Lucy of Littleton, and William Farr, in Littleton, Feb.15,1780.


Phineas and Ruth Stow of Marlborough, int.Sept.23,1811.

Mary of Boxborough, and Benjamin K. Barnard, Oct.15,1843.

HAILD (Hald, Hale)

Isaac and Sarah Bowers of Cambridge [Groton. int.], in Cambridge, Aug.5,1776 [int.July12,1766].

Lucy and Harbour Farnworth of Groton, Mar.12,1778.

Martha and Ebenezer Farnsworth of Groton, in Groton, July4,1780.

HAINS (Haynes)

Joshua of Sudbury, and Rebeckah Mead, Jan.4,1750.

HALD (Haild, Hale)

Timothy and Elisabeth Byham, both of Narragansett No. 6 Templeton, Jan.17,1760.

HALE (Haild, Hald)

Sarah and Nathan Taylor of Shrewsbury, in Shrewsbury [no date] [int.Mar.20,1744].

Isaac and Tamar Whitcomb of Littleton, int.Apr.9,1748.

Abigail and John Goodridge of Boxford, Nov.28,1751.

Adna and Amos Stone. Feb.27,1754.

Benjamin and Mary Taylor, Oct.6,1757.

Hannah and Samuel Cleland of Greenwich, Sept.17,1767.

Ambrose and Mercy Daby, July25,1768.

Sarah and Isaac Holden, June7,1773.

Lydia [Haild.int.] and Benjamin Robins, Oct.13,1774.

Moses and Molly Farwell of Groton, Apr.10,1776.

Nancy [Mercy.int.] of Stow, and Cyrus Fairbank, in Bolton, Nov.10,1779.

Israel and Esther Taylor, Nov.12,1782.

Rachel and Jonathan Houghton, June26,1783.

Hannah of Stow.and Jonathan Farbank, in Stow, Jan.30,1787.

Joanna and Simon Daby.June1,1788.

Salley and John Eveleth of Augusta, Oct.22,1801.

Benjamin of Waterford.ME, and Mercy Rand, Oct.6,1822.

Moses and Martha Ann Priest, Jan.21,1841.


Martha and Simeon Farnworth, May28,1744.

Timothy and Mary Colborn of Dracut, int.Oct.10,1744.

Mary and John Pratt, Oct.24,1757.

Mary and Gibson Willard, Oct.25,1770.

John of Lunenburg, and Sarah Willard, July5,1774.

Samuel of Montgomery, and Nabby Ramsdal, Feb.2,1806.

Harriet and Benjamin Barnard, int.June18,1820.

Rachel s.Pepperell, and Nathaniel B. Devol, int.July21,1842 [Aug.2,1843 dup.]

Henry M. of Brattleboro, VT, and Jerusha, Smith, Nov.8,1842.*

HAMBLIN (Hamlen, Hamlin)

Lydia and John Park Jr. of Groton, in Pepperell, June1,1786.

HAMLEN (Hamblin, Hamlin)

Europe and Darcos Stow, Apr.13,1786.

Salley and Isaiah Davis, Nov.6,1792.

HAMLIN (Hamblin, Hamlen)

Allice and Joseph Parks of Groton, Nov.25,1784.

Africa and Susanna Stone of Groton, int.Dec.24,1784.

America and Sarah Parkhurst, Apr.7,1785.

Eleazer and Hannah Fletcher of Westford, in Westford, June3,1789.

Polly and Moses Stone of New Pennycook, int.Aug.12,1789.

Africa and Lydia Chase of Haverhill, int.Oct.29,1809.

Poladore of Waterford, and Nancy Park, Jan.6,1817.


Thomas and Betsy Hapgood, May26,1795.

Sarah and Francis Barnard, Jan.23,1798.

Thomas and Patty Laughton, May9,1799.

David and Alinyra Hosmer of Acton, int.末蔓末,1825.

Lucy, d.David and Almira, a.19y., and George A. Harrington of Shirley, s.Phineas of Shirley, and Lois, b. in Concord, a.23y., Nov.4,1847.


Samuel and Abigail Snow of Lancaster, in Lancaster, July21,1763.


Elisabeth and Joseph Willard Jr., Feb.14,1753.

