Ann and Job Luther, int.Nov.17,1827.

Atwood and Urana Darling, Aug.18,1822.

Elijah and Martha A. Turner, Oct.28,1827.

Mary and Perserved Pickring, int.Apr.24,1794.

Polly M. and Thomas K. Bacon, both of Northbridge, May25,1834.*


Alexander and Mary Ettles of Cumberlan, RI, int.June13,1844.

CALLAM (Callem, Callom, Callum, Cellam)

Ebenezer and Anna Smith of Smithfield, int.Apr.28,1773.

CALLEM (Callam, Callom, Callum, Cellam)

Royal and Mary Ballou, Jan.20,1805.

CALLOM (Callam, Callem, Callum, Cellam)

Caleb and Dorcas Bartlet, int.Jan.16,1791.

CALLUM (Callam, Callem, Callom, Cellam)

Anna and John Southwick 3d, Jan.7,1794.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Anna, and Ezekiel Fowler of Worcester, s.Samuel and Hannah, late of Northbridge, 2:5m:1821.*

Lydia and Jonathan Trask, int.Jan.16,1777.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Lydia, and Abel Bartlett, s.Joseph and Abigail of Cumberland, 3:7m:1788.CR2*


Lucy of Cumberland, RI, and John B. Matterson, int.Mar.7,1843.


William Jr., and Jemima Gage, int.Nov.24,1772.

CAPRON (Caprin)

Carlile W. and Abigail Bates, int Jan.16,1831.

Celia and Josiah Cummings of Uxbridge, Aug.26,1830.

Charles Jr. of Cumberland, and Jehoshabah Boyce, int.June18,1781.

Collins and Caroline Silsby, int.Jan.4,1817.

Dordana of Uxbridge, and Willis Killey, int.Nov.21,1795.

Eddy of Cumberland, and Joseph Pickering, int.Apr.21,1811.

Edmund, Rev., and Abba Pitts, May3,1837.

Elisha and Abigail S. Durfey of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.15,1826.

Elizabeth and William Legg, Sept.23,1824.

George, s.Burrill of Cumberland and Keziah, a.27y., and Hannah Hapgood, d.Francis and Jemima, a.26y., Feb.1,1846.

Lydia of Cumberland, RI, and Anson Aldrich, int.Mar.5,1821.

Polly of Smithfield, and David Aldrich Jr., int.Sept.29,1792.

Mary and Samuel S. Brown, Dec.23,1824.

Mary W. of Cumberland, RI, and Daniel S. Wheelock, int.Aug.2,1840.

Phebe and Francis Brown, Dec.21,1819.

Sabra of Cumberland, RI, and Ebenezer Kingman, int.Feb.23,1816.

Sally Ann and Chiron Aldrich, Oct.29,1829.

Susan and Alexander Willson Jr., int.Nov.6,1816.

William and Sarah Freeman of Cumberland, RI, int.Nov.10,1833.


Mary Ann and Robert D. Briggs, int.Sept.13,1836.


Brown and Dorothy Perrin, May8,1828.


Benjamin and Mary Hayward of Bellingham, in Medway, Jan.5,1758.*


Christopher of Providence, RI. and Amelia Coffee, Dec.23,1841.


Ann and Peter Kilaller, int.Oct.13,1844.


Guy B., and Maria Marcy, int.Aug.14,1835.


Abigail and Isreal Wilkinson Jr. of Smithfield, RI, Dec.9,1813.

Barlow and Sarah Gors, int.Mar.26,1782.

Benjamin of Ashford, CT, and Joanna Hayward, Nov.7,1751.*

Cyrus, s.Uriah and Martha, and Olive Southwick, d.of Edward and Elizabeth, 3:7m:1800.CR2*

Dexter and Drusy Killey of Milford, Apr.2,1801.

Dexter of Cumberland, RI, and Ann Holden, int.Dec.2,1838.

Hezekiah of Johnson, RI, and Joanna Aldrich, int.June10,1769.

Levi and Eunice Taft of Uxbridge, int.Sept.29,1804.

Lillis and Allexander Thayer, June5,1794.

Levina and Edward Thomson, May17,1804.

Oliver Jr. and Martha Hazeltine, May末,1786.

Seth P. and Dianna Barber, both of Milford, Aug.28,1831.*


Dimerous and Josiah Wilson, Apr.24,1825.

Desire and Silas Ballou, Dec.6,1821.

Elisa and William Congdon Jr., Aug.21,1832.

Freelove and Noah C. Ballou, Oct.4,1835.

Henry and Kesiah [Keziah G. int.] Watson, Nov.6,1831.

Phebe and Horace Ray, May29,1839.

Sally and Amasa Aldrich, Jan.30,1814.

Sarah and Joshua Darling Jr., Jan.18,1838.

CARRARY (Corary)

Stephen of Uxbridge, and Naamy Thayer, int.Jan.7,1768.

CARROLL (Carrell)

Benjamin and Anna Darling, Sept.6,1779.

James and Mary Tucker, July16,1820.

Joseph and Althina Leland of Milford, int.Nov.13,1830.

CARSHORE (Corshore)

Sally of Hopkinton, and Benjamin Davenport, in Hopkinton, Feb.12,1835.


George E. of Augusta, GA, and Mary Thayer, Sept.20,1824.


Lydia and Elias Cobb, June20,1824.


Mary and Zacheus Colven, int.Apr.27,1823.

Samantha of Burrillville, RI, and George W. Franklin, in Boston, Aug.21,1836.


Edward and Hannah Darling, int.Sept.8,1804.

Mary and Joseph Handy, int.Sept.25,1802.

Mercy of Smithfield, and Eber Southwick, int.Jan.27,1804.


Abigail and Joseph Staples, Dec.2,1810.

Dianna [Dianna A. int.] and Arnold Aldrich Jr. of Uxbridge, Sept.30,1832.

Edward and Mary C.Aldrich, July3,1836.

Elbridge and Rhoda Cook, Nov.20,1814.

Hannah and John Southwick Jr., int.June4,1787.

Hannah and William Smith, Jan.30,1819.

Joanna and Ariel Cook 2d, May12,1816.

John and Joanna Hunt, int.Aug.6,1781.

John Jr. and Lucy Jillson of Cumberland, RI, Oct.13,1816.

John and Weatty Whipple, both of Cumberland, Feb.7,1839.*

Jonathan and Abigail Medcalf, int.May31,1815.

Julia Ann and Benjamin C. Stearns, Oct.5,1828.

Martin Jr. an Betsey Green, Apr.16,1832.

Mary and Isaac Darling, int.Oct.16,1809.

Mary Ann and Levi S. Ross, Dec.7,1840.

Nathan and Phila Southwick, int.July11,1785.

Nathan and Mary West, int.Nov.10,1822.

Phebe and John King, int.Nov.12,1774.

Phebe and Stephen Chipman, int.Nov.25,1826.

Sarah and William Fuller, Dec.21,1774.

William E. and Sally [Sally W. int.] Sturdy, Mar.27,1839.


James and Ruth Boyce, int.Sept.2,1769


Hepsebeth and James S. Warner, Jan.7,1821.

Mary Ann and Benedict Remington Jr., int.June4,1818.


Charles of Harwington, CT, and Eliza Hill, July21,1839.

CELLAM (Callam, Callem, Callom, Callum)

George and Olive Darling 2nd, int.Nov.22,1805.


Olive E. of North Providence, RI, and Zadock Coffee, Nov.1,1843.


Euclid and Wait C. Wilson, Mar.20,1844.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Anna and Moses Hill of Holliston, June2,1796.

Ann C. and Albert Gould of Milford, July14,1839.*

Daniel of Oxford, and Elizabeth Brown, Apr.15,1718.*

Dolly B. and Albert Gould, both of Milford, Oct.23,1840.*

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Samuel of Holliston, and Margaret Ballard, May13,1755.*


Seth, Rev., of Medway, and Arvilla Tenney of New Ipswich, NH, Aug.16,1831.*


Pheba and Nicholas Keech, Feb.23,1834.

CHAPIN (Chephen)

Abigail and Silas Rawson, Jan.5,1762.

Abigail and Daniel Norcross, Oct.30,1765.

Abigail and William Foster of Upton, Dec.1,1768.

Adams and Olive Sumner, Dec.21,1775.

Benjamin and Sarah French, Feb.23,1732-3.*

Bethiah and Thomas Walker of Hopkinton, Apr.12,1750.*

Bethiah and Levi Hayward, May28,1776.

Charles C. of Uxbridge, and Hannah A. Brock, int.Aug.7,1841.

Daniel and Abigail Corbitt of Bellingham, July4,1754.*

Daniel and Abigail Brown, Mar.2,1758.*

David and Judith Thayer, int.Apr.11,1777.

David of Milford, and Martha Bates, int.Jan.28,1784.

Deborah and Nathaniel Nelson, Apr.15,1725.*

Deborah and Samuell Davis, Aug.29,1776.

Dorcas and Benjamin Thurston of Grafton, Nov.24,1768.

Ebenezer and Abigail Whitney of Framingham, in Framingham, Mar.29,1743.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Martha Green, Sept.11,1774.

Ebenezer, Ensign, and Lydia Staples, Apr.25,1776.

Betsy and Eber K. [Ebenezer K.CR1) Brown, Jan.末,1820. [int.Jan.15,1820]

Ephraim and Margrit Torry, Jan.23,1705-6.*

Ephraim and Hannah Rider of Holliston, int.May13,1768.

Gershom and Betsey Johnson of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Mar.9,1758.*

Gershom and Deborah Torrey, May5,1762.

Hannah of Grafton, and Benjamin Wheelock, in Grafton, June4,1752.

Hopestill and John Corbitt of Bellingham, Dec.27,1727.*

Jeptha and Patience Hayward, Nov.5,1749.

John Jr. and Rhoda Albee, May28,1754.*

[John. int.], Dea., and wid.Ruth[(Hill). Sherborn VRs] Bullard of Sherborn, in Sherborn, Sept.10,1768.

John Jr. and Lydia Wedge, both of Milford, Apr.29,1792.CR1*

Joseph and Mary Nelson, Feb.5,1729-30.*

Joshua and Mary Hayward, Mar.20,1751.*

Josiah, Lieut., wid.Mary Corbertt, Feb.7,1770.

Josiah of Milford, and Mary Willard, int.Apr.14,1805.

Lorenzo and Mary Anna Cheeny, both of Milford, in Milford, Mar.18,1841.*

Ledia and Daniel Taft, Dec.5,1706.*

Lydia and Josiah Taft, Dec.28,1731.*

Mary and Robert Taft, Nov.20,1720.*

Mary and Ebenezer Reed, Feb.23,1764.

Marcy of Bellingham, and Samuel Cragin, int.Sept.23,1769.

Moses and Lidya Attwood, Dec.9,1756.*

Moses T. and Fanny Albee, Apr.20,1828.

Phila of Uxbridge, and Elijah Taft, Dec.31,1789.CR1

Rachel and Nathaniel Jones, May20,1747.

Rhoda and Ichabod Newton, Jan.12,1769,

Ruth and Benjamin White, Aug.29,1779.

Ruth and Dea.Daniel Fisk [Jr. int.], both of Upton, Apr.4,1816.

