Stephen H. and Nancy Cole of Worcester, int.Sept.5,1844.


Aaron and Bethiah Daniel, int.Feb.4,1745-6.

Abiel and Thomas Childs of Templeton, May18,1824.

Abigail and Abraham Staples, July26,1727.*

Abigail and Calvin Smith, May6,1755.*

Abigail and Turner Ellis, Jan.25,1759.

Abigail and Barzillai Taft, both of Uxbridge, Dec.17,1772.*

Abigail and Abijah Easty, July12,1798.

Abigail and Ephraim Lee, June27,1813.

Abigail and Henry Wilson, May24,1829.

Abigail and Riley Mitchell of Milford, int.July14,1844.

Alanson and Elizabeth Wheelock Taft, in Milford, Nov.16,1848.

Allen and Zilpha Allen, Sept.21,1834.

Alonzo and Harriot [Harriot D. int.] Lovett, May3,1825.

Alpheus and Lydia Holbrook, int.Aug.25,1779.

Amariah and Anna Tyler, both of Upton, Aug.16,1770.*

Amariah and Watee Wood, Apr.20,1820.

Amasa and Mary [] Torrey, Nov.28,1799.

Amos and Sophronia J Bartlett,末蔓末,1842. [int.Apr.11,1843].

Amy and Linus Bacon of Charlton, Nov.10,1816.

Anna and Seth Taft, Feb.17,1752. (Note in pencil says it should be Anna Read of Slatersville.)*

Anna and Stephen Taft of Uxbridge, Jan.3,1766.

Anna and Peter Wheelock, int.Feb.2,1812.

Arnold and Martha W. Harrington of Grafton, int.July10,1815.

Arnold A. and Eunice Perkins, Mar.19,1843.

Artemas and Abigail Staples, Sept.1,1778.

Arilla and William Bellow of Smithfield, int.Dec.12,1801.

Bailey and [] Relief Taft, July3,1814.

Barzillai and Abigail Taft, both of Uxbridge, Dec.17,1772.*

Benjemin and Sarah Thomas, Mar.22,1707.*

Benjamin of Uxbridge, and Barshabe Dickey, int.Dec.26,1761.

Benjamin and Amy Bates, int.Sept.22,1821.

Bethiah and Caleb Hill of New Sherborn, Apr.15,1740.*

Beulah and Samuel Chapin, of Uxbridge, Feb.26,1761.

Caleb and Susanna Allbe, Aug.10,1747.*

Caleb Jr. and Hannah Thayer, int.July9,1781.

Caleb and Amy Southwick, June7,1829.

Catherine and John Luther of Blackstone, int.Jan.12,1846.

Charles A. and Hannah M. Pickering, Sept.12,1841.

Charles O. and Mary C. Smith of Barre, int.Apr.28,1844.

Charlottee and Thomas Aldrich, Jan.10,1791.

Charlotte of Uxbridge, and Elbridge G. Daniels, Jan.11,1816.

Charlotte of Uxbridge, and Moses Daniels, Jr., July21,1818.

Charlotte and Perry Thayer, Sept.12,1833.

Chloe of Uxbridge, and John Benson Jr., int.Oct.12,1805.

Chloe and Oliver Taft of Uxbridge, Nov.28,1805.

Chloe and Nahor Fletcher, Nov.1,1807.

Chloe Ann and Gardner Mowrey of Uxbridge, int.Oct.17,1835.

Clarinda of Uxbridge, and Caleb Mowry, int.Sept.8,1813.

Comfort and Benjamin Read of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, May27,1762.

Daniel and Ledia Chapin, Dec.5,1706.*

Daniel and Rhoda Ellis of Killingly, CT, int.Jan.29,1779.

Daniel of Hartland, and Thankful Wilson, int.Aug.25,1801.

Daniel and Irena [] Albee, Mar.17,1816.

Darias and Lois Cummings, both of Uxbridge, Dec.23,1790.*

David and Silve Ellis, Jan.24,1759.

Deborah and Benjamin Whelock, June24,1726.*

Deborah and Noah Keith of Uxbridge, int.July30,1745,

Deborah and Joseph Day, Jan.5,1764.

Deborah of Uxbridge, and [Lieut. int.] Samuel Penniman, in Uxbridge, Oct.25,1770.

Deborah and Follingby Chase of Sutton, Apr.13,1773.

Deborah and John Warfield, Apr.3,1777.

Deaborah and Jesse Tourttellott, June4,1806.

Dexter and Louis Wilson of Smithfield, RI, int.Mar.15,1835.

Diana and Silvanus Thayer, both of Uxbridge, Feb.4,1793.*

Dudley and Eliza Tourtellott, May9,1816.

Ebenezar, Capt., and Lydia Taft, July29,1762.

Ebenezer and Molly Hayward, int.Mar.13,1779.

Eber of Uxbridge, and Lurana Pickering, May30,1819.

Eleazer and Rachel Thayer, Dec.15,1720.*

Elijah and Phila Chapin of Uxbridge, Dec.31,1789.CR1

Elijah and Salley Rawson, int.Jan.7,1810.

Elijah 2d and Amy Albee of Milford, int.Mar.12,1826.

Elijah 2d and Cynthia Hough of Sutton, int.Dec.14,1838.

Eliza and Sullivan Harkness, Mar.19,1826.

Elisabeth of Uxbridge, and Elijah Alexander, in Uxbridge, Oct.31,1765.

Betsey and Ezra Allin, Jr. May4,1800.

Betsey and Ezra Chapman of Windsor, Feb.1,1804.

Betsey and Charles A. Smith, July4,1819.

Betsey W. and Andre Southwick, Feb.26,1843.

Elizabeth Wheelock and Alanson Taft, in Milford, Nov.16,1848.

Elkina and Ruth Benson, Jan.14,1810.

Ellis and Aseneth Boyden, May17,1817 (May27 dup.).

Ellis 2d and Luzerne Kelly, Apr.26,1827.

Enos and Polly Staples, Mar.10,1782.

Enos and Phila Albee of Uxbridge, Nov.7,1799.

Enos and Nancy Fish, int.Dec.30,1820.

Ephraim and Hannah Wheelock, Nov.16,1769.

Erasmus [] of Uxbridge, and Margaret Smith, Oct.29,1821.CR1

Esquire of Uxbridge, and Mary Pickering, int.Sept.1,1827.

Eunice of Uxbridge, and Levi Carpenter, int.Sept.29,1804.

Francis F. and Caroline A. Ford, Sunday, July24,1842.CR1

Genery and Rachel Wilson, May12,1793.

Genera Jr. of Upton, and Laura Hoyt of Uxbridge, Apr.14,1833.*

George and Arena Thayer of Bellingham, int.Sept.13,1797.

George 3d and Hannah A. Smith, July3,1842.

Gilbert C. and Lucy B. Anderson of Grafton, Oct.14,1835.*

Grindall and Abigail Partridge, Sept.22,1774.

Hannah of Upton, and Elijah Benjamin, int.Aug.14,1747.

