WALKAH (Walker)

Albert, twin s.Gideon and Polly, Jan.11,1818.

Alford, twin s., Gideon and Polly, Jan.11,1818.

Angalina, d.Elisha and Naamah, Dec.13,1811.

Elisha, s.Elisha and Noama, Mar.3,1808. [dup.]

Maria, d.Eliaha and Noama, Feb.18,1802. [dup.]

Maria, d.Elisha and Naamah, Feb.23,1803.

Willard, s.Elisha and Naamah, Nov.23,1809.


Elsie Louisa, d.Gloud and Clarinda D., Oct.19,1846.


Annie Jane, d.Dennis and Mary, Dec.16,1840.

Caroline, d.dennis and Mary, Jan.19,1835.

Dennis, Nov.1,1799. In Newton.

Estelle, d.Dennis and Mary W., Feb.23,1846. [dup.]

Joseph Frederick, s.Dennis and Mary, Nov.26,1843. [dup.]

Mary W., w.Dennis, Sept.21,1804.GR2

Mary Sewell, d.Dennis and Mary, Dec.28,1832.

Samuel, s.Kerley, bp. Aug.7,1785.CR

Susan Cecilia, d.Dennis and Mary, Nov.25,1842.


Elmira H., w.Charles A.,末蔓末,1845.GR2


Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. Feb.26,1748-9.CR

Jonathan, s.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.16,1750.

Lydia, d.Ebenezet, bp. Apr.26,1747.CR

Lydia, d.Ebenezer, bp. Jan.7,1753.CR


David J.,末蔓末,1816.GR1

Nancy E.,末蔓末,1816.GR1

Susanna, d.Ebenezer and Dorothy, Apr.9,1759.


Eleanor, d.James and Mary, Mar.20,1824.

Betsy, d.Thomas and Patience, Feb.14,1800.

James, s.Thomas and Patience, Apr.30,1795.

James, s.James and Mary, Apr.30,1819. [dup.]

John, s.Thomas and Patience, Aug.22,1788.

John, s.Thomas and Patience, Sept.20,1802.

John, s.Joshua and Elice, Oct.27,1819.

Joshua, s.Thomas and Patience, Mar.24,1797.

Mariah, d.Thomas, Jr., and Abigail, Oct.6,1814.

Martha an, d.Thomas, Jr., and Abigail, June9,1816.

Mary, d.Thomas and Patience, bp. Feb.11,1801.CR

Mary Ann Dinsmore, d.James and Mary, May14,1826.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Patience, Mar.27,1791.

William, s.Thomas and Patience, bp. Feb.11,1801.CR

William, s.James and Mary, Feb.5,1822.


Amos Livermore, twin s.Edmund and Eunice, Mar.7,1827.

Robert, twin s.Edmund and Eunice, Mar.7,1827.


末末, ch.John, bp. Oct.15,1769.CR

末末, d.William, bp. May23,1779.CR

末末, ch.Robert and Thamor, Oct.13,1781.

末末, s.Jeremiah and Chloe, May17,1826.

末末, ch.Henry, Jr., and Lucy, Feb.4,1837.

Aaron, s.Robert, bp. Nov.21,1790.CR

Aaron, s.Charles, 1st., and Betsey, May23,1814.

Aaron, s.Tamar Green, [formerly WaTson], bp. Sept.3,1817.CR

Abigail, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, Nov.27,1759.

Abigail, d.Col. Charles, bp. Mar.5,1830.CR

Almyra, d.Amos and Polly, May9,1801.

Almira Bartlett, w.Aaron,末蔓末,1814.GR2

Amos, s.William and Phebe, July11,1777.

Amos, s.Robert and Thamor, Mar.2,1778.

Asa B., Dec.14,1793.GR1

Asa Baldwin, s.Samuel and Ruth, bp. Feb.11,1801.CR

Calestiamelia, d.Robert and Lydia, Dec.30,1810.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Aaron and Emeline, July10,1844.

Charls, s.Robert and Thamor, Oct.15,1784.

Charles, s.Jacob and Mary, Jan.14,1793.

Charles Rice, s.Charles and Lucy, Apr.14,1813.

Charles, s.Charles, 1st., and Betsey, Sept.21,1823.

Charlotte, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebeca, Jan.23,1789.

Chloe, w.Jeremiah, Dec.31,1786.GR1

Claray, d.James and Lucy, Nov.9,1787.

Clarindia, [Clarindia.dup.], d.Otis and Harriot, Jan.1,1819.

Clarissa Elisabeth, d.William, 3d., and Matilda, May30,1828.

David, s.Oliver and Elisabeth, Mar.17,1766.

David, s.John and Dinah, Oct.2,1776.

Dolly, d.John, bp. May19,1754.CR

Edwin Alusus, s.Robert and Lydia, Nov.27,1812.

Edwin Lucius, s.Lory S., and Mehitable, Jan.22,1841.

