Lydia of Stow, and Thomas Fairbank, in Stow, Feb.6,1792.

George of Stow, s.Robert of Philadelphia, PA, b. in Baltimore, MD, a.25y., and Lurena H. Houghton, d.Jacob, b. in Bolton, a.17y., July16,1848.


Caleb of Lynn, and Elizabeth Houghton, int.July19,1817.


Samuel of Leominster, and Betsy Farrington, Nov.5,1797.

Sophia of Shirley, and Theophilus Parkhurst, int.May9,1814.

Sarah of Shirley, and Jason Bigelow, int.May9,1818.

John and Harriet Blood of Bolton, int.Mar.27,1819.

Samuel S. and Mary Fletcher of Groton, int.Nov.9,1834.

J.W. [John W. int.] of Worcester, s.Aija of Chesterfield, b. in Chesterfield, a.22y., and C.S. [Caroline S. int.] Robbins, d.Daniel and Esther, a.19y., Apr.5,1846.


Luther of Leicester, and Sarah Cole, int.Sept.5,1783.


Moses and Polley Foster, July3,1796.

Moses and Rebecca Allen of Lancaster, int.June26,1801.

WARNER (Worner)

Rebekah and Joseph Blood of Lancaster, Oct.16,1735.

Abigail and Abraham Rugg of Stow, Jan.8,1736.

Nathan [Warren. int.] and Dolly Goodenough, Jan.17,1736-7.CR1

Ebenezer and Abigail Sampson, Mar.22,1749-50.

John Jr. and Phebe Whitney, June28,1749.

Nathaniel and Rachel Samson, Jan.17,1750.

Mercy and John Nichool Jr. of Lancaster, Nov.8,1750.

Moses and Unice Whitney of Stow, May29,1751.

Rachel and Daniel Albert Jr. of Lancaster, May11,1757.

Elisabeth and Elkanah Keyes.Jan.11,1759.

Lucy and David Sampson, Apr.23,1761.

Tamer and Caleb Church, May11,1762.

Abigail and Willis Seccombe, int.Apr.18,1767.

Phineas and Lydia Whitney of Bolton, in Bolton, Feb.27,1769.

Dorithy and Joshua Kendal of Lancaster. Apr.16,1771.

Abigail and Wetherbe Whitney, July7,1774.

Phebe and Micajah Fay of Bolton, int.Mar.2,1776.

Aaron and Mary Stow, Apr.30,1776.

Ebenezer [Jr. int.] and Deborah Ball of Bolton, in Bolton, Apr.30,1776.

Abijah and Elsea Fuller of Lancaster, in Lancaster. May2,1776.

Anna and James Robins Jr., Apr.16,1777.CR1

Sarah [Warren. int.] of Townsend, and John Farwell, in Townsend, Mar.26,1778.

Mary and Samuel Forbush, in Bolton, Jan.11,1781.

John Jr. and Susanna Barrett of Leominster, in Bolton, Feb.22,1781.

Phebe and Jonathan Barrett, in Bolton, Aug.29,1781.

Phinehas and [wid.CR1] Elisabeth Willard, Oct.7,1783.

Nathan and Abigail Hayward [Elisabeth Howard.int.] of Acton, in Acton, June28,1784.

Elias and Abigail Priest, Dec.14,1784.

John and Mary Piper, June2,1785.

Esther [Warren. int.] of Littleton, and Lysias Blanchard, in Littleton, Jan.9,1787.

Calvin and Anna Houghton of Bolton, in Bolton, Nov.29,1787.

Rebecca and Elnathan Polley, Oct.10,1788.

Charles and Rhoda Sawyer. Feb.1,1791.

Rhoda and Jacob Priest, Jan.1,1793.

Ephraim and Mercy Houghton, June23,1796.

Lucy and Luther Stearns of Leominster. Aug.18,1799.

Dorithy and Jacob Emerson, int.Nov.3,1800.

Aaron and Lucinda Turner, Mar.30,1803.

Caleb and Bethiah Turner, Apr.26,1803.

Sarah and John Knight, Mar.10,1808.

Abigail and Jaazaniah Nichols How, int.May2,1808.

Calvin Jr. and Lydia Wood, Apr.9,1812.

Anna and Levi Houghton, int.Mar.3,1817.

Lydia and John Fairbank, Oct.16,1817.

Betsy and Joseph Moore of Berlin, Oct.13,1818.

John Jr. and Sally Gould, Nov.10,1818.

Abigail and Jacob Houghton 2d [3d.int.] of Bolton, Apr.27,1823.

Luke and Lovisa Dwinnel, int.Jan.24,1824.

Elias Jr. and Mary Ann Lawrence of Bolton, int.Mar.13,1825.

Ephraim Jr. and Eliza Grover. Apr.26,1828.

Roxana and Reuben Burnham of Bolton, Dec.20,1829.

Bethiah and Luther Farwell, July15,1830.CR2

Noah and Rhoda Houghton of Bolton, int.June17,1837.

Washington and Candace Dwinels, Apr.15,1841.

Caleb and Catherine Bemis, Nov.25,1841.

Lovisa and James M. Emerson of Chelmsford, int.Nov.18,1843.

Calvin and Mary C. Stone of West Boylston, int.Mar.2,1844.

Elias and Caroline A. Leach of Chelmsford, int.Sept.13,1845.

Lorena E., d.Ezra and Sally, a.21y., and George Davis of Shirley, s.Eleazar of Shirley, and Rebecca, b. in Shirley, a.25y., Dec.31,1845.

Lydia L., d.Calvin and Lydia, a.26y., and Thomas S. Eaton of Westminster, s.John of Westminster, and Ame, a.23y., Oct.29,1846.


Sarah and Jonathan Lewis, Sept.28,1786.


Harriot G. of Groton, and Luther G. Turner, Dec.10,1835.


Sarah of Lowell, and Rev. Stilman Barden, int.Apr.8,1839.

Susan of Marlborough, and John Fay, Sept.12,1839.


William [William W. int.] of Malden, and Susannah Davis, Nov.24,1825.

WEATHERBEE (Wetherbe, Wetherbee, Whetherbe, Whetherbee, Witherbee)

Jonathan and Abigail Farwell of Groton. in Groton, May11,1772.

WELCH (Welsh)

Polley [of Bolton. int.] and Simon Whitney, May22,1792.

Henry H., Capt., of Charleston, SC, and Caroline Bigelow, Sept.29,1840.