Hannah and Pelitiah Penniman of Braintree, in Braintree, June25,1763. [May24,1764. dup.; June23,1762. int.]

Hannah of Upton, and William Ward, int.June18,1776.

Hannah and Artamus Thayer, Apr.25,1788.

Hannah M. and Micajah C. Gaskill, Apr.7,1842.

Hannah H. and Otis T. Nelson of Milford, int.Feb.7,1846.

Hanson and Catherine Taylor, int.Sept.4,1812.

Harriot of Uxbridge, and Dr. Daniel Thurber, int.Oct.3,1824.

Hariet E. of Uxbridge, and Abraham Fletcher, int.Aug.4,1839.

Henry and Mary Engolls, Mar.18,1810.

Hopestill and David Bullard of Holliston, Nov.27,1766.*

Hopestill and Jonathan Lovel of Holden, in Holden, Jan.1,1783.

Hopestill and David Farnum Jr. of Uxbridge, Jan.21,1796.

Israel and Mercy Aldrich, Dec.19,1717.*

Japhet and [Sarah.TC] Alexander of Cumberland, int.末蔓末,1763.

Japheth Jr. and Polly Bryn, Oct.15,1788.

Japhett and Rebeckah Vickery of Charlton, int.Feb.21,1807.

Jerod and Zoe Tillinghast, int.Sept.19,1801.

Jemima and Stephen Partridge, Jan.4,1776.

Jemima and Stephen Wood, Nov.13,1777.

Jemima and Charles Angel of Smithfield, Oct.29,1789.

Joanna and Lieut. Benjamin Wheelock, Dec.1,1763.

Joanna and John Benson, Oct.24,1771.

Joanna and Ruben Wilson, int.Mar.19,1800.

Joanna M. of Burrillville, RI, and Lewis A. Mowry, int.Nov.3,1842.

Joanna B. of Uxbridge, and Russel Willson, int.Nov.17,1844.

Jonathan and Bethiah Daniels, int.Jan.1,1767.

Joshua and Mary Johnson of Uxbridge, Apr.24,1757.*

Josiah and Lydia Chapin, Dec.28,1731.*

Josiah of Uxbridge, and Lydia Taft, June11,1755.*

Josiah Jr. and Anna Rist, both Uxbridge, Oct.30,1791.CR1*

Jothum of Dudley, and Mary Wilson, Dec.2,1772.

Keziah of Uxbridge, and William Hayward, Nov.11,1741.*

Leonard and Martha Comstock, int.Apr.17,1819.

Levi of Uxbridge, s.Silas, and Mary Cook, d.Ebenezer, 2:6m:1775.CR2*

Linda and Obed Washburn, int.June29,1834.

Lois, see Lois Albee.

Lewis W. and Mary Burdon, Oct.3,1841.

Lorinda and Artemas Darling, int.Nov.5,1826.

Louisa of Northbridge, and Josephus W. Peck, int.Feb.18,1837.

Louisa and John H. Slocomb, int.Aug.25,1844.

Levina of Uxbridge, and Abraham Aldrich, Mar.31,1768.

Lucinda [Lucinda A. int.] and Earl Joslin, June6,1841.

Lucy B. and John D.K. Love, int.Jan.23,1840. Jan.27,1840, publishment forbidden by Lucy B. Taft.

Lydia and Josiah Taft of Uxbridge, June11,1755.*

Lydia and Capt. Ebenezar Taft, July29,1762.

Lydia and John Wharfield, Dec.3,1772.

Lydia and Royal Wheelock, both of Uxbridge, Jan.11,1790.*

Lydia and Ebenezer Estabrooks Jr., of Holden, int.Dec.29,1790.

Lydia and Adolphus Spring of Northbridge, Nov.20,1794.

Lydia of Uxbridge, and Jonathan Wood, int.Feb.28,1801.

Lydia and Benjamin Albee, May22,1803.

Martha and Jared Benson Jr., Feb.5,1843.

Mary and John Long, both of Upton, Oct.22,1745.*

Mary and Jesse Wheelock, Mar.20,1752.*

Mary and Joseph Benson, June15,1758.*

Mary and Peter Holbrook, June末,1786. (Lord's Day evening.CR1

Polly and Bezaleel White of Uxbridge, Apr.25,1793.

Polly and Lovel Hayward, Aug.23,1800.

Polley and Elijah Hayward Jr., int.Mar.31,1805.

Mary and Derias Daniels, int.May12,1805.

Polly and John Spring [Jr. int.] of Holden, Dec.3,1817.

Mary and Nathan D. Ruggles of Providence, Dec.8,1821.CR1

Mary M. and Jesse F. Alderman of Boston, Mar.22,1840.

Mary A., d.Reuben and Sarah, a.19y., and Stephen C. Jillson of Uxbridge, s.Clark and Rhene, a.21y., Feb.17,1847.

Mercy of Uxbridge, and Lieut. Joseph Toray, in Uxbridge, Oct.6,1793.

Micajah and Phebe Cumings, both of Uxbridge, Nov.4,1790.CR1*

Miletus S.S. and Eliza S. Chase of Oxford, int.July10,1831.

Millens and Olive Comestock, Apr.14,1825.

Moses of Uxbridge, and Priscilla Thayer, in Uxbridge, Oct.3,1737.*

Moses, Rev., of Braintree, and Mary Door, Aug.15,1753.*

Nancy and Elisha Hayward Jr., Sept.末,1822.CR1

Nathan and Rhoda Fish, Apr.6,1775.

Nathanael and Abigail Holbrook of Uxbridge, May31,1768.

Oliver of Uxbridge, and Chloe Taft, Nov.28,1805.

Otis and Phila Wilson, Aug.29,1802.

Patience and Samuel Brown of Douglas, May7,1778.

Phila and Pelatiah Darling Jr., July22,1790.

Phila and Jason Staples, Aug.8,1819.

Phineas Smith and Laura Lesure, both of Uxbridge, Mar.4,1834.*

Prudence and Smith White, int.Jan.17,1778.

Putnam and Naby Benson, Mar.12,1807.

Putnam W. and Waity Harris, Dec.25,1831.

Putnam W. and Hannah W. Howard of Milford, int.June28,1845.

Rachel and Jonathan Wales of Braintree, Dec.2,1755.*

Rachel and Simeon Morey of Charlton, May27,1772.

Relief [] and Bailey Taft, July3,1814.

Reuben of Uxbridge, and Mercy Thayer, int.Apr.11,1761.

Reuben and Sarah Stearns, int.Jan.30,1819.

Rhoda and William Thayer, int.Sept.18,1760.

Rhoda and Daniel Mash, int.Mar.28,1785.

Richard and Eunice Phillips,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Jan.5,1835].

Robert and Mary Chapin, Nov.20,1720.*

Robert and Deborah Lovett, June21,1748.*

Robert [Capt.CR1] of Upton, and Mary Whitney, June11,1795.

Ruth and Sayles Wilbour of Providence, RI, Jan.16,1834.

Ruth S. and Jonas Nutting of Uxbridge, int.Apr.11,1840.

