Cyrus of Westborough, and Sarah Burns, int.Apr.13,1844.


Caroline G. and John D. Parker, both of Uxbridge, Oct.27,1839.*

Eliza and Harvey Munyan, July3,1838.

Simion O. of Milford, and Dorinda S. Howard, May23,1839.*

WALCKER (Walker)

Jedediah of Rehoboth, and Molley Gors, int.Feb.16,1784.

WALCOTT (Wolcott)

Abijah W. of Seekonk, and Sophia Smith, Aug.27,1815.

WALDEN (Waldin, Waldon)

George of Burrillville, RI, and Pheba Ann Tinkham, int.Jan.12,1835.

WALDIN (Walden, Waldon)

Susan F. and Elias S. Stone, int.Feb.16,1844.

WALDON (Walden, Waldin)

Alpha of Bellingham, and Seth Southwick, int.May10,1801.


Amos and Emily Cheney, both of Milford, Apr.21,1831.*

Elisabeth of Stoughton, and Ichabod Ammidon Jr., int.Feb.15,1781.

Jacob [Jr. int.] of Winchendon, and Silvia A. Ramsdell, Nov.18,1814.

Jonathan of Braintree, and Rachel Taft, Dec.2,1755.*

Mille of Franklin, and Amos Thayer, int.Feb.25,1797.

Ruth C. of Orange, and Natahaniel K. Mellens, int.Dec.21,1823.

WALKER (Walcker)

Angelina of Milford, and Willard F. Parker, Oct.2,1837.*

Benjamin of Uxbridge, and Margaret Rawson, in Uxbridge, Nov.15,1773.

Emeline, d.Edward and Sarah, a.18y., and Francis B. Gunn, s.Benjamin and Lucretia, a.22y., Dec.12,1848.

Ephraim of Providence, and Pricilla Rawson, July24,1758.

Fanny and Wing Hendrick of Smithfield, RI, Nov.27,1823.

George W. Seekonk, and Esther Smith of Smithfield, RI, June17,1830.*

Hannah and Daniel White, Nov.16,1741.*

Ira of Wrentham, and Keziah Southwick, Oct.30,1825.*

Isaac, s.John and Margret, and Abigail Harris, d.Jeremiah and Abigail of Smithfield, 30:4m:1783.CR2*

Jason and Nancy Hyland, Oct.25,1808.

John and Eunice Keith, int.Apr.12,1760.

John I. of Upton, s.Simeon of Hopkinton, and Elizabeth, a.37y., and Sarah W. Mason, d.Millen of Woonsocket, RI, and Lettis, a.27y., May30,1847.*

Levi F. of Upton, and Mary M. Reynolds of Millbury, Oct.20,1840.*

Lucy A.P. of Holliston, and Thomas W. Claflin, Feb.8,1842.*

Mary of Framingham, and Samuell Stratton, in Framingham, Nov.17,1737.*

Polley of Sutton, and Aaron Burdon, int.Oct.25,1810.

Samuel of Hopkinton, and Sarah Lyon, Jan.15,1759.

Susanna of Hopkinton, and Thomas Beard Jr., Dec.28,1732.*

Thomas of Hopkinton, and Bethiah Chapin, Apr.12,1750.*

Timothy and Olive Arnold, both of Uxbridge, Nov.5,1793.*

Timothy S. of Cumberland, RI, and Mary Ann Preston, int.Oct.27,1833.

William [William B. int.] and Henrietta Slack [Henrietta L. Slade, both of Medway.int.], Apr.10,1824.


Patience and Obadiah Coolidge, of Jay, NY, Oct.3,1833.

Wait and Simon Lee Jr., int.June13,1821.

WALLEN (Walling)

Mary, Mrs., and Anthony Chase, Apr.3,1808.

WALLING (Wallen)

Heber and Sally Engley, int.Feb.1,1816.

Martin of Burriville, RI, and Mary E. Greenman, Sept.2,1824.

Mercy and Ahaz Cook, Nov.19,1818.

Rheuana and Amasa Sweet, int.Dec.14,1816.


Paul D. of Boston, and Emeline Pitts, Sept.7,1843.

WARD (Word)

Daniel of Sutton, and Mary Rawson of Uxbridge, Sept.20,1792.*

David of Bellingham, and Mary Norcross, int.Mar.4,1773.

Deborah and John Fish, May7,1752.*

Elijah and Hannah Read, July27,1749.

Elisabeth and John Benney Jr. of Weston, Dec.6,1753.*

Sylvanus and Sematha Glasier, Apr.28,1831.

William and Hannah Taft of Upton, int.June18,1776.


Eliza and Albert J. Fletcher, both of Upton, Oct.4,1840.*

WARE (Wares, Were)

Albert O. of Uxbridge, and Mehitable Hawes of Cumberland, RI, May28,1835.*

Betsey of Franklin, and Hiram Cook, int.Mar.11,1827.

Esther of Needham, and Josiah Penniman, in Needham, Jan.22,1761.

Joseph of Wrentham, and Hannah Pasmore, Jan.6,1778.*

Lyman of Cumberland, RI, and Salinan Burlington [Salinda Burlingame. int.] June2,1831.Zelinda

Robard of Wrentham, and Elizebeth Holbrook, Feb.26,1719.*

WARES (Ware, Were)

Mary and Moses Ramsdell, Oct.1,1743.*

Nathan of Wrentham, and Lydia Green, int.Nov.10,1766.

WARFEILD (Warfield, Wharfeild, Wharfield)

Job and Huldah Thayer, June12,1751.*

Lewis and Mary Remington, July19,1807.

Luther of Milford, and Alce Thomson, May24,1807.


Charles and Eliza Bacon, July12,1838.

Criah and Levi Mowrey of Smithfield, RI, int.Nov.9,1823.

Demarius of Gloucester, RI, and Mason Wilmouth, int.Feb.4,1820.

Demeras and Samuel Ropes, July1,1821.

David E. and Ruth S. Taylor, Mar.29,1839.

Betsey and Benajah Dyer, Apr.12,1818.

James S. and Hepsebeth Cathcart, Jan.7,1821.

Mary and Thomas Manton of Johnston, RI, int.Apr.7,1817.

Sarah and Nahum Thayer, Sept.13,1818.

WARRAN (Warren, Warrin)

Hannah and Jason Newton of Framingham, June9,1757.*

WARREN (Warran, Warrin)

Chandler M. of Grafton, and Surphrona Aldrich, int.May11,1828.

Deliverance of Weston, and Seth Warren, in Weston, Oct.9,1760.

Esther and Abraham Stearns, May31,1780.

Samuel and Hannah Beard, Sept.27,1733.*

Samuel Jr. and Polly Mellen, both of Milford, Apr.19,1797.*

Sarah and Joseph Partridge, Nov.15,1778.

Seth and Deliverance Warren of Weston, in Weston, Oct.9,1760.

Thankful of Grafton, and Levi Rawson, in Grafton, Oct.26,1775.

WARRIN (Warran, Warren)

Priscilla of Milford, and Baruch Penniman, int.Mar.30,1789.

Samuel of Grafton, and Eunice Corbitt, May29,1754.*


Hannah and Jeremiah Battles Jr., int.Apr.6,1771.

Huldah and Samuel Kimpton of Uxbridge, int.Apr.11,1776.

Lusina and Benson Darling, Nov.29,1829.

Obed and Linda Taft, int.June29,1834.

Ruhamah and Eleazer Albee, June2,1775.

Samuell and Hannah Hayward, Nov.12,1777.

Samuel and Mary Cutting, Feb.19,1795.

Sarah and Elijah Darling, Apr.13,1769.

Susanna and John Kimpton of Uxbridge, Dec.1,1768.


James and Sarah Whittemore of Leicester, int.Dec.14,1841.


Albert and Lucy Buxton, both of Smithfield, RI, July6,1842.*

Amarinthy E. of Cumberland, RI, and David H. Colvin, Sept.15,1840.

Stephen and Eliza Aldrich, both of Providence, July5,1824.CR1*


John of Sutton, and Bethiah Adams, Oct.20,1791.


Almira A. of Smithfield, RI, and John L. Gleason of Grafton, Jan.31,1841.*

Caleb and Elmira Allen of Smithfield, RI, int.Sept.5,1830.

Dorcas and Ira Allen, May6,1830.

Dorothy and Dea.Thomas Sanford, int.Dec.1,1745 (Dec.7,1745 dup.).*

Joseph L. and Elsa Ann Phillips, int.Feb.24,1833.

Kesiah [Keziah G. int.] and Henry Carr, Nov.6,1831.


Atla A. and Elery White, Mar.13,1842.


Betsey and Newton Darling of Smithfield, RI, int.July4,1820.


George of Grafton, and Annice Nichols, May21,1834.

Melvin and Phebe P. Kinsman, both of Upton, Oct.20,1836.*


Daniel and Hannah Wiswall, Mar.6,1755.*

Jepthah and Esther Marshall, Nov.17,1757.*

Lydia and John Chapin Jr., both of Milford, Apr.29,1792.CR1*


Willard and Anna Phillips, Apr.17,1814.


Joseph H. of Boston, and Lydia Whitney of Milford, in Milford, Sept.28,1840.*

Palmer [of Uxbridge. int.] and Emily C. Wilson, May11,1836.


Clarissa of Cumberland, RI, and William Horton, May26,1841.


Deliverance of Wrentham, and Windsor Wheelock, int.Mar.18,1815.

WERE (Ware, Wares)

Sanford [Sanford Ware of Franklin. int.] and Diana Wilson, May30,1808.

WESCOT (Westcott)

George of Foxborough, and Charlotte Wight of Upton, Aug.20,1842.*


Hewman of Hopkinton, and Amelia Aldrich, int.July15,1804.

Loiza and Luke Knox, int.Aug.5,1827.


Harriet J. of Hopkinton, and William Knight, Jan.25,1842.*

Mary and Nathan Cass, int.Nov.10,1822.


Dexter and Cyntha Chard of Thomson, CT, int.Feb.15,1800.

Joseph and Ann F. Foster of Smithfield, RI, int.Aug.11,1833.


Mary and Walter Palmer Wilcox, int.Aug.16,1825.

WHARFEILD (Warfeild, Warfield, Wharfield)

Hannah and Joshua Daniels, Aug.28,1764.

WHARFIELD (Warfeild, Wharfeild, Wharfield)

Abba Ann and Estes Burden, Dec.3,1835.

Alinda and George Washington Benson, int.Feb.11,1804.

Daniel T. and Amy Ann Smith, Oct.12,1840.

Elihu and Ruth Green, May24,1744.

Elihu and Mary Ellis of Medway, in Medway, May30,1764.

Elisabeth and John Darling, Jan.20,1791.

Hannah and Ralph Hill, Nov.23,1731.*

John and Lydia Taft, Dec.3,1772.

John and Deborah Taft, Apr.3,1777.

Lawson and Harriet M. Stockwell of Sutton, int.Apr.1,1845.

Lewis and Sylvia Warfield, int.Jan.28,1822.

Lydia and George Hill, June4,1800.

Mary and William Green, May19,1719.*

Mary and Jonathan Hayward, July12,1738.*

Polly and John Darling Jr., June3,1790.

Olive of Milford, and Josiah Gould of Medway, July10,1814.*

Preston and Hannah W. Burden, Jan.5,1836.

Ruth and John Thayer, Feb.20,1806.

Samuel and Hannah White, July22,1701.*

Samuel and Abigail Adams of Sherborn, in Holliston, Mar.13,1733.*

Samuel and Margery Gay, Mar.22,1780.

Sarah and William Sprague, Nov.4,1731.*

Sylvia and Lewis Warfield, int.Jan.22,1822.

Thurber and Lydia Tourtellot, Oct.1,1809.


Mary of Smithfield, RI, and George Mathison, int.Jan.27,1844.


Mary and Aaron Aldrich, May1,1753.*

Salmon of Nine Partners, NY, and Abigail White, Jan.13,1757.*

WHEATON (Wheton)

Mary and Benjamin Hayward, Feb.13,1734-5.*

Samuel and Mary Rockwood, Feb.24,1717-8.*


Abraham of Worcester, and Elizabeth Miller, in Worcester, July13,1756.*

Asa and Alzada Dyer of Smithfield, RI, int.July14,1827.