Mercy and Jonathan Clark, Oct.12,1757.

Sarah and John Daby [Jr. int.], Jan.17,1765.

Shadrach Jr. and Elisabeth Keep, July23,1770.

Lois and Jacob Whitney, May25,1772.

Lydia and Abraham Munroe, Apr.4,1775.

Betsy and Thomas Hammond, May26,1795.

Sarah of Acton, and Timothy Wood, Aug.24,1797.

John and Molley Haskell, Dec.6,1797.

Mercy and Theodore Goldsmith, Sept.11,1798.

Jabez and Susannah Haskell, May13,1806.

Shadrach Jr. and Nancy Puffer, Nov.14,1806.

Joel and Sally Fairbank, Nov.13,1812.

Joel and CMrlotte Meeds, Jan.30,1822.*

Maria of Petersham, and Ephraim Hind, Esq., int.Mar.22,1823.

Lucy and James Wilson of Shirley, Dec.17,1828.

Susan and Josiah Hartwell, Apr.9,1829.

John Jr. and Mary Ann Munroe, Sept.27,1829.

Moses of Marlborough, and Sally Wetherbee, May9,1832.

Mary and Capt. P.D. [Peter D. int.] Conant, Mar.24,1835.

Hannah and Hiram Houghton, Apr.14,1836.

Nancy and Phineas Holden Harlow, Apr.17,1838.

Henry and Ann Matildia A. Estabrook of Shirley, int.Apr.28,1839.

Jonathan F. and Susan Wetherbee, Dec.25,1839.


Emily E., d.Emerson and Elizy, b. in Concord, a.19y., and William J.B. Thompson of Westminster, s.Samuel of Westminster, and Mary, b. in Londonderry.a.18y., Apr.4,1848.

HARIS (Harris)

Asa of Lancaster, and Eunice Kent, Sept.29,1744.


Bradford of Castine, and Nancy Stetson, May24,1810.

Ellis Jr. and Meriam Holden of Shirley, int.Dec.6,1813.

Sally H. and William F. Clark of Quincy, May16,1814.

Lucee and Rev. Abel G. Duncan of Newfane, VT, Sept.23,1828.

Solon and Rebecah Kendall, Apr.1,1830.CR2

Phineas Holden and Nancy Hapgood, Apr.17,1838.

Meriam H. and Christopher L. Willard, May14,1843.

Edward E. and Catherine W. Bowker of Boston, int.Apr.末,1844.


Andrew and Jane Readall of Londonderry, int.Aug.11,1739.

Samuel and Mary Wheeler, Dec.16,1755.

Anne and Francis Wright of Middletown, Oct.15,1771.

HARRAD (Harrod)

William K. and Rebecca F. Staples of Shirley, int.Sept.26,1818.

William S., s.William K. and Rebecca, a.25y., and Hannah D. Stone, d.William and Hannah, b. in Wellfleet, a.22y., June25,1845.


Walter, Rev., and Apphia K. Hoyt of Sutton, NH, int.Aug.17,1841.


George A. of Shirley, s.Phineas of Shirley, and Lois, b. in Concord, a.23y., and Lucy Hammond, d.David and Almira, a.19y., Nov.4,1847.

James of Lancaster, s.Henry, b. in Roxbury, a.23y., and Arvilla A. Wood, d.Emery and Maranda, a.17y., Apr.12,1849.

HARRIS (Haris)

Richard and Phebe Atherton, Apr.20,1758.

Martha and John Wetherbee, Mar.25,1760.*

Richard Jr. and Lydia Atherton, Dec.1,1768.

Rebekah and Grover Scolley, int.Aug.14,1779.

Asenath and Cyrus Whitney, June19,1796.

Lucy and John Haskell, Sept.30,1798.

Esther and Thomas P. Richardson of Marlow, int.Oct.13,1801.

HARROD (Harrad)

Abigail [Abiah W. int.] and William B. [William Bowles.int.] Willard, Feb.4,1823.

Nancy B. and Robert Willard, int.Aug.30,1824.

Rebecca, d.William K. and Rebecca, a.25y., and Oliver W. Turner, s.Luther and Abigail, a.35y., Dec.31,1846.