S. Clarendon and Eliza M. Thain of Milford, int.Feb.17,1849.

Sabra and Pardon B. Hayward [] of Providence, RI, Dec.16,1810.

Samuel 2d of Uxbridge, and Sarah Mowry, int.July20,1803.

Sary and Thomas Tenney, May20,1720.*

Sarah and Peter Wheelock, Nov.25,1744.

Sarah and Daniel Fuller of Northbridge, Mar.15,1789.

Salla and Samuel Willard, int.Aug.15,1801.

Salley and Jared Benson, May24,1807.

Sirena and Edwood S. Horton, Apr.19,1829.

Seth and Anna Taft, Feb.17,1752. [Note in pencil says it should be Anna Read of Slatersville.]*

Seth Jr. and Lydia Staples, int.Feb.23,1783.

Seth and Euranah B. Eddy, May8,1836.

Shem and Deborah Keith of Killingly, int.June11,1773.

Stephen of Uxbridge, and Anna Taft, Jan.3,1766.

Susan and Elisha T. Gaskill, int.Aug.21,1842.

Susannah and John Fish, Aug.15,1739.*

Susanna and James Foster of Providence, RI, Apr.26,1759.

Susannah and Ebenezer White, int.Feb.12,1797.

Sylvia and Samuel Darling, Oct.1,1820.

Tabitha of Uxbridge, and Simeon Fish, in Uxbridge, Nov.10,1768.

Thomas Jr. and Mary Spring of Uxbridge, Jan.30,1777.

Thomas and Betsey Fletcher, June16,1793.

Thomas Jr. and Mary Harkness, Dec.2,1819.

Thomson and Joanna Wilson, Nov.29,1827.

Varville and Hannah W. Killey, June28,1829.

Willard and Mercy Aldrich, int.Oct.15,1818.

Willis of Uxbridge, and Margare Craggin, Dec.14,1786.

Zaccheus and Abigail Wilder, Jan.30,1791.

Silva and Philip Ammidown, Nov.15,1770.

Zilpah of Uxbridge, and Nathan Fisher, in Uxbridge, Dec.20,1795.

TAYER (Thare, Thayer)

Sarah and Joseph Steevens, July2,1671.MR*


Catharine and Hanson Taft, int.Sept.4,1812.

Elizabeth, resident in Wrentham, and Benajah Davis, int.Nov.1,1794.

Hezekiah of Grafton, and Sarah Frost, Mar.30,1774.

Lawson of Uxbridge, and Sabra W. [Sabina W. int.] Smith, Apr.6,1835.

Merien of Medway, and Samuel Albee, in Medway, June3,1774.

Mary Ann and David Monroe Jr., int.Sept.29,1833.

Mary and Lyman M. Keith, int.Dec.12,1841.

Ruth S. and David E. Warner, Mar.29,1839.


Ai F. and Lucy Ann Newton of Milford, int.July8,1846.


Susanna and John Wood, both of Upton, May21,1778.*

Timothy of Grafton, and Susanna Thare, in Grafton, Apr.22,1789. [int.Feb.10,1798]


Samuel of Milford, and Delphia M. Brown, in Milford, June27,1839.*


Thomas [] and Abigail Bullen of Medway, in Medway, Dec.6,1744.

TENNEY (Tinne, Tinney)

Arvilla of New Ipswich, NH, and Rev. Seth Chandler of Medway, Aug.16,1831.*

Elisabeth and William Legg, Jan.16,1759.

Elisabeth and Jabez Metcalf of Bellingham, Dec.28,1775.

Hannah of Upton and Isaac Chase of Suttton, Nov.3,1772.*

Isaac and Susanna Whitney, June25,1752.

Phebe and Ichabod How of Brookfield, May4,1747.

Susanna, wid., and Noah Wiswall, Apr.11,1764.

Thomas and Sary Taft, May20,1720.*

TEREY (Terry)

Samuell of Barrington, and Margerit Wilson, Oct.25,1719.*

TERRY (Terey)

John of Lebanon, and Rachel Rawson, Apr.28,1737.*


John [John H. int.] and Eliza [Ann E. int.] Darling, June21,1843.


Eliza M. of Milford, and S. Clarendon Taft, int.Feb.17,1849.

THARE (Tayer, Thayer)

Susanna and Timothy Temple of Grafton, in Grafton, Apr.22,1789. [int.Feb.10,1798].


John and Barnice Blake of Douglas, int.Jan.20,1811.

THAYER (Tayer, Thare)

Aaron Jr. and Rosanna Legg, Mar.12,1778.

Abigal and John Thomson, both of Bellingham, Mar.22,1719-20.*

Abigail and John Partridge of Wrentham, Nov.18,1737.*

Abigail and Jesse Holbrook, both of Bellingham, Mar.28,1753.*

Abigail and Phinehas Lovett Jr., Apr.6,1768.

Abigail and Amos Adams of Bellingham, Apr.27,1780.

Abigail of Bellingham, and Laban Thurber, int.Apr.13,1799.

Abigail and Laban Thayer [], Jan.1,1815.

Abigail and Dan Alexander, both of Uxbridge, Nov.29,1838.*

Abner of Providence, and Silence Thayer, Nov.29,1759.

Abraham and Patience Thayer, Apr.8,1757.*

Adeline and John G. Robinson, int.May29,1841.

Alanson of Pawtucket, and Pereley B. Bates, int.Feb.13,1831.

Alden and Silence McNamara of Grafton, int.Mar.17,1821.

Allexander and Lillis Carpenter, June5,1794.

Alexander, Dr., and Sally B. Ingersoll of Boston, int.Nov.21,1824.

Alse [Alse T. int.] and Charles B. Jenks, Dec.16,1824.

Allen and Polley Bullard of Bellingham, int.Sept.13,1806.

Amasa and Perla Wheelock, int.July18,1772.

Amos and Mille Wales of Franklin, int.Feb.25,1797.

Andrew of Bellingham, and Abigail Legg, Mar.30,1803.

Arena of Bellingham, and George Taft, int.Sept.13,1797.

Ariel and Silvia White of Milford, Jan.15,1809.

Ariel Jr. and Abigal S. Seagrave of Uxbridge, June5,1836.

Artamus and Hannah Taft, Apr.25,1788.

Artemas Jr. and Sylvia Thayer, Mar.18,1838.

Asael and Esther Daniels, Apr.25,1759.

Aseneth and Alanson [Mason. int.] Adams, Nov.29,1818.

Aseneth and Warner Farnum of Cheshire, Apr.29,1823.

Barbary and Henry Holbrook of Uxbridge, Sept.22,1791.

Bathsheba and Joseph Jackson of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, May8,1760.

Benjemin and Sarah Hayward, Sept.15, [prob. 1699].*

Benjamin and Hannah Hayward, Dec.20,1712.*

Benjamin and Marcy Wilkinson of Providence, Aug.24,1727.*

Benjamin and Silence Sumner, Dec.19,1734.*

Benjamin and Sarah Bosworth of Bellingham, int.July9,1767.

