Benjamin, s.William A. and Lucy S. July7,1842.

Benjamin, s.William and Lucy, July7,1843.

Henry, s.Atwood and Uranah, Sept.26,1826.

Rebeckah, d.Atwood and Uranah, Apr.19,1824.

Seth, s.Atwood and Uranah, Mar.23,1829.

CALLAM (Callom, Callum)

Caleb, s.Daniel and Lydia, June23,17末.

Cassandra, d.Daniel and Lydia, June13,17末.


Elizabeth O'Connell, w.John P.,末蔓末,1841.GR22

John P.,末蔓末,1827.GR22

CALLOM (Callam, Callum)

Dan, s.Caleb and Darkhust, Aug.7,1793.

George, s.Caleb and Darkhust, Dec.10,1802.

Milton, s.Caleb and Darkhust, Apr.9,1795.

Roeeney, d.Caleb and Darkhust, June24,1797.

Roby, d.Caleb and Darkhust, Apr.20,1800.

CALLUM (Callam, Callom)

Cynthia A., d.Lyman and Cynthia, Sept.11,1838.

CAMPBELL (Cammell)

Bridget Denigan, w.John,末蔓末,1820.GR21

Henry Harris, s.William and Millesent, Jan.19,1813.


William Rawson, s.William and Milley, Mar.15,1811.


末末, d.Richard M. and 末末, Apr.21,1844.


Jacob, Nov.10,1669.MR


Adin Ballou, s.Carlile W. and Abby, Jan.9,1841.

Caroline, w.Collins, Apr.22,1794.GR15

Caroline Maria, d.Collins and Caroline, Jan.12,1826.

Clary, d.Nathaniel and Watee, July12,1793.

Collins, s.Nathaniel and Watee, July27,1795.

Collins, s.Collins and Caroline, May13,1828.

Elizabeth W., d.Nathaniel and Watee, June3,1803.

Ellen Francis, d.Collins and Caroline, Oct.2,1830.

Ellen, d.Carlile W. and Abby, June2,1835.

George, s.Nathaniel and Watee, Sept.6,1787.

George, s.Collins and Caroline, Mar.11,1822.

George, s.Collins and Caroline, Sept.17,1823.

James, s.Nathaniel and Watee, Jan.6,1799.

Jane, d.Carlile W. and Abby, Jan.23,1832.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Watee, Aug.10,1791.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Watee, Sept.21,1805.

Mary, d.Collins and Caroline, Dec.12,1834.

Nathaniel, s.Collins and Caroline, Jan.10,1818.

Phebe, d.Nathaniel and Watee, Feb.22,1800.

Rebecca Silsby, d.Collins and Caroline, Jan.27,1820.

Sarah Freeman, w.William, Mar.31,1811.GR15

Sally Ann, d.Carlile W. and Abby, Mar.11,1833.

Susannah, d.Nathaniel and Watee, Apr.20,1789.

William A., s.William and Sarah F., Jan.29,1842.GR15

Willis Carlile, s.Carlile W. and Abby, July3,1836.


William, s.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.25,1759.

CARPENTER (Carpender)

末墨a, d.Oliver and Joanna末蔓末, 末.

Abigail, d.Oliver and Joanna, Sept.16,1792.

Aanna, twin d.Oliver and Joanna, Dec.16,1789.

Dexter, s.Oliver and Joanna, Nov.27,1779.

Joanna, twin d.Oliver and Joanna, Dec.16,1789.

Joanna, d.Oliver and Joanna, Jan.21,1803.

John, s.Barlow and Sarah, Jan.27,1786.

Laura, d.Oliver and Joanna, June7,1798.

末没i [Levi.TC], s.Oliver and 紡nna, Feb.24,1782.

Lilles, d.Oliver and Joanna, in Cumberland Apr.29,1777.

Lyda, d.Olliver Jr. and [Martha.TC], Feb.21,1787.

Martha, d.Barlow and Sarah, June2,1784.

Nancy, d.Oliver Jr. and Martha, Aug.25,1792.

Reuben, s.Oliver and Joanna, Oct.2,1788.

Richard, s.Barlow and Sarah, Jan.16,1789.


Helena Welsh, w.James, Dec.25,1846.GR21

Henry Greenville, s.George and Prudence, Aug.13,1843.

James, Aug.15,1835.GR21

Lami Baker, d.Hial and Sarah, Nov.19,1842.

CARROLL (Carrell)

Ann Hunt, w.Patrick,末蔓末,1822.GR22

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Anne, May29,1786.

Jared, s.Benjamin and Anne, July8,1796.





Abbey Grady, w.John, Nov.15,1820.GR21

John, June10,1817.GR21


Charlotte Augusta, d.William E. and Sarah W., May27,1842.

Diana, d.Edward and Hannah, Apr.28,1810.

Ebenezer, s.John and Hannah, Dec.4,1726.

Edward, s.Edward and Hannah, July18,1813.

Eliza, d.Edward and Hannah, Mar.4,1805.

George, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Oct.12,1759.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Jan.7,1755 [Dec.7,1755. dup.]

James Gilmore, s.Edward and Hannah, Nov.18,1811.

John in Hampton, NH,末蔓末,1687.GR25

John, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Dec.30,1761.

Joseph, s.John and Alce, Sept.7,1739.

Julia Ann, d.Edward and Hannah, May18,1806.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Hannah, Nov.19,17末. [prob. 1739].

Nathan, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Aug.12,1767.

Oliver, s.Nathan and Hannah, Aug.19, 末末.

