Aaron and Sybel Fisher, Aug.5,1809.

Abigail of Milford and Ebenezer Wood, int.Dec.10,1835.

Albert and Deborah Walker of Hopkinton, int.Mar.15,1834.

Alicia [Alicia S. int.] and Cyrus J. Tirrell of Boston, Nov.26,1840.CR

Amariah and Anna Tyler, int.July10,1770.

Amasa and Delphia Flagg, May2,1808.

Amasa and Polly Lesure, Sept.16,1816.

Amiel F. and Deborah Wood, Aug.26,1817.

Amy and Levi Fisk, Mar.16,1828.

Anne and John Rockwood [Jr. of Hopkinton. int.], Mar.8,1759.

Ann Maria and Elisha B. Pike of Westborough, Apr.22,1844.

Azubah and Stephen Nelson, Oct.6,1791.

Bezaleel and Hannah Lealand, Nov.26,1812.

Caroline and William Knowlton, Jan.2,1833.

Chloe, Mrs., and Ezra Farrar, May1,1794.

Chloe, Mrs., and David Flagg, Apr.18,1813.

Clarinda and Ziba Thayer of Milford, Jan.7,1833.

Deborah R. and Caleb D. Fitts of Shutesbury, Nov.11,1832.

Eli and Esther Adams of Franklin, int.Mar.14,1790.

Elisha and Experience Taft, July2,1754.

Elisha Jr. and Mrs.[Miss.int.] Mary Sadler, Apr.5,1787.

Elisha and Lucy Richardson of Sutton, June18,1801.

Elisha Jr. and Sally Carpenter, Nov.7,1812.

Elizabeth and Caleb Hayard [Howard.int.], Nov.7,1771.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Levi Fisk, Aug.27,1789.

Betsey and Henry Morse of Northbridge, int.July1,1797.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Stockwell of Sutton, int.Sept.1,1799.

Betsy and Austin McNamara, int.Mar.11,1821.

Betsy and Ora Wood, Aug.24,1823.

Elizabeth and Andrew A. Wheeler of NY City, May9,1832.

Betsy R. and Asa Wheeler, Nov.8,1838.

Elvira and [Rev. int.] Luther Wood of Kirby, VT, Mar.5,1847.

Ephraim and Sarah Taft, int.Feb.20,1803.

Eunice and Amos Whitney, Feb.7,1782.

Experience and Elisha Taft, July2,1754.

Experience and Elisha Walker [of Milford.int.], Nov.7,1812.

Fisher and Hannah Putnam, Dec.20,1838.

Fradereck of Uxbridge and Mrs.Abigail Wood, June20,1782.

Genera Jr. and Laura Hoit of Uxbridge, int.Mar.28,1833.

Genera and Mary Upham, July10,1844.

Hannah and Elijah Benjamin of Mendon, int.Aug.15,1747.

Hannah [the 2d.int.] and William Ward of Mendon, Nov.28,1776.

Hannah and Elisha Bradish, May4,1779.

Hannah T. of Uxbridge and Angel Sweet, int.Sept.7,1817.

Hannah A. and Judson C. Childs, Nov.20,1838.

Harriet C. and Col. