Jermiah of Salem, s.Isaac, and Lydia Smith, d.John, 28:1m:called March, 1747.CR2*


Sarah of Warwick, and Urirah Thayer, int.Feb.12,1752.

HADEN (Hayden)

Samuel of Hopkinton, and Katherine Palmer, Aug.13,1767.


Silas P. and Abby R. Pratt, int.Nov.9,1844.

William and Mercy Death of Sherborn, int.Feb.12,1816.

William G. and Sarah K. Thompson, July13,1840.


Charles of Worcester, s.James and Mary of Newport, RI, both dec., and Mary Rathbun, d.Rowland and Alice, 2:8m:1843.CR2*


Jenny of Milford, and Quam Simons, int.July11,1785.


Solomon of Nine Partners, NY, s.Moses and Rachel, and Elizabeth Southwick, d.Daniel and Ruth, both, dec., 3:9m:1779.CR2*


Elisha and Susanna Thayer, June1,1752.


Abijah, Capt., and Sarrah Hatch, int.Apr.4,1760.

Anna of Charlton, and Thomas Lesuer, int.Oct.5,1772.

Asa 2d of Bellingham, and Alathina Parkman of Milford, Nov.2,1834.*

Ephraim of Attleboro and Deborah Tho末, Dec.23,1739.*

Hezekiah of Uxbridge, and Deborah Daniels, int.Nov.1,1749.

Louisia of Uxbridge, and Eli Bates, int.July29,1848.

Margerit and John Wilson, May25,1711.*

Mary D. and Jonathan F. Comstock, Feb.13,1840.

Otis and Emeline B. Farnsworth, in Uxbridge, Aug.16,1840.

Rebeckah of Wrentham, and Hezekiah Hayward, int.Oct.28,1758.

Sally and Lyman Paine of Smithfield, RI, int.Oct.17,1830.

Seth of Bellingham, and Abigail Albey, May25,1737.*

Zuriel and Rebeckah Shearlock, Sept.1,1748.

HAMELTON (Hamilton)

George of Woodstock, and Elisabeth Cummins, int.Mar.22,1775.

HAMILTON (Hamelton)

William of Providence and Mary Staples, Mar.30,1828.


Reliance and Jeremiah Peck, Jan.6,1825.


Eliza W., Mrs., of Sutton, and Royal Penniman, int.Mar.1,1836.


Esther C. and Stillman Pierce of Smithield, RI, int.June6,1830.

Olive and Peleg Pierce of Rehoboth, int.Oct.12,1828.

HANCOCK (Hancoth)

Esther B. of Milford, and James Fletcher, Mar.10,1836.*

Guy and Rosanna Kirker of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.7,1842.

HANCOTH (Hancock)

George and Laura Phinney, both of Milford, May12,1831.*


David and Phebe Pickering, int.Nov.27,1785.

David and Elizabeth Pickering, Aug.24,1829.

David and wid.Nancy Wilson,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Sept.9,1832]

Elisha and Keziah Lesure, Nov.19,1805.

Betsey and Lewis Darling, Apr.11,1826.

Job and Rachel Aldrich, int.Oct.10,1801.

Job and Eunice Gail of Smithfield, RI, int.Aug.18,1822.

Job [2d.int.] and Lydia Cook, Nov.6,1842.

John and Parmelia Whipple, int.Sept.23,1815.

Joseph and Mary Case, int.Sept.25,1802.

Joseph and Abigail Leisure, Jan.1,1810.

Laban and Mary Stearns, Sept.5,1824.

Mary and Russel Bennett, int.Aug.11,1833.

Patience and Larrance Southwick, int.May1,1762.

Phillib[Phillip] and Alpha Prentice, Apr.2,1808.

Rhoda H. and David A. Fisk, in Milford, Nov.20,1842.

Roxelana and Simon Pickering of Burrillville, RI, int.Aug.14,1824.

Russel of Bristol, and Phebe E. Richmond of Burrillville, RI, Apr.4,1843.*

Ruth and Daniel S. Blake, Sept.26,1838.

Talitha and Joshua Darling, int.Mar.6,1786.

Thankful and Antapass Daniels of Gloucester, int.Oct.23,1802.

Thomas and Chloe Tucker, int.Dec.9,1804.

William of Smithfield, RI, and Jedida Eldridge, int.June15,1814.


Hannah, d.Francis and Jemima, a.26y., and George Capron, s.Burrill of Cumberland and Keziah, a.27y., Feb.1,1846.

Sarah, d.Francis, a.19y., and Isaac T. Johnson of Upton, s.Rufus, a.25y., a.25y., Nov.20,1844.


Achsah Ann and Rufus A. Benson, int.Aug.15,1840.

Charles L. and Julia A. Bowen of Smithfield, RI, int.Feb.15,1840.

Dorothy of Medway, and Hesekiah Hayward, in Medway, Sept.13,1759.

Louisa M. and Dudley Brown, int.Oct.28,1827.


