Sally of Uxbridge, and Jonathan Buxton, int.Dec.5,1829.


Ruth and Thomas Sparrow of Smithfield, RI, int.Aug.15,1815.

PAIN (Paine)

Alva and Philia Freeman of Cumberland, int.Feb.7,1811.

Anna of Bellingham, and Phinehas Aldrich, in Bellingham, Mar.30,1780.

Anna, d.Dan of Bellingham, and Moses Thayer, s.Aaron, May29,1800.*

Bezalel, black man, and Jane Braton of Smithfield, int.Dec.17,1808.

Hirena and Olney Thomson of Smithfield, int.Feb.8,1789.

Hyrena and Lyman Daniels, Dec.26,1805.

Patiance and Sulton Gilson, int.May11,1808.

Rufus and Laura Ann Morton of Charlton, int.Oct.26,1834.

Thomas of Bellingham, and Phebe Man, int.Apr.12,1784.

PAINE (Pain)

Abby and Edward Goodell, July2,1840.

Amy S. of Smithfield, RI, amd William Armstrong, int.Dec.6,1834.

Desire of Smithfield, RI, and Elijah Trask, int.May15,1827.

Alvira and Capt. Perry Daniels of Hopkinton, June1,1835.

Emanuel N. and Susan Rockwood of Bellingham, in Dedham, Mar.6,1838.

Fidelia and Peter Barcume, int.Apr.7,1842.

James and Margaret Killey of Bellingham, Nov.23,1825.

Jedidiah of Chesterfield, and Hanna Corbett, int.Nov.22,1774.

Lydia and Joseph Ray, Sept.18,1814.

Lyman and Sally Hall of Smithfield, RI, int.Oct.17,1830.

Mary and Caleb Colvin, Aug.10,1825.

Mercy, d.Obed of Smithfield, RI, and Otis Thayer, s.Joseph, in Smithfield, Dec.31,1812.

Naomi and Russel Bennit, Oct.25,1798.

Rufus and Elvira Southwick, Jan.25,1816.

Samuel Royal of Bristol, and Betsey Torrey, July28,1787. [July29.CR1]

Sarah and Rila Scott, Feb.29,1819.

Susan and Samuel N. Hubbard of Charlestown, Oct.10,1837.

Uranah of Bellingham, and Amasa Aldrich, int.Mar.12,1781.

Vienna of Bellingham, and Albert McKean of Dunstable, NH, Vienna of Dunstable, NH, in Bellingham, May20,1835.*


Katharine and Samuel Haden of Hopkinton, Aug.13,1767.

Kezia and George Sternes [Stone. int.], Oct.29,1765.

Mary and Dea.Thomas Holman of Sutton, in Sutton, Feb.4,1778.

Mehitable of Hassanamis, alias Grafton, and James Rice, in Grafton, June6,1735.*

Sarah of Upton, and Josiah Ball, int.Oct.12,1759.

Sarah and Josiah Ball Jr., July5,1770.


Cynthia [Cynthia A. int.] and David Boyden, Aug.25,1821.

Betsey Maria and Jason Young, int.Jan.27,1836.

Hannah of Reading, and Rev. Joseph Willard, int.May2,1769.

Jeremiah of Medway [Holliston. int.], and Deborah Dix, in Medway, Apr.24,1774.

John D. and Caroline G. Wait, both of Uxbridge, Oct.27,1839.*

Lydia and Cromwell Bixby, int.Sept.2,1824.

Maryetta and Francis Killey of Bellingham, Apr.6,1838.

Willard F. and Angelina Walker of Milford, Oct.2,1837.*


Amasa of Milford, and Elizabeth Brown, Oct.6,1839.

Ebenezer and Marcy Hill, Dec.22,1768.

Ephraim and Jemima Hayward of Bellingham, int.Aug.10,1767.

Esther and Jonathan Whitney, Nov.6,1760.

Esther and Thomas Low, Apr.11,1776.

Hannah and Levi Thayer, Apr.25,1771.

Horace H. and Mary M. Alexander, int.May19,1843.

Horatio and Mary Dean of Wrentham, int.July1,1815.

Isaac Jr. and Mary Parmenter, May31,1758.*

Jonas [Jr. int.] and Mary Nelson, Dec.1,1774.

Jotham and Amelia Adams, Aug.8,1824.

Laura P. and George W. Arnold, Nov.17,1840.

Lydia and Ebenezer Wood of Upton, int.July24,1762.

Lydia and Hezekiah Pond of Wrentham, int.Mar.9,1764.

Lydia and Ephraim Twitchel, Apr.13,1769.

Martha and Daniel White, Jan.4,1778.

Mary [] and Samuel Jones, Mar.27,1766.

Nancy of Milford, and Otis Torrey, int.July21,1816.

Nathan and Lydia Aldrich of Millbury, int.Mar.6,1828.

Nathaniel and Sarah Brown, May29,1771.

Otis T. and Mary [Mary A. int.] Wilcox, July30,1839.

Sarah [Parker. int.] and Grindall Thayer, Sept.3,1767.

Stephen of Milford, and Thankful Legg, May23,1821.CR1

Susannah of Franklin, and Richard Mann, int.June3,1811.


Alathina of Milford, and Asa Hall 2d of Bellingham, Nov.2,1834.*

Susan of Milford, and Benjamin C. Bicknell, Sept.4,1823.

PARMENTER (Parmiter)

Hannah of Hopkinton, and James Hayward, Feb.26,1754.*

Lois of Hopkinton, and James Hayward, Apr.17,1746.

Mary and Isaac Parkhurst Jr., May31,1758.*

PARMINTER (Parmenter)

Elisabeth of Oxford, and Thomas Mann of Rutland District, Mar.31,1774.*


Eliza L. of Milford, and Lewis Morse of Paxton, Dec.12,1843.*

Maria and Erastus Spear of Milford, int.Nov.10,1838.

PARTRIDGE (Patridge)

Abigail and Grindall Taft, Sept.22,1774.

Annah of Wrentham, and Nathaniel Thayer, Jan.19,1730-1.*

Hannah and Aaron Holbrook, both of Bellingham, June3,1762.*

Jemima and Peter Brown, Aug.26,1792.

John of Wrentham, and Abigail Thayer, Nov.18,1737.*

John of Wrentham, and Cattron Holbrook, Dec.8,1774.

Joseph and Sarah Warren, Nov.15,1778.

Joseph and Lydiaette Cushman, both of Bellingham, Nov.30,1836.*

Lovett and Sarah Hayward, May19,1774.

Marthy and Ebenezer Chase, Nov.28,1830.CR1

Mary, wid., and James Torrey of Upton, Nov.27,1755.*

Rhoda of Milford, and Samuel Kinsman, int.Mar.20,1841.

Seth of Uxbridge, and Emma Mowrey, May6,1835.

Sheffield and Lydia Penniman, int.Feb.10,1775.

Stephen and Jemima Taft, Jan.4,1776.

Suke and Peter Thomson, int.Aug.15,1801.

Uranah of Medway, and John Ellis Jr., in Medway, Feb.2,1774.

PASMORE (Passamore)

Hannah and Joseph Ware of Wrentham, Jan.6,1778.*

John and Joanna Cumstock of Smithfield, int.Jan.1,1781.

Joseph and Thankful Barns, Nov.5,1772.

PASON (Payson)

Charles G. and Eunice E. Cook, int.Jan.30,1845.


George B. of Smithfield, RI, and Ruth Smith, int.May8,1833.

PATRIDGE (Partridge)

Lydia and Asel Fairbanks of Medway, Apr.21,1801.

Polly and Amasa Albee [both of Milford.CR1], Oct.29,1800.*


Polley of Northbridge, and Joel Bates, int.July7,1817.

PAYSON (Pason)

Sarah A. and William T. Metcalf, June7,1836.

Susan R. and Benjamin Bates Jr., Mar.14,1839.


Samuel W. and Caroline M. Buffum, Dec.29,1833.

PEAS (Pease, Peese)

Mary of Upton, and John Hayward Jr., int.Dec.23,1780.

PEASE (Peas, Peeze)

Josiah [of Upton. int.] and Judith Town, Apr.7,1812.