Avery P. and Adaline S. Bates of Bellingham, int.Feb.10,1828.

Benjamin S. of Templeton, and Julia H. Doggett, int.May30,1849.

Bennett and Sarah Wilson, Mar.10,1822.

Ebenezer of Grafton, and Priscilla Hayward, Sept.5,1753.*

Jonathan D. of Grafton, and Elizabeth Davenport, Oct.28,1830.

Mary and Seth A. Curtis, Dec.10,1820.

Obadiah of Bolton, and Hannah Gaskill, wid.Ebenezer, 4:8m:1791.CR2*

Sarah and Stephen C. Gould of Cumberland, RI, int.Dec.14,1839.

Ziporah and Josiah Wood of Upton, in Shrewsbury, Feb.3,1757.*

WHEELLOCK (Wheelock, Whelock)

Silas and Hannah Albee, May20,1740.*

WHEELOCK (Wheellock, Whelock)

Nabby of Uxbridge and Ensign Joseph Torrey, Dec.14,1788.CR1

Adam and Eliza Robbins of Upton, int.Sept.1,1810.

Adam D. of New York, s.of Adam, a.25y., and Laura A. Wood, a.19y., Mar.3,1845.

Adin B. and Mary Ann Wheelock, int.Aug.31,1844.

Alcista and Archibald Kennedy of North Providence, RI, Nov.30,1815.

Amy Ann and Joseph G. Baxter, Oct.8,1837.

Andrus and Lovice Hill, Mar.18,1819.

Andrus Jr. and Hannah Pratt, int.Nov.21,1847.

Benjamin and Rebeckah Kinney of Sutton, in Sutton, Aug.21,1740.*

Benjamin and Hannah Chapin of Grafton, in Grafton, June4,1752.

Benjamin, Lieut., and Joanna Taft, Dec.1,1763.

Benjamin and Ama Aldrich, Nov.28,1810.

Caleb and Rachel Green, Nov.27,1766.

Calvin and Marcy White, Oct.1,1778.

Caroline and Alanson S. Freeman, Nov.22,1834.

Catherine and Rufus J. Stafford of Killingly, CT, Apr.12,1840.

Daniel of Uxbridge, and Deborah Darling, Mar.30,1732.*

Daniel and Mary Brown, Apr.26,1837.

Daniel S. and Mary W. Capron of Cumberland, RI, int.Aug.2,1840.

David of Charlton, and Rachel Jones, Nov.5,1760.

Deborah and Elkanah Benson, Nov.27,1788.

Dennis and Lucinda Staples, Dec.8,1821.CR1

Ebenezer and Mary Sleeman, Feb.16,1737-8.*

Eliza Ann and George Staples, May24,1829.

Elizabeth and Ephraim Daniels, July3,1733.*

Elisabeth and Nathan Albee, int.Feb.25,1776.

Betsey and Nathan Aldrich 2d [Nathan Marsh 2d.int.], Oct.23,1806.

Experience and Henry Penniman, Apr.13,1769.

Hannah and Joshua Underwood of Holliston, Feb.16,1737-8.*

Hannah and Ephraim Taft, Nov.16,1769.

Henry [Capt. int.] and Mary M. Thornton, Dec.8,1833.

Huldah and John Sanford, Nov.12,1730.*

Huldah and Peter Penniman, Nov.21,1754.*

Eseck and Salley Davis, int.Dec.17,1790.

Jesse and Mary Taft, Mar.20,1752.*

Jesse and Phebe White, Dec.4,1753.*

Jesse and Aurilla Aldrich, Feb.27,1820.

Jonathan and Ruth Daniels, Jan.29,1756.*

Josiah and Experience Clerk, Jan.6,1748.

Julia Ann and Samuel Lathrop of Springfield, Sept.1,1836.

Leah and Increase Thayer, Nov.20,1771.

Lois and Joseph Thompson of Bellingham, int.June18,1773.

Manning and Marbra Southwick, Feb.19,1815.

Margarett and James Albee, July16,1739.*

Mary and Ebenezer Thayer of Bellingham, Aug.9,1721.*

Mary and Caleb Cheney, May9,1758.

Mary and Joseph Perry of Mansfield, Sept.14,1774.

Polly and Phinehas Lovett, Mar.13,1800.

Mary and Jesse Howard [Hayward.int.] of Milford, Dec.21,1824.

Polly L. and Stephen Goldwait Jr., of Northbridge, int.Oct.19,1826.

Mary and Cyrus Boyden, Jan.7,1829.

Mary Ann and Adin B. Wheelock, int.Aug.31,1844.

Nehum and Betty Steel, Feb.3,1784.

Nahum Jr. and Lucindia Allen, int.Oct.25,1815.

Nahum Jr. and Nancy Legg, Oct.25,1818.

Nancy of Uxbridge, and Caleb Verrey Allen, int.Nov.27,1806.

Nathan and Abigail Rawson [Abigail Ellis, alias Rawson. int.], June15,1806.

Obadiah and Martha Sumner, Oct.26,1733.*

Olive and Laban Bates, Dec.28,1768.

Orson R. and Sophrona Wilson, July3,1834.

Perla and Amasa Thayer, int.July18,1772.

Peter and Sarah Taft, Nov.25,1744.

Peter and Anna Taft, int.Feb.2,1812.

Phebe and [Lieut.CR1] Nathan Keith of Uxbridge, Jan.10,1788.

Phebe of Smithfield, RI, and Estas Sturtevant, int.Apr.1,1830.

Rebecca and Benjamin Fisk of Upton, Nov.16,1747.

Rhoda and Nehemiah Nelson Jr. of Milford, Feb.11,1781.

Rhoda H. and Thomas C. Hoyt, Jan.10,1830,

Royal and Lydia Taft, both of Uxbridge, Jan.11,1790.*

Royal M. and Rachael Freeman, int.Mar.11,1843.

Ruth and William Rutter, Jan.23,1720-1.*

Ruth and Abraham Staples, Feb.17,1774.

Samuel and Hannah Ammidown, Feb.16,1737-8.*

Samuel and Dinah Leland of Holliston, int.Sept.22,1770.

Sarah and Isaac Kent of Bellingham, May17,1770.

Salley and Moses Aldrich, Jan.25,1807.

Sarah [Sarah A. int.] and Latimer S. Staples, Apr.26,1838.

Seth and Margery Aldrich, Nov.23,1775.

Seth and Phebee Legg, int.Dec.13,1785.

Seth and Tryal Herrington of Gloucester, int.Sept.22,1797.

Simeon of Uxbridge, and Deborah Thayer, Nov.28,1763,

Simeon and Diana Albee, Dec.27,1829.

Submit and James Mellen Jr., Feb.12,1801.

Susan and Micajah Fuller, May18,1841.

Sylvia and Daniel Day, Nov.30,1787. [Nov.15,1787.CR1]

Thomas and Hannah Hayward of Bellingham, int.Sept.29,1769.

Thomas and Paulina Cook, Feb.7,1822.

Thomas and Minerva Baker, Apr.13,1834.

Timothy and Joannah Holbrook of Bellingham, Jan.22,1765.

Thuza and Ezekiel Alexander of Upton, Apr.18,1803.

Windsor and Deliverance Welman of Wrenthamm, int.Mar.18,1815.


Salley of Edgarton, and Robert P. Pratt, int.Aug.28,1819.

WHELOCK (Wheellock, Wheelock)

Benjemin and Hulda Thayer, Dec.9,1700.*

Benjamin and Deborah Taft, June24,1726.*

Mary and Daniel Bullard of Bellingham, int.Sept.18,1781.

Nancey and Laban Fairbanks, int.Mar.9,1785.

Obadiah and Elizebeth Darling, Jan.8,1708.*

WHETON (Wheaton)

Benjamin and Abigail Green, Apr.14,1719.*


Amy of Smithfield, and Esek Aldrich, int.Dec.6,1777.

Emerson and Keziah Holbrook, Apr.12,1837.

Henry F. and Caroline Merrill of Milford, July16,1838.*

Jonathan and Mary Joneson [Jennison. int.] of Douglas, in Douglas, Dec.25,1777.

Parmelia and John Handy, int.Sept.23,1815.

Resolved R. and Ruth Arnold, Feb.15,1824.

Simon of Smithfield, and Abigail Verrey, Nov.27,1794.

Weatty and John Cass, both of Cumberland, Feb.7,1839.*


Juba F. and Vienna Scott, Nov.4,1830.*

Julia Ann and Elbridge G. Thompson, Dec.8,1836.


Aaron of Uxbridge, and Susannah Thayer, Dec.25,17末. [1739.TC]*

Aaron and Ruhamah Thayer, int.Feb.26,1763.

Abigal and Samuel Read, Jan.7,1703-4.*

Abigail and John Tompson, Mar.31,1712.*

Abigail and Salmon Whear of Nine Partners, NY, Jan.13,1757.*

Abigail of Uxbridge, and Uriah Thayer, in Uxbridge, Jan.2,1768. [int.Jan.3,1768]

Abigail and David Thomson, int.Sept.14,1771.

Abigail and Nathaniel Legg of Upton, Nov.21,1771.

Alpheus and Rhoda Rawson of Uxbridge, int.Sept.13,1802.

Benjamin and Mary Thayer, May23,1720.*

Benjamin and Ruth Chapin, Aug.29,1779.

Bezaleel of Uxbridge, and Polly Taft, Apr.25,1793.

Chloe of Milford, and Ruben Thayer, Apr.28,1805.

Comfort of Uxbridge, and David Legg, Aug.18,1791.CR1

Cyntha and Ezra Staples, int.Nov.25,1802.

Daniel and Hannah Walker, Nov.16,1741.*

Daniel and Huldah Albee, Dec.12,1776.

Daniel and Martha Parkhurst, Jan.4,1778.

Dinah and Samuel Leeland of Holliston, Dec.30,1736.*

Ebenezer and Elisabeth Elis of Uxbridge, int.Mar.3,1747-8.

Ebenezer and Susannah Taft, int.Feb.12,1797.

Ebenezer and Sarah Darling, int.Dec.12,1801.

Elisha and Mary Corbitt, Oct.12,1775.

Elery and Atla A. Weatherhead, Mar.13,1842.

Ephraim and Betsey Hovey, Oct.30,1836.

Eunice and Ezekiel Hunt, May27,1761.

Experiance and Ephraim Miller, Feb.10, [末末; prob. 1701-2].*

Experiance and Joseph Pool, Dec.6,1706.*

Farnum and Lois Nelson of Upton, int.Aug.9,1773.

Hannah and Samuel Warfield, July22,1701.*

Hannah and John Sprague, Mar.28,1764.

Hannah and Remmington Southwick, Mar.24,1833.

Hopestill of Milford, and Joseph Thayer Jr., May27,1807.

Huldah and Samuell Penniman, Dec.3,1741.*

Jacob and Katherine Penniman, Feb.18,1779.

Joanna and Solloman Chapin, May28,1754.*

John and Sarah Cheney, Apr.28,1720.*

John Jr. and Margarit Thompson, May29,1744.

Joseph and Abigail Skiner of Oxford, Apr.15,1718.*

Joseph and Margery Aldrich, Apr.11,1751.*

Joseph and Anna Coleson of Holliston, Sept.26,1751.*

Joseph of Uxbridge, and Deborah Fish, Mar.15,1759.

Joseph of Smithfield, and Rhoda Galloway, int.Aug.25,1774. Banns forbidden.

Joseph of Smithfield, and Jemima Darling, int.Apr.28,1775.

Joseph Jr. and Naomi Wilson, in Uxbridge, Feb.17,1792.

Josiah of Uxbridge, and Mary Green, Jan.26,1769.*

Keziah of Bellingham, and Ebenezer Holbrook, Apr.26,1748.

Leonard of Milford, and Diana Thayer, Dec.10,1820.

Ledia and Micall Medcalf, Mar.21,1704-5.*

Lydia of Uxbridge, and Abraham Staples, in Uxbridge, Oct.1,1740.*

Martha of Uxbridge, and Simon Allexander, May21,1786. [Lord's Day evening.CR1]

Mary and Thomas Legg, Nov.8,1748.*

Mary and Turner Ellis, Mar.16,1769.