Elihu and Jane M. Sanders of Cumberland, RI, int.Dec.30,1843.

John A. and Keziah Engley, Feb.1,1844.


Isaac P. and Abby Coffee, int.Nov.30,1834.


Abi and Jonas Green, Apr.20,1809.

Datee and George Gaskill Jr., int.Nov.5,1807.

Hannah of Smithfield, and Richard Serjeants Jr., int.June30,1792.

James Jr. and Judith Thayer, Oct.3,1813.

Judith and Smith Thayer, int.Sept.8,1833.

Mary and Thomas Taft Jr., Dec.2,1819.

Nancy and George W. Hunt, int.Feb.24,1833.

Prusha P. and Mowry Smith of Burrillville, RI, int.Sept.30,1823.

Samuel of Smithfield, and Hannah Southwick, May15,1788.

Samuel and Sarah Burlingame of Burrillville, RI, int.Mar.25,1818.

Sophia Ann and Lyman Wilson, Sept.19,1823.

Southwick and Phebe Thayer, int.Feb.26,1820.

Sullivan and Eliza Taft, Mar.19,1826.


Elisabeth and Enoch Darling, int.Mar.19,1768.

HARRINGTON (Herendeen, Herrington)

Daniel and Waity Jane Aldrich, both of Milford, Nov.9,1843.*

Martha W. of Grafton, and Arnold Taft, int.July10,1815.

Silvia of Franklin, and Charles Legg, int.Sept.26,1813.

HARRIS (Harriss)

Abigail, d.Jeremiah and Abigail of Smithfield, and Isaac Walker, s, John and Margaret, 30:4m:1783.CR2*

Amaziah and Emily Howard of Uxbridge, Mar.30,1843.

Edward of Cumberland, RI, and Rachel Farnum, int.Nov.16,1835.

Elizabeth and John Willson, Apr.14,1719.*

Elisabeth and Daniel Jones of Bellingham, Aug.20,1728.*

Freelove of Burrillville, RI, and Daniel Trask, int.Nov.30,1815.

Rufus of Westborough, and Eliza [Elvira.int.] Goss, Jan.1,1829.

Laura and Horatio Aldrich, both of Uxbridge, Feb.1,1838.*

Mary of Uxbridge, and Willard A. Mowrey, int.Mar.7,1843.

Nancy L. and James M. Freeman of Milford, Mar.10,1842.

Phebe and Capt. Daniel Mann of Smithfield, RI, int.July7,1826.

Rhoda and Calvin Gould of Millbury, int.June10,1826.

Samuel of Cumberland, s.David F. and Lydia, dec., of Saybrook, Ashtabula Co., OH, and Sarah Farnum, d.Moses and Rachel, 3:1m:1839.CR2*

Waity and Putman W. Taft, Dec.25,1831.

HARRISS (Harris)

Sarah of Gloucester, and Edward Thomson, int.Mar.12,1792.


Wellington S. and Carlista E. Phillips, int.July14,1844.

HARVE (Harvey)

Marry of Taunton, and Abraham Staples, int.Jan.12,1753.

HARVEY (Harve)

Lucy and Joseph Baker, int.Dec.26,1772. Jan.6,1773, banns forbidden by Lucy Harvey.

Marcy and Ichabod Hayward, int.Mar.28,1772.

Orin S. and Sophia Ann Perrin, int.Nov.4,1836.


John and Hannah Aldrich, Feb.9,1726-7.*


Emely, Mrs., and Hezekiah D. Clark, int.Jan.19,1839.


Alfred of Smithfield, RI, s.Robert and Joanna, a.32y., and Fidelia Cook, d.Clark and Abigail, a.24y., July9,1845.

Charles C.P. Esq., and Anna W. Allen, Feb.1,1838.

Mary M. and Caleb Hayward Esq., Oct.31,1822.CR1

Robert and Joanna Killey, Apr.24,1808.

Seth and Chloe Davenport, d.Seth and Chloe, June8,1796.


Issabella and Clinton Mowrey, int.Dec.16,1843.

Sarrah and Capt. Abijah Hall, int.Apr.4,1760.

Sarah and Thomas Steel, Dec.15,1761.


Thomas and Martha Sheppley of Smithfield, RI, int.May10,1844.

HAVEN (Havens)

Emerson and Susan Batchelder of Upton, int.Nov.14,1830.

Parker A. and Caroline C. Childs of Cumberland, RI, Aug.20,1839

Willard and Sally Dean of Milford, Nov.18,1838.*

Willard P. and Hopestill Perry of Milford, Apr.11,1839.*

HAVENS (Haven)

Susan and David Ballou, int.Dec.9,1818.


Ebenezer of Dedham, and Angiline Pennuman, Mar.30,1829.CR1

Mehitable of Cumberland, RI, and Albert O. Ware of Uxbridge, May28,1835.*


Thomas J. and Mary Ann Rose, Feb.1,1829.


Naomi and James Choppel, both of Smithfield, Feb.10,1840.*

HAYDEN (Haden)

Charlotte and Thompson Thayer of Bellingham, int.Oct.29,1824.

William of Hopkinton, and Rhoda Whitney, Dec.9,1779.


Ira and May Darling, int.Sept.7,1822.

HAYWARD (Heywood)

Adaline [Adaline M. int.] and Charles Benson, Oct.12,1839.

Allexander and Betsey Putnam of Sutton, int.June18,1803.

Alice and Asa Albee, Dec.25,1777.

Anna and Samuell Hill, Sept.末,1777.

Benjamin and Mary Wheaton, Feb.13,1734-5.*

Benjamin [3d.int.] and Elizabeth Thayer, Feb.22,1759.

Bethiah and William Boyce, Apr.14,1715.*

Beaulah and Paul Hayward, Dec.7,1765.

Caleb Esq. and Mary M. Hastings, Oct.31,1822.CR1

Chloe D.H., d.Caleb and Mary M., a.20 y, and Eli Pond 3d, s.Eli Jr. and Maria, a.20y., Sept.30,1847.

Comfort and Nicholas Trask Jr., int.Dec.29,1763.

Daniel Jr. and Ellen Davis, July23,1766.

David and Joanna Willson of Bellingham, Mar.20,1751.*

David and Abigail Holland, both of Northbridge, Nov.26,1772.*

Deborah and Seth Aldrich, Sept.3,1700.*

Dependance and Esther Wood of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Nov.27,1760.

Ebenezer W. and Susan Burbeck, Feb.27,1827.

Elihu and Sarah Hiscock [Hitchcock. int.], June21,1758.

Elijah and Mary Pulcipher, Apr.24,1755.*

Elijah Jr. and Polley Taft, int.Mar.31,1805.

Elisha of Upton, and Lois Albee of Milford, Sept.13,1792.CR1*

Elisha Jr. and Nancy Taft, Sept.末,1822.CR1

Elizebeth and David Wood, Aug.9,1727.*

Elisebeth and Benjamin Thurston of Uxbridge, Oct.26,1739.*

Elisabeth and Jonathan Thayer of Charlemont, Jan.22,1778.

Elizabeth and Stephen Lesure, Mar.22,1809.

Betsey and Darius Bennett, Apr.末,1834.

Emory and Mary S. Wood, Jan.7,1826.

Emory of Bellingham, and Rebecca Albee of Shutesbury, Oct.11,1832.*

Enos and Clarissa Sturday, int.Mar.23,1835.

Esther and Dexter Thayer, int.Nov.10,1801.

Experience and Obadiah Wood of Uxbridge, Nov.22,1759.

Hannah and Benjamin Thayer, Dec.20,1712.*

Hannah and Joseph Thayer, Aug.30,1727.*

Hannah of Bellingham, and Thomas Wheelock, int.Sept.29,1769.

Hannah and Samuell Washburn, Nov.12,1777.

Henry and Susan Cook of Bellingham, int.Oct.26,1828.

Hezekiah and Easther Green, Apr.5,1744.*

Hezekiah and Rebeckah Hall of Wrentham, int.Oct.28,1758.

Hezekiah and Dorothy Harding of Medway, in Medway, Sept.13,1759.

Hulda and Ebenezer Cook, Dec.10,1710.*

Ichabod and Marcy Harvey, int.Mar.28,1772.

Jacob and Elisabeth Gibbs, Oct.29,1772.

Jacob and Elisabeth Albee, July23,1778.

James and Lois Parmenter of Hopkinton, Apr.17,1746.

James and Hannah Parmenter of Hopkinton, Feb.26,1754.*

Jemima of Bellingham, and Ephraim Parkhurst, int.Aug.10,1767.

Jesse and Hannah Albee, Sept.26,1764.

Joanna and Benjamin Carpenter of Ashford, CT, Nov.7,1751.*

John and Sarah Thayer, Apr.21,1726.*

John and Hannah Baxter of Braintree, in Braintree, Mar.6,1728-9.*

John and Tryal Hayward, Apr.3,1740-1.*

John and Margaritt Albee, Apr.4,1751.*

John and Ann Alexander, May15,1754.*

John [Jr. int.] and Mary Penniman, Nov.2,1775.

John Jr. and Mary Peas of Upton, int.Dec.23,1780.

John R. and Olive Cook, Jan.25,1844.

John H. and Sally Cook, int.Oct.10,1847.

Jonathan and Lidia Albe, Jan.22,1716-7.*

Jonathan and Mary Wharfield, July12,1738.*

Jonathan and Sarah Sprague, Aug.14,1753.*

Jonathan Jr. and Mary Vickery, Jan.25,1769.

Joseph and Ruth Jones of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Dec.28,1749.*

Joshua and Anna Hiscock of Hopkinton, Nov.11,1777.

Josiah and Ruth Pulcipher, Mar.5,1760.

Josiah and Molly Sever of Fraingham, int.Mar.25,1771.

Jotham and Laviah Gould, int.June10,1804.

Levi and Bethiah Chapin, May28,1776.

Lona and Ichabod Albee, Feb.13,1787.

Lovel and Polly Taft, Aug.23,1800.

Levina T. and Daniel J. Pickering of Saugerties, NY, Dec.6,1840.

Lydia and Ebenezer Thayer, July9,1766.

Lydia and Jesse Fuller [of Dedham.int.], Feb.10,1807.

Margery and Jacob Aldrich, Sept.15,1699.*

Mary and Joshua Chapin, Mar.20,1751.*

Mary of Bellingham, and Benjamin Cargill, in Medway, Jan.5,1758.*

Molly and Ebenezer Taft, int.Mar.13,1779.

Polley of Upton, and Caleb Mowrey, int.Apr.3,1802.

Mercy and John Rawson, Jan.23,1719.*

Mercy and Daniell Hill, int.Oct.17,1776.

Mitta of Milford, and Ralph Bowker, int.Aug.30,1807.

Moses and Lois Wood, May17,1767.

Nathan and Levina Thayer, Mar.27,1809.

Nathan and Ruth Newell, Apr.11,1811.

Oliver and Sarrah Braddock, Nov.3,1746.

Pardon B. [Howard.int.] of Providence, RI, and Sabra Taft, Dec.16,1810.

Patience and Jeptha Chapin, Nov.5,1749.

Paul and Beaulah Hayward, Dec.7,1765.

Peter and Ruth Rutter, int.Mar.1,1745-6.

Phineas and Lydia Allin, int.Apr.19,1793.

Priscilla and Ebenezer Wheeler of Grafton, Sept.5,1753.*

Rachel and Caleb Wilson, int.June24,1794.

Ralph and Susanna Thayer, Dec.29,1768.

Rebecca and Boyce Kimball of Hopkinton [Dec.TC] 4,1755.*

Rhoda and James Blake of Uxbridge, int.Sept.9,1772.

Rosamond [Rosanah.int.] and John Brown 2d, Jan.8,1807.

Rufus, Gen., and Mary Luther, Jan.5,1840.

Ruth and Stephen Fish of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Mar.10,1757.*

Sabe Of Milford, and Marquis Aldrich, int.Oct.6,1803.

Samuel and Elizebeth Burch "of the farms", Jan.28,1708.*

Samuel and Hannah Thompson, in Boston, Sept.25,1717.*

Samuel and Rachael Rawson, in Uxbridge, Oct.12,1772.*

Samuel P. and Rachael G. Rhodes of Bellingham, int.Feb.8,1845.

Sarah and Benjemin Thayer, Sept.15, [prob. 1699].*

Sarah, wid., and Nathaniel Morse, Sept.9,1762.

Sarah and Lovett Partridge, May19,1774.

Seth and Mercy Whitmon, June22,1768.

Silas and Susanna Force of Wrentham, int.Sept.4,1767.

Susan F. of Milford, and Irad Hinkly, Nov.15,1838.*

Sylvia and Newel Gore of Upton, Feb.22,1827.

Tryal and John Hayward, Apr.3,1740-1.*

Wharfeild and Lydia Thayer of Bellingham, Apr.23,1761.

William and Precilla Marsh, May6,1708.*

William and Keziah Taft of Uxbridge, Nov.11,1741.*

William of Grafton, and Lydia Aldrich, int.June20,1795.


Abner of Sutton, and Elizabeth Rawson, Feb.11,1730-1.*

Abner and Martha Goss, June2,1757.*

Chloe [of Grafton. int.] and Phinehas Wood, Dec.12,1791.

Daniel and Marcy Tyler, Oct.13,1732.*

Daniel and Susannah Jones of Milford, int.Oct.5,1787.

Elisabeth and James Wood, Mar.8,1737-8.*

Elisabeth of Upton, and Josiah Fish, int.July8,1774.

John and Abigail Bruce, June2,1757.*

Martha and Oliver Carpenter Jr., May末,1786.

Thankfull and Daniel Corbett, Oct.1,1766.


Dean and Patience Dyer, Jan.10,1819.*


Amy I. and Olney Corey, int.Oct.27,1831.

Daniel D. and Delialah Hicks of Smithfield, RI, int.Mar.16,1839.

Samuel Wilbour of Newport, and Elisabeth Thayer, May26,1772.

Wilber W. and Caroline Brown of Cumberland, RI, Feb.21,1833.


Charles of North Providence, RI, and Henriette Gates, int.Jan.6,1828.

HEBARD (Hubbard)

Mary E. [Mary Eliza.int.] and Enos Goss, Jan.7,1827.


Priscilla and Charles McCarthy, int.July14,1824.


Clarisa C. of Medway, and Hiram Hill, int.Sept.25,1830.


Lucy and Elias Williams, both of Northbridge, Dec.31,1840.*

Wing of Smithfield, RI, and Fanny Walker, Nov.27,1823.


Clark W. of Northbridge, and Sarah Nickerson of Smithfield, RI, May29,1834.*

Hannah and Orrin Baker, Mar.25,1830.

John of Northbridge, and Philena Hill, Dec.21,1833.

Julia Ann and John Sayles, Mar.23,1839.

Mary and William Coffee, int.Nov.16,1842.

HERENDEEN (Harrington, Herrington)

Simeon [Harrington. int.] of Gloucester, RI, and Sally Blake, May19,1802.

HERREN (Herring)

William and Sarah Richardson [of Upton. int.], Jan.21,1810.

HERRING (Herren)

William and Cyrena Fuller, Mar.8,1825.

HERRINGTON (Harrington, Herendeen)

Tryal of Gloucester, and Seth Wheelock, int.Sept.22,1797.


Daniel, Dr., and Abigail Holbrook of Uxbridge, int.Apr.13,1747.


Lemuel F. of Milford, and Betsey Thayer, Oct.30,1838.


Rhoda S. and John P. Barber of Milford, Sept.3,1841.*

HEYWOOD (Hayward)

Daniel, Maj., of Worcester, and Mary Beal, July21,1763.*


Delilah of Smithfield, RI, and Daniel D. Heath, int.Mar.16,1839.


Deborah and Elijah Wood, both of Upton, Feb.11,1810.*


Abigail of Smithfield, RI, and Benjamin Ray, int.Feb.13,1816.

Catharine S. and David C. Cobb, May30,1830.


Jude and Marcus Merifield of Upton, int.May3,1801.


Polly of Thomson, and Simon Wood, int.Nov.10,1796.

HILL (Hills)

Abida and William Comstock [of Smithfield.int.], Jan.15,1815.

Abida and Henry Tucker of Bellingham, Sept.29,1831.

Anna and Joseph Butler of Killingly, int.Dec.28,1784.

Anna and Nathaniell Dodge, June末,1786 [Lord's Day evening.CR1] [int.June22,1786]

Anna and Ezra Comestock, June6,1836,*

Caleb of New Sherborn, and Bethiah Taft, Apr.15,1740.*

Dan and Chloe Ann Benson, Oct.23,1828,

Dan and Nancy B. Peck, int.Mar.10,1833.

Daniel and Sarah Emerson, Nov.4,1709.*

Daniel and Rebeckah Rockwood, int.Apr.末,1744.

Daniel and Elisabeth Pulcepher, Mar.26,1751.*

Daniel Jr. of Douglas, and Mary Albee, Dec.3,1767.

Daniell and Mercy Hayward, int.Oct.17,1776.

Daniel and Olive Jenks, July1,1837.

David of Sherborn, and Sarah Thayer, Dec.17,1716.*

Elijah and Lucina Pickering, Dec.31,1835.

Eliza and Charles Catlin of Harwington, CT, July21,1839.

Elisabeth and Sollomon Smith, int.July29,1785.

Emily and Edson Staples, Mar.30,1834.

Erastus and Alcy Holbrook, Mar.11,1835.

Eunice of Sherborn, and Ichabod Thayer, Jan.23,1792.

George and Lydia Warfield, June4,1800.

Hiram and Clarisa C. Henderson of Medway, int.Sept.25,1830.

Huldah and Samuel Aldrich, int.Feb.1,1744.

Israel and Margera Rawson, int.Mar.23,1789.

Joel and Sukey Green, both of Milford, May25,1800.*

John and wid.Elisabeth Keith, Mar.26,1780.

John and Charlottee Fuller, int.Sept.25,1802.

John Curlis, Capt., of Medway, and Emily Tisdale, int.Apr.27,1833.

Joseph [Jr. int.] of Holliston, and Phebe Thayer, Aug.20,1761.

Joseph of Cambridge, and Mary Wood, Mar.9,1828.

Joshua of Ervingshire, and Lois French, Jan.7,1776.

Lovice and Andrus Wheelock, Mar.18,1819.

Mary of Holliston, and Capt. Seth Chapin, Nov.8,1742.*

Massa and John Holbrook of Douglas, int.Aug.15,1801.

Matthew and Elizabeth Rice of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Jan.2,1746-7.

Marcy and Ebenezer Parkhurst, Dec.22,1768.

Mercy, wid., and Timothy Alexander, int.Jan.20,1815.

Mercy and Capt. Simpson Jones of Medway, int.Oct.12,1819.

Micah W. and Mary B. Swasey, Feb.3,1811.

Moses and Mary Thayer, int.July28,1775.

Moses of Medway, and Katherine Holbrook, in Medway, Sept.14,1775.

Moses of Holliston, and Anna Chamberlain, June2,1796.

Olive and Daniel Yeomons, int.Jan.27,1783.

Philena and John Henry of Northbridge, Dec.21,1833.