Benjamin and Elisabeth Cook of Cumberland, int.Aug.13,1779.

Benjamin and Ruth Adams [Aldin. int.] of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Dec.12,1793.

Benjamin 3d and Rachal Freeman, int.Jan.28,1820.

Beriah and Joesph Marcy of Dudley, May27,1778.

Bethyah and Nathan Verrey, May26,1753.*

Caleb and Elisabeth Daniels, Oct.13,1756.*

Caleb and Elizabeth Thayer of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Apr.7,1791.

Caleb Jr. and Hannah Gaskill, May20,1827.

Caroline M.W. and Nathan George, Dec.3,1835.

Catherine and Harvey Dodge of Sutton, int.Mar.5,1842.

Charles A. and Nancy W. Allen, Sept.25,1828.

Comfort and Samuel Fisk of Upton, Nov.1,1750.*

Cushman and Miranda Pond of Franklin, int.Mar.13,1818.

Daniel and Beulah Corbett, Aug.19,1778.

David Jr. and Jean Keith, Dec.31,1729.*

David Jr. and Rebeckah Williams of Scituate, RI, int.Feb.28,1752.

Deborah and John Albee, June6,1705.*

Deborah of Dedham, and John Rockwood, Dec.19,1716.*

Deborah and John Rockwood, Mar.21,1750.*

Deborah and Simeon Wheelock of Uxbridge, Nov.28,1763.

Dexter and Esther Hayward, int.Nov.10,1801.

Diana and Leonard White of Milford, Dec.10,1820.

Ebenezer of Bellingham, and Mary Wheelock, Aug.9,1721.*

Ebenezer and Huldah Thompson of Bellingham, July11,1754.*

Ebenezer of Bellingham, and Martha Thayer, May2,1759.

Ebenezer and Lydia Hayward, July9,1766.

Ebenezer and Abigail Kelly of Bellingham, June11,1835.*

Elias Jr. of Bellingham, and Ruth Staples, Sept.14,1797.

Elijah and Kezia Thayer, Dec.4,1764.*

Elijah and Sarah Robinson, Oct.6,1768.

Elijah and Katherine Metcalf of Bellingham, Aug.20,1793.CR1

Elijah and Rachel Hill of Holliston, Nov.9,1803.

Eliza and Henry Greenman, both of Smithfield, RI, July1,1841.*

Elizabeth and William White, Aug.3,1721.*

Elisabeth of Bellingham, and Josiah Nellson, Apr.25,1754.*

Elizabeth and Benjamin Hayward [], Feb.22,1759.

Elisabeth and Samuel Wilbour Heath of Newport, May26,1772.

Betsey and Benjamin Legg, Nov.23,1790.

Elizabeth of Bellingham, and Caleb Thayer, in Bellingham, Apr.7,1791.

Betsey and Lemuel F. Hewins of Milford, Oct.30,1838.

Elona and Increase Daniels, Apr.29,1773.

Enoch and Catharine Shearmon of Gloucester, int.Oct.2,1772.

Experience and Israel Brown, Feb.15,1753.

Ezra and Jemima Bridges of Holliston, Nov.27,1788.

Gideon and Meribah Willcocks of Cumberland, int.June10,1776.

Grace and James Wood, Oct.8,1723.*

Grindall and Sarah Parkhurst [Parker. int.], Sept.3,1767.

Hannah and Lieut. John French, int.Apr.18,1750.

Hannah and William Rixford of Medway, Nov.13,1751.*

Hannah and Jonathan Cook of Uxbridge, Mar.21,1754.*

Hannah and Elisha Thompson, int.May4,1759.

Hannah and Pelatiah Thayer, May26,1762.

Hannah and Jonathan Foster of Ware, Apr.16,1767.

Hannah and Abner Lealand of Holliston, Dec.15,1774.

Hannah and Caleb Taft Jr., int.July9,1781.

Hannah and Lieut. Eliel Barber of Bellingham, int.Sept.1,1827.

Harriet, d.Henry and Uranah, a.25y., and Mowrey Lapham of Fall River, b. in Burrillville, s.Arad of Burrillville, and Nancy, a.26y., Nov.20,1844.

Henritta of Uxbridge, and Manly Scott, int.Mar.10,1810.

Henry and Urana Thomson, int May4,1801.

Henry and Ruanna Darling of Burrillville, RI, int.Aug.10,1834.

Henry and Hopa Baily, int.May2,1835.

Hepphzabeth and Elisha Ballou of Cumberland, Nov.30,1748.*

Hope and Nathan Aldrich, in Providence, Aug.23,1761.

Hopstill and Joseph Dammon, both of Bellingham, June7,1750.*

Hulda and Benjemin Whelock, Dec.9,1700.*

Huldah and Job Warfeild, June12,1751.*

Huldah and Willard Chilson of Bellingham, May23,1826.

Ichabod [Jr. int.] and Mary Marsh, Apr.25,1765.

Ichabod and Eunice Hill of Sherborn, Jan.23,1792.

Ichabod, Col., of Milford, and Metilda Gould, May11,1806.

Increase and Leah Wheelock, Nov.20,1771.

Isack and Meriam Thayer, May18,1716.*

Isaac of Bellingham, and Margarett Atwood, Oct.23,1760.

James T. and Abba S. Burr of Bellingham, int.Dec.17,1842.

Jerod and Mary Rawson, int.Nov.20,1802.

Jean and Benjamin Staples, Aug.24,1749.*

Jemima and Joseph Baxter of Uxbridge, Aug.14,1734.*

Jemima and Uriah Thayer, May8,1751.*

Jemima and Timothy Adams of Wrentham, Apr.25,1764.

Jemima and James Shearman of Grafton, Dec.3,1819.

Jerusha and Benjamin Corary of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Mar.30,1741.*

Jerusha and Jones Dyar, int.Mar.11,1758. Banns forbidden by Jones Dyar.

Jerusha, d.Ebenezar, and Joseph Darling Jr., int.Feb 16,1760. Feb.19,1760, banns forbidden by Ebenezar Thayer.

Johanna of Braintree, and William Cheney, in Dorchester, May20,1726.*

Joanna and Hezekiah Titus of Rehoboth, Sept.26,1752.*

Joanna and Henry Wiswall, Feb.17,1774.

Joanna and Pelathiah Smith of Bellingham, Dec.15,1796.

John and Abigail Darling, July27,1727.*

John, Jr. and Ruth Elas of Uxbridge, int.July8,1749.

John Jr. and wid.Marcy Pond, July2,1767.

John and Mary Spencer of Attleboro, int.Dec.16,1769.

John and Ruth Warfield, Feb.20,1806.

John W. and Adaline Burton, Apr.2,1843.

Jonathan of Charlemont, and Elisabeth Hayward, Jan.22,1778.

Jonathan W. and Polly Darling, Dec.11,1823.

Joseph and Hannah Hayward, Aug.30,1727,*

Joseph and Phebe Cook of Cumberland, int.Apr.10,1778.

Joseph Jr. and Hopestill White of Milford, May27,1807.