Eliza, d.Charles, 1st., and Betsey, Feb.26,1821.

Eliza J., w.William O., Feb.26,1821.GR1

Eliza Jane, d.Charles, bp. June29,1832.CR

Elisabeth, d.Oliver and Elisabeth, Jan.1,1748-9.

Elisabeth, d.John, bp. July4,1762.CR

Betsy, d.James and Lucy, Aug.20,1779.

Betsy, d.Robert and Thamor, Oct.28,1779.

Betsy, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebeca, Dec.26,1781.

Elisabeth, d.Oliver, bp. Sept.30,1798.CR

Ellen N. Putnam, w.Lorenzo,末蔓末,1838.GR1

Emilia, twin d.Jeremiah and Chloee, July14,1817.

Emily, twin d.Jeremiah and Chloee, July14,1817.

Emeline, d.Charles, bp. June29,1832.CR

Enoch, s.John and Dinah, Aug.30,1787.

Eunee, d.William and Mary, Dec.15,1777.

Eunice, d.James and Lucy, Feb.15,1790.

Fanney, d.Jacob and Mary, Feb.15,1796.

George Henry, s.Jeremiah and Chloe, Apr.29,1828.

George Henry, s.Henry, Jr., and Lucy, Nov.20,1831.

George, s.Charles, bp. June29,1832.CR

George Augustus, s.R.S. and H.G., Sept.14,1846.GR1

George Augustus, s.Roswell S. and Hannah, Jan.2,1847. [Probably same as foregoing.]

Hannah, d.John, bp. Nov.18,1764.CR

Hannah, d.William and Mary, Nov.20,1785.

Hannah, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebeca, Feb.13,1786.

Hannah M., w.Aaron,末蔓末,1821.GR2

Hannah Jane, d.Otis and Harriot, May17,18末. [bp. Feb.3,1829CR]

Hervey Kendell, s.Henry, Jr., and Lucy, Dec.27,1841.

Henry, s.John and Dinah, Oct.29,1774.

Henry Otis, s.Otis and Harriot, Dec.10,18[末]. [bp. Feb.3,1829CR]

Hiram webb, s.William, 3d., and Matilda, Dec.7,1830.

Horras, s.Enoch and Susanna, Jan.7,1808. At Vermount.

Horace Franklin, s.Enoch and Susanna, May14,1810. At Oakham.[dup.]

Horace Craig, s.Widow Polly, bp. June30,1820.CR

Jacob, s.John and Dinah, Jan.1,1765.

Jacob, s.Enoch and Susanna, Aug.1,1817. [dup.]

James, s.Oliver and Elisabeth, July20,1754.

James, s.Oliver, bp. June4,1758.CR

James, s.Jamesand Lucy, June27,1794.

James S., [s.Jeremiah and Chloe ?], May17,1826.GR1

Jeremiah, s.Robert and Thamor, Dec.14,1782.

John, s.John, bp. Apr.17,1747.CR

John, s.John and Dinah, Mar.6,1762.

John, s.Jacob and Olive, Mar.6,1762.

John, s.William and Mary, July11,1783.

John William, s.Jacob and Olive, Mar.6,1808.

John Davis, s.Enoch and Susanna, Mar.8,1821. [dup.]

John Bush, s.Henry and Lucy, Nov.4,1846.

Joseph, s.William and Phebe, Oct.4,1774.

Joseph, s.Charles, 2d., and Susan, Nov.26,1819. [dup.]

Laura Amanda, d.Wed.Polly, bp. June30,1820.CR

Lenoard, s.John and Dinah, Jan.13,1772.

Lodicea Arminda, d.Jeremiah and Chloe, Apr.15,1810. [dup.]

Lorenzo, s.Charles, 1st., and Betsey, Oct.28,1818.

Laurinda, d.Charles, 1st, and Betsey, Apr.12,1816.

Lory Sprague, s.Jeremiah and Chloe, May4,1814. [dup.]

Lucy, d.James and Lucy, Feb.24,1784.

Lucy, d.Charles and Lucy, Oct.7,1817.

Lucy Jane, d.Henry, Jr., and Lucy, Mar.28,1834.

Lydia, d.John and Dinah, Oct.1,1769.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Ruth, bp. Feb.11,1801.CR

Marcus Morton, s.Henry and Lucy, Nov.9,1843.

Peggy, d.William, bp. May6,1781.CR

Maria Francena, d.Oliver and Elisabeth, June18,1763.

Mariah, d.Charles, 2d., and Susan, May16,1821.

Mariia Ann, d.late Otis and Harriet, bp., Feb.3,1829.CR

Maria A., w.Charles,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Martia Ann, d.late Otis and Harriet, bp. Feb.3,1829.CR

Martha, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, June18,1763.

Patty, d.James and Lucy, July28,1777.

Martha, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebeckah, May24,1795.

