Augustus Farnum, s.Estus and Dency, May5,1843.


Aurelie St. Jaques, w.Odelon,末蔓末,1836.GR20




Smith, Apr.21,1831.GR16


Eliza, w.Thomas, Mar.12,1844.GR16

LASALL (Lasalle, Lassall, Lassel, Lazell)

Daniel, s.Joshua and Levina, Apr.8,1781.

John, s.Joshua and Levina, Apr.4,1783.

Lydia, d.Joshua and Levina, May19,1785.

Warrin, s.Joshua and Levina, Dec.6,1778.

LASALLE (Lasall, Lassall, Lassel, Lazell)

Jean B.,末蔓末,1847.GR20

Marie Desmarais, w.Jean B.,末蔓末,1847.GR20

LASSALL (Lasall, Lasalle, Lassel, Lazell)

Mariel, d.Isaac and Deborah,末蔓末, 末末.

LASSEL (Lasall, Lasalle, Lassall, Lazell)

Isaac, s.末末 and Deborah, Oct.21,1784.

Nathan, s.末末 and Deborah, Feb.23,1782.

Rachel, s.末末 and Deborah, Mar.17,1786.

Thomas, s.末末 and Deborah, Mar.9,1778.


Elizabeth King, d.Henery and Sarah, June26,1767.

Henery, s.Henery and 末末, Feb.3,1769.

William, s.Henry and Sarah, Nov.末, 末末.

LAZELL (Lasall, Lasalle, Lassall, Lassel)

Caroline Marsh, d.Daniel and Betsy, July14,1819.

Elias, s.Joshua and Levina, June3,1791.

George Augustus Barlow, s.John A. and Bathsheba, in Providence, RI, Apr.9,1811.

John Adams, s.Joshua and Levina, Mar.24,1789.

Jonathan Ellis, s.Daniel and Betsy, May18,1807.

Lewis, s.Daniel and Betsy, Sept.3,1809.

Lorrindia, d.of Daniel and Betsy, Nov.29,1804;

Nathan, s.Daniel and Betsy, Sept.22,1812.

Warren, s.Daniel and Betsy, Aug.27,1802.


Jean Cyriac,末蔓末,1838.GR20

Marguerite Marie Gobeille, w.Jean Cyriac,末蔓末,1844.GR20

LEASURE (Leishure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure)

John, s.Philip and Temperance, Feb.3,1723-4.




Abby Ann, d.Ephraim and Nabby, July21,1820.

Abby Ann, d.Ephraim and Nancy, his 3d w., Oct.17,1827.

Caroline, d.Ephreham and Lydia, Nov.6,1811.

Eleanor M.,末蔓末,1841.GR22

Phidelia, d.Ephraim and Nabby, Feb.9,1817.

Judson B. s.Ephraim and Nabby, Apr.18,1814.

Pardon, ch.Ephraim and Nabby, Dec.21,1815.

Royal, ch.Ephreham and Lydia, Apr.25,1808.

Salem, ch.Ephreham and Lydia, May30,1806.

Susan Elizabeth, d.Ephraim and Nabby, July17,1824.


LEGG (Legge)

Abel, s.Gershom and Mary, Jan.末, 末末.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Abial, Monday, July28,1777, at 12 o'clock.

Abijah, s.Stephen and Rachil, Jan.30,1761.

Abner, s.Stephen and Rachil, June21,1758.

Almina, d.Joel and Sarah, Apr.9,1799.

Amy, d.Adna and Elsa, July11,1820.

Asa, s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.4, 末末.

Benjamin, s.John and Patience, Jan.1,1748.

Caleb, s.William and Elisabeth, Nov.4,1746.

Caleb, twin s.Ruben and Elisabeth, Apr.16,1779.

Charlotte, d.Stephen and Rachel, Sept.末, 末末.

Cloe, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.11, 末末.

Chloe, d.Benjamin and Betsey, Oct.10,1795.

David, s.Aaron and Experience, May11,1756.

David, s.Ruben and Elizabeth, Apr.26,1777.

Elijah, s.Nathanael and Abigail, Apr.26, 末末.

Elisabeth, d.Gershom and Mary, July24, 末末.