Samuel and Anna Craggin, May19,1729.*

Samuel of Uxbridge, and Beulah Taft, Feb.26,1761.

Sarah and Ebenezer Read, Feb.7,1703-4.*

Sarah and Samuel Rawson, May20,1736.*

Sarah and William C. Green, June28,1829.

Seth and Mary Read, May20,1689.*

Seth, Capt., and Mary Hill of Holliston, Nov.8,1742.*

Seth and Elizabeth Rawson, Oct.27,1767.

Seth [Lieut. int.] and Eunice Thomson of Medway, Oct.19,1780.

Solloman and Joanna White, May28,1754.*

Stephen and Sarah Hill, Feb.27,1766.

Stephen and Rachel Rawson, Jan.21,1768.

Silvia and Dr. Joseph Underwood of Belfast, ME, Apr.22,1801.

Thomas and Mary Boynton, Aug.14,1747.


Ebenezer, Rev., of Sutton, and Mary Morse, Jan.5,1767.


Ezra of Windsor, and Betsey Taft, Feb.1,1804.

William P. and Eliza Snow, both of Cumberland, RI, Nov.7,1836.*


Cyntha of Thomson, CT, and Dexter Westcott, int.Feb.15,1800.

CHASE (Chace)

Ama and Joshua Silvester Jr. of Leicester, int.May13,1786.

Amy and Benjamin Pratt, int.July6,1828.

Anthony and Mrs.Mary Wallen, Apr.3,1808.

Benjamin E. of Portsmouth, RI, and Alzada S. Thornton, int.Jan.22,1844.

Daniel N. and Mary Pettiplace, Oct.7,1840.

Daniel M. and Hannah Aldrich of Cumberland, RI, int.May15,1844.

Dudley of Sutton, and Allice Corbitt, Aug.23,1753.*

Ebenezer and Marthy Patridge, Nov.28,1830.CR1

Elisha and Adaline M. Marsh of Smithfield, RI, int.Oct.10,1844.

Eliza S. of Oxford, and Miletus S.S. Taft, int.July10,1831.

Elisabeth [ and Timothy Chase, Mar.7,1791.

Follingby of Sutton, and Deborah Taft, Apr.13,1773.

Hannah and Elias Darling of Sutton, int.Oct.24,1830.

Isaac of Sutton, and Hannah Tenney of Upton, Nov.3,1772.*

Jane and Calvin Aldrich, Feb.18,1814.

Mahalath and David Kelly, Nov.8,1840.

Margaret and Joshua Silvester Jr., of Leicester, int.Feb.22,1789.

Martha and Daniel B. Britten, int.Dec.17,1835.

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Bates, int.May20,1821.

Polly of Bellingham, and Horace Burlingame, int.Sept.2,1838.

Naomi, d.Anthony, and Henry Slade of Paaten, s.Samuel, dec., of Swanzey, 30:5m:1776.CR2*

Rowland R. and Fanny Cobb, Apr.18,1831.

Ruth, d.Anthony and Katharine, and Douglass Marsh, s.James and Kezia of Bellingham, 2:6m:1791.CR2*

Samuel and Joanna Pickering, int.Mar.29,1835.

Sophia and William Ames of Killingly, CT, Dec.27,1829.

Timothy and Elisabeth [] Chase, Mar.7,1791.


John and Eliza Gardner, Apr.1,1840.

CHEENEY (Cheeny, Cheney, Cheny)

Abigail and John Jones, Dec.9,1762.

Margaret and William Sprague, May末,1748.*

Silence and Seth Nellson, Oct.28,1756.*

Triphene and Oliver Smith of Holliston, Sept.24,1778.

Wales and Sarah Whitney, Nov.10,1756.*

William and Hannah Bowker, Dec.6,1770.

CHEENY (Cheeney, Cheney, Cheny)

Mary Anna and Lorenzo Chapin, both of Milford, in Milford, Mar.18,1841.*


Francis of Millbury, and Harriet Mathan, July15,1840.


Horace and Mary [] Daniels, Apr.28,1824.

Horace and Phebe Joslin, int.Oct.4,1829.

CHENEY (Cheeney, Cheeny, Cheny)

Caleb and Mary Wheelock, May9,1758.

Clark and Suma Brown, both of Millbury, Dec.31,1830.*

Ebenezer and Abigail Thompson, Mar.18,1760.

Emily and Amos Wales, both of Milford, Apr.21,1831.*

Eunice of Dudley, and Wealthy Crover, int.June24,1814.

Hannah and William Sprague, int.Feb.26,1748.

Joanna and Benjamin Attwood, Mar.13,1754.*

Joanna, wid., and Dea.Nathan Penniman, May28,1760.

Mary and Jesse Whitney, Sept.22,1757.*

Rufus of Milford, and Lucretia Burr, int.May13,1846.

Sarah and John White, Apr.28,1720.*

Sarah and Robert Sanders, Mar.27,1746.

Salley and Daniel Beall, both of Milford, Jan.26,1797.*

William and Johanna Thayer of Braintree in Dorchester, May20,1726.*

CHENY (Cheeney, Cheeny, Cheney)

Rufus of Milford, and Ruth Staples, int.Mar.2,1829.

CHEPHEN (Chapin)

Ebenezer and Mary Vose of Milton, in Milton,末蔓末,1758. [int.Aug.25,1758]


Joseph and Hannah Prentice, Dec.12,1829.


Elizabeth W. and Robert McCarr of Cumberland, RI, int.Aug.7,1832.


Deborah of Dedham, and Calleb Smith, int.Nov.14,1748.

CHILD (Childs)

Mary S. and Artemas Bennet, both of Cumberland, Jan.9,1842.