Martha Elizabeth, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebecca, July28,1798.

Mary, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1752.

Mary, d.John, bp. Apr.22,1759.CR

Polly, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebecca, July6,1784.

Polley, d.Jacob and Mary, Nov.2,1790. [dup.]

Polly, d.Robert and Tamer, bp. Nov.9,1794.CR

Mary, d.Jacob and Olive, Sept.21,1804.

Mary Thomson, gr. d.Ruth, bp. Sept.24,1809.CR

Mary L. Boice, w.Lorenzo,末蔓末,1822.GR1

Mary Jane, d.william, 3d., and Matilda, Mar.5,1834.

Mary Jane, d.Robert, Jr., and sophronia, Feb.21,1845.

Mary Abby, d.Roswell S. and Hannah, June22,1848.

Melinda, d.Samuel and Ruth, bp. Feb.11,1801.CR

Nancy Parmiter, d.Jacob and Mary, Nov.23,1812.

Olive, d.Charles and Lucy, Nov.18,1814.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, Nov.18,1743.

Oliver Cromwell, s.Oliver, Jr., and Rebecca, Feb.8,1782.

Otis, s.William and Molley, Aug.9,1793.

Page, d.William and Mary, Feb.14,1781.

Phebe, d.William and Phebe, Aug.13,1770.

Rebekah, d.James and Lucy, Oct.13,1781.

Rebeca, d.Oliver, Jr., and Rebecca, Mar.21,1791.

Robert, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, May28,1746.

Robert, s.Robert and Thamor, Oct.16,1786.

Roswell, s.Jeremiah and Chloe, July31,1819. [dup.]

Roswell, s.Jeremiah and Chloe, Feb.26,1822. [dup.]

Roswell Sprague, s.Jeremiah, bp. June29,1832,CR [Probably same as foregoing.]

Roxa, d.Samuel and Ruth, bp. Feb.11,1801.CR

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ruth, bp. Feb.11,1701.CR

Samuel, s.William and Phebe, Jan.8,1769.

Sara, d.John, bp. Apr.10,1757.CR

Sally, d.Robert, bp. Aug.10,1778.CR

Salley, d.William and Mary, Apr.4,1779.

Salla, d.John and Dinah, Dec.8,1779.

Salley, d.Robert and Thamor, July1,1788.

Sally Lucina, d.Enoch and Susanna, Sept.5,1812. At Brookfield.[dup.]

Sally Ann Choate, d.Wid.Polly, bp. June30,1820.CR

Sibbilah, [Sibbel. dup.], d.Robert and Thamor, Feb.24,1799.

Simeon, s.Oliver and Elisabeth, May26,1758.

T[ammy] W., w.O[liver] C.,末蔓末,1785,GR1

Thankfull, d.Oliver and Elisabeth, May31,1769.

Thomas, s.William and Mary, July16,1790.

William, s.John, bp. Mar.17,1750-1.CR

William, s.William and Phebe, Oct.24,1772.

William, s.William and Mary, May16,1788.

William, s.Oliver, Jr., and Rebeca, May28,1793.

William, s.James and Lucy, Feb.23,1798.

William, s.Enoch and Susanna, Feb.21 [22. dup.], 1806. At Jamaica, VT.

William Oliver, s.Oliver C. and Tamma, May24,1815.

William Cutler, s.Otis and Harriot, Aug.30,18[末]. [bp. Feb.3,1829CR]

William Otis, s.Henry, Jr., and Lucy, Dec.30,1838.


Della Trip, w.Orlando,末蔓末,1836.GR2



Ebenezer, s.Betsy Harrington, Mar.27,1805.

WELD (Welde, Welds)

Elisabeth, d.Daniel. bp. June16,1751.CR

Joanna, d.Daniel, bp. Sept.11,1748.CR

Jonathan, s.Daniel, bp. Dec.9,1753.CR

Stephen, s.Daniel, bp. Dec.20,1746.CR


Isabel, d.末末, bp. Sept.5,1762.CR

WELDS (Welde)

Bathsheba, d.Daniel, bp. Feb.1,1756.CR

Elisabeth, d.Daniel, bp. July9,1758.CR


Daniel, s.Daniel, bp. Mar.23,1745-6.CR

Unice, d.末末, bp. June1,1755.CR


Allice, d.Joseph and Anne, Aug.31,1796.

Amos, s.Joseph and Anna, Aug.27,1785.

Anna, d.Joseph and Anna, Sept.15,1787.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Anna, Sept.27,1781.

Lyman, s.Joseph and Anna, Sept.9,1789.

Polly, d.Joseph and Anna, Feb.15,1792.

Sally, d.Joseph and Anna, Apr.9,1794.

William, s.Joseph and Anna, Sept.8,1783.

WHEELER (Wheelor)

Edward Reed [M.D.], Aug.1,1839.GR2


Aaron Bowker, s.Ephraim and Charlotte, Oct.21,1826.