WELSH (Welch)

Mary and Jonathan Atherton, both of Bolton, June16,1784.*

John and Ruth Corley, both of Bolton, Sept.23,1784.*

WENTWORTH (Wintworth)

Edmund and Esther Whitney, int.Feb.25,1786.

WETHERBE (Weatherbee, Wetherbee, Whetherbe, Whetherbee, Witherbee)

Joseph and Hannah Forbush, Apr.8,1755.

Oliver and Rachel Willard, Mar.11,1762.

Caleb and Mercy Farwell of Chesterfield, int.Oct.16,1779.

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee, Wetherbe, Whetherbe, Whetherbee, Witherbee)

Phinehas of Stow, and Bety Whitney, Mar.5,1740-1.

Sarah of Stow, and Stephen Haskell, int.Oct.13,1750.

Anna and Robert Powers of Littleton, May26,1752.

John and Martha Harris, Mar.25,1760.*

Lucy of Stow, and Jotham Barnard, int.Apr.3,1767.

Reuben of Stow, and Hannah Burges, Jan.31,1771.

Sarah of Littleton, and Amos Lawrence, Jan.22,1772.

Simon and Sarah Forbush, int.June20,1772.

Daniel of Stow, and Mary Stone, Apr.28,1774.

Ammi and Agness Davidson of Stow, int.Aug.17,1782.

Lydia of Boxborough, and Jonah Whitney, int.Apr.8,1786.

Anne of Boxborough, and Nathanael Page, Oct.2,1792.

Abel and Sylvia Pollard, Jan.26,1796.

Lucy and Abel Whetcomb of Boxborough, int.Nov.27,1797.

Ethan and Betsy Robins, Aug.4,1799.

Silas Jr. of Boxborough, and Mary Taylor, int.July7,1800.

Ezra and Rachel Willard, Nov.26,1801.

Phinehas 3d of Boxborough, and Sally Bowars.Sept.2,1802.

Rejoice and Warren Old, Apr.12,1803.*

Josiah and Hannah Houghton, Sept.22,1805.

Jonathan Jr. and Mary Grey Stetson, Nov.2,1806.

Sukey and Abel Pollard, Apr.16,1809.

Mercy [Mary.int.] and Abel Whitcomb, Oct.22,1809.

Asa and Polly Park, Mar.7,1810.

Polley and Luke Pollard, June24,1812.

Lydia Hill and William Dexter Lee of Littleton, Jan.4,1813.

Melinda and Luther Whitney, Jan.3,1814.

Clarissa and Peter How of Rutland, Feb.7,1814.

Ezra and Sally Whitney, Apr.17,1814.

Simeon of Boxborough, and Anna Taylor, int.Feb.3,1816.

Zaccheus of Ashby, and Rachel Rand, June3,1817.

Charles and Susan Randall of Stow, int.Sept.5,1818.

Ethan and Sally Whitney, Oct.5,1819.

Simeon [2d.int.] of Boxborough, and Persis Whitney, Jan.2,1822.

Susan and David Pollard, Jan.1,1826.

Adeline and Ethan Daby, Jan.1,1829.

Sylvanus of Newton, and Lucy E. Whitney, May6,1829.

Mary and Enoch Perkins, June23,1829.

Ari of Bolton, and Caroline Smith, Apr.24,1830.CR2

Sarah and Joseph S. Adams, May27,1830.CR2

Abigail F. of Dexter, ME, and Reuben Whitcomb Jr., int.Sept.2,1831.

Sally and Moses Hapgood of Marlborough, May9,1832.

Zopher and Sarah Coolidge of Boston, int.Dec.23,1832.

Julia Ann and Cyrus W. Jones of Concord, Apr.8,1835.

Albert and Mary M. Davis, Sept.19,1839.

Susan and Jonathan F. Hapgood, Dec.25,1839.

Abby and Trumbull Bull, May12,1843.

Sarah and Joseph K. Willard, int.Nov.末,1845.

Catherine of Newton, d.Ethan and Sally, and George E. Haskell of Boston, s.Levi, b. in Boston, May14,1846.*

WHEELER (Wheler)

Thomas Jr. and Mary Daby, Aug.2,1743.

Mary and Samuel Harper, Dec.16,1755.

Hannah of Littleton, and Zadok Davis, int.June25,1757.

Nathaniel and Mary Taylor, both of Westminster, Jan.29,1760.

Joseph, Rev., and Mary Greenleaf of Bolton, in Bolton, Oct.21,1760 [Nov.15,1760. int.]

Mary of Concord, and Josiah [Isaiah.int.] Whitney Jr., in Concord, Feb.28,1776.

Sarah of Concord, and Ebenezer Davis, May3,1785.

Ruth and Jabez Sawyer, int.Oct.29,1785.

Anna of Bolton, and Joseph, Atherton 3rd, in Bolton, Oct.2,1788.

Ame and Samuel Stone of Colerain, int.Sept.19,1791.

Paul and Rebeckah Newman of Berlin, int.Nov.18,1793.

Ize of Boston, and Capt. Asa Houghton, int.Sept.末,1832.

WHELER (Wheeler)

Nancy and Phineas Sawyer, int.Aug.17,1824.

Jonathan of Boxborough, and Lucy Wood, Apr.13,1826.

WHETCOMB (Whetcombe, Whitcom, Whitcomb, Whitcombe)

Abraham and Sarah Atherton, Dec.13,1794.

Reuben of Boxborough, and Mercy Priest, July2,1795.

Leonard of Boxborough, and Hannah Sawyer, June11,1797.

Abel of Boxborough, and Lucy Wetherbee, int.Nov.27,1797.

Becca of Bolton, and Luke Pollard, int.Apr.1,1799.

Abel of Boxborough, and Rebecca Turner, Apr.10,1804.

Jonathan Jr. of Bolton, and Lovina Nurse, int.Nov.26,1804.

Lucy and Asa Houghton 3d, May13,1807.

Abigail of Bolton, and Asa Willard Whitney, int.Dec.25,1809.

Mehitable of Littleton, and Joseph Edgarton, int.Dec.3,1810.

Samuel of Stow, and Annis Rand, Jan.24,1815.

WHETCOMBE (Whetcomb, Whitcom, Whitcomb, Whitcombe)

Lydia of Stow, and Phinehas Farnworth, int.Dec.11,1763.

Lydia of Littleton, and James Haskell Jr., Jan.31,1765.

James Jr. and Sarah Gates, Jan.15,1766.

