Marvil, s.Joseph and Barshaba, Feb.18,1764.

Nathan, s.Joseph and Barsheba, Mar.1,1762.

Sarah Griffin Badger, d.Stephen B. and Harriot, May25,1815.


Rufus, July8,1798.GR16

Susan T., Dec.31,1801.GR16


Ann Mariah, d.Charles B. and Ann Eliza, Dec.31,1831.

Charles Henry, s.Charles B. and Ann Eliza, Nov.17,1829.

George Mowrey, s.Rufus and Charlotte, Jan.6,1824.

Hannah Eliza, d.Charles B. and Ann Eliza, Nov.25,1827.

Rufus Martin, s.Rufus and Charlotte, Dec.25,1829.

JENISON (Geneson, Jennison)

Mary, d.William and Mary, Oct.13,1755.

Samuel, s.of William and Mary, May26,1759.

Timothy Lindall, s.William and Mary, July15,1761.

William, s.William and Mary, Aug.4,1757.

JENNISON (Geneson, Jenison)

Abigail, d.William and Mary, Oct.31,1763.

Abigail, Lindall, d.Dr. William and Mary, Jan.20,1776.

Amy J., w.George W.,末蔓末,1840.GR4

Ebenezer, s.William and Mary, Mar.27,1761. [1767. dup.]

George W.,末蔓末,1832.GR3

John Flavel, s.William and Mary, Sept.2,1769.


Lucinda, w.John,末蔓末,1806.GR4

Nathaniel, s.William and Mary, Jan.30,1772.


William, s.Orison and Palina, Feb.1,1844.

JOANES (Joans, Jones)

Priscillah, d.Nathaniel and Priscillah, July21,1738.

JOANS (Joanes, Jones)

Deering, s.Deering and Rebeckah, Mar.28,1738.

Keziah, d.Abraham and Keziah, Nov.23,1737.

Sarah, d.Deering and Rebeckah, Mar.6,1735-6.

JOHNSON (Johnston)

末末, twin ch.Levi and Martha, Feb.9,1830. Died before it was named.

Amela, d.Solomon and Chloe, Apr.14,1800.

Artemas, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.26,1736.

Baxter, s.Stephen and Hannah, Aug.22,1767.

Baxter, s.Baxter and Eunice, Dec.30,1805.

Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, June26,1738.

Caleb, s.Stephen and Hannah, Nov.16,1787.

Caroline Priscille, d.Levi and Martha, May11,1822.

Charles Childs, s.Levi and Martha, Aug.18,1820.

Chloe, d.Stephen and Hannah, Apr.18,1777.

Chloe, d.Baxter and Eunice, Aug.23,1798.

Daniel, twin s.Baxter and Eunice, Apr.19,1800.

David, twin s.Baxter and Eunice, Apr.19,1800.

Elisaann, d.Solomon and Chloe, May7,1805.

Eliza Fisher, d.Levi and Martha, Mar.2,1826.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Hannah, Feb.8,1732.

George May, s.Solomon and Chloe, Sept.13,1803.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Hannah, Jan.30,1773.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Hannah, Sept.17,1780.

Henry Kent, s.Stephen and Hannah, Apr.14,1782.

Harry Lovett, s.Solomon and Chloe, Mar.9,1792.

Isaac Devenport, s.Stephen and Hannah, June24,1794.

John, s.John and Sarah, June7,1733.

Joseph, s.Stephen and Hannah, Feb.5,1771.

Levi, s.Baxter and Eunice, Oct.17,1791.

Lois, d.Baxtor and Eunice, Nov.25,1796.

Luce, d.Joseph and Hannah, Nov.30,1730.

Lydia Russell, d.Levi and Martha, Jan.35,1828.

Martha, d.Joseph and Hannah, Nov.25,1734.

Patty, d.Stephen and Hannah, Feb.23,1784.

Mary, d.Solomon and Chloe, Nov.17,1795.

Mary, d.Baxter and Eunice, May24,1803.

Nancy Wilber, d.Levi and Martha, May29,1824.

Nathaniel K., s.Baxter and Eunice, Mar.7,1802.

Newel, s.Baxter and Eunice, Dec.31,1793.

Prudy, d.Stephen and Hannah, Apr.21,1792.

Robinson, ch.Solomon and Chloe, Dec.20,1793.

Ruth, d.John and Sarah, Oct.8,1734.

Sally, d.Stephen and Hannah, Dec.8,1785.

Sally, d.Solomon and Chloe, Nov.16,1797.