Amasa J, m s.Martin and Meriam, Dec.5,1817. [dup.]

John Johnson, s.Martin and Meriam, Sept.4,1820.

Roxana, d.Martin and Clarisa, 2d.w., Mar.22,1829.

Sally, d.John and Lydia, Feb.15,1791.

Susan Merriam, d.Martin and Merriam, Feb.18,1823.

WHEELOR (Wheeler)

Pollet, d.Abel and Sarah, Sept.27,1790.


Lidia, d.Abel and Lidia, Aug.4,1777.


末末, s.late Lory and Selina, Jan.24,1830. About 2 o'clock AM.

Abigail, d.Henry, bp. Apr.5,1747.CR

Abigail, d.Thomas and Abigail, May3,1761.

Abigail, d.Josiah and Sarah, June27,1764. [dup.]

Abigel, d.Buckmister and Abigail, Apr.9,1783.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Sept.15,1787.

Elmira, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Jan.28,1804.

Amos, s.Thomas and Abigail, Feb.6,1776.

Amos Cheney, s.Nathan and Anna, Sept.21,1807. [dup.]

Anna, d.John and Silence, Oct.17,1765.

Anna Cheney, w.Nathan, Sept.18,1771.GR1

Anna, d.Nathan and Anna, Jan.26,1816.

Benjamin, s.Thomas and Abigail, Aug.8,1764.

Buckminster, twin s.Buckminster and Mercy, Aug.4,1784.

Chancey, s.Jona and Mehetable, Oct.3,1801.

Clarasa, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Mar.16,1789.

Clarissa, d.Joseph and Kezia, Apr.3,1824.

Derius, s.Rand and Mehetable, Sept.21,1782.

David, s.John and Silence, May18,1774.

Dulcina, d.Nathan [David?] and Polly, Jan.11,1806. [dup.]

Ebenezer, s.Josiah and Sarah, May4,1762.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Abigail, July1,1774.

Betsy, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Feb.1,1794.

Esther, w.Maj. William,末蔓末,1743.GR2

Esther, d.William and Esther, Oct.14,1770.

Esther, d.William and Esther, Mar.2,1779,

Experience Ward, ch.Nathan and Anna, Dec.25,1798. [dup.]

Experience, d.Nathan and Anna, bp. Oct.16,1814.CR

Francis, s.Rand and Mehetabel, July15,1778.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Sarah, June2,1771.

Henry, s.William and Esther, Feb.24,1769.

Hiram, s.David and Polly, Sept.11,1803.

James, s.Rand and Mehetabel, July15,1778.

James Draper, s.M.M. and S.A., Aug.18,1840.GR1

Jery, s.Jonathan and Ruth, Sept.7,1791.

Joel, s.Thomas and Abigail, May3,1766.

John, s.John and Silence, Aug.18,1760.

John Bradshaw, s.Thomas and Abigail, Feb.1,1778.

John, 2d., s.Rand and Mehetabel, Sept.17,1789.

John, s.Nathan and Anna, Mar.14,1802. [dup.]

Jona, s.Thomas and Abigail, Apr.20,1771.

Jonathan, s.John and Silence, Dec.8,1763.

Joseph, twin s.Buckminster and Mercy, Aug.4,1784.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Ruth, Apr.21,1801.

Judith, d.Josiah and Sarah, Aug.10,1766.

Lore, s.Jonathan and Ruth, July2,1798.

Margaret Anne, d.Nathan and Anna, Jan.26,1816.

Mary, d.Thomas and Abigail, Nov.11,1762.

Mary, d.Josiah and Sarah, June19,1768.

Molly, d.Thomas and Abigail, Sept.2,1782.

Polly, d.Rand and Mehetabel, May15,1787.

Polly, d.William and Esther, June7,1787.

Mehatabel, d.Rand and Mehetabel, Jan.28,1791.

Moors Mirick, s.Nathan and Anna, Nov.13,1809. [dup.]

Nanca, d.Thomas and Abigail, May25,1769.

Nathan, s.John and Silence, June9,1772.

Nathan, s.John and Silence, Dec.3,1811. [dup.]

Rand, s.John, bp. Oct.20,1741.CR

Rand, s.Rand and Mehetabel, Aug.17,1776.

Rand, s.Rand and Mehetabel, July14,1784.

Rebekah, d.William and Esther, Jan.21,1773.

Ruth, d.John, Jr., and Silence, July28,1770.

Ruth, d.Nathan and Anna, Jan.30,1804. [dup.]

Samuell, s.John and Silence, Feb.17,1762.

Sarah, d.John and Silence, May13,1768.

Sarah, d.William and Esther, Jan.2,1776.

Sally, d.William and Esther, Mar.12,1781.

Sally, d.Nathan and Anna, Sept.3,1805. [dup.]