Phebe, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Jan.1,1757.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, Apr.15,1731.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Dec.17,1752.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.William E. and Sarah W., May27,1840.

Susannah, d.John and Alce, Nov.14,1736.

William Emerson, s.Edward and Hannah, Mar.2,1809.


Bridget Blessing, w.Edward.末蔓末,1815.GR22



末末, d.末末, July8,1843.


Ellen O'Leary, w.John,末蔓末,1833.GR21


Joseph, s.Thomas and Margaret, July10,1732.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Margeret, Mar.12,1736-7.

Zeruiah, d.Thomas and Margaret, Nov.2,1729.


末末, s.末末, Apr.2,1844.

Caroline, d.William and Sarah, Apr.2,1844.


Cordule Blanchard, w.Jean Baptiste,末蔓末,1813.GR20

Jean Baptiste,末蔓末,1802.GR20

CHANEY (Cheeney, Cheney, Cheny)

John, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.27,1737.


Caroline Podvin, w.Pierre,末蔓末,1844.GR20


Abigal, d.Seth and Bethiah, June10,1710.

Abigail, d.Seth and Abigail, May27,1721.

Abigail, d.Josiah and Rachel, May13,1747.

Abigail, d.Ens.Ebenezer and Abigail, Sept.10,1748.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Abigail, Sept.18,1764.

Abigail, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), July16,1775.

Abigail, d.Lieut. Seth and Elisabeth, bp. July20,1777.CR1

Abigail, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Aug.20,1782.

Adams, s.Josiah and Rachel, Apr.12,1750.

Almira, d.[Dea.CR1] Seth and Eunice(Thomson), Sept.16,1798.

Amariah, s.Daniel and Abigail, Aug.28,1768.

Amus, s.Joshua and Mary, Dec.30,1751.

Artemas, s.Samuel and Beulah, Jan.30,17末.

Benjemin, s.Seth and Bethiah, Apr.6,1713.

Bethiah, d.Seth and Bethiah, Feb.16,1693-4.

Bethiah, d.John and Dorcas, Sept.28,1724.

Bethiah, d.John and Rhoda, Mar.12,1755.

Candace, d.Samuel and Beulah, Nov.5, 末末.

Chloe, d.Samuel and Beulah, Sept.5, 末末.

Clarisa, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), July14,1778.

Daniel, s.Seth and Elizabeth, Oct.10,1727.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Abigail, Aug.30,1761.

David, s.Ephraim and Margerit, Oct.19,1706.

David, s.Daniel and Abigail, May14,1757.

David, s.Moses and Lydia, July15,1757.

Deborah, d.Seth and Bethiah, July14,1704.

Deborah, d, Josiah and Rachel, June9,1757 [June10. dup.]

Dorcas, d.John and Dorcas, Sept.2,1720.

Ebenezer, s.Seth and Bethiah, Dec.24,1714.

Ebenezar, s.Ens.Ebenezar and Abigail, Jan.4,1752.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Oct.7,1784.

Ede, d.Ephraim and Hannah, June20,1773.

Eliphaz, s.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Jan.11,1791.

Elizebeth, d.Ephraim and Margerret, Sept.20,1716.

Elisabeth, d.John and Rhoda, Mar.12,1755.

Elisabeth, d.Moses and Lydia, June23,1762.

Betty, d.Garshom and Deborah, Apr.21,1763.

Elisabeth, d.Seth and Elisabeth, Jan.15,1771.

Betsey, twin d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Feb.7,1787.

Betsey, d.[Dea.CR1] Seth and Eunice(Thomson), Apr.17,1794.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Margerit, June16,1710.

Ephraham, s.Joseph and Mary, May5,1745.

Gershom, s.Joseph and Mary, May27,1734.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Ledia, Nov.10,1684.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.4,1733-4.

Henry, s.Gershom and Deborah, May4,1765.

Henry, s.Moses and Lydia, July17,1767.

Hopstill, d.Seth and Bethyah, Nov.27,1705.

Hopestill, d.Daniel and Abigail, May18,1766.

Isaac, s.John and Rhoda, Nov.10,1756.

Jacob, s.John and Rhoda, July17,1758.

Jacob, s.John and Rhoda, Sept.27,1762.

Japhit, s.John and Darcos, July13,1726.

Jepeth, s.Seth and Bethiah, Feb.24,1716-7.

Jerusha, d.Moses and Lydia, Mar.3,1760.

Jesse, s.Samuel and Beulah, Aug.27,1761.

John, s.Seth and Bethiah, May13,1698.

John, s.John and Dorcas, Oct.7,1730.

John, s.John Jr. and Rhoda, Sunday morning, May15,1768.

Jonathan, s.Japheth and Patience, Apr.13,1754.

Joseph, s.Seth and Bethiah, Mar.1,1708.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.29,1730-1.

Joseph, s.Gershom and Deborah, May4,1767.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, June11,1754.

Josiah, s.Seth and Bethiah, Mar.1,1695-6.

Josiah, s.Seth and Abigail, Jan.28,1718-9.

Josiah, s.John and [Dorcas.TC], Apr.8,1722.

Josiah, s.Japheth and Patience, June16,1750.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Rachel, Mar.31,1759.

Levi, s.Josiah and Rachel, May5,1766.

Levi, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Dec.22,1768.

Lois, d.Ens.Ebenezar and Mary, June1,1762.

Lois, d.Gershom and Deborah, June27,1771.

Lois, d.Seth and Elisabeth, Feb.18,1773.

Lydiah, d.Seth and Bethiah, Feb.2,1711.

Lydia, d.Seth Jr. and Elisabeth, Apr.21,1732.

Lydia, d.Josiah and Rachel, Mar.14,1755.

Lydia, d.Moses and Lydia, Jan.28,1770.

Patty, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Feb.25,1777.

Patty, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Dec.15,1792.

Marvel, s.Josiah and Rachel, Oct.27,1768.

Mary, d.Seth and Bethiah, "last" of Apr.30,1700.

Mary, d.Seth Jr. and Abigal, May19,1717.

Mary, d.Ens.Ebenezar and Abigail, Feb.9,1743-4.

Mary, d.Gershom and w., bp. Sept.11,1774.CR

Mary, d.Seth and Elisabeth, Mar.26,1775.

Mary, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Jan.8,1795.

Moses Thomson, s.Seth and Eunice(Thomson), Feb.7,1788.

Nathan, s.Samuel and Beulah, Dec.25,17末.

Nathan, s.Moses and Lydia, Feb.12,1765.

Olive, d.John and Rhoda, June28,1764.

Olive, d.Moses and Lydia, June19,177.

Oliver, s.Daniel and Abigail, Oct.1,1759.

Perley, d.John and Rhoda, May18,17末.

Perry, s.Seth and Elisabeth, Feb.25,1769.

Peter, s.John and Dorcas, June12,1736.

Peter, s.Joshua and Mary, Sept.23,1756.

Philo, s.[Dea.CR1] Seth and Eunice(Thomson), Nov.4,1790.

Phinehas, s.Gershom and Deborah, Aug.3,1769.

Phebe, d.John and Rhoda, Jan.27,1766.

Rachel, d.Seth and Elizabeth, Jan.22,1729-30.

Rachel, d.Daniel and Abigail, July16,1755.

Rachel, d.Josiah and Rachel, May7,1764.

Rhoda, d.Josiah and Rachel, Sept.17,1752.

Rhoda, d.John and Rhoda, Dec.3,1760.

Rufus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, July14,1768.

Ruth, d.Ens.Ebenezar and Abigail, Mar.29,1754.

Ruth, d.Ens.Ebenezar and Mary, Oct.14,1759.

Ruth, d.[Lieut.CR1] Seth and Eunice(Thomson), Jan.14,1786.

Samuel, s.Seth and Bethiah, June2, 末末.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.28, 末末. [prob. 1739].

Samuel, s.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Feb.7,1780.

Samuel Green, twin s.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Feb.7,1787.

Sarah, d.Ephraim and Margeret, May31,1714.

Sarah, d.Seth and Abigail, July3,1715.

Sarah, d.Ephraim and Margret, May9,1719.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Rachel, May17,1768.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer Jr. and Martha(Green), Feb.2,1789.

Seth, s.Seth and Bethiah, July2,1692.

Seth, s.Seth and Elisabeth, Dec.23,1733.

Seth, s.Ens.Ebenezar and Abigail, Mar.31,1746.

Seth, s.Seth and Eunice(Thomson), June25,1783.

Simeon, s.Josiah and Rachel, Nov.4,1761.

Solomon, s.John and Dorcas, June4,1733.

Stephen, s.Josiah and Rachel, Dec.末,1745.

Susanna, d.Japheth and Patience, Dec.10,1751.

Silve, d.[Lieut.CR1] Seth and Eunice, Sept.26,1781

Thomas, s.Seth and Elisabeth, Dec.12,1723.

William, s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.12,1805.

Zibe, s.John and Rhoda, May15,1770.


末末, s.Benjamin Ellery and Alzada Smith, Nov.24,1846.

末iel, s.Abner and Hannah, Jan.26,1774.

Abner, s.Abner and Hannah, Oct.10,1776.

Anthony, s.Anthony and Katherine, Nov.2,1764.

Isreal, s.Anthony and Katherine, Sept.13,1760.

Julia Ann, d.Ebenezar and Martha, Jan.30,1834.

Louvan Adelia, d.Josiah and Charity, July24,1836.

Lucy, d.Abner and Hannah, June3,1771.

Margaret, d.Anthony and Katherine, Feb.14,1756.

Martha M., w.Seth P.,末蔓末,1838.GR23

Mary Elizabeth, d.Benjamin E. [Ellery.GR11] and Alzada [Alzada S.GR11], Nov.13,1844.

Neomy, d.Anthony and Katherine, July17,1754.

Naamy, d.Anthony and Katherine, June27,1762.

Ruth, d.Anthony and Katherine, Feb.12,1758.

Seth [Seth P.GR23], s.Ebenezar and Martha, Sept.1,1839.

Timothy, s.Anthony and Katherine, Aug.2,1767.

CHEENEY (Chaney, Cheney, Cheny)

Abner, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Nov.10,1765.

Amos, s.Wales and Sarah, Sept.26,17末.

Anna, d.Wales and Sarah, Apr.21,17末.

Artemas, s.Caleb and Mary, Oct.12,1760.

Asa, s.Wales and Sarah, Dec.20,1769.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Mary, Apr.3,1770.

Calvin, s.Caleb and Mary, Apr.26,1766.

Charles, s.Caleb and Mary, Aug.22,177.

Elisabeth, d.Caleb and Mary, May21,1768.

Hannah, d.Caleb and Mary, Nov.7,177.

Joann, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, Apr.16,1768.

Lydia, d.Wales and Sarah, May4,1767.