Patience, Mrs., and Bezaliel Mann, int.Oct.19,1818.

Patience and Nathan C. Coffee, int.Dec.18,1831. Colored people.

Samuel and Deborah Brown of Princeton, int.Apr.14,1823.


Benjamin D. and Nancy A. Miller, both of Smithfield, RI, Aug.21,1838.*

Catherine P. and Thomas M. Buffum, June14,1831.

Eliza F. and Calvin Butler of Heath, int.Apr.25,1839.

Gustavus D. and Salley Perrey of Milford, int.Nov.4,1809.

Jeremiah and Reliance Hamlin, Jan.6,1825.

Josephus W. and Louisa Taft of Northbridge, int.Feb.18,1837.

Mary and Mellen Benson, July13,1842.

Nancy B. and Dan Hill, int.Mar.10,1833.

Susan H. and William A. Wolcott of Salsbury, CT, June21,1838.

PECKREN (Pickering, Pickerring, Pickring)

Hannah and Abraham Loge of Smithfield, int.Jan.13,1748.

PEESE (Peas, Pease)

Joseph and Patience Abbit, Nov.28,1796.


John and Ruth Darrling of Bellingham, int.Aug.21,1747.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Gilman [Gilman G. int.] and Elizabeth Woodworth, Apr.2,1843.

Marshall and Esther A. Richmond, int.Dec.13,1835.


Agnes P. and Abram W. Goldthwait of Uxbridge, int.Oct.7,1843.

PENEMAN (Penniman, Pennyman)

Nathan and Mary Farnum, in Boston, Dec.5,1716.*

PENNIMAN (Peneman, Pennyman)

Abigail and David Brastow of Uxbridge, Apr.18,1779.

Andrew and Cynthia Wood, June13,1799.

Andrew and Hannah P. [Hannah Prince. int.] Crosby of Thompson, CT, in Thompson, CT, Apr.24,1817.

Angiline and Ebenezer Hawes of Dedham, Mar.30,1829.CR1

Anna of Bellingham, and Zuriel Albee, Mar.27,1776.

Ann and Joseph Benjamin, int.Oct.6,1747.

Baruch and Priscilla Warrin of Milford, int.Mar.30,1789.

Baruch and Sarah Pond of Medway, int.June2,1806.

Cynthia and Leonard Seaver, Apr.11,1832.

Daniel T. [Daniel F. of New Ipswich, NH. int.] and Mary A. Freeman, Apr.1,1830.

David and Elisabeth Phipini, Dec.22,1747.

Eleanor and Moses Peters of Uxbridge, int.Mar.18,1782.

Elias and Nancy Jenkes of Providence, int.Nov.12,1774.

Elijah and Sibyl Peters, int.Oct.24,1786.

Hannah and Ebenezer Aldis of Wrentham, June5,1771.

Hannah and Nathan Fish, int.Feb.14,1785.

Henry and Experience Wheelock, Apr.13,1769.

James H. of Milford, and Celicia Bates, Jan.15,1832.

Jesse Ware and Marion[Maria.Uxbridge VRs] Bradfoot Robinson, Aug.16,1836.

John and Eunice Pond of Wrentham, in Wrentham, Dec.1,1762.

Josiah and Esther Ware of Needham, in Needham, Jan.22,1761.

Josiah and Cena Holbrook of Bellingham, int.Mar.12,1790.

Katy of Bellingham, and Abner Albee, Nov.23,1774.

Katherine and Jacob White, Feb.18,1779.

Lydia and Sheffield Partridge, int.Feb.10,1775.

Lydia and Amos Farnum, both of Uxbridge, Feb.5,1794.CR1*

Mary and John Hayward [Jr. int.], Nov.2,1775.

Mary of Uxbridge, and Stephen Holbrook Jr. of Bellingham, Nov.10,1790.CR1*

Melecent F. and Wheler Aldrich, Apr.19,1827.

Nathan and Mary Holbrook of Bellingham, Jan.16,1758.*

Nathan, Dea., and wid.Joanna Cheney, May28,1760.

Olive and Dr. Daniel Thurber, Nov.30,1798.

