caroline S.,末蔓末,1814.CR1

Charlotte Elizebeth, d.Alonzo and Esther T., Jan.9,1838.

Cummings E.,末蔓末,1810.GR1

Daniel, s.Aaron and Ruth, Dec.2,1771.

Daniel, s.Ephraim and Sarah, June6,1778.

Deliverance, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, July1,1736.

Dinah, d.Ebenezer and Sarah.June17,1739.

Dinah, d.Zadok and Hannah, Mar.1,1760.

Dinah, d.Aaron and Ruth, Nov.12,1770.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, May3,1735.

Ebenezer, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Feb.8,1757.

Ebenezer, s.Abel, bp. Oct.18,1764.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Jan.28,1780.

Ebenezer, s.Isaiah and Sally, Jan.2,1796.

Edeth, d.Amos and Elizebeth, Sept.19,1718.

Eleazer, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Sept.13,1764.

Eleazar, s.Abel and Ruhamah, Oct.20,1764.

Eleazer, s.Abel and Ruhamah, Aug.5,1766.

Eliza C.,末蔓末,1817.GR3

Eliza Holden, d.William [Jr.CR2], and Eunice, Sept.22,1819.

Elisa Florance, d.Asahel and Eliza, in Ashland, Oct.24,1848.

Elizebeth, d.Amos and Elizebeth, in Uxbridge, Nov.14,1735.

Elisabeth, d.Jonas and Elisabeth, July19,1755.

Betty, d.Josiah and Elisabeth, Jan.15,1764.

Elisabeth, d.Zadok and Hannah, Feb.18,1765.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.18,1800.

Ephraim, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Jan.2,1739.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Nov.16,1765.

Esther, d.Amos arid Elizebeth, Aug.21,1749.

Esther, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Sept.9,1767.

Eunice C. w.William, Jan.8,1791.GR1

Ezra, s.John, bp. Oct.15,1738.CR1

Hamlen, s.Isaiah and Sally, Nov.13,1800.

Hannah, d.Zadok and Hannah, Sept.23,1762.

Hannah, d.Ensign Jonathan and Hannah, Oct.13,1765.

Hannah, d.Abel and Martha Jr., Mar.26,1769.

Hannah J., w.William, Feb.21,1803.GR1

Henry, s.William and Rebecca, July10,1802.

Hephsebeth, d.Aaron Jr. and Hephsebeth, Feb.25,1798.

Hezekiah, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Aug.21,1759.

Hosea F. [Hosea Fessenden.CR2], s.William [Jr.CR2] and Eunice C., Mar.28,1824.GR1

Hosea Fessenden, s.William Jr. and Eunice, bp. Aug.12,1827.CR2 [b. July24,1827.GR1]

Huldah P., w.H. Fessenden, Jan.23,1831.GR1

Isaiah, s.Zadok and Hannah, Sept.9,1768.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Ruth, Jan.18,1776.

Jane, d.William and Rebecca, Apr.29,1807.

Joel, s.Abel and Ruhamah, July18,1774.

John, s.Aaron and Ruth, Dec.14,1773.

John, s.Ephraim and Sarah, July29,1776.

Jonas, s.Amos and Elizebeth, in Littleton, Apr.9,1731.

Jonas, s.Jonas and Elisabeth, Aug.23,1759.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Sept.11,1756.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Oct.3,1754.

Levi, s.Abel and Ruhamah, Apr.1,1772.

Lois, d.Amos and Elizebeth, in Nichawog Petersham, Oct.1,1742.

Lois, d.Simon and Silence, Oct.12,1751.

Lucy, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Oct.1,1772.

Lucy, d.Aaron and Ruth, Nov.9,1772.

Lydia, d.Abel and Martha Jr., Oct.11,1765.

Lydia, d.Ephraim and Sarah, July31,1774.

Lydia, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Oct.14,1781.

Martha Potter, d.Abel Jr. and Martha, Aug.25,1774.

Patty Chatman, d.Jonathan and Mary, May30,1785.

Mary, d.Simon and Silence, Feb.27,1748.

Molle, d.Josiah and Elisabeth, Sept.10,1771.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mary, Jan.31,1783.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.27,1798.

Mary H.,末蔓末,1818.CR1

Mary Jane, d.William and H.J., bp. Sept.28,1834.CR2

Marcy, d.Jonathan and Hannah, July31,1757.

Mercy, d.Jonas and Elisabeth, Oct.21,1764. [Mercy, d.wid.Elisabeth, bp. Oct.28,1764.]

Miriam, d.John, bp. July28,1734.CR1

Moses s.Abel and Ruhamah, July6,1776.

Olive, d.Jonas and Elisabeth, Nov.17,1761.

Oliver, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Oct.4,1734.

Oliver, s.Eleazer and Sarah.Apr.21,1744.

Oliver, s.Oliver, bp. Apr.21,1765.CR1

Oliver, s.Oliver, bp. May24,1767.CR1

Oliver, s.Ezekiel, bp. Apr.22,1770.CR1

Peter, s Jonas and Elisabeth, Mar.7,1757.

Phinehas, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Aug.21,1756.

Phebe, d.Amos and Elizebeth, in Westford, June21,1730.

Rachel, d.Amos and Elizebeth, in Nichawog Petersham, Oct.7,1739.

Rebecca Tuttle, d.William [Jr.CR2] and Eunice, May1,1818.

Reuben, s.Amos and Elizebeth, July17,1747.

Ruhamah, d.Abel and Ruhamah, Oct.2,1759.

Ruth, d.John, bp. Mar.7,1736.CR1

Samuel, s.Amos and Elizebeth, in Nichawog Petersham, Oct.15,1744.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Jan.25,1764.