WHETHERBE (Weatherbee, Wetherbe, Wetherbee, Whetherbee, Witherbee)

Elisabeth and Zachariah Whitney of Fitchburg, Aug.18,1774.

WHETHERBEE (Weatherbee, Wetherbe, Wetherbee, Whetherbe, Witherbee)

Samuel of Stow, and Sarah Whitney, int.Apr.3,1767.


Jonathon Jr. and Sarah Holt, Nov.27,1746.*


Emeline of Concord, and John Farwell, int.Nov.24,1833.

WHITCOM (Whetcomb, Whetcombe, Whitcomb, Whitcombe)

William and Hannah Daby, Apr.6,1744.

WHITCOMB (Whetcomb, Whetcombe, Whitcom, Whitcombe)

Elizabeth of Lancaster, and William Buttrick, int.Dec.24,1732.

Samuel and Submit Atherton, May12,1741.CR1

Tamar of Littleton, and Isaac Hale, int.Apr.9,1748.

Paul of Bolton, and Rebecca Whitney, in Bolton, Sept.19,1759.

William of Bolton, and Sarah Sawyer, June19,1777.CR1

Molly of Littleton, and Manassah Stow, in Littleton, Feb.27,1783.*

Phinehas and Abigail Withington of Stow, Jan.22,1784.

Mary and Eli Longley.both of Bolton, Mar.7,1785.*

Zeruviah and Abel Priest, both of Bolton, Mar.7,1785.

Tryphena and Jeremiah Richardson of Newfane, Aug.21,1785.*

Betsy and Simon Daby, June18,1795.

Hannah of Boxborough, and Noah Fairbank, int.Oct.19,1795.

Richard of Bolton, and Sybil Haskell, Jan.24,1803.

Mercy and Oliver Whitney, Mar.16,1809.

Abel and Mercy [Mary.int.] Wetherbee, Oct.22,1809.

Joanna and Abner Fisher of Boston, Nov.15,1809.

Catharine R. of Boxborough, and Oliver Runell, int.Dec.1,1824.

Betsy of Boxborough, and Benjamin Houghton, int.Jan.20,1827.

Lucinda of Bolton, and Dr. Eliakim A. Holman, int.Aug.24,1827.

John P., Col., and Louisa Dudley, July8,1829.

Paul of Bolton, and Mary W. Man, int.May20,1831.

Reuben Jr. and Abigail F. Wetherbee of Dexter, ME, int.Sept.2,1831.

Asa of Boston, and Sophia Fairbank, Nov.14,1832.

Joseph and Hannah Vose, Dec.13,1832.

Mercy B. of Sweden, ME, and Luke Sawyer, int.Sept.9,1834.

Mary and Nehemiah B. Robins of Littleton. Nov.3,1836.

Ann and Carlos Tewksbury of Brattleboro, VT, Oct.24,1838.

Susan of Stow, and Stephen Withington, Nov.18,1841.

Oliver W. and Martha M. Burgess, d.Isaac and Roxanna, a.16y., Oct.20,1844.

Charles of Worcester, s.Abel of Bolton, and Sophia, b. in Bolton, a.25y., and Sarah F. Whitney, d.Aaron and Susan, a.23y., Jan.7,1847.

WHITCOMBE (Whetcomb, Whetcombe, Whitcom, Whitcomb)

Patience and Nathaniel Haseltine, May30,1758.

James Jr. and Lucy Whitney of Stow, int.Nov.18,1768.

Abel and Sarah Whitney of Stow, Dec.23,1769.

Hannah and Phinehas Sawyer, Feb.14,1771.

Abel and Jemima Keep, Apr.28,1774.


Tilley of Lancaster, and Ketura Siomes [Somes.int.], Dec.15,1761.

Noah Jr. [John. int.] of Lancaster, and Lydia Jeffs, June19,1766.

Hannah and John Farnworth, Mar.9,1773.

Elisabeth of Littleton, and Simon Blanchard, Oct.14,1782.

Lucy of Lancaster, and John Monroe, in Lancaster, May13,1783.

Martha of Lancaster, and Levi Page, in Lancaster, Jan.17,1785.

Betsey of Lancaster, and Thomas Houghton Jr., in Lancaster, Dec.21,1785.

Rachael of Bolton, and Phinehas Sampson, in Bolton, Jan.12,1786.


John of Stow, and Mercy Forster, int.Feb.14,1747-8.

Zachariah of Stow, and Lydia Fairbank [2d.int.], Dec.4,1817.

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Nathaniel [Whittemore. int.] and Lydia Stone of Groton, in Groton, Feb.19,1778.

Elisabeth and Joshua Phelps of Lancaster, Apr.12,1787.


Hephsibah and Seth Sawyer, in Lancaster, Oct.12,1732.*

Elijah and Rebekah Winship of Lexington, int.Oct.30,1736.

Abraham and Sarah Whitney, Apr.20,1738.CR1*

Sarah and Abraham Whitney, Apr.20,1738.CR1

Bety and Phinehas Wetherbee of Stow, Mar.5,1740-1.

Elizabeth [wid.int.] and Jonathan Sawyer Jr., Sept.30,17400

Sarah of Stow, and John Preist, int.Dec.19,1741.

Mary of Stow, and Jeremiah Preist, int.Dec.17,1743.

Simon and Olivea Witherbee of Stow, int.June10,1744.

Joseph and Hannah Chandler, Aug.7,1744.

David and Olive Sawyer, Aug.25,1747.*

Hepzebeth and Abraham Rugg, int.Oct.末,1747.

Richard and Mary Perry of Sudbury, int.Oct.末,1747.

Phebe and John Warner Jr., June28,1749.

Caleb and Annise Church, Nov.16,1749.

Jonas Jr. and Zebudah Davis, Sept.13,1750.

Unice of Stow, and Moses Warner, May29,1751.

Alice and Timothy Whitney of Lancaster, May20,1752.

Timothy of Lancaster, and Alice Whitney, May20,1752.

Oliver and Abigail Hutchins, Nov.16,1752.

Grace and Josiah Houghton of Lancaster, int.Nov.22,1755.

David and Sarah Hill [of Lancaster. int.], Nov.25,1755.

Moses and Betty [Elizabeth.CR1] Hutchins, July7,1756.

Ruhamah and Abel Davis, int.Sept.24,1757.

Mary and Micah Stone, Mar.17,1759 [int.Mar.25,1759].