Sophia Godfrey, twin d.Levi and Martha, Feb.9,1830.

Sparrow, s.Stephen and Hannah, Nov.6,1774.

Stephen, s.John and Sarah, Sept.9,1736.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Hannah, Dec.24,1778.

Susanna, d.Isaac and Susanna, Sept.21,1746.

Sylvia, d.Stephen and Hannah, Sept.27,1789.

Urial, s.Baxter and Eunice, Oct.2,1790.

Wilder, s.Stephen and Hannah, Mar.3,1769.

William Lovett, s.Solomon and Chloe, Aug.2,1801.

JOHNSTON (Johnson)

Duncan, s.Hugh and Jane,末蔓末,1843.GR16


Jane, w.Hugh,末蔓末,1808.GR16

JONES (Joanes and Joans)

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Mar.28,1731.

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Feb.1,1767.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Mary, Mar.18,1768.

Abraham, s.John and Sarah, July2,1708.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Kaziah, May3,1747.

Abraham, s.John and Abigail, June29,1772.

Alexander, s.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.8, 末末.

Archelaus, s.Johnathan Jr. and Mary, Feb.24,1768.

Asa, s.John and Abigail, Nov.20,1763.

Azubah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Mar.29,1775.

Bridget, d.John and Abigail, May3,1741.

Cornelies, s.John and Abigail, Apr.20,1727.

David, s.John and Abigail, Feb.19,1733-4.

David, s.Joseph and Mary, July10,1749.

David, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Mar.24,1767.

David Cheeney, s.John and Abigail, Mar.15,177. [1778.TC]

Ebenezer, s.John and Abigail, Oct.14,1775.

Elisabeth, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, June12,1746-7.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Mary, Sunday morning, Oct.8,1769.

Ezekiel, s.Jonathan and Mary, in Holliston, Nov.11,1758.

Fordyce, s.Jonathan Jr. and Mary, Aug.16,1770.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, July3,1736.

Hannah, d.John and Abigail, Aug.20,1736.

Hannah, d.Abraham and Kaziah, Nov.8,1741.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.29,1760.

Hannah, d.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, June28,1775.

Joanna, d.John and Abigail, Nov.20,1779.

John, s.Abraham and Kaziah, Mar.23,1743-4.

John, s.John and Abigail, Aug.15,1770.

Jonas, s.Abraham Jr. and Olive, Sept.13,1773.

Johathan, s.Abraham and Kezia, Nov.13,1733.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Mary, Aug.11,1746.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, Jan.3,1763.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Dec.27,1709.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.29,1737.

Joseph, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, May17,1773.

Kezia, d.John and Abigail, Apr.1,1765.

Laban, s.Abraham Jr. and Olive, Sept.10,1768.

Levi, s.John and Abigail, May8,1774.

Lucinda Sofronia, d.Joseph and Ruth, June4,1771.

Lucinda, d.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Aug.26,1778.

Ledia, d.John and Sarah, Sept.17,1705.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.2,1744.

Lydia, d.Jonathan Jr. and Mary, Sept.2,1773.

Melatiah, d.Jonathan and Mary, in Holliston, June1,1756.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Oct.16,1740.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.2,1765.

Naomi, d.Abraham Jr. and Olive, Mar.17,1770.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniel and Presilla, July19,1723.

Nathanael, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Mar.22,1769.

Olive, d.Abraham Jr. and Olive, Oct.29,1778.

Rhoda, d.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.30,1771.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Presellah, Oct.3,1744.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Keziah, Dec.末, 末末. [16,1739.TC]

Sarah, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Rachel, Oct.26,1749.

Sarah, d.John and Abigail, July15,1768.

Seth, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Rachel, Mar.21,1747-8.

Sollomon, s.Abraham and Keziah, Apr.3,1748.

Solomon, s.Abraham and Olive, Aug.7,1775.

Susannah, d.Abraham and Keziah, Feb.8,1731-2.

Susanna, d.Abraham Jr. and Olive, Sept.25,1766.

Timothy, s.Joseph and Mary, Apr.25,1751.

Whitney, s.Abraham Jr. and Olive, Mar.22,1771.


Catherine, d.George and Margaret, in England, Dec.31,1843.GR21



Herbert O.,末蔓末,1845.GR19

Lucinda A., w.Earl,末蔓末,1825.GR19 `[May20. Mendon VRs]

Martin Van Buren, s.Dexter and Phebe, May22,1841.

Otis, s.Nathan and Lucinda, Oct.28,1821.

Susan, d Nathan and Lucinda, Mar.29,1820.

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