Sibbilah, d.Thomas and Abigail, Feb.13,1768.

Sibillah, d.Rand and Mehetabel, Feb.20,1795.

Silence, d.John and Silence, Jan.19,1758.

Sophia A. Draper, w.Moores M., May4,1811.GR1

Tammy, d William and Esther, Sept.28,1783.

Thaddeus, s.Thomas and Abigel, Nov.24,1757.

Tarzah, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Oct.15,1806.

Walter Wheeler, s.Nathan and Anna, Apr.29,1800 [dip.]

William, s.William and Esther, Sept.14,1777.

WHITEMORE (Whittemore)

Mary, d.Hezekiah, bp. Sept.末,1762.CR


Laurinda A., d.Sally Wheat, Sept.19,1819.


末末, d.末末, bp. Feb.10,1754.CR

Benjamin, s.Lemuel and Thankful, July20,1772.

Beulah, d.Joshua and Mehitable, June3,1745.

Cyrus, s.Lemuel and Thankful, Sept.23,1770.

Elisha, s.Joshua and Mehitable, Jan.8,1747.

Elizabeth, d.Phinehas and Sarah, Oct.19,1772.

John, s.Joshua and Mehitable, May4,1751.

John, s.Nathan and Abigail, Sept.6,1754.

Jonathan, s.Nathan and Abigail, July16,1761.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mehitable, Nov.11,1758.

Lemuel, s.Joshua and Mehitable, Jan.5,1742.

Mary, d.Joshua, bp. May13,1750.CR

Molly, d.Joshua, bp. May17,1772.CR

Mehitable, d.Joshua and Mehitable, July17,1756.

Nancey, d.John and Rachell, Dec.5,1782.

Phinheas, s.Joshua and Mehitable, June24,1740.

Rebecah, d.Elisha and Easter, Sept.7,1783.

Sibbileh, d.Joshua and Mehitable, Jan.26,1754.

Susannah, d.Joshua and Mehetabel, Aug.15,1762.

Susanna, d.John and Rachel, July27,1784.

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore, Whitmore, Whittimore)

Aaron, s.Jeremiah and Mary, Mar.1,1762.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Sally, Nov.9,1797.

Nabby, d.Aaron and Sally, Aug.29,1790.

Abigail, d.Ruben and Abigail, Nov.25,1803.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Fanny, Oct.13,1818. At Brookfield, OH.

Achah, d.Jeremiah, Jr., and Polly, July22,1795.

Adaline, d.Daniel and Fanny, Mar.3,1816.

Alonzo, s.Daniel and Fanny, Apr.18,1827.

Amos, s.Reuben and Abigail, Sept.7,1782.

Amos Carter, s.Jeremiah, Jr., and Polly, July12,1793.

Amos, s Aaron and Sally, Nov.8,1793.

Anna Maria, d.Reuben, Jr., and Salome, Sept.22,1822.

Calista, d.Daniel and Fanny, Mar.12,1824. At Brookfield, OH.

Carline, d.Ruben and Abigail, Dec.14,1798.

Daniel, s.Reuben and Abigail, Apr.28,1787.

Eli Jones, s.Oliver and Lydia, Apr.30,1824.

Betsey, d.Reuben and Abigail, June15,1780.

Elizabeth M. Hamblett, w.Eli,末蔓末,1830.GR2

Emeline Dorinda, d.Reuben, Jr., and Salome, Dec.1,1820.

Esther, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Dec.28,1764.

Esther, d.Aaron and Sally, Mar.11,1792.

Hannah, d.Reuben and Abigail, Feb.13,1793.

Harriot, d.Jeremiah, Jr., and Polly, Jan.13,1798.

Harriet Lusanna, d.Oliver and Lydia, Mar.8,1826.

Isaac, s.Aaron and Sally, Mar.5,1796.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Mary, Feb.29,1766.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Polly, Oct.8,1804.

John, s.Amos C. and Lavina, Mar.9,1823.

Kezia Salome, d.Reuben, Jr., and Salome, July31,1825.

Lemira, d.Jeremiah and Polly, Dec.21,1806.

Laura, d.Jeremiah and Polly, Nov.16,1802.

Maria I. Pope, w.Eli,末蔓末,1831.GR2

Martha Ann, d.Amos C. and Lavina, Dec.14,1821.

Mary Weston, d.Jeremiah and Polly, Oct.29,1800.

Mary Abigail, d.Reuben, Jr., and Salome, May11,1832.

Oliver, s.Ruben and Abigail, Feb.11,1797.

Oliver Augustus, s.Oliver and Lydia, Mar.2,1828.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Abigail, Feb.5,1795.

Reuben, s.Daniel and Fanny, May7,1821. At Brookfield, OH.

Reuben Wallace, s.Reuben, Jr. and Salome, Sept.1,1829.

Roswell, s.Eli and Lucy, Jan.15,1786.