Pelitiah of Braintree, and Hannah Taft, in Braintree, June25,1763 [May24,1764. dup.] [June23,1763. int.].

Peter and Huldah Wheelock, Nov.21,1754.*

Rhoda and Peter Albee, June8,1789.

Royal and Mrs.Eliza W. Hammitt of Sutton, int.Mar.1,1836.

Ruth and Lucius Boyce, Apr.14,1789.

Samuell and Huldah White, Dec.3,1741.*

Samuel [Lieut. int.] and Deborah Taft of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Oct.25,1770.

Samuel Jr. of Milford, and Abigail Mellin, int.Feb.11,1804.

Sena and Nathaniel Albee of Franklin, int.Mar.8,1804.

Sena and Charles Ballou, May4,1820.CR1

Silas of Bellingham, and Huldah Daniels, Apr.22,1772.

Sophia and Rev. Joseph R. Johnson of Newfield, NY, Nov.26,1832.

Sukey and Lebbeus Daniels, int.Nov.21,1812.

PENNYMAN (Peneman, Penniman)

Jesse and Lois Wood of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Dec.8,1763.


Eliab Milton and Sarah A. Smith, Mar.17,1842.

Reuben F. and Izanna Bennett, Dec.4,1831.

Sarah H. and George W. Mitchell, Oct.28,1834.


Eunice and Arnold A. Taft, Mar.19,1843.

Hannah and Gilbert P. Blanchard of Burrillville, RI, int.Feb.24,1833.

Martha and Edward Greeman, int.Apr.1,1833.

Sally and Ezekiel Phillips, int.Oct.20,1833.

PERREY (Perry)

Aaron of Princeton, and Mary French, Mar.4,1761.

Noah of Bellingham, and Anna Holbrook, July1,1773.

Salley of Milford, and Gustavus D. Peck, int.Nov.4,1809.

Salley of Milford, and Joel Southland, int.Mar.21,1812.


Hannah of Wrentham, and Roger Alexander, int.Dec.24,1842.


Dorothy and Brown Carey, May8,1828.

Sophia Ann and Orin S. Harvey, int.Nov.4,1836.

PERRY (Perrey)

Achsah of Milford, and Valentine R. Bullard, Jan.4,1836.*

Elisabeth of Bellingham, and Levi Aldrich Jr., int.Nov.12,1774.

Betsey C. and George N. Howe, both of Milford, May23,1841.*

Enoch and Esther Bartlett of Newton, in Newton, Nov.4,1776.*

Hopestill of Milford, and Willard P. Haven, Apr.11,1839.*

Joseph of Mansfield, and Mary Wheelock, Sept.14,1774.

Josiah and Chloe French of Smithfield, RI, int.Mar.4,1827.

Nancy and James Knapp, Oct.8,1820.

Nancy and Veranus Field, int.July23,1826.

Oliver of Bellingham, and Amey Pickering, in Bellingham, Oct.8,1780.

Phebe and Hezekiah Wood, both of Upton, June8,1778.*

Susan E. and Elliot Alden, both of Milford, Oct.4,1840.*


Andrew of Medfield, and Beulah Lovett, Mar.30,1768.

Eleanor and Orrin G. Goodwin, June18,1840.

Moses of Uxbridge, and Eleanor Penniman, int.Mar.18,1782.

Sibyl and Elijah Penniman, int.Oct.24,1786.

PETTIPLACE (Phetteplace)

Mary and Daniel N. Chase, Oct.7,1840.


Alanson of Medway, and Fanny Marsh, Nov.20,1828.


Anna and Simion Darling, in Northhampton, June24,1784.

Rufus of Northampton, and Sybel Benson, Jan.20,1789.

PHETTEPLACE (Pettiplace)

Mary and Thomas Yearnshaw of Smithfield, RI, Apr.6,1843.

PHILIPS (Phillips)

Mary and Daniel Hunt of Holliston, int.Jan.21,1769.

PHILLIPS (Philips)

Aaron of Smithfield, RI, and Harriet Seagraves, int.Mar.25,1832.

Abigail and Jonathan Scott of Bellingham, int.Nov.10,1796.