Rachel of Holliston, and Elijah Thayer, Nov.9,1803.

Ralph and Hannah Warfield, Nov.23,1731.*

Ruth and Rufus Chilson, both of Uxbridge, Dec.23,1773.*

Samuell and Anna Hayward, Sept.末,1777.

Sarah and Stephen Chapin, Feb.27,1766.

Syble and Peter Bates of Bellingham, Nov.27,1803.

Sybil and Amos Bowen of Gloucester, RI, June15,1832.

Thurber W. and Anna R. [Nancy.int.] Southwick, Mar.11,1832.

Urana and Luther Thayer of Bellingham, Nov.9,1823.

Wate and Moses Kelley, Mar.12,1812.

William A. and Dorcas Knight of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.15,1844.

HILLIARD (Hilyard)

Rhoda and Royal Marsh, Nov.25,1787.

HILLS (Hill)

Seneca and Sarah Malvina Pratt Easton, int.Sept.15,1833.


Mary, d.David, a.19y., and David Houghton [Haythorn. int.], s.Jonathan, a.22y., Oct.9,1844.

HILYARD (Hilliard)

Stephen and Joanna Darling, Apr.13,1769.


Irad and Susan F. Hayward of Milford, Nov.15,1838.*


Anna of Hopkinton, and Joshua Hayward, Nov.11,1777.

Sarah [Hitchcock. int.] and Elihu Hayward, June21,1758.


Calvin and Betsey Brown, June18,1812.


Elizabeth of Smithfield, RI, and Bartholomew K. Loyd, int.July7,1826.

Henry of Roxborough and Ruth M. Aldrich, int.Oct.29,1843.

Lucinda and Liberty Wood, both of Douglas, Nov.13,1814.*


Henry A., widr., of New Braintree, b. New Braintree, s.John T. of New Braintree and Anna, a.38y., and Nancy Russell, b. New Braintree, d.Rufus and Sophia, a.31y., Mar.27,1845.

HOLBROOK (Hollbrook, Wholbroock)

Aaron and Hannah Partridge, both of Bellingham, June3,1762.*

Abial and Benjamin Legg, int.Mar.2,1771.

Abigail of Weymouth, late of Bellingham, and John Jones, in Weymouth, July1,1723.*

Abigail and William Legg, Mar.14,1743.*

Abigail of Uxbridge, and Dr. Daniel Hews, int.Apr.13,1747.

Abigail and Moses White of Uxbridge, Dec.12,1749.*

Abigail of Uxbridge, and Nathanael Taft, May31,1768.

Abigail and Aaron Everett, int.Apr.5,1771.

Alcy and Erastus Hill, Mar.11,1835.

Anna and Noah Perrey of Bellingham, July1,1773.

Benjamin and Abigail Benson, int.Apr.15,1747,

Benjamin and Jerusha Fletcher, May28,1760. [int.July19,1760]

Benjamin and Polley Miller, int.Mar.30,1811.

Catherine of Uxbridge, and Daniel Holbrook, in Uxbridge, Sept.29,1743.*

Cattron and John Partridge of Wrentham, Dec.8,1774.

Clarrissa L. of Bellignham, and Tospan Bachelder of Holliston, May13,1840.*

Daniel and Catherine Holbrook of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Sept.29,1743.*

Daniel of Uxbridge, and Joanna Benson, in Uxbridge, Jan.9,1785.

Derias and Olive Holbrook of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Apr.6,1780.

Deborah and Joseph Torrey, Sept.6,1752. O.S.*

Dexter of Bellingham, and Mary Bates in Bellingham, Apr.26,1787.*

Ebenezer and Keziah White of Bellingham, Apr.26,1748.

Ebenezar and Abigail Adams of Wrentham, Sept.27,1757.*

Eliphelet and Johannah Rockwood, Nov.7,1716.*

Eliphelet and Abigail Wight, both of Bellingham, Nov.26,1753.*

Elizebeth and Robard Ware of Wrentham, Feb.26,1719.*

Elisabeth of Upton, and Ebenezer Davis, int.Jan.29,1776.

Elvira of Milford, and Chauncy Aldrich of Uxbridge, Mar.18,1841.*

Eunice of Uxbridge, and Moses Benson, in Uxbridge, May26,1753.*

Ezekiel of Bellingham, and Sarah Sumner, Mar.10,1773.

George [of Hebron. int.] and Mary Staples, Sept.5,1811.

Hannah of Bellingham, and Thomas Thayer, July16,1729.*

Hannah and John Kimpton of Uxbridge, int.May8,1771.

Hannah and Turner White, May16,1774.

Henry of Uxbridge, and Barbary Thayer, Sept.22,1791.

Henry and Nella Albee, both of Uxbridge, Dec.24,1812.*

James and Mahala D. Fowl of Milford, Jan.19,1834.*

Jerusha and Aaron Legg, Jan.16,1772.