Roswell, s.Reuben and Abigail, Oct.3,1789.

Sarah, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Mar.16,1768.

Sally, d.Reuben, bp. Oct.27,1782.CR

Sally, d.Aaron and Sally, July22,1799.

Thankful, d.Reuben and Abigail, Feb.6,1785.

William, s.Ruben and Abigail, July17,1801.

William Gardner, s.Amos C. and Lavina, Jan.8,1820.

WHITTIMORE (Whittemore)

William Watson, s.Jeremiah, bp. Dec.12,1819.CR


George A., s.John and Laurinda, May20,1845.


Abigail, d.Increase, bp. Sept.22,1751.CR


Mary Emma, d.John E. and Eliza, Aug.3,1844.


Abigail, d.John and Marcy, Apr.14,1791.

Sally, d.John and Sarah, Aug.14,1795.


Millicent D.,末蔓末,1824.GR1

WILLSON (Wilson)

Abigail, d.Benjamin, bp. June23,1753.CR

Abigail, d.James and Lydia, May16,1755.

Azariah, s.Joseph and Grace, Oct.1,1756.

Azubah, d.Simeon and Dorothy, Nov.22,1763.

Benjamin, s.Simeon and Dorothy, Aug.9,1770.

Charles, s.David and Lydia, Aug.17,1789.

Chester, s.Joel and Sukey, Oct.4,1811.

Cynthia, a d.David and Lydia, Feb.27,1794.

David, s.Simeon and Dorithy, Feb.22,1750.

Dexter, s.Nathaniell and Abigail, Mar.16,1807.

Dorcas, d.Simeon and Dorathy, Sept.3,1761.

Dolle, d.Simeon and Dorathy, Apr.20,1759.

Elisabeth, d.Jeames and Lydia, Jan.22,1753.

Betsy, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Oct.31,1791.

Eunice Walker, d.Samuel and Abigail, bp. Nov.13,1814.CR

Grace, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.26,1747.CR

Hannah, d.Jeames and Lydia, Jan.28,1748-9.

Isaac, s.Joseph and Grace, Nov.2,1752.

Joel D., s.Nathaniell and Abigail, Feb.17,1810.

John, s.Nathaniell and Abigail, Oct.29,1804.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Lavina, Oct.19,1780.

Levina, d.Samuel and Levina, Sept.30,1782.

Luce, d.Joseph, bp. July29,1750.CR

Lydia, d.Simeon and Dorothy, Oct.6,1752.

Patty, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Jan.7,1801.

Mary, d.Benjamin, bp. June23,1753.CR

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. July24,1762.CR

Polly, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Apr.9,1795.

Nancy, d.David and Lydia, June21,1792.

Nathan, s.David and Lydia, Mar.3,1776.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Abigail, July17,1793.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Abigail, Jan.7,1798.

Purlina, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Feb.12,1803.

Pearley, s.Simeon and Dorothy, Dec.2,1754.

Peter, s.Jeames and Lydia, Sept.30,1750.

Phebe, d.Simeon and Dorothy, May6,1766.

Roxy, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Jan.18,1797.

Samuel, s.Joseph, bp. May15,1748.CR

Samuell, s.Simeon and Dorathy, Feb.25,1757.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Levina, June14,1787.

Sally, d.Samuel and Levina, July14,1785.

Sally, d.Nathaniell and Abigail, Mar.15,1790.

Simeon, s.Simeon and Dorothy, June13,1768.

Thomas, s.Simeon and Dorithy, July27,1748.

Wilber, s.Joel and Sukey, July2,1813.

WILSON (Willson)

末末, d.Nathaniel And Sarah L., Aug.28,1827.

末末, d.Dexter and Susan, July20,1843.

末末, d.Dexter and Susan, July22,1844.

末末, d.Winthrop and Cornelia S. [L. ?], Dec.24,1849.

Alford, s.Jacob and Lydia [Ruth.dup.], Sept.4,1811.

Amos, s.David and Lydia, Sept.23,1777.

Amos, [Willson. dup.], s.Asa and Lucinda, May1,1811.

Anna Howe, w.Joel D.,末蔓末,1808.GR2

Annett, d.Alfred and Clarissa, Dec.22,1846.

Asa, [Willson. dup.], s.David and Lydia, July18,1785.

Asa, s.Asa and Lucinda, Dec.7,1823.

Babie, ch.Dexter and Susan M., July20,1843.GR1

Charlie, s.Dexter and Susan M., Feb.4,1842.GR1

Cornelia Lamb Wheelock, w.Winthrop, May3,1818.GR2

Cynthia Ann, d.Jacob and Lydia, Feb.19,1815. [dup.]

David, [Willson. dup.], s.Asa and Lucinda, Sept.24,1809.

Dolle, d.David and Lidea, Aug.17,1779.

Dwight Onslow, s.Dexter and Susan, Dec.3,1845.