Emeline E., d.William and Rebecca, a.21y., and Joseph C. Stone of Chelsea, s.William and Hannah, b. in Wellfleet, a.22y., Jan.20,1848.

Adeline M. and Henry Butterfield of Lancaster, int.Feb.4,1849.


Stephen H. of Boylston, s.Daniel of Boylston, and Tamer, b. in Boylston, a.22y., and Hannah L. Dudley, d.Silas and Hannah, b. in Bedford, a.20y., May16,1848.


Lois and Philemon Priest, Mar.21,1776.

Josiah, Dea., of Littleton, and Hannah Wffiard, int.Jan.4,1777 [m.末蔓末,1777.CR1]

Simon of Littleton. and Rachael Atherton, in Littleton, Apr.4,1790 [May25,1790 dup.] [int.Apr.16,1790].

Mary of Littleton, and Ephraim Pollard, int.Nov.16,1795.

Mary and Philemon Preist, Feb.11,1817.

Susan of Billerica, and Ebenezer Bridge, int.Aug.20,1817.

Sally of Littleton, and Capt. Jonathan Fairbank, int.Sept.1,1820.

Clarissa and Aaron Davis, int.June8,1822.

Josiah and Susan Hapgood, Apr.9,1829.

Daniel of Littleton, and Sarah G. Fairbank, May7,1829.

Louisa of Littleton, and Sidney Bull, Nov.25,1841.


Samuel and Sarah Jane Barden, int.June11,1837.

HASELTINE (Hasseltine, Hazleton)

Nathaniel and Patience Whitcombe, May30,1758.

Patience and Simon Whitney, May5,1768.

Sarah and Phinehas Taylor Jr. of Stow, Mar.19,1778.

Patience and William Willard Jr., int.Jan.12,1781.

Hannah and Gabriel Priest Jr. of Bolton, int.Mar.8,1781.

HASKEL (Haskell)

Ruth and Daniel Page of Lunenburg, Nov.22,1744.

Joseph, Dea., and Abagel Emerson of Ipswich, int.June1,1745.

Mary and Abraham Willard of Lancaster, Apr.29,1746.

HASKELL (Haskel)

Lydia and Hezekiah Willard [Jr. int.], May24,1737.CR1

Rachel and Tarball Willard, Nov.29,1739.

Samuell and Cybiel Willard, May10,1744.

Hannah and Lemuel Willard, Nov.26,1747.CR1

Stephen and Sarah Wetherbee of Stow, int.Oct.13,1750.

Moses and Anna Tarbol of Groton, int.June11,1751.

Ame [Ruhamah.int.] of Bolton, and Joseph Houghton, Sept.26,1751.

Anne and Benjamin Bridge, Jan.25,1753.

Elias and Sarah Kidder of Billerica, in Billerica, May14,1761.

Anna and Peter Edes of Charlestown, Nov.26,1761.

Elisabeth and Nathaniel Willard of Lancaster, Mar.8,1762.

Josiah and Mary Gates, Dec.15,1763.

Lucy and Oliver Willard, May29,1764.

James Jr. and Lydia Whetcombe of Littleton, Jan.31,1765.

Lucy and Josiah Witherbee, Sept.27,1769.

Lemuel and Lucy Green of Lancaster, in Lancaster, Oct.12,1769.

Samuel [Jr. int.], and Ruth Safford, Dec.6,1770.

Solomon and Betty Davis, Apr.21,1774.

Abigail and Francis Farr, Sept.14,1777.

Sybel and Marlbroa Kingman, Sept.23,1777.

William and Mercy Farnsworth, int.May8,1779.

Sarah and Joseph Buffum of Fitchburg, Mar.21,1784.

Jonathan and Hannah Robbins, Oct.11,1785.

Sarah and William Willard Jr. of Lancaster, Dec.21,1787.

Oliver Jr. and Mary Atherton, May21,1789.

Polley and Joel Willard, Jan.2,1791.

Jacob and Sally Boynton of Pepperell, in Pepperell, Jan.18,1791.

Ame and Ephraim Stone, Mar.31,1791.

Moses and Sarah Willard, Sept.6,1791.

Lucy and Elijah Houghton Jr., Dec.18,1792.