Mary, d.Caleb and Mary, Sept.28,1762.

Olive, d.Caleb and Mary, Apr.14,177.

Phebean, d.Horace and Phebe, Dec.9,1830.

Rachel, d.Caleb and Mary, Mar.24,177.

Releaf, d.Caleb and Mary, Aug.12,1764.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and [Abigail.TC], Feb.9,1770.

Silas, s.William and Hannah, Aug.22,1771.

CHENEY (Chaney, Cheeney, Cheny)

Abigail, d.William and Joanna, Nov.20,1743.

Caleb, s.William and Joanna, Jan.12,1738-9.

Ebenezer, s.William and Joanna, July10,1741.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Sept.7,1761.

Elijah, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Apr.末, 末末.

Elijah, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Sept.14,1760.

Joanna, d.William and Johannah, Nov.16,1728.

Josiah, s.Wales and Sarah, Aug.9,1757.

Levi, s, William and Joanna, Nov.23,1750.

Nathan, s.Wales and Sarah, May4,1765.

Nathaniel, s.William and Joanna, Feb.24,1733-4

Nathaniel, s.Wales and Sarah, Oct.1,1758.

Susanna, d.William and Joanna, July23,1730.

Susanna, d.Wales and Sarah, Dec.5,1761.

Tryphena, d.Caleb and Mary, Nov.13,1758.

Wales, s.William Jr. and Joanna, Aug.31,1732.

William, s.William and Joanna, May18,1746.

CHENY (Chaney, Cheeney, Cheney)

Abigal, d.William and Margerit, Sept.21,1709.

Ebenezer, s.William and Margrit, Nov.20,1706.

Heaster, d.William and Margerit, June17,1701.

Margerit, d.William and Margerit, Aug.30,1695.

Sarah, d.William and Mar[torn] [Margerit.TC], Feb.15,1698-9.

Silence, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, July27, 末末. [prob. 1739].

William, s.William and Margerit, Feb.7,1703-4.


Elizabeth A. Patt, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1836.GR15

Joseph Tasket, s.Joseph T. and Hannah, July21,1830.


Edward Appleton, s.Thomas and Abial, Aug.6,1837.


Albert Gary, s.Asa and Elizabeth, Jan.5,1829.

Annah Elizabeth, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Jan.20,1838.


Caroline Margaret, d.Willard and Huldah, Mar.11,1841.

Dexter Thayer, ch.Willard and Huldah, Jan.21,1829.

Elizabeth, w.Asa,末蔓末,1802.GR6

Betsey Abbie, w.Albert G.,末蔓末,1841.GR6

Esther Thayer, d.Paul and Mary, Mar.29,1829.

Frederic Willard, s.Willard and Huldah, Nov.13,1832GR4

Harden Thayer, ch.Willard and Huldah, May28,1827.

Hephsibah, d.William and Sarah, Oct.8,1720.

Hiram [Hiram C.GR6], s.Asa and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1824.

Huldah Jane, d.Willard and Huldah, Aug.5,1838.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and [torn], Dec.20,1735.

Lewis Henry, s.Hiram Cook and Elvira Louisa, Aug.3,1845.

Martha A.,末蔓末,1842.GR6

Olive Adams, w.Hiram C.,末蔓末,1830.GR6


George S.,末蔓末,1826.GR6

Lavinia S.,, w.George S.,末蔓末,1833.GR6



Philomene Erenhart, w.Alfred,末蔓末,1844.GR20


Horatio, s.Oliver W. and Tabitha, Sept.9,1838.

M. Caroline, Apr.20,1835.GR6


Annah Jerusha, d.Oliver and Rebekah L., Nov.4,1841.

Hannah Ellen, d.Oliver and Rebekah L., Apr.24,1840.

Harriet J., Feb.13,1848.GR16

Jane M., Dec.8,1824.GR16

Oliver, Jan.17,1797.GR16

CLARICY (Clarrisce)

Catherine, d.Patrick and Catherine, July21,1842.

Ellen, d.Patrick and Catherine, Apr.30,1839.

Mary Ann, d.Patrick and Catherine, Sept.9,1840.

William, s.Patrick and Catherine, Aug.11,1837.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Abigail, d.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.18,1767.

Arnold, s.Jephthah and Naomi, Dec.30,177.

Caleb, s.Henry and Naomi, Sept.5,1764.

Chloe, d.Jeptha and Rho[torn], Apr.25,1780.

Synthia, d.Jeptha and R[torn], Nov.4,1777.

Deborah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.18,1762.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, May28,1754.

Enos Albee, s.Nathan B. and Eunice, Aug.27,1841.

Ichabod, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.28, 末末.

Ichabod, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.1,1745.

James, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Aug.27,1757.

Joanna, d.Jepthah and Rhoda, Feb.18,177.

John, s.Henry and Naomi, July17,1766.

Joseph, s.Jephthah and Rhoda, June21,1770.

Joseph Stevens,末蔓末,1809.GR23

Josiah, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, May15,1751.

Levina, d.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.18,1764.

Nathan, s.Henry and Naomi, Nov.19,1768.

Nathan, s.Ichabod and Phebe, May10,1778.

Rosanna, d.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.3,1769.

Seth, s.Ichabod and Phebe, May13,177.

Simeon, s.Ebenezer and Annah, Aug.21,1723.

CLARKE (Clark, Clerk)

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Annah, Dec.9,1721.

Rose Anna,末蔓末,1835.GR22


Mary Boyle,末蔓末,1828.GR22



Francis, d.Patrick and Catherine, Feb.20,1844.