Mehitebell and Benjemin Darling, June11,1708.*

Marcy and Calvin Wheelock, Oct.1,1778.

Moses of Uxbridge, and Abigail Holbrook, Dec.12,1749.*

Nathan of Uxbridge, amd Abigail Anthony of Gloucester, RI, Mar.6,1793.*

Noah, s.John of Uxbridge, and Rebecah Trask, d.Nichols, 2:6m:called August, 1750.CR2*

Peter and Salley Stoddard, both of Milford, Feb.9,1806.

Philander of Uxbridge, and Mary Eddy, Oct.31,1824.

Philip and Rachel Green, June5,1751.*

Phebe and Jesse Wheelock, Dec.4,1753.*

Prudence of Uxbridge, and Benoni Benson, in Uxbridge, Sept.3,1739.*

Prudance and James Albe of Uxbridge, Jan.21,1745.

Prudence and Stephen Darling, Dec.25,1760.

Rachel and John Green, May25,1742.*

Rachel and Thomas Darling, Dec.14,1749.

Ruth and James Albee Jr. of Uxbridge, Feb.29,1776.

Samuell and Comfort Tyler, Nov.26,1739.*

Samuell and Abigail Adams, int.June10,1744.

Samuel of Killingly, and Sarah Corbett, July15,1752.*

Sarah and Joseph Chilson, June4,1718.*

Sarah and Samuel Darling, int.Apr.1,1746.

Sarah and John Lysure, Mar.16,1749*

Sarah and Josiah Ball, Oct.23,1758.

Smith and Prudence Taft, int.Jan.17,1778.

Smith of Milford, and [wid.int.] Mary Cleaveland, Dec.9,1813.

Solomon [Lieut. int.] and Esther Prebble, Apr.2,1780.

Stephen R. of Grafton, and Nancy Fowler of Northbridge, Jan.30,1842.*

Susanna and [Ensign. int.] Benjamin Darling, Apr.17,1760.

Silvia of Milford, and Ariel Thayer, Jan.15,1809.

Thomas [of Andover. int.] and Prescilla Bishop, July27,1748.

Thomas and Sarah Daniels, Dec.27,1756.*

Turner and Hannah Holbrook, May16,1774,

William and Elizabeth Thayer, Aug.3,1721.*

William and Elisabeth Brummel, Nov.16,1749.*

Silva and Seva Pond, Apr.4,1770.

WHITELEY (Whitely)

William and Patience Newell of Bellingham, int.Oct.5,1779.

WHITELY (Whiteley)

Patience of Bellingham, and Asa Killey, int.May3,1801.


Mary Ann and William C.D. Earl of Smithfield, RI, int.July27,1827.

Sally C. and Thomas Wilber, int.Jan.21,1827.


Mary A. [Mary Ann. int.] and Lyman Mowry of Smithfield, RI, Nov.28,1839.


Mercy and Seth Hayward, June22,1768.

WHITNEY (Witney, Wittney)

Abigail of Framingham, and Ebenezer Chapin, in Framingham, Mar.29,1743.*

Abigail and Barnard Boyden both of Milford, Nov.22,1798.*

Benjamin [Dea.CR1] of Sherborn, and Mary Fairbanks, Feb.9,1792.

David and Kezia Marshall, int.Feb.2,1765.

David C. and Syla B. Bowdish of Douglas, int.Oct.15,1832.

Elias Jr. and Lucy Barnes of Hingham, in Hingham, Apr.10,1772.

Elias and Elisabeth Boyden, June26,1774.

Gershom of Woodstock, and Sarrah Wood, Mar.21,1751.*

Jesse and Mary Cheney, Sept.22,1757.*

Jesse and wid.Ruth Wight, int.Nov.6,1760.

Lucy of Milford, and John Wood, int.Mar.26,1803.

Lucy Ann of Milford, and Benjamin F. Reynolds of Sharon, Aug.3,1837.*

Lydia and Samuel Bowker of Hopkinton, Dec.12,1754.*

Lydia of Milford, and Joseph H. Welch of Boston, in Milford, Sept.28,1840.*

Mary and [Capt.CR1] Robert Taft of Upton, June11,1795.

Mason and Dolly Rawson, both of Uxbridge, Mar.29,1792.*

Nelson and Ruth Guild, both of Medway, in Millbury, Apr.6,1836.*

Rhoda and William Hayden of Hopkinton, Dec.9,1779.

Sarah and Wales Cheeney, Nov.10,1756.*

Simon and Sarah Johnson of Bellingham, int.Dec.2,1832.

Susanna and Isaac Tenney, June25,1752.


Sarah of Leicester, and James Waterhouse, int.Dec.14,1841.

WHOLBROOCK (Holbrook, Hollbrook)

Jonathan of Uxbridge, and Abigail Benson, int.Nov.17,1783.


Phine and Stephen Jones, int.Sept.22,1783.


Susan M. and Jonathan Wright of Bellingham, int.Mar.30,1842.


Abigail and Eliphelet Holbrook, both of Bellingham, Nov.26,1753.*

Charlotte of Upton, and George Wescot of Foxborough, Aug.20,1842.*

Eleazar and Ruth Legg, Dec.3,1761.

Relief and Ebenezer Wood of Upton, Dec.16,1762.*

Ruth, wid., and Jesse Whitney, int.Apr.19,1779.

Samuel and Mary Thompson, both of Bellingham, Oct.18,1752. N.S.*

WILBER (Wilbour, Wilbur)

David and Betsey Legg, Nov.24,1813.

George of Coventry, CT, and Laura Ann Easty, Mar.31,1833.

Martha S., d.Jonathan, a.16y., and Samuel Lesure, s.Stephen, a.22y., Sept.23,1844.

Mary and James Greenman, Oct.31,1824.

Phebe S. and John Bussey, Apr.18,1819.

Prudence and Olney Wood of Smithfield, RI, Mar.27,1825.

Ruth and Joseph Underwood, Sept.26,1819.

Thomas and Sally C. Whitford, int.Jan.21,1827.

Walter and Mary [Marcy.int.] Craige, Oct.8,1818.

WILBOUR (Wilber, Wilbur)

Sayles of Providence, RI, and Ruth Taft, Jan.16,1834.