Jesse and Abigail Thayer, both of Bellingham, Mar.28,1753.*

Joannah of Bellingham, and Timothy Wheelock, Jan.22,1765.

John of Uxbridge, and Lydia Holbrook of Bellingham, Jan.13,1762.*

John [Jr. int.] of Uxbridge and Rhoda Thayer, Dec.6,1770.

John of Douglas, and Massa Hill, int.Aug.15,1801.

Joseph and Mary Cook, Dec.29,1710.*

Katherine and Moses Hill of Medway, in Medway, Sept.14,1775.

Keziah and Emerson Whipple, Apr.12,1837.

Lydia of Bellingham, and John Holbrook of Uxbridge, Jan.13,1762.*

Lydia and Alpheus Taft, int.Aug.25,1779.

Lyman of Bellingham, and Hipsylante Freeman, Dec.26,1819.

Margerit and Josiah Thayer, June6,1719.*

Margery and David Legg, int.Aug.6,1781.

Mary [of Uxbridge. int.] and [Lieut. int.] John Benson, Nov.9,17末 [1780.TC]

Mary of Bellingham, and Nathan Penniman, Jan.16,1758.*

Mary of Bellingham, and Stephen Benson, in Medway, Oct.4,1764.

Mary of Sutton, and Dea.Jesse Tourtellot, int.Dec.12,1841.

Mehitebell and John Corbit, Dec.22,1703.*

Moses and Anna Cragin, in Uxbridge, Mar.20,1794.

Nathan of Bellingham, and Sally Bates, in Bellingham, May29,1793.

Nelson and Mary Kilborn, Dec.15,1836.

Olive of Bellingham, and Derias Holbrook, in Bellingham, Apr.6,1780.

Otis of Uxbridge, and Lear Wilsom, int.May20,1810.

Partridge and Diadama S. Flagg of Milford, June20,1838.*

Peter and Hannah Pool, Mar.23,1713.*

Peter of Uxbridge and Lydia Darling, May27,1761.

Peter and Mary Taft, June末,1786. [Lord's Day evening.CR1

Peter of Bellingham, and Polly Bates, int.Apr.23,1787.

Peter, Capt., and wid.Anna Torrey, Feb.3,1822.CR1

Rachel of Uxbridge, and Jonathan Staples, int.Dec.12,1777.

Rachel of Uxbridge, and Foster Verry, int.Apr.4,1810.

Reuben and Rachel Darling, Mar.27,1777.

Rhoda and Benjamin Vickery Jr., Dec.12,1776.

Richard and Abiall Albe, July18,1722.*

Ruth of Uxbridge, and Benoni Benson Jr., Dec.6,1770.

Samuell and Hannah Albee, Aug.2,1721.*

Sarah of Uxbridge, and Petter Thayer, June12,1740*.

Sarah and Joseph Clark, July2,1761.

Salla and Joel Legg, int.Aug.6,1781.

Cena of Bellingham, ad Josiah Penniman, int.Mar.12,1790.

Silas and Betsey Bridges, Feb.8,1792.

Silvanus and Naomy Cook, Mar.6,1712-3.*

Silvanus of Uxbridge, and Thankfull Thayer, Oct.25,1748.

Stephen Jr. of Bellingham, and Mary Penniman of Uxbridge, Nov.10,1790.CR1*

Willard 2d and Amy [Amy M. int.] Legg, Dec.24,1840.

William and Hopstill Read, Apr.9,1722.*

HOLDEN (Holdin)

Ann and Dexter Carpenter of Cumberland, RI, int.Dec.2,1838.

John and Dolle Aldrich, int.Apr.28,1783.


Sarah and John Wood of Scituate, int.Sept.1,1783.

Thomas of Uxbridge, s.Daniel, dec., and Hannah of Lynn, and Sarah Gaskill, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, 6:11m:1777.CR2*

HOLDIN (Holden)

John and Margerey Ammidown, Dec.17,1761.


Abigail and David Hayward, both of Northbridge, Nov.26,1772.*

HOLLBROOK (Holbrook, Wholbroock)

John of Uxbridge, and Zilpah Thayer, Mar.11,1732.*


Mary and Joseph Rasey of Uxbridge, May6,1757.*


David W. and Eliza Aldrich, Nov.4,1833.

Thomas, Dea., of Sutton, and Mary Palmer, in Sutton, Feb.4,1778.

HOLMES (Holms, Homes)

Eliza and Winsor Mowrey, June29,1834.

HOLMS (Holmes, Homes)

David of Woodstock, and Bathshua Sanford, Oct.25,1720.*


Perry of Smithfield, RI, and Martha Ann Wilbur, int.Apr.2,1839.


John of Sutton, and Ann Rawson, Oct.1,1747.*

HOMES (Holmes, Holms)

David and Electa Doty, Oct.6,1836.


Andrew Waterman and Mary Ann Bancroft, int.Sept.23,1832.

Hannah and George Mann, int.Sept.20,1829.