Joseph and Eliza C. Benton of Buckland, Nov.9,1842.

Joshua and Sarah Curtis of Holliston, int.Apr.7,1780.

Josiah and Margerit Holbrook, June6,1719.*

Judith and David Chapin, int.Apr.11,1777.

Judith and James Harkness Jr., Oct.3,1813.

Julia and Willard Wilson, Nov.14,1819.

Kezia and Elijah Thayer, Dec.4,1764.*

Laban [] and Abigail Thayer, Jan.1,1815.

Laban and Joanna Cook, int.Jan.20,1817.

Lavinia S., d.Otis and Mercy, and William R. Slocomb of Grafton, s.Joseph and Mary of North Kingston, 1:6m:1837.CR2*

Lovinia S. and Samuel Nelson of Milford, int.Oct.25,1840.

Leonard and Lydia H. Congdon, int.Mar.24,1845.

Levi and Hannah Parkhurst, Apr.25,1771.

Lois and Micah Thayer of Bellingham, Nov.17,1763.

Lurena and Mark Killey, int.Apr.7,1810.

Levina and Nathan Hayward, Mar.27,1809.

Lusina and Daniel Southwick of Uxbridge, int.Oct.3,1801.

Lucinda of Milford, and Luke Aldrich, int.Nov.5,1820.

Lucy and Nathaniel Corbett, Nov.28,1764.*

Luther of Bellingham, and Urana Hill, Nov.9,1823.

Lydia and John Gage, Jan.4,1728-9.*

Lydia of Bellingham, and Wharfield Hayward, Apr.23,1761.

Lydia and Silas Thayer of Bellingham, Sept.14,1768.

Margaret and Jonathan Wood, Dec.15,1720.*

Margaret and Jonathan Farnum, of Uxbridge, Nov.16,1752.*

Margaret and Amariah Yeates of Smithfield, Apr.1,1773.

Maria and Stephen Hutchinson of Smithfield, RI, Feb.14,1835.

Martha and Ebenezer Thayer of Bellingham, May2,1759.

Marvel of Bellingham, and Julia Bullard, int.Mar.3,1810.

Mary and James Albe, Jan.3,1708.*

Mary and Benjamin White, May23,1720.*

Mary and Jeremiah Smith of Providence, Nov.30,1761.

Mary and Moses Hill, int.July28,1775.

Mary and William Bowin of Northbridge, int.Jan.9,1786.

Mary and Stephen Aldrich, Jan.2,1788.

Mary and George E. Carter of Augusta, GA, Sept.20,1824.

Mary [Mary A. int.] and James Wilson, Oct.12,1825.

Mary and Paul Chilson of Bellingham, Apr.3,1828.

Polly and Wheeler Aldrich of Uxbridge, Sept.15,1841.

Mehitable and Silas Aldrich of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Aug.9,1774.

Mercy and David Thomson, Jan.17,1710-11.*

Mercy and Reuben Taft of Uxbridge, int.Apr.11,1761.

Marcy and Berzillai Yates of Uxbridge, int.July9,1781.

Micah of Bellingham, and Lois Thayer, Nov.17,1763.

Maranda and Daniel Arnold of Bellingham, int.Sept.1,1827.

Meriam and Isack Thayer, May18,1716.*

Moses Jr. and Rachel Thayer, Apr.7,1768.

Moses, s.Aaron, and Anna Pain, d.of Dan of Bellingham, May29,1800.*

Nahum and Massa Daniels, June23,1791.

Nahum and Sarah Warner, Sept.13,1818.

Nancey of Cumberland, and Darius Daniels, int.Aug.28,1802.

Naomi and Henry Clark, Oct.29,1763. Nov.24,1763, banns forbidden by Marcy Fletcher of Uxbridge.

Naamy and Stephen Carrary of Uxbridge, int.Jan.7,1768.

Neomy and Judah Cook of Cumberland, int.Apr.21,1783.

Nathaniel and Annah Partridge of Wrentham, Jan.19,1730-1.*

Nicholas and Rachel Thayer, Oct.18,1818.

Obed B. and Eliza Albee of Uxbridge, int.Oct.20,1844.

Obed P. and Orinda H. Cook of Franklin, int.Aug.26,1849.

Olive and Silas Gould of Milford, int.Jan.18,1808.

Oliver and Hannah Cook of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Sept.25,1753.*

Otis, s.Joseph, and Mercy Paine, d.Obed of Smithfield, RI, in Smithfield, Dec.31,1812.

Otis W. and Sena Thayer, Mar.11,1821.CR1

Pamelia and David Bement of Suffield, CT, Nov.2,1814.

Patience and John Legg Jr., s.John, int.May1,1747. Banns forbidden May10,1747, by John Legg, the father.

Patience and Abraham Thayer, Apr.8,1757.*

Pelatiah and Hannah Thayer, May26,1762.

Peltiah and Hannah Blake of Uxbridge, Mar.2,1793.

Pelatiah and Alse Adams, Aug.15,1824.

Perry and Charlotte Taft, Sept.12,1833.

Petter and Sarah Holbrook of Uxbridge, June12,1740.*

Peter Jr. and Abigail Green, int.June9,1783.

Phebe and Joseph Hill [Jr. int.] of Holliston, Aug.20,1761.

Phebe and James Allen, Nov.18,1779.

Phebe and Southwick Harkness, int.Feb.26,1820.

Pheba and Remington Aldrich, Thursday, Dec.2,1830.

Preserved Smith and Susan A. Benson, Oct.28,1830.

Priscilla and Moses Taft of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Oct.3,1737.*

Rachel and Eleazer Taft, Dec.15,1720.*

Rachel and Noah Aldrich, Dec.15,1753.*

Rachel and Moses Thayer Jr., Apr.7,1768.

Rachel and Roger Thomson of Swanzey, NH, Jan.20,1790.

Rachal and Nicholas Thayer, Oct.18,1818.

Rachael and Edward C. Corey, int.Dec.9,1844.

Rebekah and Charles Sherlock of Providence, Feb.25,1719.*

Ruben and Chloe White of Milford, Apr.28,1805.

Reubin Jr. and Deborah Keach, Oct.4,1838.

Rhoda and John Holbrook [Jr. int.] of Uxbrikdge, Dec.6,1770.

Rosanna and Benjamin Ellis, Sept.6,1773.*

Ruhmah and Aaron White, int.Feb.26,1763.

Ruth and Joseph Allen, Mar.2,1817.

Samuel and Mary Sampson, Aug.13,1716.*

Samuel 3d and Sarah Farnum of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, May9,1754.*

Samuel, Ens., and Sarah Robinson, Aug.30,1759.

Samuel and Keziah Turner, May23,1824.

Samuel W. and Fanny Smith, Nov.4,1831.

Sarah and David Hill of Sherborn, Dec.17,1716.*

Sarah and John Hayward, Apr.21,1726.*

Sarah and Richard Rockwood, Feb.12,1729-30.*

Sarah, wid., and Elder Nathanael Nelson, June3,1779.