WILBUR (Wilber, Wilbour)

Martha Ann and Perry Holoway of Smithfield, RI, int.Apr.2,1839.

WILCASON (Wilkinson)

Samuel and Hulda Aldrich, Apr.13,1697.*

WILCOCKS (Wilcox, Willcocks, Willcox)

Daniel of Cumberland, and Olive Cook, int.Sept.21,1776.

WILCOX (Wilcocks, Willcocks, Willcox)

Allice and Avery Emerson, int.May11,1823.

Alice and Pardon Cory, Mar.27,1825.

Deborah and Seth Southwick Jr., Aug.29,1819.

Deborah and Cyrus C. Daniels, Nov.28,1839.

Elijah D. of Cumberland, RI, and Adeliza Scott, int.Feb.25,1843.

Julia E.M. and Ira W. Cook, int.Sept.22,1844.

Lucinda and Cornelius Metcalf, Jan.22,1829.

Marcus of Smithfield, RI, and Kesiah Lee, int.Dec.18,1835.

Mary [Mary A. int.] and Otis T. Parkhurst, July30,1839.

Melinda and Olney Cook, Oct.3,1822.

Meribah of Cumberland, and Artimas Pickering, int.Mar.5,1808.

Samuel G. and Sally Cook, Mar.25,1830.

Susan and Seth Cook of Bellingham, int.Sept.28,1819.

Susan and Aaron C. Cook, Apr.6,1834.

Walter Palmer and Mary Weston, int.Aug.16,1825.

Willard Jr., widr., and Betsey F. Jencks, Oct.10,1844.

William [Willard Jr. int.] of Uxbridge, and Evelina Miller, Dec.23,1830.CR1


Elizabeth of Milton, and Thomas Lee, int.July3,1824.


Abigail and Zaccheus Taft, Jan.30,1791.

Caleb and Betty or Elisabeth Woodward of Boston, int., July10,1772.

Sarah and Elijah Smith, Jan.1,1835.

WILKINGS (Wilkins)

Abigail and Robert Benham,末蔓末, 末末. [prob. 1718].*

WILKINS (Wilkings)

Hannah and Jonathan Pickering, int.Oct.15,1796.

WILKINSON (Wilcason)

Alexander T. of Cumberland, and Maria Sayles, Aug.17,1834.*

Amey of Cumberland, and Nathan Southwick, int.Aug.25,1808.

Isreal Jr. of Smithfield, RI, and Abigail Carpenter, Dec.9,1813.

Jeremiah of Cumberland, and Elizabeth Southwick, d.of Daniel and Ruth, 4:12m:1777.CR2*

Marcy of Providence, and Benjamin Thayer, Aug.24,1727.*


Bezaleel and Rebecca Jaha, both of Uxbridge, Apr.5,1841.*

Joseph, Rev., and Hannah Parker of Reading, int.May2,1769.

Levi, Dr., and Mary Rawson, Apr.28,1774.

Levi, Dr., and Amy Tillinghast of Uxbridge, int.Mar.11,1780.

Mary and Josiah Chapin of Milford, int.Apr.14,1805.

Samuel, Dr., of Uxbridge, and Olive Frost, Nov.3,1774.

Samuel and Salla Taft, int.Aug.15,1801.

Stephen [of Douglas.int.] and Betsey Wood, Nov.29,1808.

WILLCOCKS (Wilcocks, Wilcox, Willcox)

Meribah of Cumberland, and Gideon Thayer, int.June10,1776.

WILLCOX (Wilcocks, Wilcox, Willcocks)

Maribe and Horace W. Southworth, int.Apr.15,1827.

Sarah G. and John M. Daniels, int.Aug.7,1842.


Elias and Lucy Hendrick, both of Northbridge, Dec.31,1840.*

Ephraim of Ashfield, and Mercy Daniels, Sept.14,1775.

George and Mary C. Atwell of Attleboro, int.Aug.6,1841.

James H. and Sarah A. Mowry, int.Jan.11,1845.

Lydia and Stephen A. Read, Oct.7,1830.

Rebeckah of Scituate, RI, and David Thayer Jr., int.Feb.28,1752.

Rhodia of Cranston, RI, and Emor Tourtellott, int.May10,1815.

Sarah of Easton, and Seth Killey [Jr. int.] in Easton, Nov.23,1779.

Susannah S., d.Parson and Nancy, a.35y., and Willard I. Allen, s.Willard of Medfield, and Charlotte, a.26y., Apr.8,1847.

Thomas and Polly Richardson of Attleboro, int.Sept.23,1815.

WILLIS (Wyllys)

Mercia Moulton and Horatio Stone, Mar.20,1825.

Samuel and Cynthia Merriam, Dec.3,1817.

WILLSON (Wilson)

Alexander Jr. and Susan Capron, int.Nov.6,1816.

Eunice S. of Northbridge, and Benoni L. Goldwait, int.June16,1820.

Joanna of Bellingham, and David Hayward, Mar.20,1751.*

John and Elizabeth Harris, Apr.14,1719.*

John of Sherborn, and Mary 末末, June28,1738.*

John and Dinah Stow, int.June30,1744.

John and Elisabeth Streeter, int.July16,1787.

Russel and Joanna B. Taft of Uxbridge, int.Nov.17,1844.


Mason and Demarius Warner of Gloucester, RI, int.Feb.4,1820.

WILSON (Willson)

Abraham and Betsey Streeter of Richmond, NH, int.June9,1797,

Alexander and Sarah Battles, int.Aug.25,1780.

Alexander and Patience Nye of Douglas, in Douglas, Nov.17,1782.

Caleb and Rachel Hayward, int.June24,1794.

Caleb W. and Lucy Thompson, July28,1822.CR1

Daniel and Susanna Thomson, int.Apr.17,1771.

David N. and Acksah Balou, int.July14,1804.

David Nye, s.Alexander, and Jane Ballou, d.Nathaniel, Nov.3,1805.

David and Emaline Mann of Milford, int.Jan.1,1832. Colored people.

Diana and Sanford Were [Sanford Ware of Franklin. int.], May30,1808.

Emily C. and Palmer Welch [of Uxbridge. int.], May11,1836.

George and Delia Kempton, int.Sept.22,1833.