Rebecca and Paul Whitcomb of Bolton, in Bolton, Sept.19,1759.

Phinehas of Weston, and Miriam Willard, int.Mar.27,1762.

Joshua of Stow, and Azubah Farnworth, int.Apr.17,1762.

Joshua [Dea.CR1] of Stow, and [wid.CR1] Rebecca Whitney, Jan.25,1764.

Rebecca [wid.CR1] and [Dea.CR1] Joshua Whitney of Stow, Jan.25,1764.

Phinehas and Kezia Farnworth, Oct.31,1765.

Aaron and Anna Lawrance, Dec.18,1765. [Dec.16,1765.CR1]

Mercy and Elijah Houghton, Jan.9,1766.

Sarah and Samuel Whetherbee of Stow, int.Apr.3,1767.

Abraham of Stow, and.Sarah [Elisabeth.int.] Shed, in Stow, July16,1767.

Simon and Patience Haseltine, May5,1768.

Lucy of Stow, and James Whitcombe Jr., int.Nov.18,1768.

Lydia of Bolton. and Phineas Warner, in Bolton, Feb.27,1769.

Sarah of Stow, and Abel Whitcombe, Dec.23,1769.

John and Sarah Atherton, in Bolton, Jan.9,1771.

Sarah and John Mead, Aug.26,1771.

Elijah and Sarah Stearns of Bolton, in Bolton, Apr.14,1772.

Israel and Hannah Mead, May14,1772.

Jacob and Lois Hapgood, May25,1772.

Levi of Concord, and Sarah Lawrence. Sept.17,1772.

Richard Jr. and Mercy Willard, Dec.15,1772.

Josiah, Capt. and Sarah Dwelly, Feb.3,1774.

Aaron and Sally Pollard, Apr.21,1774.

Hezekiah and Lucy Pollard, May5,1774.

Isaac of Stow, and Lucy Meeds, May12,1774.

Wetherbe and Abigail Warner, July7,1774.

Zachariah of Fitchburg, and Elisabeth Whetherbe, Aug.18,1774.

Betty [Elisabeth.int.] and Thomas Atherton of Bolton, Dec.15,1774.

Josiah Jr. and Anna Soolley, Jan.10,1776.

Ruth and Jonathon Adams, Feb.19,1776.

Josiah [Isaiah.int.] Jr. and Mary Wheeler of Concord, in Concord, Feb.28,1776.

Anna and Oliver Mead, July22,1777.CR1

Alice and Jonathan Davis, Aug.10,1777.

Mary and Joshua Bowers, Sept.14,1777.

John of Stow, and Mary Farnsworth, in Stow, Feb.3,1778.

Abigail and Nicholas Patterson, int.Sept.12,1778.

Patience and Samuel Meads Jr., int.June13,1779.

Jonas Jr. and Relief Whitney, int.July2,1780.

Relief and Jonas Whitney Jr., int.July2,1780.

Ephraim of Stow, and Sarah Burgess, in Stow, Dec.7,1780.

Reuben and Lucy Fairbank, int.Sept.21,1781.

Marcy of Stow.and Peter Houghton, in Stow, July27,1782.

James and Rachel Laughton, May27,1783.

Jonah and Lois Hill, Sept.25,1783.

Dorcas and Ezra Baker of Stoddard, June18,1784.

John and Hannah Atherton, Jan.2,1785.

Isaac [Jr. int.] and Susanna Fletcher, Mar.22,1785.

Sarah and Levi Worster of Littleton, July7,1785.

Esther and Edmund Wentworth, int.Feb.25,1786.

Jonah and Lydia Wetherbee of Boxborough, int.Apr.8,1786.

Sarah and Eleazer Davis, Apr.10,1787.

Israel Jr. and Susanna Gary, Mar.30,1788.CR1

Mary and Richard Briant, int.Mar.30,1789.

Israel and Abigail Puffer, in Bolton, Apr.22,1789.

Abigail and Benjamin Hoar of Littleton, Nov.17,1789.*

Flora and John Falls of Dublin, Feb.15,1790.

Hannah and Phineas Sawyer Jr., in Bolton, May19,1791.

Simon and Polley Welch [of Bolton. int.], May22,1792.

Mary and William Wollcott [Walcutt. int.] of Stow, Dec.26,1792.

Amos and Rhoda Cutter of Rindge, int.June7,1793.

Rachel and Sahnon Willard, Nov.7,1793.*

Jacob and Mary Patch of Littleton, in Littleton, June29,1794.

Rebecca and Amose Fairbank Jr., Apr.26,1795.

Cyrus and Asenath Harris, June19,1796.

Betsy W. [Eliza Willard.CR1] and Phineas Barnard, June28,1796.

Moses and Pattee Baker of Littleton, int.Mar.27,1797.

Lydia and Samuel Sprague, Jan.18,1798.

Mary H. [Mary Hayward.int.] and Jonathan Worster of Henniker, Feb.5,1798.

Cyrus and Polly Whitney, Mar.22,1802.

Polly and Cyrus Whitney, Mar.22,1802.

Abraham Jr. and Allice Houghton, Apr.3,1802.

Arethusa and John Farwell Jr., June22,1802.

Isaac Jr. and Polly Hill, June23,1802.

Allice and Jonathan Adams, Jan.25,1803.

Josiah and Sally Puffer, Feb.6,1803.

Lucy and John Robins of Boston, Mar.24,1803.

Betsy and Joseph Fairbank, June7,1803.

Anna and Benjamin Danforth, June21,1803.

James and Lucy Reed, Oct.20,1803.

Francis Wheeler and Lydia Sawyer, Nov.30,1803.

John and Sally Stow, Nov.23,1804.

William and Betsy Farnsworth of Concord, Dec.5,1804.

Jacob and Marcy F. [Mercy Fairbank. int.] Whitney, Feb.20,1806.

Marcy F. [Mercy Fairbank. int.] and Jacob Whitney, Feb.20,1806.

Lydia and Andrew Bigelow of Boylston, Oct.23,1806.

Lois Hill and James Turner, Nov.14,1806.

Lucy and Jonathan Wood of Gardner, Nov.27,1806.

Richard Jr. and Salley Turner, Apr.2,1807.

Isaiah 3d and Lydia Sawyer, Apr.15,1807.

Susan and Phineas Conant of Stow, Apr.16,1807.

Aaron Jr. and Sally Flagg of Holden, int.Aug.3,1807.

Reuben Jr. and Mille Pollard, May11,1808. [May12,1808.CR1].