Elisabeth, d.Ezra and Lucy, Dec.27,1774.

Elisebeth, d.Ezra and Lucey, Dec.27,1778. Cancelled in the original.

Ella Adelaide, d.Joel D. and Anna H., Nov.15,1847.

Ellen Maria, d.Amos and Maria, Mar.27,1841.

Emery, s.Jacob and Lydia [Ruth.dup.], Mar.14,1817.

Eunice Walker, d.Samuel and Abigail, June18,1813.

Ezra D., s.Samuel and Abigail, June11,1825.

George, s.Asa and Lucinda, Jan.12,1828.

George, s.Nathaniel and Sarah L., Aug.14,1829.

George Slocomb, s.Jonas and Lucy Ann, Feb.3,1839.

Georgiana E., d.George and Eliza M., Feb.1,1847.

Harlan D.,末蔓末,1840.GR1

Harriet, d.Asa and Lucinda, Dec.28,1818. [dup.]

Hazary Perry, s.Jacob and Lydia, Oct.11,1821. [dup.]

Herbert J.,末蔓末,1847.GR1

Horace, s.Asa and Lucinda, Mar.4,1816. [dup.]

Isaac, s.Ezra and Lucy, June15,1786.

Jacob, s.David and Lydia, Apr.15,1783.

Jason, s.Jacob and Lydia, Feb.16,1824. [dup.]

Joel, s.Ezra and Lucy, Apr.3,1779.

Joel, [Willson. dup.], s.David and Lydia, July31,1787.

Joel, [Willson. dup.], s.Joseph and Martha, Oct.20,1811.

Jonas, s.David and Lidea, Apr.9,1781.

Laura, [Willson. dup.], d.Josph and Martha, Oct.11,1802.

Lavinia, [Levinia.dup.] W. [WeatherbyCR], d.Joseph and Martha, Feb.11,1815.

Louisa W., [Weatherbee.CR], d.Samuel and Abigail, Jan.5,1821.

Lucinda, [Willson. dup.], d.Asa and Lucinda, Mar.31,1814.

Lucy Ann, d.Jonas and Lucy Ann, Oct.17,1841.

Luther, s.Asa and Lucinda, Jan.15,1826. [dup.]

Lydia Hammond, s.Jacob and Lydia, Feb.18,1826. [dup.]

Mandana, d.Dexter and Susan M., July22,1844.GR1

Marcia Ann, d.Dexter and Susan, Oct.2,1832.

Martha Draper, d.Joseph and Martha, Feb.7,1818.

Mary Jane, d.Joseph and Martha, Sept.30,1821.

Mary Eliza, d.Dexter and Susan, Aug.5,1837.

Mary Ann, d.Joel D. and Anna, Nov.20,1840.

May, [Mary.dup.], d.Jacob abd Lydia, July28,1819.

Orize ?, ch.Joseph, bp. Aug.20,1811.CR

Orin, s.Joseph and Martha, Apr.4,1808.

Oscar W.,末蔓末,1849.GR2

Reuben, s.Ezra and Lucy, Apr.19,1777.

Ruth Sibley, d.Jacob and Lydia, May10,1813. [dup.]

Ruth Eliza, d.Emery and Malisa W., July23,1840.

Ruth Ellen, d.John and Susan, Feb.20,1846.

Samuel Austin, s.Joseph and Martha, Mar.11,1826.

Sarah, d.Ezra and Lucy, Sept.3,1781.

Sarah White, d.Dexter and Susan, Aug.31,1839.

Selah, d.Amos and Maria, Nov.28,1848.

Sewell, [Willson. dup.], s.Jospeh and Martha [Patty.dup.], June15,1805.

Sibel, d.Ezra and Lucy, Nov.2,1783.

Susan H., w.John, Feb.8,1805.GR1

Susan M., Nov.10,1805.GR1

Susan Serene, d.Dexter and Susan, Jan.3,1835.

Waldo, s.Amos and Maria, Jan.8,1839.

Warner, s.Asa and Lucinda, May23,1821.

Warren D., s.Joel D. and Anna Howe,末蔓末,1838.GR2

Warren, s.Jonas and Eunice S., July8,1848.

William C.,末蔓末,1841.GR1

Winthrop, Aug.25,1816.GR2


末末, s.Simeon A. and Mary S., Jan.16,1827.

Hellen Maria, d.Simeon A. and Mary S., Feb.28,1828.


Phebe A.(Thomas), w.W[illiam] C.,末蔓末,1837.GR2

W[illiam] C.,末蔓末,1835.[Dec.8 in Holliston]GR2


Alfford, s.Oliver and Rebekah, Jan.26,1786.


末末, s.Thomas, bp. July17,1757.CR

Abigail, d.Simeon and Sarah, July14,1776.

Charlotte, d.Chaney and Olive, Nov.5,1819.