Harden and Sarah F. Clark of Smithfield, RI, int.Oct.6,1834.

James M. of Thompson, CT, and Julia Luther, Feb.26,1837.

Marvel of Scituate, RI, and Mercy Potter, Aug.29,1824.

Theresa and Gilbert Read, int.Apr.25,1835.


Aaron Jr. and Sally C. Aldrich, Sept.30,1838.

Anneliza and Jabez Barny of Swanzy, int.Nov.30,1823.

Edwood S. and Sirena Taft, Apr.19,1829.

Hannah and Dr. Ariel Ballou Jr., both Cumberland, RI, Sept.11,1832.*

William and Clarissa Wells of Cumberland, RI, May26,1841.


Cynthia of Sutton, and Elijah Taft 2d, int.Dec.14,1838.


David [Haythorn. int.], s.Jonathan, a.22y., and Mary Hilton, d.David, a.19y., Oct.9,1844.


Eliza J., d.Benjamin, a.27y., and William W. [William H. int.] Kendall of Smithfield, s.Abijah, a.32y., Nov.7,1844.

Betsey and Ephraim White, Oct.30,1836.

HOW (Howe)

Aldrich and Clarrissa W. Olds, Apr.4,1844.

Benjamin and Betsey Ann Pickering, int.Mar.29,1830.

Clarissa J.T. and William Burling, Nov.30,1831.*

Dorinda S. and Simeon O. Wait of Milford, May23,1839.*

Emily of Uxbridge, and Amaziah Harris, Mar.30,1843.

Hannah W. of Milford, and Putman W. Taft, int.June28,1845.

Ichabod of Brookfield, and Phebe Tenney, May4,1747.

Jesse [Hayward.int.] of Milford, and Mary Wheelock, Dec.21,1824.

Lucy Ann of Smithfield, RI, and John Mergill, May26,1842.

Mary Ann and Gershom Keith Jr., Jan.6,1833.

Parker and Rachel Chilson, Dec.25,1820.

William and Elizabeth Gibbs of Framingham, in Framingham, Mar.16,1717.*

HOWE (How)

George N. and Betsey C. Perry, both of Milford, May23,1841.*

John and Elisabeth Pickering of Milford, Nov.5,1832.

Olive H. of West Boylston, and George W. Aldrich, int.May15,1831.


Crawford and Mary L. Leucus of Smithfield, RI, int.May25,1819.

Enock and Anna Alger, both of Douglas, Oct.14,1824.*

Uranah and William Smith of Smithfield, int.Apr.15,1822.


Laura of Uxbridge, and Genera Taft Jr. of Upton, Apr.14,1833.*

Martha C. and Ariel Cook Jr., Apr.1,1834.

Thomas C. and Rhoda H. Wheelock, Jan.10,1830.

HUBBARD (Hebard)

Charles of Holden, and Fanny A. Small, June16,1841.

Samuel N. of Charlestown, and Susan Paine, Oct.10,1837.


Charles D. of Northbridge, and Sally Darling, Sept.15,1825.*


Sally S. and Joseph S. Prentice, Dec.31,1835.


Alpheus Jr. and Lucretia Cole of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.5,1841.

Daniel and Emeline Richardson, Mar.28,1841.

Samuel of Douglas, and Sarah Sabens, in Douglas, Oct.21,1779.


Abby E. of Providence, RI, and Samuel Cook, int.Oct.3,1841.


William C. of Boston, and Jemima W. Green, Sept.25,1828.


Abigail and Levi Aldrich, int.Feb.7,1745-6.

Caroline of Douglas, and Amasa Coggshall, int.Nov.1,1835.

Clark of Douglas, and Zilpha Alexander, Feb.2,1806.

Clark and Cyrena Pickering, May12,1811.

Daniel of Holliston, and Mary Daniell, May30,1765.

Daniel of Holliston, and Mary Philips, int.Jan.21,1769.

Diana and Steephen Cook, both of Milford, in Milford, Oct.15,1835.*

Elisabeth and Gideon Arnold of Smithfield, s.William Esqr., int.Mar.9,1759. Mar.13,1759, banns forbidden by William Arnold Esqr.

Elisabeth and Jonathan Cutler, int.May21,1767.

Elisabeth and Henry Aldrich, Nov.24,1768.

Ezekiel and Eunice White, May27,1761.

George W. and Nancy Harkness, int.Feb.24,1833.

Joanna and John Cass, int.Aug.6,1781.

John, a transient person, and Deborah Darling, Nov.8,1770.

Mary of Smithfield, and Daniel Darling, Sept.7,1732.*

Mary and Hobby Pickering, int.Nov.2,1764.


William H. and Rhoda A.P. Fuller, both of Medway, June1,1836.*


Stephen of Smithfield, RI, and Maria Thayer, Feb.14,1835.


Leonard and Mary Ann Cole, Nov.18,1827.

HYLAND (Highland)

Nancy and Jason Walker, Oct.25,1808.

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