Harriet, and Austin Gleason, int.Nov.6,1831.

Robert M., [McNish in int.], of Oxford, and Jane Sampson, Oct.9,1837.


John, Rev., and Zibiah Bigelow of Barre, int.Apr.4,1812.

William, of Western, and Sally Bond, May18,1801.


Thomas, of Barre, and Sarah Ann Fits, int.Dec.2,1838.


Abigell, and Benjamin Earll, int.Dec.末,1734.

Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth Stebens of Spencer, Mar.17,1755.

Daniel, and Easter Warrin, Jan.17,1782.*

Dorrithy, and John Newhall of Maldon, int.June7,1741.

Dorithy, and Ebenezer Washburn of Spencer, int.July10,1757.

Baty, and Samuel Moor of Worcester, int.Apr.13,1746.

Bety, and Barnabas Aldrich of Northbridge, int.Feb.1,1783.

Esther, and David Allen, July10,1732.

Esther, and Joktan Green, May27,1762.

Eunice, wid., and Stephen Saddler, May13,1802.

Hannah, and Isaac Mores, int.Mar.9,1732-3.

Hanah, [Hannah in int.], and Elijah Harding of Sturbridge, May14,1767.

Hiram, and Mary Seaver, int.Oct.21,1761.

Hiram, and Sarah Hasey, Oct.19,1769.

Jabez, and Lydia Shaw of Paxton, int.Mar.7,1768.

John, of Maldon, and Dorrithy Newhall, int.June7,1741.

Jonathan, and Hannah Convers, int.Oct.17,1731.

Jonathan, Jr., and Mehitable Marcey of Sturbridge, int.Apr.16,1771.

Jonathan, and Polly Lyons, Jan.13,1788.

Joseph, and Hannah Earle, int.July7,1786.

Lidiah, [Lydiah in int.], and John Brown, 末蔓27 [int.Nov.末,1727].

Polly, and Solomon Keyes of Cambridge, VT, Jan.23,1798.

Pierces, and Asael Earle, int.Apr.1,1786.

Phinehas, and Lydia Wilson, Sept.21,1763.

Phebe, and Jonathan Winslow, Apr.22,1779.*

Rebeckah, and Samuel Bemos, Jan.9,1739-40.

Samuel, and Anna Reed, int.Mar.10,1770.

Samuel, of Spencer, and Harriet Morse, June末,1823.

Sarah, and Daniel Lynds, Dec.3,1772.*

Sally, of Spencer, and Elisha Todd, int.Sept.3,1826.

Tabithy, and Nathaniel Gerfield, Aug.9,1750.

Thomas, Jr., and Deborah Sargeant, July1,1756.

Thomas, and Sarah Dwight, Mar.1,1770.

Thomas Flagg, and Eunice Watson of Spencer, int.Jan.15,1799.

William, and Almira Earle, Aug.30,1818.


Abegail, and Jacob Bryant, int.June24,1744.

Ann, of Worcester, [d.Guy S. and Dorothy], and Timothy Earle, Sept.6,1843.

Betsheba, and Zebediah Smith of Sunderland, Mar.30,1748-9.

Barsheba, and Zebediah Smith of Sunderland, int.Dec.25,1743.

Benjamin F., of Southborough, [s.Benjamin and Sally, a.21], and Persis Muzzey, Oct.6,1846.*

David, of Rutland, and Miriam Smith, May13,1762.

Edmond, and Phebe S. Wicker, int.Oct.11,1840.

Elias M., and Eliza A. Blanchard of North Bridgewater, int.Aug.14,1844.

Elizabeth, of Paxton, and Samuel Robinson, Jr., int.Mar.15,1781.

George W., [B. in int.], of Paxton, and Margaret C.H. Wheaton, Oct.3,1839.

Guy Stafford, and Dorothy Davis of Rutland, int.Jan.30,1813.

Hannah, and Joseph Chamberlain of Netchauog, June17,1740.

Isabella, of Worcester, and Sarah A. Watson, Oct.2,1841.

Jedadiah, and Jemime Fay, Mar.8,1758.

John C., of Worcester, and Sarah A. Watson, Apr.6,1836.

Lucy, [Nuten in int.], and Elisha Ward, June27,1780.

Nahum, and Tabathy Sanderson, Feb.30,1741.

Obadiah, and Mehitable Whitney, Feb.23,1775.*

Phenehas, of Spencer, and Widow Rashal Commins, int.May17,1782.

Roadah, of Huberston, and Gearshorn Comins, int.June2,1781.

Samuel T., and Harriet H. Wicker, Apr.21,1831.

Sarah, and Robert Converse, Jr., May24,1762.

Stephen, [Nuten in int.], and Mary Witt, Jan.20,1736-7.

Susan G., [d.John Smith, a.32, wid.], and Thurlow Stimpson, June8,1849.


Mercy, and Mark Bond, Oct.16,1785.

NICHOLS (Nickols)

Caleb, and Elizabeth Lamb of Spencer, int.Jan.8,1763.

Caleb, Jr., and Persis Adams of Spenser, int.June末,1780.

Hannah, and Capt. Parly Eddy, both of Oxford, June27,1804.*

John D., and Eliza Ellis, Jan.21,1834.

John D., widr., [a.32], and Lucy Baldwin, Aug.19,1844.

Lucy, and Daniel Carpenter of Wilbraham, int.Nov.21,1775.

Lydia, and George W. Ware, Mar.24,1841.

Mary E., of Oxford, and Emerson Rutter, int.Aug.末,1832.

Rebecca, of Oxford, and Reuben Lamb, int.Feb.16,1765.

Thomas, Jr., of Worcester, and Elizabeth Green, int.Sept.23,1786.

William, and Lydia Mooney, int.Sept.13,1835.

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Abigail, and Ezra Gilbert, both of Brookfield, Nov.10,1772.*

Ellexander, of Oxford, and Jane Heart, int.Oct.6,1751.

Caleb, and Lucy Smith, Apr.23,1745.

Caleb, and Marcy Wicker of Paxton, int.Sept.28,1781.

Catherine, [Cathorn in int.], and Jabez Upham, Nov.23,1738.

Marthar, Mrs., of Framingham, and Rev. David Goddard, int.Dec.2,1753.

Ruth, and Thomas Moor of Worcester, int.Nov.23,1746.

NIGHTS (Knights)

Ruth, negro woman sarvant to Jonathan Nights of Rutland, and Cuffee Gum, Mr. Chris.Jacob Lawton's negro man, int.Feb.27,1742-3.


Esau, and Margerit Harra, int.Sept.10,1749.


Luther, of New Braintree, and Electa Earle, May2,1810.CR

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