Martha and Paul Willard, both of Lancaster, Dec.18,1792.

Josiah Jr. and Rhoda Fairbank, June27,1796.

Elias Jr. and Lucy Priest, Oct.10,1796.

James Jr. and Sarah Pollard, Dec.15,1796.

Lydia and Phinehas Davis, int.June12,1797.

Molley and.John Hapgood, Dec.6,1797.

John and Lucy Harris, Sept.30,1798.

Josiah, Col., and Elizabeth Reed of Lexington, int.Nov.26,1801.

Sybil and Richard Whitcomb of Bolton, Jan.24,1803.

Martha and Moses Houghton [of Acton. int.], Oct.18,1803.

Asa and Cynthia Humphreys of Littleton, int.May21,1804.

Rebekah of Lancaster, and Reuben Barrett, Dec.17,1804.*

Sarah and Abijah Bigelow, Dec.12,1805.

Susannah and Jabez Hapgood, May13,1806.

Jacob and Sally Preston Tucker of Templeton, int.Sept.21,1812.

Jacob and Susan Wilder of Rindge, int.Nov.15,1813.

Susan and Ebenezer Willard, Feb.2,1814.

Sally Boynton and Jerome Gardner, Nov.30,1814.

Eliza and Andrew Gardner, June28,1818.

Calvin and Ann Hearsey, Nov.8,1818.

Jonathan of Wilton, NH, and Mary Haskell, Dec.4,1823.

Mary and Jonathan Haskell of Wilton, NH, Dec.4,1823.

Hannah and Isaac Whitney Esq., Apr.15,1829.

Adolphos of Pepperell and Elizebeth Fairbank, Oct.1,1840.

Maria, d.Asa and Cyntha, a.37y., and Stedman Houghton, widr., of New Ipswich, NH, s.Thomas and Betsey, a.45y., Oct.24,1844.

Mary A., d.Asa and Cyntha, a.24y., and John W. Patch, May27,1845.*

Maria H. and Joseph W. Patch, int.Nov.末,1845.

Charles H., s.Jacob and Susan, a.26y., and Elanor B. Willard, d.William B. and Abiah, a.22y., Jan.22,1846.*

George E. of Boston, s.Levi, b. in Boston, and Catherine Wetherbee of Newton, d.Ethan and Sally, May14,1846.*


Ruth of Boston, and Rev. William Emerson, in Boston, Oct.25,1796.

HASSELTINE (Haseltine, Hazleton)

Samuel and Ame Willard, Nov.16,1749.


Nathaniel and Jemima Bennett, Apr.23,1770.

Heneritta of Petersham, and Joel Osgood, int.Jan.2,1804.


William and Sally Worcester, int.Nov.4,1848.


Sarah of Hopkinton, and Zadock Barnum, in Hopkinton, Nov.24,1784.*


Hannah and Silas Willard, both of Lancaster, Jan.24,1793.*


Amos of Leominster, and Mary Forbush, Jan.1,1816.*

HAYDEN (Heyden)

Hannah and John Peckem Jr. [John Perkins Jr. int.] of Chelmsford, Apr.2,1823.

William and Eliza Ann Proctor of Concord, int.Apr.3,1824.

Washington and Olive D. Conant, int.Dec.19,1826.

Emily and Henry Farnsworth, June14,1838.*

Edmund R., s.Levi, and Charlotte Fairbank, d.Benjamin, b. in Sterling, Apr.4,1844.*

HAYNES (Hains)

Sarah A. of Bolton, and Thomas H. Samson, int.Mar.19,1831.


Abigail [Elisabeth Howard.int.] of Acton, and Nathan Warner, in Acton, June28,1784.

Catherine [Howard.int.] of Acton, and John Knight, in Acton, Dec.15,1791.

Lavina and Samuel Cooper Jr., Oct.14,1801.

Anna of Littleton, and Asa Houghton, int.Nov.1,1802.

Stevens and Susan Blood of Bolton, int.Apr.6,1810.

Reuben [Howard.int.] of Concord, and Lucy Houghton, May26,1825.

Arnold of Boxborough, s.Thomas of Boxborough, and Cyntha, a.35y., and wid.Julia Ann Willard, d.Jonathan and Alice Adams, a.32y., Nov.25,1845.