Henry and Abigail Taft, May24,1829.

Israel and Penelopa Darling of Bellingham, int.Mar.30,1765.

James and Mary [Mary A. int.] Thayer, Oct.12,1825.

Jedediah and Thankful Joselyn, int.Nov.4,1773.

Jediah and Polley Bennet, Mar.4,1801.

Joanna and Thomson Taft, Nov.29,1827.

John and Margerit Hall, May25,1711.*

John of Wrentham, and Sarah Daniels, Nov.11,1760.

John and Leah Darling, int.Aug.22,1801.

Josiah and Amy Southwick, int.May29,1821. Publishment forbidden.

Josiah and Dimerous Carr, Apr.24,1825.

Lear and Otis Holbrook of Uxbridge, int.May20,1810.

Louis of Smithfield, RI, and Dexter Taft, int.Mar.15,1835.

Lyman and Sophia Ann Harkness, Sept.19,1833.

Margerit and Samuell Terey of Barrington, Oct.25,1719.*

Mary and Jothum Taft of Dudley, Dec.2,1772.

Mary and Calven Turner Jr., Oct.24,1822.

Mary Ann and John Greenman [Jr. int.] Nov.6,1823.

Mehitebel and Daniel Cook, int.Feb.14,1785.

Mehitable and Daniel Cook of Danby, VT, int.Feb.19,1786.

Nancy, wid., and David Handy,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Sept.9,1832]

Naomi and Joseph White Jr., in Uxbridge, Feb.17,1792.

Phila and Otis Taft, Aug.29,1802.

Rachel and Genery Taft, May12,1793.

Ruben and Joanna Taft, int.Mar.19,1800.

Samuel and Elisabeth Grant of Wrentham, int.Mar.12,1768.

Samuel of Uxbridge, and Alpha Fletcher, int.Feb.7,1805.

Samuel and Celia Ann Wood, Aug.6,1828.

Sarah and Bennett Wheeler, Mar.10,1822.

Sally and Daniel S. Southwick, June23,1832.

Sophia and Henry Steere, Dec.24,1833.

Sophrona and Orson R. Wheelock, July3,1834.

Thankful and Daniel Taft of Hartland, int.Aug.25,1801.

Wait C. and Euclid Chadsey, Mar.20,1844.

Willard and Julia Thayer, Nov.14,1819.


Abigail, Mrs., of Shutesbury, and Elias Wood, int.Sept.28,1844.

Ichabod Esq. of Winthrop, ME, and wid.Cinthia Kendal, June6,1824.


Elisha S. of Gloucester, RI, and Paulina Goldthwait, int.Mar.20,1831.


Abigal and Jacob Staples, Mar.28,1690.*

Delia and John Read, int.Aug.16,1843.

WISWAL (Wiswall)

Abigail of Milford, and Nicholas Cook, int.Aug.16,1802.

WISWALL (Wiswal)

Hannah and Daniel Wedge, Mar.6,1755.*

Henry and Joanna Thayer, Feb.17,1774.

Lydia and Mordicai Day, Dec.18,1757.*

Noah and wid.Susanna Tenney, Apr.11,1764.

Timothy and Diadama Daniels, Nov.17,1773.

WITNEY (Whitney, Wittney)

Hannah of Uxbridge, and Moses Tinney, in Uxbridge, Mar.16,1737-8.*

WITTNEY (Whitney, Witney)

Jonathan and Lydiah Jones, Jan.26,1726-7.*

WOLCOTT (Walcott)

William A. of Salsbury, CT, and Susan H. Peck, June21,1838.

WOOD (Woods)

Aaron and Sarah Wood, both of Upton, Sept.2,1773.*

Nabby and Simon Rawson, int.Mar.3,1804.

Achsah and Jonathan Nelson of Upton, Feb.7,1828.

Alpha and Benjamin Dyer, July16,1820.

Catharine and Benjamin Drake, Dec.14,1809.

Celia Ann and Samuel Wilson, Aug.6,1828.

Collister of Grafton, and Sarah Bowen of Northbridge, Oct.6,1808.*

Cyntha and Andrew Penniman, June13,1799.

Daniel of Milford, and Suke Staples, int.Aug.22,1801.

David and Elizebeth Hayward, Aug.9,1727.*

Deborah and Joseph Pierce, Mar.31,1767.

Ebenezer of Upton, and Lydia Parkhurst, int.July24,1762.

Ebenezer of Upton, and Relief Wight, Dec.16,1762.*

Edward and Rachil Rawson, int.Aug.30,1764. Banns forbidden by Edward Wood.

Edward and Ruth Rockwood of Somers, int.Oct.5,1765. Oct.10,1765, banns forbidden by Rachel Rawson.

Elias and Sarah Staples, Dec.1,1803.

Elias and Mrs.Abigail Wing of Shutesbury, int.Sept.28,1844.

Elijah and Debora Hide, both of Upton, Feb.11,1810.*

Elisha and Nancy Legg, May26,1799.

Elizabeth and Samuel Rockwood, Apr.9,1722.*

Elisabeth and William Wood of Somers, Nov.28,1765.

Betsey and Stephen Willard [of Douglas.int.], Nov.29,1808.

Elon G. and Louisa I. Turner of Medway, int.Nov.3,1845.

Esther of Uxbridge, and Dependance Hayward, in Uxbridge, Nov.27,1760.

Eunice and William Goss, int.Dec.9,1804.

Ezekel of Uxbridge, and Sarah Albee, int.Mar.26,1782.

Ezekel and Hannah Wood, Sept.24,1809.

George and Silvia Wood, Mar.31,1811.

George and Sally Miller, int.Oct.28,1816.

Grindall and Mary Nelson of Upton, int.July27,1771.

Hannah and Ezekel Wood, Sept.24,1809.

Hannah C. of Uxbridge, and Sylvester Pickering, int.Aug.1,1835.

Hannah B. and Alexander H. Allen, June21,1838.

Harriot and Moses Adams of Sutton, June3,1828.

Henry [Henry W. int.] and Sarah [Sarah P. int.] Staples, Oct.26,1843.

