Sally T., Sept.25,1797.CR1

Francis Haskell, s.Andrew and Eliza, Nov.7,1819.

Moses Tarbell, s.Jerome and Sally, Jan.23,1820.

Jerome, s.Jerome and Sally, Apr.17,1821.

Andrew Boyanton, s.Andrew and Eliza, Apr.22,1822.

Walter Longley, s.Jerome and Sally, Feb.27,1823.

Abby Stutson, d.Andrew and Eliza, June23,1824.

Sarah Tarbell, d.Jerome and Sally, Dec.17,1824. [w.Samuel F. Whitney.GR1]

Joseph Hammond, s.Andrew and Eliza, Feb.22,1826.

Clarisa Simons, d.Jerome and Sally, Feb.7,1827.

John Quincy Adams, s.Andrew and Eliza, Aug.4,1828.

Margaret Blanchard, d.Jerome and Sally, Dec.24,1828.

Sophia Longley, d.Jerome and Sally, Jan.16,1831.

Julia Anna Wilder, d.Andrew and Eliza.Mar.31,1832.

Walter Longley, s.Jerome and Sally, Dec.31,1832.

Jacob Haskell, s.Andrew and Eliza.June6,1834.

George, s.Jerome and Sally, Nov.16,1834.

Alfred Wilder, s.Jerome and Sally, Aug.21,1836.

George Frederick, s.Andrew and Eliza, Dec.9,1836.

Mary, d.Jerome and Sally, Oct.24,1838.

Francis Augustus, s.Andrew and Eliza, Nov.7,1839.


Jonathan, s.Reuben and Lydia, Apr.28,1777.

Levi, s.Reuben and Lydia, June20,1779. He took the name George in 1804.

Lydia, d.Reuben and Lydia, Sept.13,1781.

Samuel, s.Reuben and Lydia, Oct.11,1784.

GATES (Gats)

Isaac, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, in Stow, Aug.6,1729.

Zaccheus, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, in Stow, Aug.26,1731.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, Apr.7,1734.

Elizebeth, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Oct.8,1735.

Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Elizebeth, Oct.1,1736.

Jonathon, s.Jonathon and Elizabeth, May27,1738.

Mercy, d.Jonathan and Elizebeth, May30,1743.

Eunice, twin ch.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. June5,1743.CR1

Sarah, d.Jacob and Sazah.Jan.13,1744.

Henry, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, June19,1745.

Mary, d.Jacob and Sarah, July18,1745.

Josiah, s.Jonathan snd Elizebeth, Sept.26,1747.

John, s.Jonathan and Elizebeth, Oct.31,1749.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.3,1751.CR1

Susanna, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Oct.13,1753.

Rachel, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Jan.18,1756.

Lemuel, s.Stephen and Dinah, Apr.30,1757.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, Sept.27,1762.

Elisabeth, d.Isaac and Submit, Nov.24,1764.

Jacob, s.Isaac and Submit, Dec.6,1766.

Lucy, d.Isaac and Submit, July22,1769.

Elizabeth, d.Josiah, bp. Sept.1,1771.CR1

Sarah, d.Isaac and Submit, Sept.21,1771.

Mary, d.Capt. Isaac and Submit, Dec.25,1774.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Submit, May7,1777.

Zacheus, s.Capt. Isaac and Submit, Sept.11,1779.

Nabby, d.[Capt.CR1] Isaac and Submit, Dec.29,1782.

GATS (Gates)

Nathaniel, s.Stephen and Betey, Feb.18,1738.

Lusee, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Oct.31,1739.

John, s.Stephen and Betey, Jan.31,1739-40.

Hannah, d.Jonathon and Elizebeth, Oct.29,1740.


Elizabeth C.,末蔓末,1817.GR1


George, s.John and Sally, June14,1799. [Capt. George Gerry.June5,1799.GR1]

Fanny P., d.John and Sally, May5,1802.

Ward Safford, s.John and Sally, June6,1804.

Sabra, w.Grorge, Oct.28,1804.GR1

John, s.John and Sally, Mar.末,1806.

Luther Turner, s.John and Rebeecah, Jan.20,1810.

Sally T.M., d.John and Rebeccah, Feb.4,1812.