HAZEN (Hazzen)

Edward of Shirley, and Sarah Willard of Lancaster, Jan.10,1758.*

Eunice of Stow, and Jonathan Farwell, June28,1758.

Thomas of Shirley, and Nancy Crooker, in Shirley, Mar.24,1798.

Hannah of Groton, and Ephraim Burgess, int.July7,1843. Loveyof Shirley, and Samuel Sprague, Dec.11,1828. [Dec.17,1828.CR2]

HAZLETON (Haseltine, Hasseltine)

Anna [Ame Haseltine. int.] and Isaac Woods of Pepperell, in Pepperell, Jan.19,1758.

HAZZEN (Hazen)

Benjamin and Elisabeth Gates, Jan.23,1783.

HEARSEY (Hersey)

Mary and Joseph Farnworth Jr., int.Jan.25,1778.

Ann and Calvin Haskell, Nov.8,1818.

Henry of Lowell, and Martha Atherton, May10,1832.

Abigail [Abigail C. int.] and Ebenezer Bridge, June23,1835.


William Jr. of Lunenburg, and Mary Conn, Dec.4,1770.

Charles and Evelina E. Saunders, Sept.15,1840.


Mehitabel [Kenrick. int.] of Newton, and Rev. Abisha Samson, in Newton, Jan.6,1814.

HERSEY (Hearsey)

Charles of Boston, and Emily Atherton, Jan.15,1818.

HEYDEN (Hayden)

Levi and Sally Richardson, Nov.21,1815.


Sarah of Westford, and Amos Russell, in Westford, June25,1747.

Jonathan of No. 2 Westminster, and Phebe Davis, Feb.11,1752.

Hezekiah of Tyngsborough, and Dinah Davis, Oct.17,1790.

Royal of Brattleboro, VT, and Adeline Gary, Oct.31,1824.

Adaline and Jonathan Sawyer, May30,1839.

Amos and Mary E. Stearns of Hollis, NH, int.Jan.17,1849.


Sarah [of Lancaster. int.] and David Whitney, Nov.25,1755.

John and Sarah Davis of Groton, in Groton, Nov.27,1782.

Anna and Jonathan Crouch Jr., Mar.11,1783.

Lois and Jonah Whitney, Sept.25,1783.

Abigail and Olive Divol of Leominster, Dec.9,1784.

Sarah and Ephraim Chaffin, May3,1786.

James of Stoneham, and Elisabeth Crooker, Dec.16,1790.

Samuel Jr. and Olive Sawyer of Boxborough, int.Oct.24,1791.

Oliver and Molley Goldsmith, Nov.23,1797.

Levi and Sabra Barnard, Apr.5,1798.*

Polly and Isaac Whitney Jr., June23,1802.

John Jr. and Betsy Chaffin, May22,1817.

Augustus G. and Martha Sawyer of Sterling, int.Jan.14,1837.

Sarah and Russell R. Shephard of Worcester, int.Sept.10,1837.


Ephraim Esq. and Maria Hapgood of Petersham, int.Mar.22,1823.


William [Hutchins Jr. int.] and Jerusha Wiswell of Dorchester, in Dorchester, Mar.8,1789.


Benjamin of Littleton, and Abigail Whitney, Nov.17,1789.

Abigail of Concord, and Jonas Bateman, in Concord, Dec.20,1798.

Dorcas W. of Littleton, and Isaac Whitney, int.May24,1846.


Mary of Lowell, and Lorenzo Sterns, int.Mar.18,1839.


Mary and Jonathan Barrett Jr. of Lancaster, int.Sept.12,1817.


Aaron of Fitchburg, and Phebe Wintworth, July19,1773.

HOLAND (Holland)

Robert and Experance Atherton, Oct.29,1745.


Levi of West Boylston, and Rebecca Emerson, Dec.10,1839.CR2*

HOLDEN (Holdin)

Justinian [of Cambridge. int.] and Ruth Sawyer, June25,1741.CR1

Elizabeth of Groton, and John Daby, int.Apr.4,1747.

Joanna and Ephraim Robbins of Petersham, in Lancaster, July25,1765.

Joshua and Huldah Sampson, Jan.23,1770.