CHILDS (Child)

Caroline C. of Cumberland, RI, and Parker A. Haven, Aug.20,1839.

Betsey and Ebenezer H. Baltch, Nov.29,1830.

Thomas of Templeton, and Abiel Taft, May18,1824.

CHILLSON (Chilson)

Abigail of Bellingham, and Stephen Otis Cook, in Bellingham, Dec.6,1837.*

CHILSON (Chillson)

Asa and Elizabeth Cook, Nov.9,1823.

Israel of Gloucester, and Mary Southwick, int.May24,1792.

Joseph and Sarah White, June4,1718.*

Joshua of Bellingham, and Margaret Wright, in Bellingham, Sept.4,1783.*

Martha and Joseph Bates, Apr.8,1779.

Orin and Diadama Cook, both of Bellingham, Mar.13,1825.*

Paul of Bellingham, and Mary Thayer, Apr.3,1828.

Rachel and Parker Howard, Dec.25,1820.

Rufus and Ruth Hill, both of Uxbridge, Dec.23,1773.*

Ruth and William Tucker of Attleboro, int.Oct.2,1780.

Willard of Bellingham, and Huldah Thayer, May23,1826.


Stephen and Phebe Cass, int.Nov.26,1826.


James and Naomi Hawkins, both of Smithfield, RI, Feb.10,1840.*


Hannah of Uxbridge, and Ezra Comstock, int.Apr.20,1834.

John of Wrentham, and Christiana Darling, int.Oct.30,1802.*

Thomas W. and Lucy A.P. Walker of Holliston, Feb.8,1842.*


Oliver and Rebecca L. Pierce, Monday evening, Sept.26,1837.

CLARK (Clerk)

Beriah of Medway, and Daniel Sumner, in Medway, Oct.15,1731.

Elisabeth and Ebenezer Burt, May19,1762.

Francis and Anne Gould of Hopkinton, Oct.10,1771.

Hariet H. and Emour Tourtellot, int.Dec.14,1839.

Henry and Naomi Thayer, Oct.29,1763. Nov.24,1763, banns forbidden by Marcy Fletcher of Uxbridge.

Hiphsebath of Medfield, and Gideon Albee, int.Dec.14, 末末. [prob. 1745].

Hezekiah D. and Mrs.Emely Haskins, int.Jan.19,1839.

Ichabod, s.Joseph, and Phebe Sprague of Smithfield, d.Amos, Mar.28,1771.

Joanna and Jason Mash [Marsh.CR1], of Uxbridge, Mar.12,1795.

John [of Westminster. int.] and Hannah Green, Aug.29,1769.

Joseph and Sarah Holbrook, July2,1761.

Margaret and Vandal Stone of Woburn, int.July30,1842.

Nahum of Holliston, and Mary Stearns, July9,1772.

Nahum [Jr. Holliston. int.] and Zilpha Thayer, Apr.4,1810.

Olive of Medway, and Benjamin Albee, int.Oct.4,1823.

Rhoda and Samuel [Samuel B. int.] Pickering,末蔓末, 末末. [int.July22,1832]

Sarah F. of Smithfield, RI, and Harden Hopkins, int.Oct.6,1834.

Susannah and Seth Darling of Wrentham, Jan.2,1814.

Thomas and Sarah Sprague, May27,1762.

William F. and Elmina Barton of Milford, Apr.10,1839.*

Zilphah S. of Medway, and Moses Pond Jr., in Medway, Nov.21,1838.*


Mary [] and Smith White of Milford, Dec.9,1813.

Nathan of Franklin, and Nancy Brown, Dec.8,1821.CR1


William C.P. of Uxbridge, s.James, dec., and Ruth, of Burillville, and Ruth Daniels, d.Adolphus and Alcy, dec., 5:11m:1840.CR2*

CLERK (Clark)

Betsey, resident in Franklin, and Augustus Neel, Oct.17,1792.

Experiance and Josiah Wheelock, Jan.6,1748.

Jephtah and Rhoda Darling, Dec.1,1768.


Zera and Sally Cook,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Jan.20,1833]

Zera and Eliza Pickering, int.Jan.1,1832.


Lydia and Benjamin Southwick, int.Jan.8,1813.


David C. and Catharine S. Higgins, May30,1830.

Edward of Norton, and Hitty Bassett of Milford, Nov.7,1805.*

Elias and Lydia Carver, June20,1824.

Fanny and Rowland R. Chase, Apr.18,1831.

Nancy and Abraham Smith Jr. of Lyndon, VT, Mar.1,1835.

COBBETT (Corbet, Corbett, Corbit, Corbitt)

Isaac L. of Bellingham, and Achsah Bennett, int.May9,1830.

COBURN (Colburn)

Elihu P. of Hopkinton, and Mary Southwick, Mar.17,1836.


Abraham T. and Deborah Darling, May16,1824.


Lucinda of Hopkinton, and Rufus Tucker, int.Jan.6,1849.


Abby and Isaac P. Harkless, int.Nov.30,1834.

Amelia and Christopher Carles of Providence, RI, Dec.23,1841.

Louisia and Joseph Moore, int.Oct.22,1848.

Lucretia and George W. Scisco, Mar.16,1843.

Nathan and Hannah Freeman, int.July20,1805.

Nathan C. and Patience Pease, int.Dec.18,1831. Colored people.

Rufus and Sarah Churchell, Dec.22,1817.

Trusaunt M.L. and Ann Maria Smith of Upton, int.Jan.17,1847.

William and Mary Henry, int.Nov.16,1842.

Zadock and Olive E. Cesar of North Providence, RI, Nov.1,1843.