Sarah and Edward Freeman, int.Feb.4,1804.

Sally and Joseph Spear of Marlborough, NH, int.Nov.21,1819.

Sena and Otis W. Thayer, Mar.11,1821.CR1

Cyrena and Ezekiel Bates Jr. of Bellingham, int.Apr.9,1804.

Silas and Perley Pond, Aug.20,1767.

Silas of Bellingham, and Lydia Thayer, Sept.14,1768.

Silence and Alexandander Sessions, of Pomfret, May20,1740.*

Silence and Abner Thayer of Providence, Nov.29,1759.

Silence and Ebenezar Ammidown, Aug.18,1761.

Sulvenus and Abi Cumstock of Smithfield, int.Nov.22,1784.

Silvanus and Diana Taft, both of Uxbridge, Feb.4,1793.*

Smith and Abigail Drake, int.Sept.14,1793.

Smith and Judith Harkness, int.Sept.8,1833.

Stephen and Rachel Davis, Aug.5,1762.

Stephen H. and Harriot Aldrich, Dec.16,1827.

Susannah and Aaron White of Uxbridge, Dec.25,17末. [1739.TC]*

Susanna and Elisha Hail, June1,1752.

Susanna and Henry Benson, Dec.8,1763.

Susanna and Ralph Hayward, Dec.29,1768.

Sylvia and Artemas Thayer Jr., Mar.18,1838.

Temperance and John Legg, June1,1719.*

Thankfull and Silvanus Holbrook of Uxbridge, Oct.25,1748.

Thomas and Ruth Darling of Dedham, Jan.5,1715.*

Thomas and Hannah Holbrook of Bellingham, July16,1729.*

Thompson of Bellingham, and Charlotte Hayden, int.Oct.29,1824.

Urana and Miacah Bates, May22,1771.

Urana and Charles B. Jencks, Apr.4,1821.CR1

Uriah and Jemima Thayer, May8,1751.*

Urirah and Sarah Hadaway of Warwick, int.Feb.12,1752.

Uriah and Abigail White of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Jan.2,1768. [prob. June2] [int.Jan 3,1768]

Welcome, Lieut., and Sally Adams of Bellingham, int.Mar.27,1819.

William and Abigail Sumner, Nov.13,1729.*

William and Rhoda Taft, int.Sept.18,1760.

William, Capt., and Alice Belew, of Smithfield, int.Sept.28,1774.

William Turpin and Polly Benson, int.Jan.10,1792.

Zilpah and John Hollbrook of Uxbridge, Mar.11,1732.*

Zilpah and Nahum Clark [Jr. of Holliston. int.], Apr.4,1810.

THIRSTIN (Thurston)

Caleb of Franklin, and Louvisa French, May20,1800.


Deborah and Ephraim Hall of Attleboro, Dec.23,1739.*


Joseph and Sarah Galloway, Apr.27,1769.

Sarah and Benjemin Taft, Mar.22,1707.*

THOMASON (Thompson, Thomson, Tompson)

Jonathan Jr. and Jemima Baxter, both of Bellingham, 末蔓10,1754.*

THOMPSON (Thomason, Thomson, Tompson)

Aaron of Bellingham, and Polley Daniels, int.Dec.12,1787.

Abigail of Braintree, and Daniel Lovet, in Boston, Apr.11,1721.*

Abigail and Ebenezer Cheney, Mar.18,1760.

David and Bethyah Boyce, May3,1732.*

Deborah of Bellingham, and Isaac Lasall, int.Mar.23,1777.

Duty and Rachel Lee, Feb.2,1834.

Edward and Hannah Cook, int.Sept.20,1760.

Elbridge G. and Julia Ann Whitaker, Dec.8,1836.

Elisha and Hannah Thayer, int.May4,1759.

Betsey and Larned Tucker of Smithfield, RI, Apr.3,1823.

Elizabeth and Daniel W. Pickering, int.June25,1829.

Ezra and Sarah Rockwood, May30,1754.*

Giles and Sally Kimball, int.Aug.9,1812.

Hannah and Samuel Hayward, in Boston, Sept.25,1717.*

Huldah of Bellingham, and Ebenezer Thayer, July11,1754.*

Jemima of Bellingham, and Thomas Albee, Nov.22,1750.*

John P., resident in Sharon, and Harriet N. Drake, May20,1839.*

John A. of Northbridge, and Charlotte A. Colburn, int.Apr.22,1847.

Joseph of Bellingham, and Lois Wheelock, int.June18,1773.

Kezia of Medway, and John Cragin, in Medway, Dec.12,1776,

Lucy and Caleb W. Wilson, July28,1822.CR1

Lydia and Jacob Benson of Nine Partners, in York Government, int.May12,1760.

Margarit and John White Jr., May29,1744.

Mary and Samuel Wight, both of Bellingham, Oct.18,1752.NS*

Mary and Thomas Albee, Nov.23,1775.

Mary, d.Elisha, a.22y., and James Pitts, widr., s.Joseph, a.35y., Mar.25,1845.

Melissa and Daniel Darling Jr., Apr.18,1842.

Peter and Sally Adams, Oct.1,1812.

Peter and Asceneth Bullord, May4,1817.

Phebe and Ralph Freeman of Bellingham, int.Nov.8,1764.

Phebe and Stephen Lewett, int.Mar.2,1811.

Rachel and Caleb Boynton, int.Feb.10,1746-7.

Sarrah and Benjamin Mash of Sutton, int.Apr.15,1747.

Sarah K. and William G. Hadley, July13,1840.

Stephen and Hannah [] Kilbourn, Apr.19,1758.*

Thankfull and Abraham Staples, Feb.3,1736-7.*

William V. of Bellingham, and Hannah Joslin of Cumberland, Mar.5,1835.*

William V. and Hariet Gilbert of Charon, int.Nov.5,1837.

Woodland of Uxbridge, and Sarah Daniels, in Uxbridge, Jan.16,1734-5.*

THOMSON (Thomason, Thompson, Tompson)

Alce and Luther Warfield of Milford, May24,1807.

Anna and Jesse Swift, int.Aug.17,1792.

Asa and Esther Keith of Cumberland, int.Feb.18,1764.

Asa and Sally Easty of Cumberland, int.Oct.31,1799.

Benjemin and Sarah Aldrich, Mar.13,1709-10.*

David and Mercy Thayer, Jan.17,1710-11.*

David and Abigail White, int.Sept.14,1771.

Edward and Mary Aldrich of Cumberland, int.Mar.28,1772.

Edward and Uranah Morey of Smithfield, int.Dec.17,1774.

Edward and Tamar Allen, int.May29,1786,

Edward and Sarah Harriss of Gloucester, int.Mar.12,1792.

Edward and Levina Carpenter, May17,1804.

Eunice of Medway, and [Lieut. int.] Seth Chapin, Oct.19,1780.

George and Poly French, Jan.26,1804.

Hannah and Nathan Verry Jr., Mar.11,1789.

Hannah and Peter Gaskill, Jan.20,1790.

