George S. s.Milford, and Paulina A. Fish, June5,1839.*

Rebecca and Ebenezer Stearns, both of Upton, June24,1772.*


Estus and Dency Farnum, June9,1842.


Betsey and Seth Albee, both of Milord, Aug.30,1797.*


Mary of New Ipswich, NH, and Peter Bates, Jr., Mar.6,1843.


Charles S. of Cumberland, RI, and Keziah Darling of Bellingham, Feb.15,1827.*


Lydia of Woonsocket, RI and Ferdinand B. Andrews, int.Mar.17,1844.

Mowrey of Fall River, b. in Burrillville, s.Arad of Burrillville and Nancy, a.26y., and Harriet Thayer, d.Henry and Uranah, a.25y., Nov.20,1844.


Joseph and Lidia Cook of Cumberland, int.Nov.7,1808.

LARTHUM (Latham, Lathom)

Eunice and William McFarling of Rutland, int.Mar.7,1760.

LASALL (Lasell, Lazelle, Lazell)

Daniel and Betsey Ellis of Bellingham, int.Mar.13,1802.

Isaac and Deborah Thompson of Bellingham, int.Mar.23,1777.

Olive and Ichabod Corbett, Sept.16,1779.

LASELL (Lasall, Laselle, Lazell)

Deborah and Levi Rockwood of Bellingham, int.Jan.27,1774.

Lydia and Olney Scott of Bellingham, Oct.10,1805.

LASELLE (Lasall, Lasell, Lazell)

Joshua and Levina Crooks [Cook. int.] of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Oct.8,1778.


Hannah and Thomas Fanning of Hopkinton, int.Aug.14,1799.

LATHAM (Larthum, Lathom)

Horatio and Aminda W. Read, int.Aug.12,1832.

LATHOM (Larthum, Latham)

Eunice and Joseph Fisk, July30,1772.


Samuel of Springfield, and Julia Ann Wheelock, Sept.1,1836.


Sarah W. of Bellingham, d.George and Sally[(White)], a.22y., and William T. Russell, s.of Rufus and Sophia[(Moore)], a.26y., Apr.22,1847.


Samuel [Rawson. int.] and Lydia Green, in Boston, Oct.8,1745.


Susan B. of Medway, and Parley Young, int.Mar.24,1839.

LAZELL (Lasall, Lasell, Laselle)

Lorinda and Benjamin Guild of Franklin, Dec.5,1822.

Warren 2d and Sophia C. Thurber, of Bellingham, int.Mar.14,1824.

LEALAND (Leeland, Leland)

Abner of Holliston, and Hannah Thayer, Dec.15,1774.

LEAVENS (Leivens)

Alice of Killingly, CT, and Warren Esty, int.Oct.11,1835.


Elisabeth and William Pickering, Dec.6,1787.

Ephraim and Abigail Taft, June27,1813.

Ephraim and Nancy Nicholas of Uxbridge, Nov.12,1826.

Kesiah and Marcus Wilcox of Smithfield, RI, int.Dec.18,1835.

Nancy and Obed Goldthwait of Northbridge,末蔓末,1834. [int.Aug.24,1834]

Rachel and Duty Thompson, Feb.2,1834.

Simon Jr. and Wait Wall, int.June13,1821.

Smith of Enfield, and Mary Ann Buxton,末蔓末,末末. [int.Jan.10,1835]

Thomas and Elizabeth Wild of Milton, int.July3,1824.

LEELAND (Lealand, Leland)

Samuel of Holliston, and Dinah White, Dec.30,1736.*


Aaron and Experience Fish, Nov.7,1751.*

Aaron and Jerusha Holbrook, Jan.16,1772.

Aaron and Hannah Beacon, Dec.17,1786. [Lor's Day evening.CR1]

Abigail and Andrew Thayer of Bellingham, Mar.30,1803.

Adney and Alcey[Elsa] Tourtellott, Dec.31,1818.

Amy [Amy M. int.] and Willard Holbrook 2d, Dec.24,1840.

Asa and Nabby Benson, Nov.27,1816.

Bailey and Polly [] Benson, Mar.5,1812.

Benjamin and Abial Holbrook, int.Mar.2,1771.

Benjamin and Betsey Thayer, Nov.23,1790.

Benjamin and Martha Fowler [of Northbridge. int.], Apr.10,1807.

Caleb and Sarah Fletcher, Oct.13,1768.

Caleb and Susanna 末末, int.Aug.5,1782.

Caleb and Lydia Batchelor of Smithfield, RI, int.Aug.14,1819.

Charles and Silvia Harrington of Franklin, int.Sept.26,1813.

David and Hannah Dewing, Mar.11,1779.

David and Margery Holbrook, int.Aug.6,1781.

