Harriot [Harriott C. int.], wid. and William Kenrick of Newton, May 13, 1824.

Joseph of Uxbridge, and Bathsheba Thayer, in Uxbridge, May 8, 1760.

Stephen B. and Harriot Caroline Russell, Aug. 17, 1814.


Rebecca and Bezaleel Willard, both of Uxbridge, Apr. 5, 1841.*


Irving of Providence, RI and Nancy Miller, int. Apr. 21, 1833.


Mary [of Smithfield, RI. int.] and Arthur Irons, July 4, 1839.

JENCKS (Jenkes, Jenks, Jinks)

Charles B. and Urana Thayer, Apr. 4, 1821. CR1

Charles B., Capt., and Ann Eliza Smith of Smithfield, RI, int. May 6, 1827.

Betsey F. and Willard Wilcox Jr., widr., Oct. 10, 1844.

Mary S. and James Gorton of Smithfield, RI, int. Jan. 22, 1824.

JENKES (Jencks, Jenks, Jinks)

Nancy of Providence, and Elias Penniman, int. Nov. 12, 1774.

JENKS (Jencks, Jenkes, Jinks)

Abigail and William Greenman of Smithfield, RI, int. May 2, 1830.

Charles B. and Alse [Alse T. int.] Thayer, Dec. 16, 1824.

Olive and Daniel Hill, July 1, 1837.

JENNISON (Joneson)

William, Dr., and Mary Staples, Apr. 24, 1754.*

William and Barbara Ramsdil, Jan. 1, 1800.

JEPERSON (Jepherson, Jeppardson)

Phebe of Cumberland, RI, and Duty S. Keith, int. June 22, 1828.

JEPHERSON (Jeperson, Jeppardson)

Welcome and Maranda Balcom of Douglas, int. Apr. 13, 1834.

JEPPARDSON (Jeperson, Jepherson)

Margaret and Ebenezer Merriam, Apr. 22, 1771.

JILLSON (Jilson)

Beulah of Cumberland, RI, and Brinton Bartlett, int. Oct. 4, 1815.

Lucy of Cumberland, RI, and John Cass Jr., Oct. 13, 1816.

Stephen C. of Uxbridge, s. Clark and Rhene, a. 21 y., and Mary A. Taft, d. Reuben and Sarah, a. 19 y., Feb. 17, 1847.

Welcome and Abby Ann Austin, int. Mar. 13, 1845.

JILSON (Jillson)

Martha of Cumberland, and Nathan Aldrich Jr., int. May 27, 1774.

Mary S. and Elisha C. Joslin of Smithfield, RI, Mar. 21, 1830.

JINKS (Jencks, Jenkes, Jenks)

Ezra of Providence, RI, and Polly Daniels, int. Sept. 12, 1816.

JOANS (Jones)

Bridget and James Wood, May 17, 1716.*


Baxter and Unice Kieth, May 11, 1790.

Benjamin F. and Dianna Smith of Bellingham, Oct. 17, 1833.*

Cloe and Ezra Fish of Athol, June 27, 1798.

Betsey of Uxbridge, and Gershom Chapin, in Uxbridge, Mar. 9, 1758.*

Isaac T. of Upton, s. Rufus, a. 25 y., and Sarah Hapgood, d. Francis, a. 19 y., Nov. 20, 1844.

Joseph of Marlborough, and Hannah Bruce, Mar. 9, 1729-30.*

Joseph and Jemima Baxter, Nov. 28, 1754.*

Joseph R., Rev., of Newfield, NY, and Sophia Penniman, Nov. 26, 1832.

Levi and Martha Wilber, May 26, 1819.

Lucy and Benjamin Fletcher, Jan. 15, 1756.*

Maria and Rufus W. Newton of Worcester, Oct. 17, 1825.

Mary of Uxbridge, and Joshua Taft, Apr. 24, 1757.*

Mary and Nathaniel Sparrow of Millington, East Haddam, May 5, 1766.

Persis, Mrs., of Bellingham, and Judson Grant, Dec. 11, 1843.