John and Abigal Thayer, both of Bellingham, Mar.22,1719-20.*

Kezia and Ahaz Allin, Mar.10,1803.

Margaret and Abner Cook [Jr. int.] of Wrentham, Apr.17,1794. [Apr.27.CR1]

Olney and Hirena Pain of Smithfield, int.Feb.8,1789.

Peter and Suke Partridge, int.Aug.15,1801.

Prutia and Simon Wood of Wrentham, int.Jan.30,1794.

Roger of Swanzey, NH, and Rachel Thayer, Jan.20,1790.

Salley and Maj. Rufus Aldrich, May7,1809.

Susanna and Victorious Smith, int.Feb.9,1771. Feb.16,1771, banns forbidden by Susanna Thomson.

Susanna and Daniel Wilson, int.Apr.17,1771.

Susanna and Rufus Aldrich, int.July23,1771.

Urana and Henry Thayer, int.May4,1801.


Alzada S. and Benjamin E. Chase of Portsmouth, RI, int.Jan.22,1844.

Julia [Julia Amy Thorington. int.] and Aaron Smith, Sept.4,1823.

Mancy and Sarah Mitchell of Hopkinton, int.Nov.13,1825.

Mary A. and George Mowrey, May3,1826.

Mary M. and [Capt. int.] Henry Wheelock, Dec.8,1833.


Richard of Providence, and Elisabeth Dunton, int.Apr.11,1777.


Adaline P. and George W. Fry, int.Oct.8,1848.

Daniel, Dr., and Olive Penniman, Nov.30,1798.

Daniel 2d and Hannah Sibley, June13,1819.

Daniel, Dr. and Harriot Taft of Uxbridge, int.Oct.3,1824.

Elisabeth of Medway, and John W. Alexander, Apr.7,1834.*

Elizabeth and Aldrich B. Cook, Dec.5,1841.

Hannah S. and Lewis F. Gardner, Apr.22,1840.

Lavan and Abigail Thayer of Bellingham, int.Apr.13,1799.

Mary and Sabin Cushman of Bellingham, Dec.2,1819.

Sophia C. of Bellingham, and Warren Lazell 2d, int.Mar.14,1824.

THURSTON (Thirstin)

Benjamin of Uxbridge, and Elisebeth Hayward, Oct.26,1739.*

Benjamin of Grafton, and Dorcas Chapin, Nov.24,1768.

THWING (Twing)

Benjamin of Uxbridge, and Molly Fisk, int.Nov.3,1770.

Benjamin [Jr. int.] of Uxbridge, and Anna Mowry, in Uxbridge, May10,1798.

Charles A. and Urana Keith, int.Sept.7,1828.

Hannah B. of Uxbridge, and George Draper of Palmer, in Uxbridge, Mar.6,1839.*

John Jr. and Thankful Edwards, Jan.17,1741.*

Martha and Josiah Kilburn, Oct.31,1760.

Mary and Nathanael Rawson, Mar.2,1737-8.*

Mercy and Elihu Brown, both of Uxbridge, Dec.30,1789.*


Huldah of Franklin, and William Fletcher, int.Mar.1,1841.


Ann Elizabeth N. of Uxbridge, and Augustus Remick, Feb.7,1841.*

Ransom and Lucy A. Beckwith, int.Apr.2,1837.

TILER (Tyler)

Bethiah and George Woodward, May18,1716.*

Hannah and James Lovett, Jan.20,1668.MR*

Hopestill and Mary Lovett, Jan.20,1668.MR*

Mary and Samuel Tory, June9,1720.*


Amy of Uxbridge, and Dr. Levi Willard, int.Mar.11,1780.

Zoe and Jerod Taft, int.Sept.19,1801.


Lydia and Lewis Stone 2d, Apr.2,1829.

Pheba Ann and George Walden of Burriville, RI, int.Jan.12,1835.

TINNE (Tenney, Tinney)

Moses and Anne Moor of Palmer, in Palmer, Jan.27,1763.*

TINNEY (Tenney, Tinne)

Moses and Hannah Witney of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Mar.16,1737-8.*


Emily and Capt. John Curlis Hill of Medway, int.Apr.27,1833.

Rodney and Cynthia Fuller, int.Sept.7,1811.


Hezekiah of Rehoboth, and Joanna Thayer, Sept.26,1752.*

John Jr. and Mariah Colvin, Apr.11,1824.

TOMPSON (Thomason, Thompson, Thomson)

Daniel of Bellingham, and Jemima Legg, int.Apr.11,1761.

John and Abigail White, Mar.31,1712.*

Mary and Samuel Darling, Dec.5,1716.*

Sarah and John Aldridge, June9,1670.MR*

TORAY (Torrey, Torry, Tory)

Joseph, Lieut., and Mercy Taft of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, Oct.6,1793.

TORREY (Toray, Torry, Tory)

Anna, wid., and Capt. Peter Holbrook, Feb.3,1822.CR1*

Deborah and Gershom Chapin, May5,1762.

Ebenezer and Unice Sluman, Jan.25,1753.

Ebenezer of Boston, and Susanna Torrey, Nov.22,1759.

Ebenezer, s.Samuel dec., and Mary Mussey, d.Thomas dec., 3:1m:1765, called January.CR2*

Betsey and Samuel Royal Paine of Bristol, July28,1787. [July29.CR1]

Betsey and Artimas Gates, both of Worcester, Apr.10,1808.*

James of Upton, and wid.Mary Partridge, Nov.27,1755.*

John and Mary Fairbanks, int.Oct.5,1784.

Joseph, Ensign, and Nabby Wheelock of Uxbridge, Dec.14,1788.CR1

Joseph, Capt., and Nancy French, June6,1816.

Mary and John Word of Upton, Jan.16,1745.

Mary [] and Amasa Taft, Nov.28,1799.

Polley and Alpheus Staples, Nov.24,1805.

Mary and Daniel Bullard [of], Apr.3,1808.

Nathaniel and Sabrina Daniels of Milford, int.Apr.23,1825.

Otis and Nancy Parkhurst of Milford, int.July21,1816.

Rosina of Sutton, and Samuel H. Gunn, int.Nov.11,1849.

Samuel and Sarah Twing, May20,1747.

Sarah and Henry Millin of Hopkinton, Jan.20,1757.*

Sarah and Andrew Adams of Grafton, May30,1771.

Salley and Samuel Nelson of Milford, int.Apr.11,1783.

Suke and Lieut. Lemuel Green, July8,1790.

Susanna and Ebenezer Torrey of Boston, Nov.22,1759.

William [Jr. int.] and Margery Wyman, May17,1778.

William [Capt.CR1] and Anna Devenport, July20,1788.

TORRY (Toray, Torrey, Tory)

Margrit and Ephraim Chapin, Jan.23,1705-6.*

TORY (Toray, Torrey, Torry)

Samuel and Mary Tiler, June9,1720.*

TOURTELLOT (Tourtellott, Tourtellotte, Tourtilot, Turtilot)

Emily and Joseph Adams of Bellingham, May31,1843.