Betsy, d.Caleb and Sarah, Oct.21,1770.

Betsy, d.Benjamin and Betsey, May22,1793.

Esther, d.Gershom and Mary, Jan.末, 末末.

Esther, d.Gershom and Mary, Oct.16,1763.

Garshom, s.William and Hannah, Feb.21,1736.

Hannah, d.Gershom and Mary, July15,1758.

Hannah, d.Gershom and Mary, Feb.3,1761.

Hope, d.Benjamin and Abial, Aug.5,1785.

Jacob, s.Joel and Sarah, Dec.7,1781.

Joel, s.Aaron and Experience, May28,1758.

John, s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.27, 末末.

John, s.John and Temperance, July10,1724.

Joshua, s.Gershom and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.

Judson, s.Joel and Sarah, Aug.11,1783.

Laten, ch.Joel and Sarah, June11,1794.

Leonard, s.Aaron and Jerusha, May末,177. [bp. Sept.5,1773.CR1]

Leonard, ch.Joel and Sarah, Aug.28,1789.

Larnard, ch.Ruben and Elisabeth, Apr.12,1794.

Levi, s.William and Hannah, Nov.7,1744.

Lucrete, d.Stephen and Rachel, July30, 末末.

Lydia, d.Aaron and Experience, Aug.26,1763.

Limon, s.Ruben and Elisabeth, Apr.23,1788.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.末, 末末.

Marry, d.William and Hannah, Oct.9,1742.

Polley, d.Caleb and Sarah, Mar.27,1779.

Mercy, d.Benjamin and Abial, Mar.31,1783.

Moses, s.John and Temperance, May10,1728.

Moses, s.Aaron and Experience, Aug.6,1752.

Nancy, d.Benjamin and Abial, Sept.17,1780.

Nancy, d.Caleb and Susannah, Dec.3,1796.

Nathan, s.Aaron and Experience, May31,1760.

Otis, s.Caleb and Sarah, Dec.14,1775.

Pede, d.Ruben and Elisabeth, Mar.18,1796.

Peter, s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.31, 末末.

Peter, s.Joel and Sarah, May11,1791.

Phebe, d.John and Patience, Feb.3,1750.

Reuben, s.Aaron and Experience, May31,1754.

Rhoda, d.Thomas and Mary, Nov.末, 末末.

Rosanna, d.John and Patience, Apr.26,1758.

Ruth, d.William and Hannah, Feb.30,1739.

Samuel, s.John and Patience, Dec.17,1755.

Samuel, s.John and Patience, July28,1764.

Samuel, s.Ruben and Elisabeth, Apr.27,1792.

Sally, twin d.Ruben and Elisabeth, Apr.16,1779.

Salley, d.Caleb and Susannah, Mar.3,1783.

Sarah, d.Joel and Sarah, Sept.14,1796.

Schyler, ch.Ruben and Elisabeth, Sept.18,1783.

Stephen, s.Joel and Sarah, July8,1785.

Stephen, s.Joel and Sarah, Apr.30,1787.

Stephen Tourtellot, s.Adna and Elsa, Jan.24,1827.

Susanna, d.Stephen and Rachil, Jan.10,1756.

Silve, d.Benjamin and Abial, May30,1773, in the afternoon.

Temperance, d.John and Patience, Oct.9,1753.

Thomas, s.John and Temperance, June13,1723.

Willard, s.Ruben and Elisabeth, Aug.23,1781.

William, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.19, 末末.

William, s.John and Temperance, Dec.22,1719.

William, s.Caleb and Susannah, June10,1793.

LEGGE (Legg)

Hannah T., w.Lyman, Feb.7,1819.GR16

Lyman, Sept.3,1822.GR16

LEISHURE (Leasure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure)

Mary Elizabeth, d.Silas and Susan A., Oct.24,1838. [Mary E. Goddard, d.Silas and Susanna Coburn,末蔓末,1838.GR6]

LEIUETT (Lewett)

Amanda Malvina, d.Stephen and Phebe, Sept.26,1811.

Susanna Richardson, d.Stephen and Phebe, Apr.10,1814.


Joseph, s.Dr. Phineas Washington and Pamelia, Jan.18,1828.