David and Comfort White of Uxbridge, Aug.18,1791.CR1

Betsey and Ralph Freeman, Apr.17,1794.

Betsey and David Wilber, Nov.24,1813.

Gershom and Mary Underwood, Dec.1,1757.*

Hopestill and Uriah Smith [of Dorchester. int.], Mar.18,1812.

Huldah and Elijah Bates of Bellingham, Mar.28,1799.

Jemima and Daniel Tompson of Bellingham, int.Apr.11,1761.

Joel and Salla Holbrook, int.Aug.6,1781.

John and Temperance Thayer, June1,1719.*

John Jr., s.John, and Patience Thayer, int.May1,1747. Banns forbidden May10,1747, by John Legg, the father.

Johnson of Richmond, and Lydia Staples, Aug.23,1798.

Johnson Esq., and Mrs.Chloe Freeman, int.Oct.22,1835.

Levi of Upton, and Mary Beall, int.Sept.4,1767.

Lucy and Hartwel Bills, int.Aug.2,1816.

Margarett and Joshua Farnum of Uxbridge, int.Dec.1,1761.

Martha and Capt. Samuel Fairbanks, Dec.7,1812.

Mary and Noah Keith [Jr. int.] of Uxbridge, June13,1771.

Polly and Abijah Keith, both of Uxbridge, May22,1791.CR1*

Moses and Mary McMullen of Dedham, int.Jan.10,1778.

Nancy and Elisha Wood, May26,1799.

Nancy and Nahum Wheelock Jr., Oct.25,1818.

Nancy M. and Lorrain P. Cummings, int.Jan.6,1843.

Nathaniel of Upton, and Abigail White, Nov.21,1771.

Patience and Joseph Bozworth, Aug.28,1793.

Phebee and Seth Wheelock, int.Dec.13,1785.

Rachel and Nathan Fisher of Wrentham, int.Dec.18,1766.

Reuben and Elizabeth Fletcher, Oct.16,1776.

Rhoda and Stephen Aldrich, Aug.21,1777.

Rosanna and Aaron Thayer Jr., Mar.12,1778.

Ruth and Eleazer Wight, Dec.3,1761.

Samuel and Lois Albee [Lois Taft. int.], Apr.7,1799.

Sally and Ebenezer Freeman, Nov.13,1803.

Stephen and Rachel Gage, Aug.14,1754.*

Silvia and Joseph Fox, Nov.2,1797.

Temperrances and Levi Albee, int.Mar.20,1784.

Thankful and Stephen Parkhurst of Milford, May23,1821.CR1

Thomas and Mary White, Nov.8,1748.*

Thomas and Eunice Gouldthwait of Sutton, int.Jan.8,1768.

William and Abigail Holbrook, Mar.14,1743.*

William and Elisabeth Tenney, Jan.16,1759.

William and Hephzibah Corbett, June4,1777.

William and Elizabeth Capron, Sept.23,1824.

LEISURE (Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure, Leysure, Lysure)

Abigail and Joseph Handy, Jan.1,1810.

Ann and William Wood, int.Apr.28,1837.

LEIVENS (Leavens)

Hannah of Killingly, and Grindell Rawson, int.Jan.26,1745-6.

LELAND (Lealand, Leeland)

Abner A. of Milford, and Phebe A. Coggshall, int.Apr.9,1844.

Althina of Milford, and Joseph Carroll, int.Nov.13,1830.

Dinah of Holliston, and Samuel Wheelock, int.Sept.22,1770.

Ezra of Grafton, and Hannah Rawson, Apr.17,1834.

Henry of Milford, and Silence Desper of Holliston, Dec.11,1832.*

Phinehas W. [Phinehas Washington. int.], Dr., and Pamelia Wood, Nov.19,1826.


Rachel of Cumberland, RI, and Alanson Alexander, int.Mar.2,1837.


Daniel and Sarah Dow, both of Uxbridge, Oct.18,1832.*


Louisa and Moses Sherman 2d of Grafton, May22,1832.

LESHUER (Leisure, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure, Leysure, Lysure)

Lucy and Hartford Marshall, Dec.24,1806.

LESHURE (Leisure, Leshuer, Lesuer, Lesure, Leysure, Lysure)

Silas and Mrs.Susan A. Floid, Sept.24,1837.

LESUER (Leisure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesure, Leysure, Lysure)

David and Sarah Goodale, both of Upton, Oct.26,1778.*

Levi and Zibia Rutter, Feb.26,1772.*

Paul and Susanna Tucker, Mar.17,1774.

Samuel and Martha Solina of Milford, int.Feb.25,1844.

Simeon and Miriam Fitch, May4,1780.*

Thomas and Anna Hall of Charlton, int.Oct.5,1772.

LESURE (Leisure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer, Leysure, Lysure)

Abigail and Jesse Rutter, July9,1770.