Isaac and Sarah Hale, June7,1773.

Phinehas of Shirley.and Betsy Farwell, Apr.7,1813.

Meriam of Shirley, and Ellis Harlow Jr. int.Dec.6,1813.

Almy E. of Shirley, and Edward Tyler, int.Jan.17,1814.

Henrietta of Shirley, and John Park, int.Sept.30,1820.

HOLDIN (Holden)

Abigail and David Allin of Petersham, Nov.17,1757.

Richard and Dorathy Adams, Dec.8,1757.

HOLLAND (Holand)

Mary and Simeon Turner Jr., int.Sept.4,1780.

Mary and John Wilder [Jr. int.] of Templeton, May22,1787.CR1


Eliakim A., Dr., and Lucinda Whitcomb of Bolton, int.Aug.24,1827.

Jonas W. and Abigail Houghton, both of Bolton, Sept.24,1835.CR2*

Silas of Bolton, and Nancy Turner, Apr.26,1837.


Jacob [Jr. int.], of Worcester, and Elizabeth Gates, in Bolton, July2,1767.


Sarah and Jonathon Whiney Jr., Nov.27,1746.*

Sarah and Jonathan Cole, June24,1747.

Uriah and Anise Willard, Feb.20,1752.

Mary and Thomas Daby, Sept.6,1764.

Hannah and William Farmer, Feb.22,1770.

Thomas of Lancaster, and Dinah Corey, Mar.8,1770.

HOSMER (Hosmore)

Elizabeth of Concord, and Moses Binney, int.Mar.25,1786.

Almyra of Acton, and David Hammond, int.末蔓末,1825.

Eli and Olive Robins [2d.int.], Jan.22,1833.

Eli and Lucy F. Robins, Apr.12,1836.

HOSMORE (Hosmer)

Jonas of Walpole, and Betsey Willard, Dec.15,1785.


Sarah and Samuell Rogers, May9,1734.

Anna [of Lancaster. int.] and John Witherbee, Sept.18,1735.

Hannah and John Pirce, int.Mar.10,1747.

Asa and Elizebeth Rand, Jan.16,1749-50.

Daniel Jr. of Bolton, and Experience Willard, Mar.5,1750-1.

Joseph and Arne [Ruhamah.int.] Haskell of Bolton, Sept.26,1751.

Ebenezer of Leominster, and Susannah Farnworth, Jan.9,1752.

Aretas and Anna Rand, June24,1752.

Moriah and Thomas Wright Jr., May21,1755.

Josiah of Lancaster, and Grace Whitney, int.Nov.22,1755.

Abigail and Nathanael Marble of Stow, Mar.31,1756.

Phebe of Bolton, and Thomas Houghton Jr., int.Apr.9,1757.

Thomas Jr. and Phebe Houghton of Bolton, int.Apr.9,1757.

Sarah and Jonathan Peirce of Stow, int.July9,1757.

Jotham and Esther Taylor, both of Petersham, Dec.19,1759.*

John and Esther Tarbell of Groton, in Groton, Mar.11,1760.

Ephraim and Lois Rogers of Boxford, Dec.31,1761.

Elisabeth and John Wright, Feb.24,1762.

Phineas of Bolton, and Eunice Rogers, in Bolton, Nov.28,1763.

Josiah and Abigail Godfrey, both of Lancaster, Dec.21,1763.*

Elijah and Mercy Whitney, Jan.9,1766.

Jonathan Priest of Bolton, and Sarah Priest, Mar.23,1768.

Elisha and Meriah Pairs [Peirce. int.] of Bolton, in Bolton, Nov.30,1768.

Rebecca of Bolton, and Jeremiah Priest Jr., in Bolton, Mar.14,1771.

Silas of Bolton, and Sarah Wyman, in Bolton, May20,1773.

Abigail and Samuel Barrett Jr. of Lancaster, Aug.7,1776.

Deborah and Jonathan Mores of Stow, int.Nov.14,1778.

Asa Jr. and Dorcas Moore, in Bolton, Dec.9,1779.

Lydia and Samuel Worster, int.Mar.31,1781.

Elisha and Elisabeth Rice, int.Sept.28,1781.