Sally and Elijah Dwinel, Nov.1,1808.

Oliver and Mercy Whitcomb, Mar.16,1809.

Rebecca and Levi Houghton, Apr.20,1809.

Susan and Joseph Bigelow, int.Sept.16,1809.

Asa Willard and Abigail Whetcomb of Bolton, int.Dec.25,1809.

Polly and Thomas Houghton 3d, Aug.21,1810.

Lydia and Samuel Farnsworth, Oct.22,1810. [Oct.23,1810.CR1]

Lucy and John Knight, Apr.17,1811.

Simeon and Nancy Barnard, Aug.11,1811.

Rebecca and Joel Bowers, Sept.30,1811.

Levi and Sarah Davis of Templeton, int.Nov.25,1811.

James and Susan Whitney, Dec.8,1811.

Susan and James Whitney, Dec.8,1811.

Rachel [Jr. int.] and Amos Batchelor of Boxborough, Dec.15,1812.

Luther and Melinda Wetherbee, Jan.3,1814.

George and Polly Fairbank, Mar.23,1814.

Sally and Ezra Wetherbee, Apr.17,1814.

Nancy and Charles Preist, Oct.20,1814.

Betsy of Ashby, and William Conant, int.Nov.7,1814.

Allice and John Forbush Jr., Mar.27,1816.

Aaron Jr. and Susannah Fletcher of Littleton, int.May11,1816.

Nathan and Nancy Farwell, May23,1816.

Naomi and James Sawyer, June17,1817.

Jonathan of Gardner, and Mehitabel Davis, Oct.27,1817.

Clarinda and Nathan Woodberry of Bolton, Mar.29,1819.

Sarah and Cephas Houghton, June24,1819.

Sally and Ethan Wetherbee, Oct.5,1819.

John and Emily Meeds, Dec.15,1819.

Jonathan W. and Nabby Brooks of Stow, int.Mar.25,1820.

Susan and Alexander Eustice, int.Feb.1,1821.

Elijah of Upton, and Sarah Reed [no date] [int.Oct.5,1821].

Persis and Simeon Wetherbee [2d.int.] of Boxborough, Jan.2,1822.

Hannah of Bolton, and Jacob Whitney, int.June7,1823.

Jacob and Hannah Whitney of Bolton, int.June7,1823.

Mary and Adison [Addison S. int.] Edgely, Apr.1,1824.

Justin and Mary Colton of Boxborough, int.Oct.20,1827.

Maria and Daniel Willis, Apr.19,1828.

Benjamin F. and Louisa Lawrence, int.May25,1828.

Isaac Esq. and Hannah Haskell, Apr.15,1829.

William W. of Bolton, and Susanna Smith, Apr.15,1829.

Lucy E. and Sylvanus Wetherbee of Newton, May6,1829.

Sally F. and Jacob F. Taylor of Watertown, Mar.31,1836.

Albert of Lunenburg, and Lucy W. Conant, int.Apr.16,1836.

Luke and Charlotte [Charlotte M. int.] Turner, Apr.27,1836.

Aaron Jr. and Mary Johnson of Chelmsford, int.May29,1836.

George and Abigail Bemis, Oct.10,1836.

Nancy and Richard H. Whitney of Albany, Feb.22,1837.

Richard H. of Albany, and Nancy Whitney, Feb.22,1837.

Lucy P. and Elbridge Sufferance, Jan.31,1839.

Jacob and Elizebeth Gates, June2,1839.

Susan H. and Allen B. Wood, Oct.20,1839.

Simri and Adaline Conant of Littleton, int.Mar.15,1840.

Luke and Abby Knight, Mar.1,1841.

J. Milton [Jacob Milton. int.] and Sarah Ann Bigelow, Apr.21,1842.

Mary P. and Dexter Sherman of Wayland, Apr.26,1842.

John and Mary Ann Nurse, Nov.14,1843.

Isaac and Dorcas W. Hoar of Littleton, int.May24,1846.

Mary, d.Cyrus and Mary, a.22y., and William S. Locke of Lancaster, s.Jonathan of Lancaster, and Mary.b. in Lancaster, a.32y., Nov.19,1846.

Sarah F., d.Aaron and Susan, a.23y., and Charles Whitcomb of Worcester, s.Abel of Bolton, and Sophia, b. in Bolton, a.25y., Jan.7,1847.

Mercy F. and Lysander S. Upham of Fitchburg, int.May1,1847.

Samuel F., s.Aaron and Susan, a.27y., and Sarah T. Gardner, d.Jerome and Sally, a.23y., Oct.26,1848.

Louisa J., d.Jacob and Hannah, a.23y., and George G. Fales of Peterborough, NH, s.Ephraim and Olive, b. in Lancaster, a.27y., Dec.20,1849.


Abigail of Lexington, and Samuel Mead, int.Aug.1,1756.

Mary and William Willard, Dec.11,1760.

Nathaniel and Martha Farnworth, Nov.16,1769.

Peggy and Timothy [Titus.int.] Coburn of Camden [NH. int.], Nov.12,1771.

Rebecca and Ephraim Crouch, Aug.26,1802.

Lucy and Isaac Cooper, int.Nov.1,1802.

Nathaniel of Groton, and Maria Sargent, int.Sept.16,1843.


Stephen of Lancaster, and Betty Sawyer, in Bolton, between 1769 and 1771 [int.June7,1770].

Anna [Nancy.int.] of Lancaster, and Benjamin Kimball, in Lancaster, Apr.23,1780.

John [Jr. int.] of Templeton, and Mary Holland, May22,1787.CR1

Phebe of Sterling, and Sampson Worcester, in Lancaster, Jan.2,1797.*

Susan of Rindge, and Jacob Haskell, int.Nov.15,1813.

George of Stow, and Charlotte C. Young, Apr.28,1831.*

Juliaan and Dr. Augustus Robiris, Sept.24,1835.

WILDS (Wiles)

Olive and Phinehas Eames, May17,1803.

WILES (Wilds)

Elijah Jr. of Shirley, and Eunice Safford, Dec.26,1771.


Thomas and Sarah Farnworth of Stow, int.Jan.13,1732-3.

Sarah and Eleazer Davis, Nov.29,1732.

Mary and Phinehas Willard, int.June10,1735. Banns forbidden by Abigail Willard.

Phinehas and Mary Willard, int.June10,1735. Banns forbidden by Abigail Willard.