Abigail and Nathaniel Woodberry of Bristol, May17,1720.*


Amasa and Caroline Hunt of Douglas, int.Nov.1,1835.

Jeremiah [of] and Sally Greenman, Sept.6,1818.

Phebe A. and Abner A. Leland of Milford, int.Apr.9,1844.


Samuel B. and Mary B. Gifford of Sturbridge, int.Dec.2,1843.

COLBURN (Coburn)

Angeline A. of Bellingham and Charles Dewing, int.Feb.3,1849.

Charlotte A. and John Thompson of Northbridge, int.Apr.22,1847.

COLE (Coles)

Dexter and Laura C. Darling, int.Nov.25,1837.

Hannah H. of Smithfield, RI, and Charles Brown, int.May15,1831.

Hugh E. and Almira W. Arnold of Cumberland, RI, int.July28,1833.

Lucretia of Smithfield, RI, and Alpheus Humes Jr., int.Apr.5,1841.

Mary Ann and Leonard Hyer, Nov.18,1827.

Nancy of Worcester, and Stephen H. Tabor, int.Sept.5,1844.

COLES (Cole)

Daniel and Polley Badershall, int.Apr.1,1816.


Anna of Holliston, and Joseph White, Sept.26,1751.*


Oliver and Ledia Stevens, July13,1705.*


Ephraim of Smithfield, RI, and Diadama McIntire, int.Dec.17,1828.

John and Sarah Seagraves, int.Mar.13,1834.

COLVEN (Colvin)

Zacheus and Mary Cary, int.Apr.27,1823.

COLVIN (Colven)

Caleb and Mary Paine, Aug.10,1825.

David H. and Amarinthy E. Waterman of Cumberland, RI, Sept.15,1840.

Mariah and John Titus Jr., Apr.11,1824.


George and Miranda Sargent, May13,1837.

COMESTOCK (Comstock, Cumstock)

Ezra and Anna Hill, June6,1836.*

Hannah of Uxbridge, and Wheelock Wood, Dec.17,1820.*

Olive and Millens Taft, Apr.14,1825.

Rispah of Wrentham, and Riley Daniels, int.Nov.11,1814.

COMSTOCK (Comestock, Cumstock)

Ama and David Killey, Jan.27,1808.

Anna S. and Albert Gaskell, Dec.30,1840.

Anthony of Smithfield, and Hannah Southwick, int.Oct.1,1790.

Dianna, d.George and Margaret of Leicester, both dec., and Nathan C. Aldrich, s.Luke, dec., and Sarah, 1:12m:1825.CR2*

Ezra and Hannah Claflin of Uxbridge, int.Apr.20,1834.

Hannah and Samuel Gaskill, Apr.2,1843.

James and Catharine Farnum, Mar.9,1814.

Jonathan F. and Mary D. Hall, Feb.13,1840.

Laban, s.Joseph and Anne of Smithfield, and Content Smith, d.George and Margaret, 6:3m:1788.CR2*

Lydia, d.Woodbury, dec., and Hannah of N. Providence and Asa Kelley, s.Seth and Molly, both dec., 4:12m:1822.CR2*

Lydia and Laban Bates, Apr.2,1835.

Martha and Leonard Taft, int.Apr.17,1819.

Mercy H. and Ebenezer B. Dodge of Grafton, June17,1843.

Moses of Richmond, and Bethiah Boyce, int.Nov.24,1763.

Sarah, d.Samuel Jr. of Providence, and Seth Aldrich, s.of Seth, 28:8m:1725.CR2*

Stephen of Uxbridge, and Olive Pickering, int.Mar.17,1829.

William [of] and Abida Hill, Jan.15,1815.


David and Margery Aldrich, int.Nov.21,1771.


James and Ann Moriah Woodworth, Nov.9,1843.

Jennings B. of Uxbridge, and Lydia Aldrich of Northbridge, Apr.3,1832.*

Josiah S. of Northbridge, and Harriot Bates, int.May3,1829.

Lydia H. and Leonard Thayer, int.Mar.24,1845.

Oliver C. and Sebra Luther, Oct.8,1837.

William Jr. and Elisa Carr, Aug.21,1832.

CONVASS (Convers, Converss)

Putman and Priscilla Green of Upton, int.Sept.8,1817.

CONVERS (Convass, Converss)

Mallissia and Ebenezer Marsh, Dec.3,1835.

CONVERSS (Convass, Convers)

Otis and Louisa Bond of Leicester, int.Feb.24,1821.

COOK (Cooke)

Aaron C. and Susan Wilcox, Apr.6,1834.

Abigail and Clark Cook of Wrentham, int.Aug.28,1802.

Abner, [Jr. int.] of Wrentham, and Margaret Thomson, Apr.17,1794. [Apr.27.CR1]

Abner and Waity Pickering, Aug.22,1799.

Ahaz and Mercy Walling, Nov.19,1818.

Aldrich B. and Elizabeth Thurber, Dec.5,1841.

Alvin of Uxbridge, and Maria R. Benson, int.July6,1828.

Amy B. [Amy W. int.] and Edwin Gorton, May13,1834.

Ardanus of Cumberland, and Susina Pike, int.Oct.10,1792.

Arial and Crusa Cook of Bellingham, int.Jan.2,1796.

Ariel 2d and Joanna Cass, May12,1816.

Ariel and Sally Cook, May24,1821.

Ariel Jr. and Martha C. Hoyt, Apr.1,1834.

Arthur Jr. and Adaline Purington, Feb.15,1831.

Aurilla and Wright Curtis, int.Jan.20,1811.

Benjamin and Mary Sergant Jr., int.Nov.14,1752.

Benjamin and Abigail Trask, int.Apr.2,1763.