Ezra, s.Simion and Sarah, Sept.13,1792.

James, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.3,1760.CR

John, s.Simeon and Sarah, Sept.12,1790.

Louis, d.Simeon and Sarah, Nov.8,1772.

Mary, d.Simoen and Sarah, Aug.4,1779.

Olave, d.Simeon and Sarah, Aug.27,1784.

Sarah, d.Simeon and Sarah, June13,1774.

Simeon, s.Simeon and Sarah, Mar.19,1781.

WOODARD (Wooderd, Woodward)

Abel, twin s.Abel and Elisabeth, May21,1758.

Abijah, s.Abel and Elisabeth, Oct.20,1763.

Alfred G., s.Gurdon and Mary, Aug.9,1826. At Brookline, VT.

Charles, s.James and Sarah, Feb.17,1790.

Chloe, d.Joshua and Sarah, Aug.11,1772.

Eli, s.Noah and Betsy, Aug.14,1785.

Elias, s.Jonathan and Sarah, May30,1789.

Betsy, d.Noah and Betsy, May14,1780.

Joseph Toy, [Fay ?], s.John, Jr., and Roda, Oct.21,1783.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Sarah, July15,1774.

Lucy, d.Noah and Betsy, July17,1790.

Lydia, d.Abel and Elisabeth, Aug.19,1760.

Polly, d.Noah and Betsy, Sept.7,1792.

Pliny, s.John and Rhoda, Nov.2,1777.

Rebekah, twin d.Abel and Elisabeth, May21,1758.

Ruth, d.Noah and Betsy, Oct.3,1783.

Salam, s.Noah and Betsy.Jan.30,1782.

Sally, d.Noah and Betsy, June1,1794.

Tammy, d.Noah and Betsy, Mar.7,1796.

Tilley, s.James and Sarah, Feb.24,1794.

Wilber, s.James and Sarah, Mar.11,1792.

Willard, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Dec.3,1787.

William, s.Noah and Betsy, May28,1788.

WOODERD (Woodard, Woodward)

Elizabeth, twin d.Abel and Elizabeth, Aug.21,1754.

Mary, d.Abel and Mary, Aug.10,1753.

Steven, twin s., Abel and Elizabeth, Aug.21,1754.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Calven, s.John and Rhoday, Feb.5,1780.




Abigail, d.John, bp. Nov.1,1772.CR

Asa, s.John and Rebecah, June28,1770. [dup.]

Eli, s.John and Rebeckah, Dec.31,1777.

John, s.John, Jr., and Mary, Apr.12,1762.

Molley, d.John and Rebekah, Oct.3,1765.

Rebekah, d.John, Jr., and Rebekah, Jan.22,1764. [dup.]

Sarah, d.John and Rebekah, Sept.20,1767.


Albert Chapman, s.Orrin S. and Suanna, Apr.14,1828. [dup.]

Amanda M., w.C.D.,末蔓末,1829.GR2

Charles Dexter, s.Orrin S. and Suanna, Jan.21,1831.

John Murry, s.Orrin S. and Suanna, Nov.14,1836.

Joseph Hammond, [Herman. dup.], s.Orrin S. and Suanna, Jan.20,1825.

Liberty Whittemore, s.Orrin S. and Suanna, Nov.20,1839.

Orrin Augustus, s.Orrin S. and Susanna, May14,1823. [dup.]

Sarah Eliza, d.Orrin S. and Suanna, Mar.7,1841.

Suanna Eliza, d.orrin S. and Suanna, June11,1833.


末末, ch.Edward and Tryphene, Feb.7,1767. Stillborn.

Abigail Samantha, d.Joel and Sarah, Nov.26,1826.

Annah, d.Edward and Tryphene, Feb.23,1758.

Bezaleel, s.Edward and Tryphena, Feb.29,1752.

Eliza, d.Henry and Elizabeth, Feb.12,1823. At Joel Wright?

Emily, d.Joel and Sarah, July31,1810.

Emily, d.Joel and Sarah, Oct.24,1815. [dup.]

Emory, s.Joel and Sarah, July31,1810.

Hannah, d.William, bp. Mar.20,1758.CR

Jesse, s.Edward and Tryphene, Feb.28,1760.

John, s.Edward and Tryphene, Jan.7,1768.

Jonathan, s.Edward and Tryphena, Mar.13,1756.

Jude, s.Edward and Tryphena, May27,1754.

Luke, s.William, bp. June9,1754.CR

Lusatia, d.Joel and Sarah, July11,1811. [dup.]

Mary, d.Edward and Tryphen, May21,1763.

Perces, d.Edward and Tryphene, Feb.27,1765.

Sally, d.Nathan and Mary, Feb.13,1782.

Sarah Louisa, d.Joel and Sarah, Sept.29,1821. [dup.]

Tryphene, d.Edward and Tryphene, Oct.2,1761.

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