Margaret, w.Michael,末蔓末,1848.GR22



末末, d.William Colwell Penn and Ruth, Mar.15,1847.

CLERK (Clark, Clarke)

Abigail, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Aug.3,1748.

Anna, d.Ebenezer and Anna, Mar.21,1735.

Cornelies, s.Ebenezer and Anna, Dec.16,1726.




Hannah Mariah, d.Chauncy and Elizabeth P., in Medfield, July10,1830.


David Chandler, s.David C. and Catharine S., Feb.24,1831.

Elias Sayls, s.Elias and Lydia, Nov.23,1824.

Louisa Ann, d.David C. and Catherine S., Jan.28,1833.

Lydia Maria, d.Elias and Lydia, Sept.17,1829.


Anna, d.Joseph and Mary, May12,1765.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.13,1767.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.1,1771.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Mar.23,1769.

Martha, d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.7,1761.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.23,1760.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Mary, July7,1763.




Angeline Adelia, d.Alvan and Mary Ann, Feb.26,1847.


末末, d.Dexter and Caroline, Nov.3,1844.

Alpheus, June8,1796.GR16

Andrew Jackson, s.Dexter and Caroline, Dec.8,1845.

Elizabeth, w.Jeremiah S.,末蔓末,1826.GR15

Erwin H., s.Alpheus and Olive D., Nov.25,1844.GR16

Freeman, S. Dexter and Laura C., May20,1839.

Jeremiah S.,末蔓末,1827.GR15

Laura Caroline, d.Dexter and Laura C., July30,1841.

Olive D., w.Alpheus, June21,1800.GR16

Otis Jackson, s.Dexter and Laura Caroline, May2,1849.


Samantha L., w.Washington,末蔓末,1833.GR6



Thomas, s.Oliver and Ledia, Jan.8,1709-10.


Adelia N., w.Hiram F.,末蔓末,1812.GR23

Hiram F., July27,1808.GR23


Albert Taylor, Apr.2,1847.GR23

Alva Paine, ch.Caleb and Mary, Apr.23,1833.

Andrew La Prelate, s.Caleb and Mary, Nov.28,1829.

Orilla M., w.Caleb N.,末蔓末,1840.GR23

Caleb Ward, s.Zacheus and Polly, Nov.19,1828.

Caleb N.,末蔓末,1831.GR23

Florinda, w.George W., July1,1829.GR23

George Washington, s.Zacheus and Polly, Dec.30,1823.

George W., Aug.30,1824.GR23

Henry Jackson, s.Caleb and Mary, Nov.12,1825.

Henry Jackson, s.Zacheus and Polly, July22,1833.

James Monroe, s.Zacheus and Polly, Sept.10,1826.

Lydia A., w.Henry J.,末蔓末,1832.GR23

Sarah Ann, d.Zacheus and Polly, Nov.29,1830.

COMMINS (Cumings, Cummings, Cummins)

Jemima, d.Joseph and Jemima, May7,1730.

Margaret, d.Joseph and Jemima, Apr.3,1736.


William H., in Woonsocket, May2,1828.GR22


Chloe Maria, d.William H. and Chloe M., Aug.22,1836.

Chloe Maria, d.William H. and Chloe M., Apr.7,1840.

Dan Anthony, s.William and Abida, Mar.16,1818.

Gilbert Baker, s.William and Abida, Feb.22,1821.

Lewis H., s.Jonathan F. and Mary D., Mar.2,1844.

Mary, d.Jonathan F. and Mary D., Sept.6,1846.GR23

Mercy Hill, d.William and Abida, Dec.5,1815.

Sarah Eliza, d.Jonathan F. and Mary D., May6,1849.GR23

William Gibbs, s.William and Abida, Feb.3,1827.

William Henry, s.William H. and Chloe M., May19,1834.

William Franklin, s.Simon and Phebe, Oct.25,1844.




末末, s.Arthur and Mary, Dec.30,1849.


William H., Mar.4,1834.GR16


Patrick L.,末蔓末,1842.GR22




Elon Green, s.Putman and Priscilla,末蔓末,1820.

Phidelia Elizabeth, d.Putman and Priscilla, Feb.15,1822.

Melissa, d.Putman and Priscilla, Apr.27,1818.


Catherine, w.James,末蔓末,1832.GR22

Catherine, w.John, Feb.15,1846.GR21


John, July28,1845.GR21

COOK (Cooke)

末末, s.Stephen and Sally, Mar.11,1844.

末末, d.Joseph D. and Thankfull, Mar.30,1844.

末末, d.Stephen 2d and Joanna, June13,1846.

Aaron C., s.Clark and Abigail, in Leyden, NY, Sept.20,1808.

Abba Jane, d.Joseph and Thankfull, Feb.12,1839.

Abigal, d.Noah and Keziah, Mar.18,17末.

Abigal, d.Nicolus and Joannah, Oct.4,1707.

Abram, s.John and Mary, Aug.30,1830.

Adin Arnold, s.Clark and Abigail, Mar.12,1826.

Alderman Clark, s.Lyman and Ann M., Nov.17,1838.

Aldrich Barton, s.Arial 2d and Joanna, Sept.23,1819.

Elaysa, ch.Arther and Philana, July24,1785.

Elma M., w.Ira W.,末蔓末,1827.GR6

Elma Ann, d.Joseph and Thankfull, Jan.29,1827.

Alonzo Arial, s.Arial 2d and Joanna, Nov.17,1824.