Anna and Willard Weeks, Apr.17,1814.

Carlista E. and Wellington S. Hart, int.July14,1844.

Charles and Comfort Battels, int.Sept.5,1805.

Elsa Ann and Joseph L. Watson, int.Feb.24,1833.

Eunice and Richard Taft,末蔓末, 末末 [int, Jan.5,1835]

Ezekiel and Sally Perkins, int.Oct.20,1833.

Israel and Abigail Aldrich, int.Nov.27,1785.

Israel and Hannah Mann, int.July11,1795.

Mary and Daniel Sabens of Fairhaven, CT, int.Jan.13,1833.

Massa of Gloucester, RI, and David Darling, int.Apr.10,1791.


Laura and George Hancoth, both of Milford, May12,1831.*

Phebe of Milford, and David E. Davenport, in Milford, Jan.1,1839.*


Elisabeth and David Penniman, Dec.22,1747.

PHIPPS (Phips)

Marcus C. of Hopkinton, and Amy Wheelock, int.Oct.14,1849.

PHIPS (Phipps)

Aaron, Dea., of Holliston, and Deborah Day, int.May20,1781.

John of Gloucester, and Anna Corbitt, Dec.21,1774.

PICKERING (Peckren, Pickerring, Pickring)

Aldrich of Pawtucket, RI, and Selia Ann Arnold, int.Mar.30,1828.

Alce and Daniel Blake, May6,1822.

Amey and Oliver Perry of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Oct.8,1780.

Artimas and Meribah Wilcox of Cumberland, int.Mar.5,1808.

Artimus C. of Dudley, and Sarah Gaskill, Nov.1,1840.

Asa and Rachel Cook, int.Sept.15,1788.

Asa and Hannah Lyon 2d of Woodstock, CT, in Woodstock, Apr.9,1810.

Asa and Levina Gilson of Cumberland, int.Mar.16,1811.

Asenith and Simeon Pickering, Mar.3,1822.

Benjamin Jr. and Mary Jones of Bellingham, int.Apr.23,1778.

Benjamin 2d and Pheba Scott, Oct.16,1831.

Burrill of Cumberland, RI, and Lurana Cook, int.Mar.25,1827.

Daniel W. and Elizabeth Thompson, int.June25,1829.

Daniel J. of Saugerties, NY, and Levina T. Hayward, Dec.6,1840.

David and Hannah Arnold, int.May28,1791.

Eliza and Zera Clough, int.Jan.1,1832.

Elizabeth and David Handy, Aug.24,1829.

Elisabeth of Milford, and John Howe, Nov.5,1832.

Elsa and Jotham Pickerring, int.Nov.12,1781.

Hannah M. and Charles A. Taft, Sept.12,1841.

Hobby and Mary Hunt, int.Nov.2,1764.

Jonna [] and Ezekiel Cook [Jr. int.] of Bellingham, in Bellingham, May9,1791.

Joanna and Samuel Chase, int.Mar.29,1835.

John, s.William and Freelove Darling of Smithfield, d.Henry, Sept.3,1823.

Jonathan and Hannah Wilkins, int.Oct.15,1796.

Joseph and Eddy Capron of Cumberland, int.Apr.21,1811.

Lucina and Silas Foster of Dudley, int.Jan.12,1805.

Lucina and Elijah Hill, Dec.31,1835.

Lucy and Hosea Marshall, int.Jan.12,1815.

Lurana and Eber Taft of Uxbridge, May30,1819.

Margaret and Caleb Cook, int.July15,1816.

Mary and Esquire Taft of Uxbridge, int.Sept.1,1837.

Nancy and Nathan Pickering, May26,1809.

Nathan and Nancy Pickering, May26,1809.

Olive and Stephen Comstock of Uxbridge, int.Mar.17,1829.

Peter and Hannah Bennett of Cranston, RI, int.Apr.8,1807.

Peter and Phebe Sibly of Bellingham, int.Feb.25,1827.

Rebecca and Fisher Darling, int.Feb.12,1817.

