Kathrine, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.12,1786.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.22,1784.

JENKES (Jenks)

Anna, d.Lawrence and Susannah, June11,1778.

David, s.Lawrence and Susannah, Oct.30,1768.

Elizabeth, d.Lawrence and Susannah, Nov.5,1770.

Lawrence, s.Lawrence and Susannah, Sept.29,1780.

Mehitabel, d.Lawrence and Susannah, Mar.5,1767.

Susannah, d.Lawrence and Susannah, Mar.18,1776.

Thomas, s.Lawrence and Susannah, Mar.23,1773.

JENKS (Jenkes)

Charles, s.David and Rebecah, Mar.12,1792.

Cynthia, d.Isaac and Ruth,末蔓末,1786.GR1

Syntha, d.Isaac and Ruth, July6,1786.

Sintha, d.John and Olive, Apr.14,1814.

Cynthia, d.John and Olive,末蔓末,1815.GR1

Daniel Loring, s.Isaac and Dolly, Apr.15,1820.

Edward, s.John and Olive, Aug.26,1808.

George, s.John and Olive, Apr.12,1819.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Ruth, Mar.16,1776.

Henry, s.Lawrence and Susannah, Sept.3,1782.


Isaac, s.Isaac and Ruth, Dec.28,1783.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Dolley, Feb.9,1819. [dup.]

Jeremiah, s.Lawrence and Susannah, Mar.18,1785.

John, s.Isaac and Ruth, Aug.16,1778.

John, s.John and Olive, Mar.末,1815.

Lucy Hunt, d.Jonathan and Mary, Aug.20,1803.

Lydia, d.Isaac and Ruth, Jan.16,1771.

Martha Richardson, w.John,末蔓末,1827.GR1

Polly, d.David and Rebecah, Sept.1,1789.

Mary, d.Isaac and Ruth, Jan.2,1792.

Michael, s.Isaac and Ruth, Aug.16,1773.

Olive Rice, w.John,末蔓末,1784.GR1

Olive, d.John and Roxana, Aug.20,1823. [dup.]

Otis, s.Isaac and Ruth, June13,1789.

Otis Dexter, s.John and Olive, Dec.8,1810.

Otis Dexter, s.Isaac and Dolly, Dec.26,1821.

Philania, d.Lawrence and Susannah, June26,1790.

Russel, s.Lawrence and Susannah, Oct.8,1787.

Ruth Lapham, w.Isaac,末蔓末,1748.GR1

Theodore, s.Isaac, Jr., and Dolley, Apr.18,1817. [dup.]


末末, s.末末, bp. Oct.15,1767.CR

Isaac, s.Isaac and Patience, July17,1761.

Israel, s.Isaac and Patience, Mar.3,1767.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Patience, Jan.18,1763.

Nathaniel, s.Isaac and Patience, Jan.16,1765.

Stephen, s.Isaac and Patience, July16,1759.

Varanes, s.Joel and Roxey, Nov.27,1815.

William N., s.Joel and Roxey, July7,1814.


Abigail Cutler, d.Jacob W. and Martha B., Sept.18,1846.

Altheah Elizabeth, d.Jacob W. and Martha B., Mar.15,1842.

Asa Thomas, s.Asa and Lucy, Aug.17,1820.

Charles Jarvis, s.Jacob W. and Martha B., July29,1840.

Claracy, d.Josiah and Hannah, Nov.24,1799.

Eleanor, d.Phinehas and Hannah, July6,1807.

Eliza, d.Asa and Lucy, May7,1819. [dup.]

Erastus, s.Asa and Lucy, Sept.11,1825.

Fanney, d.Josiah and Hannah, June19,1795.

Hannah Merriam, d.Eli and Elizabeth, Aug.15,1825.

Henry Matial, s.Jacob W. and Martha B., Apr.29,1839.

Henry Phineas, s.Phineas, Jr., and Emmeline B., Nov.30,1846.

Jacob W., Apr.16,1806.GR2

Jarvis Hurburt, s.Jacob W. and Martha, Apr.8,1845.

Jeremiah, s.Phineas and Lucy, Mar.7,1788. At Charlton.

Jonathan Phillips, s.Phinehas and Hannah, Oct.10,1800.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Hannah, Nov.29,1804.

Lois Ann, d.Phinehas and Hannah, Jan.16,1810.

Lory, s.Phinehas and Lucy, Feb.18,1794.

Lucy, d.Phinahas and Hannah, Dec.12,1802.

Lucy Baldwin, d.Phinehas and Hannah, Mar.24,1805.

Lucy D., d.Asa and Lucy, Aug.2,1828.

Lydia Lamb, d.Eli and Elizabeth, Oct.15,1817. [dup.]

Mariah, d.Phineas and Hannah, Apr.21,1816.

Maria Emeline, d.Phineas, Jr., and Emeline, Mar.28,1845.

Martha B., w.Jacob W. and Martha B., July13,1843.

Martha Ellis, d.Jacob W. and Martha B., July13,1843.

Mary White, d.Asa and Lucy, Sept.9,1817. [dup.]

Mindwel, d.Phinehas and Lucy, Apr.5,1792.

Phineas, s.Phineas and Hannah, Apr.18,1819.

Ruel, s.Phineha and Lucy, Dec.27,1789.

Rual, s.Josiah and Hannah, Jan.5,1813.

Rhoda, d.Josiah and Hannah, Sept.17,1793.

Rhoda, d.Josiah and Hannah, July29,1802.

Silas Partridge, s.Phinehas and Lucy, Dec.29,1795.

Silas, s.Phinehas and Hannah, Jan.17,1799.

Thomas, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Feb.23,1756.

Uriah, s.Josiah and Hannah, July3 [23. dup.], 1797.

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