Amanda Malvina, d.Joseph and Thankfull, Oct.12,1821.

Amos, s.Ebenezer and Experiance, Sept.9,1732.

Anna Rosina, d.Lyman and Ann M., Mar.30,1841.

Ann, d.Nicolus and Johannah, Mar.4,1695.

Anne, d.Ebenezer and Catharine, Dec.3,1744.

Ann Mariah, w.Lyman, July27,1817.GR6

Ariel, s.Ichabod and Elisabeth, June30,1775.

Ariel, s.Arial and Cruca, Oct.22,1805.

Arthur, s.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), Nov.30,1760.

Arther Venner, s.Arther and Philana, Feb.11,1795.

Arther, s.Arther and Philana, June18,1803.

Aurila, d.Arther and Philana, Aug.3,1792.

Barton, s.Arther and Philan, May6,1806.

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Huldah, June5,1715.

Caroline Southwick, d.George and Chloe, June9,1814.

Cathern, d.John and Neomy, Aug.19,1687.

Charlotte Ophelia, d.Stephen 2d and Joanna, Nov.17,1847.

Clark, ch.Arial and Cruca, Mar.3,1817.

Comfort Thomson, ch.Arther and Philana, Jan.28,1801.

Cynthia, June13,1847.GR6

Daniel, s.Nicolus and Johanah, Aug.18,1703.

Daniel Green, s.George and Chloe, May7,1825.

Daniel Hoyt, s.Arial Jr. and Martha C., Mar.7,1835.

David, s.Nicolus and Johanah, Nov.15,1705.

Davis Bills, s.Clark and Abigail, Dec.1,1827.

Dealanta Minerva, d.Arthur Jr. and Adaline S., July12,1833.

Darcas, d.Ebenezer and Experience, June26,1746.

Ebenezer, s.Samuel and Ledia, Oct.28,1684.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Huldah, June15,1722.

Edna, d.Lyman and Ann Maria, Jan.31,1846.

Edward Everett, s.Ira Warren and Elma Eliza, Sept.20,1845.

Edwin, see Edwin Pickering.

Elijah, s.Ebenezer and Huldah, Apr.5,1713.

Elisha, s.Ebenezer and Huldah, Apr.17,1717.

Eliza, d.Arial and Cruca, July27,1802.

Ellen Ardell, d.Joseph B. and Thankfull, May4,1843.

Ellen, d.Aldrich Barton and Elizabeth, May19,1846.

Ellis, ch.Arial and Cruca, Mar.15,1815.

Ellis, s.Clark and Abigail, May20,1818.

Emily Caroline, d.Joseph and Thankfull, Feb.8,1826.

Eveline Miller, d.Olney and Lucinda, Nov.4,1844.

Experiance, d.Samuel and Lidia, July5,1682.

Experiance, d.Ebenezer and Experiance, Sept.8,1734.

Fanny Melia, d.Joseph and Thankfull, May7,1832.

Fenner Hall, ch.George and Chloe, Sept.20,1823.

Fidelia, d.Clark and Abigail, May7,1820.

Flavius Miran, s.Arthur Jr. and Adaline S., Feb.6,1832.

Francis Gilbert, s.George and Chloe, Feb.16,1818.

Francis, d.William and Lydia, May11,1843.

George Washington, s.George and Chloe, Dec.21,1820.

Gilbert, s.Arial 2d and Joanna, Nov.26,1817.

Gilman, s.John and Mary, Aug.1,1832.

Grace Alcesta, d.George W. and Emely, Dec.25,1842.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Ledia, Sept.29,1695.

Hannah, d.Noah and Keziah, Sept.28,1740.

Hannah, d.Walter and Mary, Sept.18,1743.

Hannah, d.Ichabod and Elisabeth, Jan.21,1773.

Hannah, d.Arial and Cruca, Jan.22,1804.

Henry Augustus, s.Joseph and Thankfull, Dec.12,1835.

Henry Mortimer, s.Ira Warren and Guli Elma Maria, Nov.19,1847.

Hiram, s.Ariel and Cruca, Apr.17,1799.

Huldah, d.Ebenezer and Huldah, Oct.26,1719.

Icobod, s.Walter amd Margery, Oct.15,1727.

Ichabod, s.Noah and Keziah, Aug.21,1749.

Ichabod, s.Ichabod and Elisabeth, Feb.20,1779.

Ira Warren, s.Clark and Abigail, Mar.17,1822.

Ira Barton, s.Walter B. and Elizabeth, Nov.15,1842.

Esek, s.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), June8,1763.

Joannah, d.Nicolus and Joannah, Feb.17,1688-9.

Joanna [Joanna S.GR6], d.Clark and Abigail, Nov.7,1815.

John, s.John and Neomy, Jan.27, 末末.

Jonathan, s.John and Neomy, Feb.27,1685.

Joseph Sullivan, s.Joseph and Thankfull, Feb.5,1834.

Josiah, s.Nicolas and Johannah, Aug.29,1685.

Kezia, d.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), July27,1770.

Levander, s.William Hadly and Eurana Cook, May19,1819.

Levina, d.Clark and Abigail, in Leyden, NY, Jan.7,1805.

Lowell Cleavland s.Olney and Melinda, Dec.9,1838.

Lucrete, twin d.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), Mar.16,1766.

Luther, twin s.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), Mar.16,1766.

Ledia, d.Samuel and Lediah, Mar.14,1686.

Lydia A., w, Daniel G. Feb.23,1829.GR15

Liman, s.Clark and Abigail, in Leyden, NY, Aug.30,1811

Margeret, d.John and Abigail, Dec.18,1711.

Margery, d.Walter and Margery, Aug.18,1734.

Marth C.,末蔓末,1806.GR6

Mary, d.Nicolus and Johannah, Oct.9,1690.

Mary Adeliza, d.Joseph and Thankfull, Apr.18,1824.

Malvina Maria, d.Arthur Jr. and Adaline S., Dec.14,1838.

Mercy, d.Walter and Margery, Oct.31,1728.

Michel, s.Ebenezer and Experience, Dec.10,1727.

Milton Thomson, s.Aruthur Jr. and Adaline S., Nov.2,1836.

Neomy, d.John and Neomy, Mar.13,1693.

Nicolus, s.Nicolus and Johannah, June10,1687.

Noah, twin s.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), Apr.1,1767.

Noah, s.Arther and Philana, Aug.10,1799.

Olive, twin d.Noah and Olive(Gaskill), Apr.1,1767.

Olive, d.Olney and Melinda, Apr.13,1823.

Olney, ch.Ariel and Cruca, Nov.17,1797.

Perlina Orinda, d.Arthur Jr. and Adaline S., May14,1835.

Phila Adelia, d.Joseph and Thankfull, June7,1830.

Plina, ch.Arther and Philana, Dec.2,1789.

Rachel, d.Walter and Margery, Oct.23,1730.

Rozina, d.Clark and Abigail, in Leyden, NY, July10,1803.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ledia, July11,1698.

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Experience, Oct.8,1738.

Samuel, s.Ichabod and Elisabeth, Mar.2,1791.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Huldah, July24,1711.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Experience, Dec.10,1740.

Sara Wood, w, Stephen,末蔓末,1806.GR6

Sally, d.Arial and Cruca, May16,1808.

Sally, d.Olney and Melinda, Dec.23,1828.

Seth, s.Nicolus and Johanah, Apr.28,1699.

Seth, s.Seth and Experience of Bellingham, Mar.29,1719.

Silas, s.Ebenezer and Experience, Aug.19,1736 [Aug.8. dup.]

Smith, ch.Ichabod and Elisabeth, May4,1781.

Sophia W., w.Ariel,末蔓末,1820.GR6

Stephen, s.Clark and Abigail, in Leyden, NY, Oct.18,1806.

Stephen, s.Arial and Cruca, Nov.27,1811.

Stephen Warren, s.Stephen and Sally, Dec.5,1836.

Tamerson, d.Daniel and Susanna, June17,1725.

Theodore Lyman, s.Lyman and Ann Maria, May6,1849.

Thomas, s.John and Abigal, Feb.20,1714-5.

Urana, d.Arial and Crusa, May28,1801.

Vinea, ch.Arther and Philana, July17,1788.

Walter, s.Samuel and Ledia, Mar.18,1701.

Walter C. [Walter B.GR6], s.Stepehn 2d and Joanna, Apr.4,1844.

Walter Irving, s.Welcome Ballon and Rhoda Wilcox, June11,1846.

Welcome Edwin, s.Welcome B. and 末末, Apr.21,1849.

Willard, s.Ariel and Cruca, Aug.10,1796.

William Walker, s.Joseph and Thankfull, in Uxbridge, Mar.21,1820.

Willis, s.Samuel and Miranda, Sept.14,1817.


末末, d.Edward M. and 末末, July21,1843.

末末, d.John M. and 末末, Dec.3,1843.


James, Oct.15,1829.GR21

Mary, w.James, Nov.1,1833.GR21

Mary, w, Michael,末蔓末,1846.GR22


CORBETT (Cobbett, Corbet, Corbit, Corbitt)

末末, ch.Isaac and 末末 Oct.22,1843.

Albert Alonzo, s.Isaac L. and Achsah, July13,1841.

Aseph, s.Robert and Elisabeth, Sept.24,1769.

Beulah, d.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Oct.19,1759.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Oct.22,1746.

Dianna, d.Isaac L. and Achsah, in Worcester, Dec.16,1834.

Ede, s.Robert and Elisabeth, Aug.29,1771.

Eldad, s.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Mar.3,1752.

George Lewis, s.Isaac L. and Achsah, Mar.18,1832.

Henry Augustus, Isaac L. and Achsah, Apr.8,1838.

Hepzibah, d.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), July21,1757.

Ichabod, s.Jesse and Mary, Apr.25,1756.

Isaiah, s.Joseph and Deborah(Albey), June26,1757.

Jesse, s.Joseph and Deborah(Albey), Mar.2,1733-4.

John, s.Robert and Priscilla, Dec.7,1683.

John, s.John and Mehitebell(Holbrook), Nov.4,1704.

John, s.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Nov.22,1761.

Joseph, s.Robert and Precila, Apr.20,1685.

Joseph, s.John and Mehitable(Holbrook), Sept.4,1712.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), May5,1750.

Josaiah, s.Joseph Jr., June26,1739.

Margeret, d.John and Mehetebell(Holbrook), Apr.3,1708.

Mary, d.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Nov.15,1753.

Mary, d.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), July28,1755.

Mehetabel, d.Joseph and Deborah(Albey), Mar.13,1742.

Nathaniel, s.Lucy Hayward, Nov.30,1764.

Peter, s.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Aug.23,1748.

Precilla, d.John and Mehetebell(Holbrook), Aug.14,1706.

Priscilla, d.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Nov.17,1743.

Rechell, d.John and Mehitebell(Holbrook), Aug.1,1717.