Samuel [Samuel B. int.] and Rhoda Clark,末蔓末, 末末 [int.July22,1832]

Samuel B., widr., b. in Cranston, RI, s.Peter and Hannah, a.33y., and Sophia M. Cook of Bellingham, b. Wrentham, d.Ezekiel of Bellingham, a.38y., Nov.10,1844.

Cyrena and Clark Hunt, May12,1811.

Simeon and Asenith Pickering, Mar.3,1822.

Simeon of Burrillville, RI, and Roxelana Handy, int.Aug.14,1824.

Sylvester and Hannah C. Wood of Uxbridge, int.Aug.1,1835.

Waity and Abner Cook, Aug.22,1799.

Willard and Relephia Rounds, Nov.5,1818.

William and Elisabeth Lee, Dec.6,1787.

PICKERRING (Peckren, Pickering and Pickring)

Jotham and Elsa Pickering, int.Nov.12,1781.

PICKRING (Peckren, Pickering, Pickerring)

Asa and 末末 末末 of Cumberland, int.末蔓末,1782.

Betsey Ann and Benjamin Howard, int.Mar.20,1830.

Ichabod and Margaret Aldrich, int.Aug.11,1772.

Jain and Nathaniel Ballou of Partridgefield, int.Apr.14,1783.

Mearcey and Joseph Cook of Cumberland, int.May10,1784.

Phebe and David Handy, int.Nov.27,1785,

Perserved and Mary Cady, int.Apr.24,1794.

Samuel and Sarah Bellew of Bellingham, int.Nov.22,1758.

William and Sarah Mattison of Smithfield, int.Mar.17,1783.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Abigail of Hopkinton, and John Bolster of Upton, Dec.12,1771.*

Hannah of Hopkinton, and Isaac Adames Green, in Westborough, Apr.26,1764.*

Joseph and Deborah Wood, Mar.31,1767.

Lydia of Hopkinton, and Amasa McFarland, Apr.8,1838.*

Nathaniel of Pawtucket, RI, and Sylvia W. Bates, Thursday, Apr.2,1840.

Peleg of Rehoboth, and Olive Hammon, int.Oct.12,1828.

Rebecca L. and Oliver Clapp, Monday evening, Sept.26,1837.

Rhoda of Smithfield, RI, and Nathaniel Inman, int.Dec.5,1827.

Stillman of Smithfield, RI, and Esther C. Hammon, int.June6,1830.


Abigail and Job Darling, int.July16,1775.

Robert of Dighton, and Sarah Trask, int.Feb.9,1760.


Elizabeth and John Read, Jan.1,1717-8.*

Susina and Ardanus Cook of Cumberland, int.Oct.10,1792.


Abba and Rev. Edmund Capron, May3,1837.

Amos W. and Mary Ann Bucklin, May6,1836.

Emeline and Paul D. Wallis of Boston, Sept.7,1843.

Fanny W. and Lemuel Munyan, May10,1830.

Esek of Uxbridge, and Bathsheba Daniels, Sept.4,1823.

James, widr., s.Joseph, a.35y., and Mary Thompson, d.Elisha, a.22y., Mar.25,1845.

Louisa and Moses Buffum, July24,1823.

Maria and Albert Fairbanks, Feb.5,1829.


Phildelia and James S. Preston, int.Oct.13,1833.

Marcelia and Nelson M. Keech, int.May27,1835.


Alexander and Elizabeth Drue, Dec.5,170.*

John and Dorcas Samson, Apr.15,1723.*


Ann Mariah of Milford, and Lyman Cook, in Milford, Nov.26,1837.

Eli 3d, s.Eli Jr. and Maria, a.20y., and Chloe D.H. Hayward, d.Caleb and Mary M., a.20y., Sept.30,1847.

Eunice of Wrentham, and John Penniman, in Wrentham, Dec.1,1762.

Hezekiah of Wrentham, and Lydia Parkhurst, int.Mar.9,1764.

John, Dr., and Phebe Southwick, of Uxbridge, int.Mar.14,1818.

Milatiah of Franklin, and Lewis Boyden, int.Oct.4,1823.

Marcy, wid., and John Thayer Jr., July2,1767.