Caleb Strong, s.John and Rebeccah, Oct.15,1814.

Fisher Ames, s.John and Rebeccah, Mar.24,1817.

Menassah Sawyer, s.John and Rebeecah, Aug.23,1819.

Jesse K., s.George and Sabra, Jan.19,1824.

Susan Rebecca, d.John and Rebeccah, Feb.20,1825.

Atlanta Aspinwall, d.John and Rebeccah, Oct.26,1827.

Sabra Adelia, d.George and Sabra, Feb.21,1829. [Feb.21,1817.GR1]

Sarah Isabelle, d.George and Sabra, Dec.4,1830.

Gustavus Adolphus, s.John and Rebeccah, June22,1831.

Ella Elizabeth, d.Caleb L. and Sazah B., b. in Stow, Jan.24,1849.


William H.,末蔓末,1829.GR1


Augusta Gardner, d.Washington and Aschsah, Dec.9,1834.

Frances Allina, d.Washington and Acbsah, June4,1839.


Anna, d.Richard and Sarah, Jan.27,1712.

John, s.Richard and Sarah, in Littleton, Apr.17,1770.

Shermon, s.Richard and Sarah, Oct.28,1773.

Theodore, s.Richard and Sarah, Aug.7,1775.

Molley, d.Richard and Sarah, Apr.17,1777. [w.Capt. Oliver Hill.GR1]

Thomas, s.Richard and Sarah, Mar.18,1779.

Maria, d.John and Moriah, May15,1792.

Anna, d.Richard Jr. and Rachel, Nov.23,1803.

Mary, d.Theodore and Mercy, Aug.末,1805.

Sherman, s.Richard and Rachel, Sept.24,1805.

Lucy, d.Theodore and Mercy, Feb.18,1807. [Lucy Hapgood, d.Theodore and Mercy, bp. Oct.20,1811.CR1]

Jonathan Goodwin, s.Richard Jr. and Rachel, Mar.15,1807.

Sally, d.Richard Jr. and Rachel, Feb.3,1810.

Francis Cook, s.Richard Jr. and Rachel, July27,1811.

Mercy, d.Theodore and Mercy, Feb.24,1818.

GOODFREY (Goodfry)

Andrew, s.James and Hannah, Dec.28,1738.

Daniel, s.James and Hannah, Oct.17,1742.

James, s.James and Hannah, Nov.20,1744.

Salmon, s.James and Hannah, Mar.10,1747.

GOODFRY (Goodfrey)

Mary, d.Oliver and Rachel, bp. Jan.28,1753.CR1


Peter, s.Asa and Hepsey, Sept.23,1803.

Elisa, d.Asa and Hepsey, Nov.25,1807.


Mitte, d.末末, bp. July19,1772.CR1


Isabella, Nov.1,1831.GR1


William H.,末蔓末,1828.GR3

Mercy Fairbanks, w.William H.,末蔓末,1832.GR3


Silence, d.[Dr.CR1] Daniel and Anna, Apr.8,1764.


Samuel, s.Ceaser, bp. Apr.17,1763.CR1

Sarah, d.Caeser, bp. Nov.23,1766.CR1


Hiram Stone, s.Charles W. and Mary, Dec.16,1818.

Elizabeth E., Sept.11,1826.GR1

Luther Sawyer, s.Charles W. and Mary, Jan.24,1828.

Charles Henry, s.Charles W. and Mary, May19,1830.

Andrew Jackson, s.Charles W. and Mary, July10,1832.

Benjamin, s.Charles W. and Mary, in Templeton, Apr.2,1834.

Mary Jane, d.Charles W. and Mary, in Cambridge, Sept.16,1836.

Caroline Wilkins, d.Charles W. and Mary, Sept.25,1838.

Charlottee, d.Charles W. and Mary, Mar.14,1840.

Olive, d.Charles W. and Mary, May20,1845.

末末, s.Charles and Mary, Apr.19,1847.

William, s.Charles W. and Mary, May8,1847.

Martha Louisa, d.Charles W., b. in Cambridgeport. and Mary, July16,1848.


Samuel, s.Seth, bp. Dec.1,1733.CR1

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