Hezekiah and Phebe Perry, both of Upton, June8,1778.*

James and Bridget Joans, May17,1716.*

James and Grace Thayer, Oct.8,1723.*

James and Elizabeth Hazeltine, Mar.8,1737-8.*

James and Unity Gauss, Feb.7,1750.*

Jesse [of Upton. int.] and Wate Mowrey, Mar.20,1809.

John and Susanna Temple, both of Upton, May21,1778.*

John of Scituate, and Sarah Holder, int.Sept.1,1783.

John and Lucy Whitney of Milford, int.Mar.26,1803.

Jonathan and Margaret Thayer, Dec.15,1720.*

Jonathan and Lydia Taft of Uxbridge, int.Feb.28,1801.

Jonathan B. and Alcy Bennett, June25,1820.

Joseph of Milford, and Mary Ann Austin, Aug.8,1839.*

Josiah of Upton, and Ziporah Wheeler, in Shrewsbury, Feb.3,1757.*

Laura A., a.19y., and Adam D. Wheelock of NY, s.Adam, a.25y., Mar.3,1845.

Lebbeus L. and Almira Aldrich, Mar.31,1825.

Levi of Medway, and Izanna Works of Milford, Jan.1,1839.*

Liberty and Lucinda Hodges, both of Douglas, Nov.13,1814.*

Lois of Uxbridge, and Jesse Pennyman, in Uxbridge, Dec.8,1763.

Lois and Moses Hayward, May17,1767.

Lois and Joel Sibley, both of Uxbridge, Nov.25,1790.CR1*

Lois W. and Judson Fisher of Upton, Apr.8,1840.*

Lewis and Sophia Rawson of Uxbridge, int.Jan.27,1833.

Marcelia of Warwick, RI, and Josiah Batty of Cumberland, RI, Apr.4,1839.*

Mary and Ebenezer Pratt of Sherborn, in Boston, Jan.28,1717.*

Mary and John Farnum, Nov.8,1722.*

Mary of Upton, and Zebulon Goss, int.Aug.1,1761.

Mary and Stephen Albee, Sept.2,1761.

Mary and Henry Goss of Dummerston, Jan.25,1798.

Mary S. and Emory Hayward, Jan.7,1826.

Mary and Joseph Hill of Cambridge, Mar.9,1828.

Mary E. and Rufus P. Johnson, both of Upton, Aug.23,1839.*

Obadiah of Uxbridge, and Experience Hayward, Nov.22,1759.

Obadiah and Alse Mowry, Apr.21,1796.

Obadiah Jr. and Rebecca Fowler of Northbridge, int.Feb.12,1840.

Olney of Smithfield, RI, and Prudence Wilber, Mar.27,1825.

Pamelia and Dr. Phinehas W. [Phinehas Washington. int.] Leland, Nov.19,1826.

Perry and Caroline Staples, Mar.6,1836.

Phily of Upton, and Israel Mowrey, int.July22,1815.

Phinehas and Chloe Hazeltine [of Grafton. int.], Dec.12,1791.

Rachil and Moses Daniels of Holliston, Nov.27,1760.

Ruby and Thomas Stone [Jr. int.], Oct.18,1824.

Ruth and Edmund Evens, Apr.9,1722.*

Samuel and Mary Albey, Nov.12,1730.*

Samuel Jr. of Upton, and Elisabeth Daniell, May24,1764,

Samuel of Uxbridge, and Rachel Albee, June22,1794.

Sarrah and Gershom Whitney of Woodstock, Mar.21,1751.*

Sarah and Aaron Wood, both of Upton, Sept.2,1773.*

Sally and Enos Goss, Jan.27,1803.

Sarah and Joseph Brown of Framingham, Apr.11,1820.

Sarah S. of Shutesbury, and Stephen Cook, int.Nov.13,1835.

Silas and Asenath Stuart of Holliston, Dec.6,1772.

Simon of Wrentham, and Prutia Thomson, int.Jan.30,1794.

Simon and Polly Hiles of Thomson, int.Nov.10,1796.

Solmon of Uxbridge, and Hannah Fish, Oct.1,1765.

Stephen and Jemima Taft, Nov.13,1777.

Susan and John B. Killey, Feb.28,1832.

Susanna and Phineas Pratt of Grafton, Aug.24,1749.*

Susanna and Samuel Bills of Uxbridge, int.Jan.27,1803.

Silvia and George Wood, Mar.31,1811.

Watee and Amariah Taft, Apr.20,1820.

Wheelock and Hannah Comestock of Uxbridge, Dec.17,1820.*

William of Somers, and Elizabeth Wood, Nov.28,1765.

William and Ann Leisure, int.Apr.28,1837.

William and Rucella Keith, int.Jan.15,1840.[Drusilla?]

William W. of Northbridge, and Mary D. Smith of Uxbridge, Oct.10,1842.*

Celinda H. and Elijah Albee, both of Milford, Apr.5,1835.*

WOODARD (Woodward)

George and Bethiah Tiler, May18,1716,*


Nathaniel of Bristol, and Abigail Coffin, May17,1720.*


Jeremiah of Warren, RI, and Louisa Manly, int.Mar.22,1841.

WOODS (Wood)

Hezekiah and Tycy Treadway, int.Jan.5,1773.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Elisabeth or Betty of Boston, and Caleb Wilder, int.July10,1772.


Elizabeth and Gilman [Gilman G. int.] Peirce, Apr.2,1843.

Stephen D. and Susan E. Solisbury, Nov.13,1841.


George S. of Weymouth, and Ann D. Evans, Sunday, Oct.15,1837.

WORD (Ward)

John of Upton, and Mary Torrey, Jan.16,1745.

Josiah and Deborah Sheffield, Sept.1,1748,

Silence and Stephen Rawson of Conway, May30,1776.


Izanna of Milford, and Levi Wood of Medway, Jan.1,1839.*


Louisa of Milford, and John W. Olds, in Milford, Sept.6,1836.


Jonathan of Bellingham, and Susan M. Wiggin, int.Mar.30,1842.

Margaret and Joshua Chilson of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Sept.4,1783.*

WYLLYS (Willis)

Lemuel [Samuel Willis.int.] and Lydia Gilson, Dec.20,1801.


Margery and William Torrey [Jr. int.], May17,1778.

Stephen of Lancaster, and Margery Green, Jan.31,1775.

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