Jacob of Bolton, and Lucy Houghton, in Bolton, Oct.31,1781.

Lucy and Jacob Houghton of Bolton, in Bolton, Oct.31,1781.

Peter and Marcy Whitney of Stow, in Stow, July27,1782.

Jonathan and Rachel Hale, June26,1783.

Jacob of Bolton, and Olive Houghton, Feb.17,1785.

Olive and Jacob Houghton of Bolton, Feb.17,1785.

Thomas Jr. and Betsey White of Lancaster, in Lancaster. Dec.21,1785.

Phinehas and Sarah Knight, July3,1787.CR1

Abel and Sarah Fairbank, Nov.29,1787.CR1

Anna of Bolton, and Calvin Warner, in Bolton, Nov.29,1787.

Betsy and Jabez Fairbank, Feb.15,1791.

Moriah and John Goldsmith, Dec.27,1791.

Elijah Jr. and Lucy Haskell, Dec.18,1792.

Mercy and Ephraim Warner, June23,1796.

Elizabeth and Asa Daby, July3,1796.

Moriah and Willis Sampson, July3,1797.

Cyrus and Sarah Gates, Apr.4,1799.

Allice and Abraham Whitney Jr., Apr.3,1802.

Abraham and Betsy Park, June22,1802.

Asa and Anna Hayward of Littleton, int.Nov.1,1802.

Moses [of Acton. int.] and Martha Haskell, Oct.18,1803.

Sally and Moses Connor of Lynn, July21,1805.

Hannah and Josiah Wetherbee, Sept.22,1805.

Polley and Harris Chadwell Jr. of Lynn, int.May5,1806.

Ann of Bolton, and Philemon Preist Jr., int.Nov.3,1806.

Asa 3d and Lucy Whetcomb, May13,1807.

Sally and Jacob Priest [Jr. int.], May19,1808.

Levi and Rebecca Whitney, Apr.20,1809.

Sally and John Purinton of Lynn, Oct.1,1809.

Reuben and Elizabeth Mead of Boxborough, int.Oct.16,1809.

Thomas 3d and Polly Whitney, Aug.21,1810.

Jabez and Rebecca Smith of Stow, int.Jan.18,1813.

Arathusa and Hervy [Harvey.int.] Rice of Worcester, May8,1814.

Lucy of Leominster, and Eben Atherton, int.Nov.24,1815.

Rachel of Waterford, and Artemas Fairbank, int.Dec.22,1815.

Levi and Anna Warner, int.Mar.3,1817.

Elizabeth and Caleb Walden of Lynn, int.July19,1817.

Mary Park of Groton, and Dennison Huse, int.Feb.12,1819.

Cephas and Sarah Whitney, June24,1819.

Sophia and Leonard Rice of Natick, Oct.8,1820.

Phinehas and Anne Burges, int.Oct.14,1820.

John P. [John Pierce. int.] and Relief Gould, Dec.27,1821.

Obed and Nancy Butterick of Boxborough, int.Mar.11,1822.

Jacob 2d [3rd.int.] of Bolton, and Abigail Warner, Apr.27,1823.

Mercy and Hezekiah Gates of Stow, int.Oct.29,1824.

Lucy and Reuben Hayward [Howard.int.] of Concord, May26,1825.

Stedman and Ann Cragin, Nov.17,1825.

Benjamin and Betsy Whitcomb of Boxborough, int.Jan.20,1827.

Betsy and Benjamin Sawin of Pepperell, May7,1828.*

Betsy W. and Aaron W. Steams of Leominster, June15,1828.

George of Lynn, and Mary Jane Bacon, int.Oct.4,1828.

Mercy W. and James H. French of Concord, Apr.30,1829.

Sally W. and Luke Joserlyn of Leominster, Feb.16,1830.

Sarah and James G. Dow of Bolton, int.Oct.1,1831.

Asa, Capt., and Ize Wheeler of Boston, int.Sept.末,1832.

Abigail and Jonas W. Holman, both of Bolton, Sept.24,1835.CR2*

Hiram and Hannah Hapgood, Apr.14,1836.

Rhoda of Bolton, and Noah Warner, int.June17,1837.

Martha Stevens of Bolton, and Orsamus Willard, int.Nov.19,1837.