Emour and Hariet H. Clark, int.Dec.14,1839.

Jesse, Dea., and Mary Holbrook of Sutton, int.Dec.12,1841.

John and Nancy Rhodes, int.Sept.5,1805.

Lydia and Thurber Warfield, Oct.1,1809.

Mary Ann and Austin Metcalf of Franklin, Oct.11,1837.

TOURTELLOTT (Tourtellot, Tourtellotte, Tourtilot, Turtilot)

Anna and Stephen Tourtellott, May10,1827.

Eliza and Dudley Taft, May9,1816.

Betsey and James Albee of Uxbrdige, Mar.15,1821.

Alcey and Adney Legg, Dec.31,1818.

Emor and Rhodia Williams of Cranston, RI, int.May10,1815.

Ethan and Alpha Fletcher, Mar.30,1806.

Jesse and Deaborah Taft, June4,1806.

Stephen and Anna Tourtellott, May10,1827.

William H. and Azarmy Cudworth of Oxford, int.Apr.18,1830.

TOURTELLOTTE (Tourtellot, Tourtellott, Tourtilot, Turtilot)

Amy and Hiram Metcalf of Franklin, int.Nov.8,1835.

TOURTILOT (Tourtellot, Tourtellott, Tourtellotte, Turtilot)

Stephen and Anna Bishop of Smithfield, RI, int.May5,1799.


Ruth of Cumberland, and Nathan Aldrich, int.July2,1797.


Judith and Josiah Pease [of Upton. int.], Apr.7,1812.

Salem and Rachel D. Engley, int.Sept.2,1831.


Abia of Uxbridge, and William Southwick, in Uxbridge, Jan.1,1823.

Abigail and Benjamin Cook, int.Apr.2,1763.

Anna and Joel Southland, both of Upton, Feb.11,1800.*

Barzilla and Rhoda A. Sprague, int.Jan.18,1834.

Daniel and Freelove Harris of Burrillville, RI, int.Nov.30,1815.

Edward mand Rachel Aldrich of Douglas, int.Nov.17,1763.

Elijah and Sina Sprague of Douglas, int.Aug.16,1822.

Elijah and Desire Paine of Smithfield, RI, int.May15,1827.

Elijah and Anne Ballou of Burrillville, RI, int.Feb.28,1828.

Joanna and Preserved Sprague of Douglas, Dec.18,1799.

Jonathan and Lydia Callum, int.Jan.16,1777.

Joshua of Cumberland, RI, and Anna Southwick, Nov.7,1819.

Joshua W., a.24y., and Mary A. Southwick, a.19y., Dec.10,1844.

Josiah and Roena Prentice, Mar.19,1809.

Mercy and Joseph Buxton of Uxbridge, May26,1805.

Nicholas Jr. and Comfort Hayward, int.Dec.29,1763.

Phebe and David Aldrich of Douglas, int.Nov.17,1763.

Rebecah, d.Nicholas, and Noah White, s.John of Uxbridge, 2:6m:1750, called August.CR2*

Robert and Frelove McDaniels of Gloucester, int.Jan.16,1766.

Rhoena and John Southwick 2d, Feb.11,1819.

Sarah and Robert Pigsley of Dighton, int.Feb.9,1760.


Lycy and Hezekiah Woods, int.Jan.5,1773.


Hannah of Smithfield, RI, and Arnold Darling, int.Apr.3,1825.


Abby and Lawson Sibley, May15,1825.

Abby and William V. Dirk, int.Oct.22,1836.

Chloe and Thomas Handy, int.Dec.9,1804.

George W. and Mary Ann Gilbert, Oct.6,1839.

Hannah and Peleg Arnold Eady, Jan.19,1806.

Henry of Bellingham, and Abida Hill, Sept.29,1831.

Jonathan of Gloucester, County of Providence, and Susanna Daniels, July3,1754.*

Larned of Smithfield, RI, and Betsey Thompson, Apr.3,1823.

Larned and Esther Sprague of Smithfield, RI, int.Aug.28,1825.

Mary and James Carroll, July16,1820.

Phebe of Uxbridge, and Salmon Rhodes, int.Feb.5,1831.

Rufus and Lucinda Cody of Hopkinton, int.Jan.6,1849.

Susanna and Paul Lesuer, Mar.17,1774.

William of Attleboro, and Ruth Chilson, int.Oct.2,1780.


Almanza and Sarah Mellen of Milford, int.Apr.8,1826.


Calven Jr. and Mary Wilson, Oct.24,1822.

Calvin and Isabella Adams of Medfield, int.Mar.18,1849.

Charles and Eliza Fairbanks of Medway, int.Mar.13,1845.

Elizabeth and Joseph Rockwood, Nov.28,1717. (Nov.28,1716 dup.).*

Joel and Eunice Rawson, Nov.25,1773.

Keziah and Samuel Thayer, May23,1824.

Louisa I. of Medway, and Elon G. Wood, int.Nov.3,1845.

Martha A. and Elijah Cady, Oct.28,1827.

TURTILOT (Toourtellot, Tourtellott, Tourtellotte, Tourtilot)

Levina and Amasa Benson, Oct.28,1798.

TWICHEL (Twitchel)

Ephraim and Patience Eames of Holliston, int.Feb.1,1752.

TWING (Thwing)

Sarah and Samuel Torrey, May20,1747.


John W. of Hardwick, and Sylance E. Edmonds, Jan.29,1830.

Pamelia and Peter Mayo Jr., Feb.15,1829.

TWITCHEL (Twichel)

Ephraim and Lydia Parkhurst, Apr.13,1769.

Lydia and David French, May21,1778.

Morris and Catherine French, Nov.9,1797.

Thaddeus of Sherborn, and Nancy Fairbanks, Nov.25,1795.

TYLER (Tiler)

Abigail and Rev. Levi Nelson of Lisbon, CT, int.Jan.18,1805.

Anna and Amariah Taft, both of Upton, Aug.16,1770.*

Comfort and Samuell White, Nov.26,1739.*

Dotty of Uxbridge, and James Mann of Wrentham, Sept.29,1789.CR1*

Elijah of Upton, and Ruth Owen, in Uxbridge, Sept.14,1749.*

Elisabeth [Mary E. int.] and Rev. Arthur Granger of Medfield, Sept.14,1831.

John, Adt., and Anna Morse, Nov.30,1763.

John, Capt., and Urana Bates of Upton, Apr.30,1778.

Marcy and Daniel Hazeltine, Oct.13,1732.*

Nathan and Mary Read, Mar.2,1715.*

Nathan, Capt., and Abigail Maynard of Marlborough, Dec.21,1743.*

Nathan and Elizabeth Brooks of Petersham, int.Mar.16,1811.

Newell and Sybil Bates, Oct.19,1841.

Phinehas of Uxbridge, and Phila Benson, Jan.29,1788.

Royal and Mary Southwick, int.Apr.13,1811.

Solomon and Lucretia Cook, Apr.6,1828.

Timothy of Uxbridge, and Susannah Fish, in Uxbridge, Dec.10,1774.

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