Benjamin of Bellingham, and Rachal Gaskill, int.Mar.8,1817.

Benjamin H. and Sylvia Esten, both of Burrillville, RI, Sept.21,1840.*

Caleb and Margaret Pickering, int.July15,1816.

Clissa and Sumner Ballou, int.June16,1815.

Clark of Wrentham, and Abigail Cook, int.Aug.28,1802.

Clark 2d and Louisa [Louisa M. int.] Allen, Dec.31,1838.

Comfort T. and Sarah Niles, int.Nov.12,1826.

Crusa of Bellingham, and Arial Cook, int.Jan.2,1796.

Daniel and Mehitebel Wilson, int.Feb.14,1785.

Daniel of Danby, VT, and Mehitable Wilson, int.Feb.19,1786.

David, Dea., of Bellingham, and Molley Sibley, int.Dec.14,1815.

Diadama and Orin Chilson, both of Bellingham, Mar.13,1825.*

Duty and Abigail Fenner, int.Apr.15,1826.

Ebenezer and Hulda Hayward, Dec.10,1710.*

Ebenezer of Smithfield, and Hannah King, int.Jan.11,1745.

Eliza of Cumberland, RI, and Arnold Allen, int.Mar.11,1827.

Eliza of Franklin, and Charles Metcalf, Mar.26,1838.*

Elisabeth and Abner Aldrich, int.Nov.2,1747.

Elisabeth of Cumberland, and Benjamin Thayer, int.Aug.13,1779.

Elisabeth and Daniel Brown of Uxbridge, int.Sept.17,1800.

Elizabeth and Asa Chilson, Nov.9,1823.

Esther of Cumberland, RI, and Simon Keith, Oct.4,1835.

Eunice E. and Charles G. Pason, int.Jan.30,1845.

Experiance and Peter Aldrich, Dec.末,1701.*

Ezekiel [Jr. int.] of Bellingham, and Jonna [] Pickering, in Bellingham, May9,1791.

Fidelia, d.Clark and Abigail, a.24y, and Alfred Hastings of Smithfield, RI, s.Robert and Joanna, a.32y, July9,1845.

George [George W. int.] and Emily M. Albee of Uxbridge, July21,1839.4

Gilbert, s.Ariel and Joanna, a.30y, and Urana McGaffey, wid., d.Ariel and Crusa Cook, a.46y, Jan 3,1848.

Hannah of Uxbridge, and Oliver Thayer, in Uxbridge, Sept.25,1753.*

Hannah and Edward Thompson, int.Sept.20,1760.y

Hannah and Asa Bullard of Holliston, Nov.1,1764.

Hannah and Phineas Aldrich, int.Apr.4,1794.

Hannah and John Sayles of Franklin, int.Sept.8,1821.

Henrietta of Wrentham, and John N. Rhodes of Bellingham, Oct.13,1840.*

Hiram and Betsey Ware of Franklin, int.Mar.11,1827.

Hiram of Providence, RI, and Lydia Scott, Sept.18,1836.

Ichabod and Elisabeth Smith, int.Feb.29,1772.

Ichabod Jr. and Hannah King, Jan.22,1804.

Ichabod Jr. and Lousia Cook, int.July7,1809

Ira W. and Julia E.M. Wilcox, int.Sept.22,1844.

Joanna and Laban Thayer, int.Jan.20,1817.

Joanna S. and Stephen Cook 2d, Dec.12,1839.

John and Neomy Thayer, Apr.16,1684.*

John and Mary Martin, int.May3,1827.

Jonathan of Uxbridge, and Hannah Thayer, Mar.21,1754.*

Jonathan of Uxbridge, and Jane Dunzmore, in Uxbridge, Aug.6,1754.*

Jonathan of Cumberland, and Tabitha Slew, int.Nov.1,1760.

Joseph of Cumberland, and Mearcey Pickring, int.May10,1784.

Joseph B.and Thankfull Benson, Mar.22,1818.

Judah of Cumberland, and Nichlos Thayer, int.Apr.21,1783.

Lavinia and Lewis Stone, Mar.31,1834.

Levander of North Providence, RI, and Olive E. Daniels, int.Nov.11,1843.

Lorinda of Bellingham, and James B. Mason of Milford, in Bellingham, Oct.27,1836.*

Louis and Orinella [] B. Cook of Smithfield, RI, Monday, Oct.16,1843.

Louisa and Ichabod Cook, Jr, int.July7,1809.

Levina of Bellingham, and Joshua Lasall, int.Aug.23,1778.

Lucindia and Nathan Joslin [of Cumberland, RI. int.], Apr.10,1819.

Lucretia and Solomon Tyler, Apr.6,1828.

Lurana and Burrill Pickering of Cumberland, RI, int.Mar.25,1827.

Lidia of Cumberland, and Joseph Larrance, int.Nov.7,1808.

Lydia and Job Handy [], Nov.6,1842.

Lyman and Ann Mariah Pond of Milford, in Milford, Nov.26,1837.

Margaret of Uxbridge, and William Rawson Jr., May13,1731.*

Margaret, living in Smithfield, and John Darling, int.Feb.2,1748-9.

Margery and Job Darling of Bellingham, int.Mar.14,1764.

Mary and Joseph Holbrook, Dec.29,1710.*

Mary, formerly of Smithfield, now of Mendon, d.Seth, and Daniel Aldrich, s.Jacob of Uxbridge, 2:9m:1762.CR2*

Mary, d.Ebenezer, and Levi Taft of Uxbridge, s.Silas, 2:6m:1775.CR2*

Mary A. and Francis W. Rowley, Oct.10,1843.