Almira and Warren P. Clark of North Providence, RI, int.Feb.23,1839.

Mary Ann of Berlin, and Massareen Houghton, Sept.29,1841.

Massareen and Mary Ann Houghton of Berlin, Sept.29,1841.

Caroline A.H. and Benjamin M. Davidson of Stow, Nov.25,1843.

Charles [Charles W. int.] and Sally H. Willard, May18,1844.

Stedman, widr., of New Ipswich, NH, s.Thomas and Betsey, a.45y., and Maria Haskell, d.Asa and Cyntha, a.37y., Oct.24,1844.

Louisa J., d.Jacob and Abigail, a.18y., and Rufus Maynard, of Lancaster, s.Joseph of Lancaster, and Betsey, b. in Lancaster, a.24y., Nov.4,1846.

George N. and Abigail T. Rand, int.June26,1847.

Lurena H., d.Jacob, b. in Bolton, a.17y., and George Walcott of Stow, s.Robert of Philadelphia, PA, b. in Baltimore, MD, a.25y., July16,1848.

Daniel P. and Mary Conant of Stow, int.May5,1849.

Samuel W., s.Daniel and Betsey, b. in Boxborough, a.27y., and Harriet A. Willard, d.Hosea and Nancy, a.24y., July4,1849.

Ann A., d.Obed of Lunenburg, and Nancy, b. in Boxborough, a.19y., and Andrew Fairbank, s.Artemas and Rachel, a.26y., Dec.12,1849.

HOW (Howe)

Jaazaniah Nichols and Abigail Warner, int.May2,1808.

Peter of Rutland, and Clarissa Wetherbee. Feb.7,1814.

James, Rev., of Pepperell, and Harriet Nason, Oct.13,1823.


Hannah of Bolton, and Jonathan Fairbank Jr., int.Feb.8,1817.

HOWE (How)

Mary of Marlborough, and John Priest, int.Nov.6,1736.

Louisa and James Kendall, Oct.10,1833.

Ebenezar [Ebenezar W. int.] of Lancaster, and Sarah Ann Blanchard, May30,1843.


Apphia K. of Sutton, NH, and Rev. Walter Harriman, int.Aug.17,1841.


Eliza, d.Calvin of Groton, and Sally, b. in Groton, a.25y., and Galen Atherton, s.Philemon and Elizabeth, a.32y., July24,1849.


Hephzebah and Nathaniel Burnam Jr. of Bolton, int.Aug.27,1774.


Lucretia and Benjamin Atherton of Bolton, Apr.3,1794.


Dennis and Betsey Priest, Sept.30,1830.CR2

Betsey, wid., d.Philemon and Lois Priest, a.71y., and Abijah Lawrence, widr., s.Thomas of Boxborough, and Ruth, b. in Boxborough, a.71y., Sept.7,1848.

HUMPHREY (Humphreys)

Lois of Littleton, and John Wood, int.Mar.24,1800.

HUMPHREYS (Humphrey)

Cynthia of Littleton, and Asa Haskell, int.May21,1804.


Mary and Benjamin Barnard Jr., Feb.22,1759.

Samuel and Lydia Willard, Jan.19,1764.


Sarah Ann and William W. Trobridge of Newton, Apr.29,1841.

HUSE (Hughes)

John Denison and Rebecca Parker, Dec.7,1795.

Enoch Jr. and Lucy Livermore of Shirley, May20,1811.

Dennison and Mary Park Houghton of Groton, int.Feb.12,1819.

Lucy and Jeremiah Dyar of Lancaster, int.Feb.10,1827.

Enoch and Esther W. Gilbert of Lunenburg, int.Nov.30,1828.

Rebecca and George Ross of Bolton, Dec.10,1832.

Charlotte and Daniel M. Robbins, Mar.30,1833.


Abigail and Oliver Whitney, Nov.16,1752.

Sarah and Joseph Atherton, Dec.19,1752.

Betty [Elizabeth.CR1] and Moses Whitney, July7,1756.

Benjamin and Lucy Davis, Apr.5,1757.

Gording and Dolly [Dorathy.int.] Stone, Oct.12,1757.


Anne and Jonathan Pierce, Sept.10,1771.

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