Hezekiah [Jr. int.] and Lydia Haskell, May24,1737.CR1

William and Elen Davis, Feb.24,1738. [Feb.23,1738.CR1]

Tarball and Rachel Haskell, Nov.29,1739.

Mary and Joseph Farhanks Jr., Nov.11,1742.

Cybiel and Samuell Haskell, May10,1744.

Ruth and William Farmer [of Lunenburg. int.], June2,1745.CR1

Ephraim and Ezubah Atherton, Oct.29,1745.

Benjaman of Lancaster, and Hannah Goodfree, Dec.5,1745.

Abraham of Lancaster, and Mary Haskel, Apr.29,1746.

Susanna and James Johnson of Lunenburg, in Lunenburg, June15,1747.*

Lemuel and Hannah Haskell, Nov.26,1747.CR1

Annah and Phinehas Brown, Mar.2,1748-9.

Isaac and Hannah Farnsworth, Mar.31,1748.

Hannah and Samuel Mead, Oct.12,1748.

Abigail and Benjamin Mead of Holden, Oct.31,1749.

Ame and Samuel Hasseltine, Nov.16,1749.

Experience and Daniel Houghton Jr. of Bolton, Mar.5,1750-1.

Henry Jr. and Phebe Atherton, Feb.19,1752.

Anise and Uriah Holt, Feb.20,1752.

Joseph Jr. and Elisabeth Hapgood, Feb.14,1753.

Elisabeth and Josiah Davis, Jan.9,1754.

Phineas [Jr. int.] and Rebecca Willard, in Lancaster, Jan.5,1758.

Rebecca and Phineas Willard [Jr. int.], in Lancaster, Jan.5,1758.

Sarah of Lancaster, and Edward Hazen of Shirley, Jan.10,1758.*

Elizabeth and Simon Willard of Lancaster, in Lancaster, Oct.5,1758.

Simon of Lancaster, and Elizabeth Willard, in Lancaster, Oct.5,1758.

Lydia and Samuel Nichols [of Groton. int.], Mar.24,1759.

William and Mary Whittemore, Dec.11,1760.

Nathaniel of Lancaster, and Elisabeth Haskell, Mar.8,1762.

Rachel and Oliver Wetherbe, Mar.11,1762.

Miriam and Phinehas Whitney of Weston, int.Mar.27,1762.

Peter of Marlborough, and Mary Stone, Sept.30,1762.

Charles and Sarah Sooliey of Stoneham, in Stoneham, Dec.末,1762.

Lucy and Oliver Stone, Dec.30,1762.

Lydia and Samuel Hunt, Jan.19,1764.

Abigail and Paul Fletcher of Groton, Mar.1,1764.

Oliver and Lucy Haskell, May29,1764.

John and Sarah Willard of Winchester, int.Jan.6,1765.

Sarah of Winchester, and John Willard, int.Jan.6,1765.

Hezekiah [Jr. int.] and Azubah Wood of Stow, in Stow, Mar.25,1766.

Simeon and Elisabeth Darby, Sept.25,1766.

Dinah and John Darby Jr., Sept.30,1766.

Ruth and Moses Richards of Lunenburg, Feb.18,1768.

Elisabeth and Thomas Gould of Lunenburg, Apr.5,1768.

Thomas Jr. and Sarah Farwell, May3,1768.

Esther and Jonathan Page of Fitchburg, Feb.2,1769.

Josiah and Eunice Farnworth, Nov.16,1769.

Ame and Ezra Atherton, Mar.8,1770.

Eunice and Abram Carlton of Lunenburg, Apr.30,1770.

Gibson and Mary Hall, Oct.25,1770.

Abigail and Daniel Zwear Jr. of Lancaster, Dec.6,1770.

Jacob and Rhoda Randal of Stow, in Stow, July25,1771.

Samuel and Molly Stearns, Aug.27,1771.

Mercy and Richard Whitney Jr., Dec.15,1772.

Anne and Nicholis Patterson, int.May1,1773.

Sarah and Samuel Cooper [Jr. int.], May17,1774.

Sarah and John Hall of Lunenburg, July5,1774.

Molly and James Willis, July13,1774.

Mary and Elisha Fullam Jr., July27,1774.

Reuben and Catherine Parkhurst, Jan.3,1775.

Elijah and Mary Atherton, Mar.30,1775.

Hannah and Dea.Josiah Hartwell of Littleton, int.Jan.4,1777 [m.末蔓末,1777.CR1]

Timothy and Elisabeth Farnworth, int.Aug.24,1716 [m.末蔓末,1777.CR1]

Barzilla and Silva Kingman, Jan.23,1778.

Jeremiah and Bethiah Prestcutt of Westford, int.Apr.10,1779.

Lemuel and Abigail Atherton, int., Mar.11,1780.

William Jr. and Patience Haseltine, int.Jan.12,1781.

William Jr. of Lancaster, and Sarah Haskell, Dec.21,1781.

Joseph Jr. and Susa Kingman, June10,1783.

Elisabeth [wid.CR1] and Phinehas Warner, Oct.7,1783.

Thomas and Sarah Fletcher of Concord, Dec.13,1785.

Betsey and Jonas Hosmore of Walpole, Dec.15,1785.

Catharine and Jonathan Stone Jr. of Groton [of Westmoreland.int.], July2,1786.

Jonathan of Lancaster, and Lydia Munroe, Nov.30,1786.

Olivea and Jacob Robins, int.Mar.24,1788.

Rebeccah and Levi Buttrick, June20,1790.

Joel and Polley Haskell, Jan.2,1791.

Sarah and Moses Haskell, Sept.6,1791.

Relief and Oliver Chapman of Lunenburg, int.Mar.12,1792.

Lucy and John Crouch Jr. of Boxborough, Sept.26,1792.

Paul and Martha Haskell, both of Lancaster, Dec.18,1792.

Silas and Hannah Hawks, both of Lancaster, Jan.24,1793.*

Salmon and Rachel Whitney, Nov.7,1793.*

Phebe of Sterling, and Samson Worster, int.Dec.15,1796.

James of Lancaster, and Ame Atherton, Oct.15,1797.

Abel and Eleoner Bowles, Dec.17,1797.

Eunice and Josiah Bowles, May27,1798.

Caleb and Rachael Perry, in Lancaster, Oct.25,1798.

Jessee of Lancaster, and Nabbe [Abigail. int.] Farnsworth, Jan.2,1799.