Lucretia W.W., d.Dr. Phineas Washington and Pamelia, Nov.7,1829.


Onesime, in St. Jean Deschaillon, PQ, May5,1840.[Province of Quebec]



Sarah, w.Patrick,末蔓末,1832.GR22

LESHUER (Leasure, Leishure, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure)


Susanna Coburn, w.Silas,末蔓末,1818.GR6

LESHURE (Leasure, Leishure, Leshuer, Lesuer, Lesure)

George Riley, s.Samuel and Martha Salina[(Wilber)], Feb.24,1848.

LESUER (Leasure, Leishure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesure)

Abigail, d.Philip and Abigail, Apr.3,1759.

Abner, s.Philip and Abigail, Jan.7,1757.NS

Bethuel, s.Philip and Abigail, May21,1765.

Edward, s.Philip and Abigail, Aug.29,1741.

Elisabeth, d.Philip and Abigail, Jan.8,1760.

Florence Rosetta, d.Silas and Susan, Feb.23,1844. [Florence P. Coburn, d.Silas and Susanna Coburn,末蔓末,1844.GR6]

Gideon, s.Philip and Abigail, Dec.7,1754.NS

Jemima, d.Philip and Abigail, Oct.9,1758.NS

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Persis, Apr.末, 末末.

Kezia, d.Philip and Abigail, July17,1760.NS

Levi, s.Philip and Abigail, June15,1745.

Luke, s.Philip and Abigail, Sept.4,1743.

Mary, d.Philip and Abigail, Aug.4,1747.

Mary, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, July12,1810.

Patience, d.Philip and Abigail, Nov.18,1752.

Paul, s.John and Sarah, Aug.4,1749.

Phillip, s.Phillip and Temperance, Apr.21,1719.

Silas, s.John and Sarah, Oct.22,1750.

Simeon, s.John Sarah, July14,1761.

Stephen, s.John and Sarah, Nov.1,1757.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary, July20,1811.

Thomas, s.Philip and Abigail, Sept.30,1750.

William, s.John and Sarah, Oct.3,1753.

LESURE (Leasure, Leishure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer)

末末, ch.末末 and Zibbe, Feb.20,1773.

末末, ch.末末 and Zibbe, Sept.4,1775.

末末, ch.末末 and Zibbe, Jan.8,1778.

末末, ch.末末 and Zibbe, June25,1783.

末末h, ch.末末 and Zibbe, Nov.26,1771.

末末l, ch.末末 and Zibbe, Apr.21,1788.

末末s, ch.末末 and Zibbe, July13,1785.

Abigail, d.Philip and Temperance, Mar.18,1717.

David, s.Isaiah and Rachel, May31,1745.

Isaiah, s.Philip and Temperance, June1,1721.

Levice, d.John and Sarah, Oct.4,1767. "the first day of the week".

Margeret, Philip and Temperance, Aug.28,1714.

Temer, d.Philip and Temperance, Apr.7,1712.

LEWETT (Leiuett)

Peter, s.Peter and Anne Remington, in Providence, RI, June11,1754.

Phebe, 25:7m:1791.GR23


Amelia, w.George, Apr.23,1822.GR15

George, Sept.3,1822.GR15


Jean Baptiste,末蔓末,1815.GR20

Marguerite Plante, w.Jean Baptiste,末蔓末,1829.GR20


Charlotta Thomas, d.William and Sukey P., July31,1837.

Henry, Mar.15,1820.GR15

Sarah, w.Henry, Mar.13,1820.GR15

Susan Abba, d.William and Sukey P., in Franklin, Feb.9,1834.

LINDSEY (Liney, Linsey)

Abial, d.David and Thankfull, June11,1761.

Barshaba, d.David and Thankfull, Sept.23,1759.

Benjamin, s.John and Rebeckah, July21,1765.

James, s.David and Thankfull, Sept.22,1757.

John, s.David and Thankfull, May1,1768.

Meriam, d.John and Rebeckah, Nov.21,1766.


Ledia, d.Isaac and Deliverance, Sept.4,1693.

LINEY (Lindsey, Linsey)

Mary, d.James and Bershabe, Dec.16,1723.