Naomy and Silvanus Holbrook, Mar.6,1712-3.*

Nicolus and Joannah Rockit, Nov.4,1684.*

Nicholas and Mehitable Stapls, Dec.18,1712.*

Nicholas and Abigail Wiswal of Milford, int.Aug.16,1802.

Nicholas and Patty Stone, of Ward, int.Sept.20,1804.

Noah and Olive Gaskill of Cumberland, int.Jan.5,17660.

Olive and Daniel Wilcocks of Cumberland, int.Sept.21,1776.

Olive of Bellingham, and Samuel Gaskill, int.May3,1784.

Olive and John R. Hayward, Jan.25,1844.

Olney and Melinda Wilcox, Oct.3,1822.

Orinda H. of Franklin, and Obed P. Thayer, int.Aug.6,1849.

Orinella B. [Orinda B. int.] of Smithfield, RI, and Louis Cook, Monday, Oct.16,1843.

Pascho and Philadelphia Southwick, Sept.19,1790.

Paulina and Thomas Wheelock, Feb.7,1822.

Parley and Silvenus Bates, Dec.29,1822.

Peter and Ama Sumner of Milford, int.Oct.3,1805.

Phila and Jacob [Jabez. int.] Green of Lyons, NY, Sept.30,1830.

Philena of Gloucester, and Remington Southwick, int.Apr.3,1802.

Phebe of Cumberland, and Joseph Thayer, int.Apr.10,1778.

Rachel and Asa Pickering, int.Sept.15,1788.

Rhoda and Elbridge Cass, Nov.20,1814.

Samuel and Miranda Kelly, int.Nov.10,1816.

Samuel and Abby E. Humphrey of Providence, RI, int.Oct.3,1841.

Sarah and Job Green of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.25,1791.

Sally and Ariel Cook, May24,1821.

Sally and Samuel G. Wilcox, Mar.25,1830.

Sally and Zera Clough,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Jan.20,1833]

Sarah, Mrs., and Squire Shove, Feb.19,1837.

Sarah E. and Richard E. Mann, Oct.1,1840.

Sally and John H. Hayward, int.Oct.10,1847.

Seth of Bellingham, and Susan Wilcox, int.Sept.28,1819.

Sophia M. of Bellingham, b. Wrentham, d.Ezekiel of Bellingham, a.38y., and Samuel B. Pickering, widr., b. Cranston, RI, s.Peter and Hannah, a.33y., Nov.10,1844.

Stephen and Hannah Aldrich, Nov.5,1826.

Stephen and Diana Hunt, both of Milford, in Milford, Oct.15,1835.*

Stephen and Sarah S. Wood of Shutesbury, int.Nov.13,1835.

Stephen Otis and Abigail Chillson of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Dec.6,1837.*

Stephen 2d and Joanna S. Cook, Dec.12,1839.

Susan of Bellingham, and Henry Hayward, int.Oct.26,1828.

Sylvia C. of Marlborough, and James Adams, May1,1844.

Uranah and Anson McGaffey, July24,1836.

William S. and Almira Jones of Cumberland, RI, int.June22,1836.

William, s.Ichabod and Louisa, dec., and Lydia C. Aldrich, d.William and Hannah, 2:12m:1840.CR2*

Salinda E. and Alvan Allen, int.Oct.28,1840.

Zimri and Olive W. Allen, Apr.11,1822.

COOKE (Cook)

Jonathan and Mehetabel Staples, Feb.4,1716.*


Obadiah of Jay, NY, and Patience Wall, Oct.3,1833.


Edwin S. and Betsey M. Martin of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.19,1844.


Ruth M. of Killingly, CT, and Stephen D. Crooker, int.Mar.7,1843.


Lyddia and Benjamin Fassett of Pomfret, Oct.27,1740.*

CORARY (Carrary)

Benjamin of Uxbridge, and Jerusha Thayer, in Uxbridge, Mar.30,1741.*

CORBET (Cobbett, Corbett, Corbit, Corbitt)

Joseph of Bellingham, and Deborah Albey, July3,1733.*

Rachel of Bellingham, and Josiah Ball, July3,1733.*

CORBETT (Cobbett, Corbet, Corbit, Corbitt)

Achsah and William Duncan, int.Mar.1,1829.

Bethiah of Bellingham, and Dr. Samuel Scammell, Jan.3,1760.

Beulah and Daniel Thayer, Aug.19,1778.

Bridgett and Aaron Morse of Holliston, Feb.9,1743-4.*

Daniel and Thankfull Hazeltine, Oct.1,1766.

Eldad and Hannah Stearns, int.July20,1775.

Hannah and Jedidiah Paine of Chesterfield, int.Nov.22,1774.

Hephzibah and William Legg, June4,1777.

Ichabod and Olive Lasall, Sept.16,1779.

Isaiah and Lydia Vickery, Jan.12,1758.*

Mary, wid., and Lieut. Josiah Chapin, Feb.7,1770.

Mehetabel and Cornelius Darling of Bellingham, int.Feb.21,1766.

Nathaniel and Lucy Thayer, Nov.28,1764.*

Sarah and Samuel White of Killingly, July15,1752.*


Henry of Upton, and Martha A. Kinston, Sept.15,1839.*

CORBIT (Cobbett, Corbet, Corbett, Corbitt)

John and Mehitebell Holbrook, Dec.22,1703.*

CORBITT (Cobbett, Corbet, Corbett, Corbit)

Abigail of Bellingham, and Daniel Chapin, July4,1754.*

Allice and Dudley Chase of Sutton, Aug.23,1753.*

Anna and John Phips of Gloucester, Dec.21,1774.