Joseph of Fitchburg, and Polley Willard, int.Sept.22,1800.

Polley and Joseph Willard of Fitchburg, int.Sept.22,1800.

Mary of Lancaster, and Capt. Joseph Fairbank, Feb.19,1801.

Rachel and Ezra Wetherbee, Nov.26,1801.

John of Fitchburg, and Eunice Bowles, Jan.18,1802.

Joel and Mary Davis, Feb.4,1802.

Reuben and Salley Trufant, int.Aug.30,1802.

Susanna and Daniel Jefts, Aug.31,1802.

Rachel and Thomas L. Parker of Shirley, Oct.24,1802.

Levi and Sally Keyes, July5,1803.

Betsy of Shirley, and Josiah Willard Jr., int.Jan.22,1804.

Josiah Jr. and Betsy Willard of Shirley, int.Jan.22,1804.

Salley and Sewall Parker, int.Jan.27,1806.

Annas of Lancaster, and George Robinson Jr., int.Jan.11,1808.

George and Hannah Symonds, Dec.22,1808.

Rhoda of Sterling, and Heman Knight, int.May22,1809.

Joseph 3d and Abigail Beard, May24,1810.

Ebenezer and Susan Haskell, Feb.2,1814.

Lois and Willard Dickinson, Oct.2,1817.

Nehemiah B. and Hannah Emerson, Oct.25,1818.

Ithamer and Lucy Mace of Boxborough, June10,1819.

Hosea and Nancy Reed, May1,1820.

Charles and Martha Frost, Feb.15,1821.

Nathan and Eliza Farwell of Lancaster, int.Feb.2,1822.

Robert and Sally Willard, int.Oct.19,1822.

Sally and Robert Willard, int.Oct.19,1822.

Lovy and James Mace of Boxborough, Jan.27,1823.

William B. [William Bowles.int.] and Abigail [Abiah W. int.] Harrod, Feb.4,1823.

Deborah and Stephen Lawrence, June22,1823.

Lucy [Lucy B. int.] and Levi Farwell of Lancaster, Nov.27,1823.

William of Shirley, and Rebecah Barnard, Apr.15,1824.

Robert and Nancy B. Harrod, int.Aug.30,1824.

Roland and Malissa W. Olds, Apr.6,1825.

Levi Jr. and Julia Ann Adams, int.Mar.11,1831.

Mary Ann and Josiah H. Russell of West Cambridge, int.July22,1832.

Hosea 2d and Allice Adams 2d, Jan.8,1833.

Daniel Jr. and Sarah Carr of Lowell, int.Feb.末,1833.

Catherine and Johh W. [Warren. int.] Kitteridge of Chelmsford, Sept.29,1835.

Lydia L. of Shirley, and Luther R. Bride, May18,1837.

Orsamus and Martha Stevens Houghton of Bolton, int.Nov.19,1837.

Elbridge and Roxalana S. Manning, May30,1839.

Harriot and William Moore of Sudbury, May21,1840.

Jerome H. and Susan Priest of Boxborough, Apr.8,1841.

Ephraim S. and Betsy Ray, July1,1841.

Christopher L. and Meriam H. Harlow, May14,1843.

Ebenezer C. [Ebenezer Crosby.int.] and Susan M. Park, June13,1843.

Ephraim S. and Lydia W. Billings, int.Nov.18,1843.

Martha Ann, d.Charles and Martha, and Barzillai H. Lawrence of Boxborough, Apr.18,1844.

Sally H. and Charles [Charles W. int.] Houghton, May18,1844.

Fanny and Lyman Carr of Lancaster, int.Feb.27,1845.

Joseph K. and Sarah Wetherbee, int.Nov.末,1845.

Julia Ann, wid., d.Jonathan and Alice Adams, a.32y., and Arnold Hayward of Boxborough, s.Thomas of Boxborough, and Cyntha, a.35y., Nov.25,1845.

Elanor B., d.William B. and Abiah, a.22y., and Charles H. Haskell, s.Jacob and Susan, a.26y., Jan.22,1846.*

Nancy M., d.Hosea and Nancy, a.26y., and James H. Burnham, s.Moses and Hannah, b. in Littleton, a.28y., Nov.2,1847.

Hosea E., s.Hosea and Nancy, a.25y., and Esther C. Lakeman, d.Mary of Boxborough, b. in Boston, a.18y., Sept.12,1848.

James M. and Sarah A. Newhall of Leominster, int.Dec.9,1848.

Louisa H., d.William B. and Abiah, a.21y., and William F. Bateman, s.Jonas and Hannah, b. in Templeton. a.28y., Feb.13,1849.

Harriet A., d.Hosea and Nancy, a.24y., and Samuel W. Houghton, s.Daniel and Betsey, b. in Boxborough, a.27y., July4,1849.


Mercy of Weston, and Rev. John Seecomb, in Weston, Mar.10,1736-7.

Thomas of Hancock, and Sarah Reed, Nov.28,1782.

Nathaniell and Dinah Davis, Apr.7,1796.


James and Molly Willard, July13,1774.

James and Alice Adams, Mar.14,1776.

Daniel and Maria Whitney, Apr.19,1828.


Sarah Ann of Boxborough, and Jonathan Lawrance, int.Oct.8,1832.


Joseph and Lois Ball, May22,1760.


Mercy of Andover, and Simon Darby, in Andover, Jan.22,1738.*

James of Shirley, and Lucy Hapgood, Dec.17,1828.

Mary A.B., d.Robert G. and Rebecca, b. in Hopkinton, a.27y., and Edwin C. Morse of Natick, s.Jesse and Betsey, b. in Natick, a.30y., int.Sept.7,1849.


Sarah B. and Sylvester Lakin, both of Lowell, July9,1838.CR2*


Mary Ann [Julia Ann. int.] and Phineas Taylor, Apr.26,1837.


Rebekah of Lexington, and Elijah Whitney, int.Oct.30,1736.

WINTWORTH (Wentworth)

Elisabeth and Oliver Sanderson, Sept.11,1770.

Phebe and Aaron Hodgkins of Fitchburg, July19,1773.

Mindwell and Abraham Donsmore, Apr.30,1776.*


Jerusha of Dorchester, and William Hitchings [William Hutchins Jr. int.], in Dorchester, Mar.8,1789.

WITHERBEE (Weatherbee, Wetherbe, Wetherbee, Whetherbe, Whetherbee)

John and Anna Houghton [of Lancaster. int.], Sept.18,1735.