Sarah, d.Eleazer and Sarah, Mar.22,1742.

Sarah, d.Abel and Ruhamah, Sept.10,1758.

Sarah, d.Oliver and Lydia, Mar.8,1765.

Sarah, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Aug.31,1769.

Sarah, d.Abel and Ruhamah, July31,1770.

Sally, d.Isaiah and Sally, Nov.19,1797.

Salley Chathurn, d.Aaron and Hephzebeth, Jan.8,1803.

Sarah Maria,末蔓末,1838.GR3

Simon, s.Simon and Silence. Feb.27,1754.

Sophronia, d.Aaron and Hephzebeth, Nov.2,1805.

Sophronia Cordelia, d.Aaron and Sophronia Jr., Mar.28,1825.

Submit, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Sept.3,1771.

Thomas, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Apr.8,1769.

Timothy, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Sept.9,1741.

Timothy, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Sept.14,1761.


William, Sept.9,1790.GR1

William Warren, s.William Jr. and Eunice, bp. Aug.12,1827.CR2

Zimri, s.Isaiah and Sally, Oct.17,1793.


Abigail Davis, d.Robert and 末末, bp. Aug.1,1802.CR1

Albert Gallatin, s.Robert and 末末, bp. Aug.2,1807.CR1

Eliza, d.Richard and Mary, bp. Mar.9,1794.CR1

Harriot, d.Robert and Mary, bp. Oct.18,1795.CR1

Henry, s.Robert and Mary Paine, bp. Feb.4,1799.CR1

William Bentley, s.Robert and Mary, bp. Mar.26,1797.CR1

DICKARSON (Dickenson, Dickingson, Dickinson)

Amos, s.George and Sarah, Mar.24,1743-4.

Daniel, s.George and Sarah, June14,1739.

David, s.George and Sarah, Oct.7,1741.

Francis, s.George and Sarah.Sept.20,1746.

Jeremiah, s.George and Sarah, Dec.16,1736.

DICKENSON (Dickarson, Dickingson, Dickinson)

Mary, d.Francis and Mary, May14,1798.

DICKINGSON (Dickarson, Dickenson, Dickinson)

Dorcas, d.George and Sarah, Aug.24,1750.

DICKINSON (Dickarson, Dickenson, Dickingson)

Daniel R., s.Willard and Lois, May23,1838.

Deborah Willard, d.Willard and Lois, Nov.9,1821.

Harriet C., d.Willard and Lois, Mar.5,1832. Twin.

Henriette H., d.Willard and Lois, Mar.5,1832. Twin.

Ervin, s.Stephen G. and Mercy, in Lunenburg. Jan.2,1844.

James Granville, s.Willard and Lois, Apr.13,1841.

John W., s.Willard and Lois, Dec.23,1835.


Lois Emeline, d.Willard and Lois, Apr.26,1829.

Relief Phelps, d.Willard and Lois, Dec.3,1826.

Samuel Willard, s.Willard and Lois, Feb.17,1824.

Sally Elvira, d.Willard and Louis, Nov.14,1818.


John Munroe, s.末末, bp. Nov.28,1773.CR1

Reuben, s.Reuben, bp. July15,1770.CR1

William, s.Reuben, bp. Oct.23,1771.CR1

DUDLEY (Dudly)

Abagel, d.Peter and Abagel, May19,1743.

Emely, d.Samuel and Patience, Apr.13,1814.

Esther Ellen, d.Silas Jr., b. in Bedford, and Deborah, Aug.3,1848.

Guildford, s.Samuel and Patience. Sept.19,1800.

Harriot R., d.John and Sally, Sept.24,1834.

Louisa, d.John and Sally, Sept.25,1828.

Lovisa, d.Samuel and Patience, Aug.25,1805.

Lydia, d.Peter and Abigail, May26,1761.

Martha L., d.Silas.June11,1844.

Mary, d.Peter and Abigail. Oct.17,1749.

Malley, d.John, bp. Sept.5,1773.CR1

Mercy, d.Peter and Abigail, Mar.7,1753.

Oliver, s.Peter and Abigail, Nov.29,1764.

Prude [Prudence.CR1], d.Peter and Abigail, Apr.18,1759.

Samuel s.Peter and Abigail, Nov.12,1756.

Sarah, d.Peter and Abigail, Aug.26,1755.

Sally, d.John, bp. Oct.6,1782.CR1

Salley Atherton, d.Samuell and Patience, June4,1798.

Zacheus, s.Peter and Abagilt Nov.6,1745.

DUDLY (Dudley)

Sherman, s.Samuel and Patience, Dec.23,1803.


Alice Secelia, d.Leander G. and Sarah, Aug.31,1847.

Henry, s.Alexander and Sophia, bp. May3,1807.CR1

DWINEL (Dwinells, Dwinnel)

Candace, d.Elijah and Sally, Feb.3,1815.

Edwin, s.Elijah and Sally, Nov.17,1813.

Jared, s.Elijah and Sally, Jan.21,1811.

Jerome, s.Elijah and Sally, Feb.18,1812.

Lydia, d.Elijah and Sally, Sept.18,1816.

Sally, d.Elijah and Sally, May21,1818.

Silva, d.Elijah and Sally, May14,1809.

DWINELLS (Dwinel, Dwinnel)

Sarah Laura, d.Jerome and Mary, June10,1846.

DWINNEL (Dwinel, Dwinells)

Dexter, s.Elijah and Hannah, June1,1798.

Harriet, d.Elijah and Hannah, May10,1801.

Lovisa, d.Elijah and Hannah, Dec.25,1799.

Mary, d.Elijah and Harurab, June15,1803.

Pliny, s.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.3,1804.

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