Daniel and Sarah Jones, Dec.4,1717.*

Eunice and Samuel Warrin of Grafton, May29,1754.*

John of Bellingham, and Hopestill Chapin, Dec.27,1727.*

Mary and Elisha White, Oct.12,1775.

Robert and Elisabeth Daniels of Holliston, int.Mar.6,1769,

Sarah, wid., and John Sawin of Watertown, Oct.9,1755.*

COREY (Cory)

Edward C. and Rachael Thayer, int.Dec.9,1844.

Olney and Amy I. Heath, int.Oct.27,1831.


Mary C. and Rowland Aldrich, Dec.23,1840.

CORSHORE (Carshore)

Elizabeth A. and David S. Godfrey of Milford, Sept.12,1836.

CORY (Corey)

Pardon and Alice Wilcox, Mar.27,1825.


Henry of Northbridge, and Ann Eliza Evens, int.Apr.13,1828.

COWIN (Cowing)

Hannah and Archibald McNichols, Jan.末,1842. [int.Jan.22,1842]

COWING (Cowin)

Adah and Elias Kimpton, int.Sept.25,1836.

Nelson and Abydia Ballou of Cumberland, RI, int.Sept.30,1826.

CRAGGIN (Cragin)

Anna and Samuel Chapin, May19,1729.*

Benjamin and Experence Aldrich, June13,1727.*

Margare and Willis Taft of Uxbridge, Dec.14,1786.

Ruth and Edward Aldrich of Douglas, int.Apr.4,1785.

CRAGIN (Craggin)

Amos and Ruth Staples, Oct.18,1764.

Anna and Moses Holbrook, in Uxbridge, Mar.20,1794.

Deborah and Benjamin Fish of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Oct.2,1753.*

John and Kezia Thompson of Medway, in Medway, Dec.12,1776.

Samuel and Hannah Ellis, Dec.9,1762.

Samuel and Marcy Chapin of Bellingham, int.Sept.23,1769.


Mary [] and Walter Wilber, Oct.8,1818.


Benjamin of Milton, and Martha Green, June2,1756.*


Abraham and Wealthy Brown, int.May17,1829.

CROOK (Crooks)

John and Abigail Burch, Mar.末,1751.*


Stephen D. and Ruth Cooper of Killingly, CT, int.Mar.7,1843.

CROOKS (Crook)

Jeremiah and Phebe Darling of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Dec.9,1787.

Levina [Cook. int.] of Bellingham, and Joshua Laselle, in Bellingham, Oct.8,1778.


Charles of Thompson, CT, and Abigail Fairbanks, int.Jan.1,1810.

Daniel and Rebeckah Davis, int.Sept.29,1831.

Elisha of Smithfield, RI, and Pheba Potter, int.Sept.2,1833.

Hannah P [Hannah Prince. int.] of Thompson, CT, and Andrew Penniman, in Thompson, CT, Apr.24,1817.


Daniel and Delphia B. Aldrich of Uxbridge, June3,1838.

Eliza A. and Warren [Warner. int.] Grant, Apr.1,1842.

Rachael M. and Pliny M. Sibley, Jan.9,1842.


Wealthy and Eunice Cheney of Dudley, int.June24,1814.


Azarmy of Oxford, and William H. Tourtellott, int.Apr.18,1830.

CUMINGS (Cummings, Cummins)

Phebe and Micajah Taft, both of Uxbridge, Nov.4,1790.CR1*

CUMMINGS (Cumings, Cummins)

Elmira B. of Upton, and George Davenport, int.May3,1845.

Elizebeth and John Smith, int.July12,1784.

Josiah of Uxbridge, and Celia Capron, Aug.26,1830.

Lois and Darias Taft, both of Uxbridge, Dec.23,1790.*

Lorrain P. and Nancy M. Legg, int.Jan.6,1843.

CUMMINS (Cumings, Cummings)

Elisabeth and George Hamelton of Woodstock, int.Mar.22,1775.

CUMSTOCK (Comestock, Comstock)

Abi of Smithfield, and Sulvenus Thayer, int.Nov.22,1784.

Joanna of Smithfield, and John Pasmore, int.Jan.1,1781.


James H., s James and Mary Ann, a.28y., and Minerva E. Allen, d.Caleb V. and Betsey M., a.23y., May3,1849.

CURTICE (Curtis)

Patience of Bellingham, and Dexter B. Rice, int.Feb.10,1828.

CURTIS (Curtice)

Emily, d.Lyman C., a.20y., and Horace Bean of Providence, RI, s.Benson, a.26y., Jan.6,1845.

Samuel and Lois Eastes of Cumberland, int.July23,1806.

Sarah of Holliston, and Joshua Thayer, int.Apr.7,1780.

Seth A. and Mary Wheeler, Dec.10,1820.

Wright and Aurilla Cook, int.Jan.20,1811.


David, Rev., and Emeline H. Sewall of Bath, ME, int.Dec.5,1837.

Lydiaette and Joseph Partridge, both of Bellingham, Nov.30,1836.*

Sabin of Bellingham, and Mary Thurber, Dec.2,1819.

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Jonathan and Elisabeth Hunt, int.May21,1767.

Jonathan and Mary Rawson of Upton, int.Apr.9,1768.

Mary A.G., wid., d.John and Sibil Strickland, a.25y., and Thomas Frere of New York, s.Santama and Sara L., a.24y., Sept.1,1845.

Nathan and Ruth Nelson, Dec.25,1777.


David and Joanna Atwood, Dec.28,1768.


Jonas of Smithfield, and Mary Battles, int.Sept.17,1772.

Mary and Samuel Washburn, Feb.19,1795.

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Jonathan of Brookline, and Ann [Ann R. int.] Sanders, June29,1748.

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