Miranda of Franklin, and Cushman Thayer, int.Mar.13,1818.

Moses Jr., and Zilphah S. Clark of Medway, in Medway, Nov.21,1838.*

Perley and Silas Thayer, Aug.20,1767.

Sarah, of Medway, and Baruch Penniman, int.June2,1806.

Seva and Silva White, Apr.4,1770.


Hannah and Peter Holbrook, Mar.23,1713.*

Joseph and Experiance White, Dec.6,1706.*


Sarah and Thomas P. Nellson, both of Upton, Nov.28,1749.*


Benjamin A. and Melona Putnam, Oct.7,1830.

Mary and Olney Preston, int.Jan.1,1840.

Mercy and Marvel Hopkins of Scituate, RI, Aug.29,1824.

Pheba and Elisha Crosby of Smithfield, RI, int.Sept.2,1833.

Robert and Alaice Innman, Mar.24,1839.

Steven and Sarah Albe, June末,1798.*


Mary and Nahum Morse Jr., int.June4,1826.


Abby R. and Silas P. Hadley, int.Nov.9,1844.

Acenith and William O. Dyer, int.Aug.14,1844.

Benjamin and Amy Chase, int., July6,1828.

Ebenezer of Sherborn, and Mary Wood, in Boston,s Jan.28,1717.*

Hannah and David Jones, both of Bellingham, Apr.25,1754.*

Hannah and Andrus Wheelock Jr., int.Nov.21,1847.

Joseph and Hannah Jones, both of Bellingham, Jan.30,1755.*

Phineas of Grafton, and Susanna Wood, Aug.24,1749.*

Robert P. and Salley Whelden of Edgarton, int.Aug.28,1819.

Solomon and Lydia Aldrich, Aug.21,1820.


Esther and [Lieut. int.] Solomon White, Apr.2,1780.

PRENTICE (Printas, Printic, Printice)

Nabby and Aaron Arnold, May28,1822.

Alpha and Phillib[Phillip] Handy, Apr.2,1808.

George and Fanney Mowrey, Aug.25,1816.

Hannah and Joseph Chesley, Dec.12,1829.

Joseph S. and Sally S. Hull, Dec.31,1835.

Olive and Henry B. Albee, June14,1829.

Pamelia and Amasa Bowen of Thompson, CT, int.May27,1832.

Peleg and Ester Young, Jan.1,1811.

Perley [Perley H. int.] and Susan E. Ballou, June1,1835.

Roena and Josiah Trask, Mar.19,1890.

Samuel and Mirriam Southwick, in Sutton, Sept.14,1790.


James S. and Phidelia Place, int.Oct.13,1833.

Mary Ann and Timothy S. Walker, Cumberland, RI, int.Oct.27,1833.

Olney and Mary Potter, int.Jan.1,1840.


Benjamin Jr. and Lillus Bowen, int.Aug.20,1826.

PRINTAS (Prentice, Primtic, Printice)

Wilson and Trial Darling, int.June21,1784.

PRINTIC (Prentice, Printas, Printice)

Rebekah and William Brown, Oct.13,1719.*

PRINTICE (Prentice, Printas, Printic)

Abigail and Joseph Southwick, int.Oct.10,1801.

Thaddeus and Kezia Southwick, Sept.27,1795.


Marcey of Wrentham, and Gershom Nellson, July5,1753.*

Richard of Wrentham, and Jemima Albee, Apr.11,1751.*

PULCEPHER (Pulcipher)

Elisabeth and Daniel Hill, Mar.26,1751.*

PULCIPHER (Pulcepher)

Mary and Elijah Hayward, Apr.24,1755.*

Ruth and Josiah Hayward, Mar.5,1760.


Jean and James Smith, June16,1735.*


Adaline and Arthur Cook Jr., Feb.15,1831.

Frederick H. and Eliza Jones of Brimfield, int.July8,1827.


Betsy of Sutton, and Allexander Hayward, int.June18,1803.

Lydia of Sutton and John Daniels, in Sutton, May26,1762.

Lydia L. and Eleazer Bellows, int.Jan.21,1844.

Melona and Benjamin A. Potter, Oct.7,1830.

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