Robert, s.Daniel and Mary(Holbrook), Feb.10,1745.


Charles Wheaton, s.Pardon and Alice, Sept.8,1840.

Eliza Ann, d.Pardon and Alice, in Tiverton, RI, July23,1831.

Betsy Davis, d.Pardon and Alice, Sept.28,1833.

Guly Alma, d.Pardon and Alice, Sept.2,1827.

Pardon Henry, s.Pardon and Alice, in Cumberland Sept.28,183. [prob. after 1836].

Phebe Adilenia, d.Pardon and Alice, in Northbridge, Nov.23,1836.

William Almond, s.Pardon and Alice, in Cumberland Dec.21,18末.

CORRAREY (Corrary)

Hannah, d.Roger and Hannah, Dec.20,1715.

CORRARY (Corrarey)

Benjemin, s.Roger and Mary, Dec.12,1706.

John, s.Roger and Hannah, June1,1718.

Roger, s.Roger and Hannah, Oct.28,1709.


Ellen, w.John,末蔓末,1827.GR21



Julia Ann, w.Thomas,末蔓末,1827.GR21





Charlotte Anna, d.Nelson and 末末, Feb.27,1833.

Horatio Nelson, s.Nelson and 末末, May2,1835.


Amanda F., w.John S.末蔓末,1842.GR4

John S.,末蔓末,1830.GR4


Francis Amelia, d.James and Mary, Mar.8,1843.

Jane, w.William, May26,1833.GR22

Mary Ann, d.James and Mary, July9,1841.


William, Nov.4,1827.GR22

CRAGGIN (Cragin, Craging)

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Experience, Sept.25,1733.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Experiance, Sept.19,1748.

Clarisa, d.John and Kezia, Jan.28, 末末.

Deborah, d.Benjamin and Experience, Apr.24,1735.

Ebenezer, s.Benjamin and Experiance, Feb.17,174.

Ebenezer, s.Benjamin and Experiance, Feb.29,1751-2.

Experiance, d.Benjamin and Experiance, Dec.20,1744.

John, s.Benjamin and Experience, Apr.30,1737.

John, s.Benjamin and Experiance, Nov.3,1746.

Margery, d.Benjamin and Experience, Oct.27,1731.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Experience, Dec.30,1729.

CRAGIN (Craggin, Craging)

Anne, d.Amos and Ruth, Sept.16,1769.

Benjamin, s.Amos and Ruth, Mar.6,17末.

Ebenezer, s.John and Kezia, Nov.30,1778.

Mar末, d.末末 and Keziah, 末ber 2, 末末.

Margerey, d.Amos and Ruth, July8,1765.

Timothy, s.Amos and Ruth, Sept.1,17末.

Timothy, s.Amos and Ruth, June3,1767.

CRAGING (Craggin, Cragin)

Amos, s.Benjamin and Experience, Jan.4,1741.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Experience, Nov.5, 末末. [prob 1739].


Hannah Eliza, d.Peter Snow Stearns and Lois, May6,1847.


George Henry, s.Thomas L. and Sarah B., June13,1830.

Lydia Ann, d.Thomas L. and Sarah B., Dec.14,1826.

Mary Butler, d.Thomas L. and Sarah B., Oct.14,1828.


Metilda, d.Susannah Kimton, Feb.26,1803.






George W., June16,1823.GR6

Sarah M., w.George W., May3,1825.GR6


Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Oct.28,1768.

Jeremiah, s.John and Abigail, Dec.16,1765.

John, s.John and Abigail, July29,1753.

Mary, d.John and Abigail, May10,1758.

Thomas, s.John and Abigail, Nov.5,1771.

William, s.John and Abigail, Oct.22,1762.


John, Aug.1,1828.GR6

Nancy A.,, w.John, Mar.25,1822.GR6


Charlotte Eliza, d.Russel and Mary, Dec.9,1842.

Otis Henry, s.Russell and Mary, Aug.26,1840.

Sarah Josephine, d.Daniel and Delphia, Sept.17,1840.

CUMING (Commins, Cummings, Cummins)

Henry, see Henry Willson.

CUMMINGS (Commins, Cumings, Cummins)

Charles, Sept.1,1809.GR16

Cornelia Legg, d.Lovrain P. and Maria, May2,1844.

Joseph E., s.Lorrain Perkins and Nancy Maria, Apr.30,1847.

CUMMINS (Commins, Cumings, Cummings)

Asa, s.Joseph and Jermime, May3,1739.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Jemima, May16,1732.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Jemima, May6,1734.


James Howard, Jan.20,1817.GR6


Bridget M.,末蔓末,1847.GR21

Catherine Comerford,, w.John F.,末蔓末,1846.GR22

James, Apr.4,1844.GR21

John F.,末蔓末,1841.GR22

Mary, w.James, July24,1843.GR21


Daniel F., s.Lyman and Sarah, Jan.18,1838.GR15

Elizabeth P., d.Lyman and Sarah, July26,1842.GR15

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Caleb, s.David and Joannah, Jan.23,1771.

David, s.David and Mehetabel, Aug.22,1757.

Joanna, d.David and Joanna, Sept.24,1772.

Mehetabel, d.David and Mehetabel, May8,1762.

Nathan, s.David and Mehetabel, Feb.22,1755.

Susanna, d.David and Mehetabel, July11,1752.

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Abigail, d.David and Mehetabel, Oct.11,1749.

Jonathan, s.David and Mehetabel, June23,1747.

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