Olivea of Stow, and Simon Whitney, int.June10,1744.

John and Sarah Brown, Feb.17,1746-7.*

Josiah and Lucy Haskell, Sept.27,1769.

Betty [Elisabeth.int.] of Stow, and John Burges, Mar.22,1775.


Abigail of Stow, and Phinehas Whitcomb, Jan.22,1784.

Abigail M. and Isaac Barns of Lowell, int.Apr.23,1838.

Lucy [Lucy H. int.] and Jonathan N. Mansfield, Nov.4,1841.

Stephen and Susan Whitcomb of Stow, Nov.18,1841.


Jerusha and William Burt, int.Mar.18,1758.


Sarah and Moses Worcester, in Bolton, Jan.12,1769.


Nancy and Samuel Worster, July26,1770.


William [Walcutt. int.] of Stow, and Mary Whitney, Dec.26,1792.

WOOD (Woods)

John [Jr. of Littleton. int.] and Lydia Davis, Oct.19,1743.

Dorathy of Littleton, and Deliverance Davis, Oct.21,1760.

Azubah of Stow, and Hezekiah Willard [Jr. int.], in Stow, Mar.25,1766.

Ebenezer and Phebe Brooks, Apr.18,1776.*

Abigail and Abijah Reed, int.Apr.29,1780.

Eliphelet and Mary Badcock of Northborough, int.May18,1782.

Susanna and Israel Houghton Jewett of Littleton, int.Sept.6,1796.

Timothy and Sarah Hapgood of Acton, Aug.24,1797.

Jabez and Abigail Stone, Mar.14,1799.

John and Lois Humphrey of Littleton, int.Mar.24,1800.

Betsy and Benjamin Jewett of Littleton, int.Apr.5,1802.

Jonathan of Gardner, and Lucy Whitney, Nov.27,1806.

Lydia and Calvin Warner Jr., Apr.9,1812.

Mary and William Taylor Jr., May3,1821.

Benjamin and Tryphena Draper 3d of Boxborough, int.Feb.1,1822.

Lucy and Jonathan Wheler of Boxborough, Apr.13,1826.

Francis and Mary Wood of Littleton, int.May2,1829.

Mary of Littleton, and Francis Wood, int.May2,1829.

Emory and Miranda Raymond of Littleton, Feb.9,1830.

Amariah M. and Rachel Atherton, Apr.17,1831.

Abigail and Sylvester Pierce of Leominster, Apr.23,1835.

John of Bolton, and Eliza [Elizabeth.int.] Atherton, Nov.12,1835.

Harvey and Mary Wood, Oct.9,1837.

Mary and Harvey Wood, Oct.9,1837.

Emory and Mary Rand of Cambridge, May31,1838.*

Lucy and J. Lawrence Esty of New York, Oct.16,1838.*

Allen B. and Susan H. Whitney, Oct.20,1839.

Sarah E. and John Farwel [2d.int.], May11,1841.

Asa, a.23y., and Louisa A. Stone, d.Joseph 2d, a.20y., Nov.26,1844.

Sarah and Rufus Keyes, int.Nov.29,1848.

Arvilla A., d.Emery and Maranda, a.17y., and James Harrington of Lancaster, s.Henry, b. in Roxbury, a.23y., Apr.12,1849.

Benjamin L., s.Benjamin and Triphena, a.25y., and Eliza E. Lawrence of Groton, d.Edward and Keziah, b. in Pepperell, a.30y., int.Nov.27,1849.*


Betty [of Bolton. int.] and Jonah Maynard, Nov.27,1783.

Nathan of Bolton, and Clarinda Whitney, Mar.29,1819.


Mary Ann of Londonderry, NH, and Benjamin Jackson Dwinnells, int.Oct.30,1821.

WOODS (Wood)

Isaac of Pepperell, and Anna Hazleton [Arne Haseltine. int.], in Pepperell, Jan.19,1758.

Elijah of Lancaster, and Mary Godfrey, in Lancaster, Feb.2,1758.

Aaron of Shirley, and Hannah Farnworth, int.Oct.28,1775.

WOOSTER (Worcester, Worster)

Joseph Jr. of Littleton, and Sarah Adams, in Littleton, Mar.3,1760.

WORCESTER (Wooster, Worster)

Moses and Sarah Witt, in Bolton, Jan.12,1769.

Sampson and Phebe Wilder of Sterling, in Lancaster, Jan.2,1797.*

Sally and William Hatch, int.Nov.4,1848.

WORNER (Warner)

Joshua Jr. and Dorathy Brown of Stow, int.Dec.12,1742.

David and Anna Byington, int.May14,1744.

WORSTER (Wooster, Worcester)

Ebenezer [Jr. int.] and Mary Crouch, Dec.29,1742.

Elizabeth and Jonathan Crouch [Jr. int.], Dec.29,1742.

Louis and John Laiten, Dec.24,1766.

Susannah and Nahum Daby Jr., Oct.18,1768.

Samuel and Nancy Wizel, July26,1770.

Samuel and Lydia Houghton, int.Mar.31,1781.

Levi of Littleton, and Sarah Whitney, July7,1785.

Samuel and Relief Johnson of Lancaster, Feb.23,1791.

Samson and Phebe Willard of Sterling, int.Dec.15,1796.

Jonathan of Henniker, and Mary H. [Mary Hayward.int.] Whitney, Feb.5,1798.

Reuben and Sally Draper of Boxborough, Mar.3,1805.

Lydia of Hollis, and Samuel Taylor of Worcester, Jan.18,1809.*

Isaiah and Lucy Burgess, int.Nov.9,1834.


Thomas Jr. and Moriah Houghton, May21,1755.

John and Elisabeth Houghton, Feb.24,1762.

Francis of Middletown, and Anne Harper, Oct.15,1771.

Sibel and Samuel Finney, Mar.18,1773.

Peter of Littleton, and Esther Reed, in Littleton, May18,1786.

Ede P. of Ashby, and Joseph Carter, int.Aug.11,1844.

Sylvia P. of Groton, and Asa F. Burgess, int.Oct.9,1847.

Aaron of Groton, s.Joseph of Groton, and Hannah, b. in Groton, a.27y., and Emeline Moore, d.Samson of Boxborough, and Mary Ann, b. in Boxborough, a.25y., Apr.13,1848.


Sarah and Silas Houghton of Bolton, in Bolton, May20,1773.

Benjamin and Hannah Boynton, Oct.20,1791.*

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