Rufus P. and Mary E. Wood, both of Upton, Aug. 23, 1839.*

Sarah and Paul Rawson, Mar. 6, 1760.

Sarah of Bellingham, and Simon Whitney, int. Dec. 2, 1832.

Solomon and Chloe Lovett, June 9, 1791.

Stephen and Hannah Baxter, Apr. 9, 1766.

Wilder and Tirza Benson, Nov. 29, 1792.

William and Huldah Aldrich, both of Uxbridge, June 16, 1731.*

William and Martha Ellison, both of Northbridge, Apr. 8, 1779.*

William of Bellingham, and Elisabeth Allexander, July 8, 1790.

JONES (Joans)

Abigail of Killingly, and Joshua Elwell of Hardwick, Oct. 2, 1765.*

Abraham Jr. and Olive Bates, Oct. 30, 1765.

Almira of Cumberland, RI, and William S. Cook, int. June 22, 1836.

Bezaleel and Mary Nuttin of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Feb. 28, 1759.

Daniel of Bellingham, and Elisabeth Harris, Aug. 20, 1728.*

David and Hannah Pratt, both of Bellingham, Apr. 25, 1754.*

David of Holliston, and Anne Mallet, int. Feb. 10, 1769.

Dearing and Lois Bruce, Apr. 19, –––– [1744. TC].*

Eliza of Brimfield, and Frederick Purinton, int. July 8, 1827.

Hannah and Joseph Pratt, both of Bellingham, Jan. 30, 1755.*

John and Abigail Holbrook of Weymouth, late of Bellingham, in Weymouth, July 1, 1723.*

John and Abigail Cheeney, Dec. 9, 1762.

Jonathan and Mary Ball, May 7, 1767.

Joseph and Ruth Nelson, Dec. 28, 1763.

Lydiah and Jonathan Wittney, Jan. 26, 1726-7.*

Mary [Susanna. int.] and John Robbinson, Mar. 11, 1773.

Mary of Bellingham, and Benjamin Pickering Jr., int. Apr. 23, 1778.

Mary of Bellingham and Benjamin Dickerson, in Bellingham, Dec. 10, 1778.*

Melatiah and James Sumner Jr., Oct. 29, 1772.

Nathaniel and Rachel Chapin, May 20, 1747.

Nathaniel and Elisabeth Gage, Jan. 4, 1748.*

Presilla and Daniel Gage, Jan. 1, 1756.*

Rachel and David Wheelock of Charlton, Nov. 5, 1760.

Ruth of Uxbridge, and Joseph Hayward, in Uxbridge, Dec. 28, 1749.*

Samuel and Mary [Marcy. int.] Parkhurst, Mar. 27, 1766.

Sarah and Daniel Corbitt, Dec. 4, 1717.*

Sarrah and Azazirah Newton, Feb. 20, 1745-6.

Simpson, Capt., of Medway, and Mercy Hill, int. Oct. 12, 1819.

Stephen and Phine Wies, int. Sept. 22, 1783.

Susannah of Milford, and Daniel Hazeltine, int, Oct. 5, 1787.

Timothy and Ann Scammell, Dec. 3, 1771.

JONESON (Jennison)

Mary [Jennison. int.] of Douglas, and Jonathan Whipple, in Douglas, Dec. 25, 1777.

JOSELYN (Joslin)

Thankful and Jedediah Wilson, int. Nov. 4, 1773.

JOSLIN (Joselyn)

Earl and Lucinda [Lucinda A. int.] Taft, June 6, 1841.

Elisha C. of Smithfield, RI, and Mary S. Jilson, Mar. 21, 1830.

Hannah of Cumberland, and William V. Thompson of Bellingham, Mar. 5, 1835.*

Nathan [of Cumberland, RI. int.] and Lucindia Cook, Apr. 10, 1819.

Phebe and Horace Chenery, int. Oct. 4, 1829.

Phebe of Cumberland, RI, and William A. Kelly, Mar. 29, 1835.

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