Catharine, Oct.30,1812.GR16

LINSEY (Lindsey, Liney)

James, s.James and Barsheba, June10,1729.




James T.,末蔓末,1843.GR21


William, Rev., May27,1844.GR21




Timothy, May15,1830.GR22

LOVET (Lovett)

Abigal, d.James and Hannah, Apr.25,1685.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Abigail, May19,1718.

Daniel, s.James and Hannah, Sept.1,1680.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Abigal, Mar.28,1713.

James, s.James and Hannah, May13,1693.

James, s.John and Usly, Feb.8,1703-4.

Johanah, d.Daniel and Abigail, May12,1714.

Samuel, s.Daniel and Abigail, Aug.12,1726.

Sarah, d.James and Hannah, Jan.31,1682.

Sarah, d.James and Hannah, Jan.11,1687-8.

Susannah, d.John and Usly, Dec.26,1701.

LOVETT (Lovet)

Abigail, d.Phinehas and Hannah, Aug.30,1735.

Abigail, d.Phinehas and Beulah, June28,1750.

Abigail, d.James and Elisabeth, Dec.2,1764.

Ama, d.James and Freelove, Apr.12,1798.

Beulah, d.Phinehas and Beulah, Oct.31,1747.

Charles William, s.Phinehas and Polley, Mar.17,1804.

Charlotte May, d.Phinehas and Polly, Sept.21,1813.

Chloe, d.James and Elisabeth, Feb.18,1767.

Daniel, s.Phinehas and Beulah, May1,1752.

Eliza Deavenport, d.Phinehas and Polley, Apr.7,1807.

Elisabeth, d.James and Elisabeth, June8,1755.

George Langdon, s.Phinehas and Polley, May24,1810.

Hannah, d.James and Hannah, Oct.2,1669.MR

Hannah, d.Phinehas and Hannah, June末,1738. [June15. dup.]

Harriot Devenport, d.Phinehas and Polley, June21,1801.

James, twin s.James and Elisabeth, Mar.11,1762.

James Augustus, s.Phinehas and Polly, July10,1816.

John, s.James and Freelove, Sept.29,1802.

Lucy, d.James and Elisabeth, Apr.19, 末末. [bp. Nov.19,1769.CR1]

Maria, d.James and Freelove, Aug.12,1800.

Moses, s.James and Elisabeth, Nov.16,1759.

Moses, s.Phinehas and Polley, June11,1809.

Nancy, d.James and Elisabeth,末蔓末, 末末.

Nancy, d.James and Elisabeth, May30, 末末.

Phinehas, s.James and Elisabeth, Aug.末, 末末.

Phinehas, s.Daniel Esqr. and Abigail, July13,1711.

Phinehas, s.Phinehas and Beulah, May15,1745.

Rachel, d.Phinehas and Beulah, Sept.19,1743.

Rachel, d.Phinehas and Beulah, Jan.20,1755.

Rebeckah, twin d.James and Elisabeth, Mar.11,1762.

Samuel, s.James and Elisabeth, July29,1757.

Salley, d.James and Elisabeth, Oct.1,1753.

Sarah, d.James and Elisabeth, Oct.1,1753.

Silas Wheelock, s.Phinehas and Polley, in Northbridge, May12,1819.

Silence, d.Phinehas and Beulah, Aug.26,1759.

Stephen, s.James Jr. and Freelove, Feb.3,1797.

William, s.James and Elisabeth, Mar.末, 末末.

William, s.Phinehas and Beulah, May28,1758.


Baron Plummer, s.Plummer and Lucy, in New Canaan, CT, May31,1841.

Hester Ann, d.Plummer and Lucy, in Oxford, Feb.12,1838.


Mary Dexter, d.Thomas and Ruth, Aug.19,1799.


Alice, w.Lucius,末蔓末,1848.GR6


George F.,末蔓末,1836.GR6

Lucius,末蔓末,1843.GR6[May24. MAVRs v. 5, p. 237]


Abby, d.Thomas and Lucy, Nov.2,1816.

John, s.Thomas and Lucy, Feb.28,1823.

Lucetta, d.Thomas and Lucy, Feb.2,1830.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Lucy, Nov.22,1818.



Mary McDermott, w.Edward,末蔓末,1825.GR21

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