Isiah and Rachel Allen of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Aug.5,1744.

Keziah and Elisha Handy, Nov.19,1805.

Laura and Phineas Smith Taft, both of Uxbridge, Mar.4,1834.*

Mary and Obed Rutter, Nov.10,1768.

Samuel, s.Stephen, a.22y., and Martha S. Wilber, d.Jonathan, a.16y., Sept.23,1844.

Stephen and Elizabeth Hayward, Mar.22,1809.


Mary L. of Smithfield, RI, and Crawford Howland, int.May25,1819.


Stephen and Phebe Thompson, int.Mar.2,1811.

LEYSURE (Leisure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure, Lysure)

Tamar and William Rutter, Aug.8,1734.*


Nancy and George Reynolds, int.Dec.16,1783.


Ledia and John Green, July1,1706.*


Abigail of Holliston, and John Kilburn, int.Apr.7,1780.

Anna of Holliston, and Pelatiah Gibbs, Feb.25,1779.


Abigail of Framingham, and Amasa Frost, Feb.1,1749-50.*


Sarah and James Emerson, Feb.21,1722.*

LOGE (Logee)

Abraham of Smithfield, and Hannah Peckren, int.Jan.13,1748.

LOGEE (Loge)

Caleb of Smithfield, and Rachel Battles, int.Feb.7,1776.


John and Mary Taft, both of Upton, Oct.22,1745.*


John D.K. and Lucy B. Taft, int.Jan.23,1840. Jan.27,1840, publishment forbidden by Lucy B. Taft.


Jonathan of Holden, and Hopestill Taft, in Holden, Jan.1,1783.


Francis of Worcester, and Lucy Matthews, int.July14,1841.

LOVET (Lovett, Lovitt)

Abigal and Ebenezer Sumner, Jan.18,1705-6.*

Daniel and Abigail Thompson of Braintree, in Boston, Apr.11,1721.*

LOVETT (Lovet, Lovitt)

Nabbe and Thomas Fletcher of New Braintree, int.Sept.26,1789.

Beulah and Andrew Peters of Medfield, Mar.30,1768.

Chloe and Solomon Johnson, June9,1791.

Deborah and Robert Taft, June21,1748.*

Bette of Petersham, and Evander Morse of Woodstock, Oct.26,1780.*

Hannah and George Bruce, Mar.30,1758.*

Harriot [Harriot D. int.] and Alonzo Taft, May3,1825.

James and Hannah Tiler, Jan.20,1668.MR*

James and Elisabeth Devenport, Sept.18,1752.

James Jr. and Freelove Bartlet of Cumberland, int.Sept.6,1794.

Lois of Cumberland, and Rufus Aldrich, int.July8,1768.

Lucy and Brigham Brown of Paxton, Mar.25,1800.

Mary and Hopestill Tiler, Jan.20,1668.MR*

Phinehas and Hannah Merriam, Aug.7,1734.*

Phinehas and Beulah Morse, Dec.22,1742.*

Phinehas Jr. and Abigail Thayer, Apr.6,1768.

Phinehas and Polly Wheelock, Mar.13,1800.

Rachel and Samuell Fairbank Jr., Feb.1,1776.

Rebekah and Joseph McKlintock, int.Oct.24,1785.


Noah P. of Oxford, and Lucy S. Freeman, int.Nov.6,1836.

LOVITT (Lovet, Lovett)

Daniel and Abigail Sprague of Andover, in Andover, Mar.28,1710.*


Thomas and Esther Parkhurst, Apr.11,1776.


Bartholomew K. and Elizabeth Hodges of Smithfield, RI, int.July7,1826.


Abba and Henry Rawson, Dec.31,1835.

Hannah and James Darling, Apr.12,1832.

Job and Ann Cady, int.Nov.17,1827.

John W. and Albina Field, of Smithfield, RI, int.May12,1844.

John of Blackstone, and Catherine Taft, int.Jan.12,1846.

Julia and James M. Hopkins of Thompson, CT, Feb.26,1837.

Mary Ann and William L. Bellows, Oct.19,1834.

Mary and Gen. Rufus Hayward, Jan.5,1840.

Sebra and Oliver C. Congdon, Oct.8,1837.

Stephen and Amey Seamans of Smithfield, RI, int.Dec.7,1835.

Thomas and Lucy Southland, Mar.17,1814.


Elijah of Woodstock, and Elisabeth Merriam, Jan.9,1752.*

Hannah 2d of Woodstock, CT, and Asa Pickering in Woodstock, Apr.9,1810.

Sarah and Samuel Walker of Hopkinton, Jan.15,1759.

LYSURE (Leisure, Leshuer, Leshure, Lesuer, Lesure, Leysure)

John and Sarah White, Mar.16,1749.*

Phillip and Abigail Benham, Dec.30,1741.*

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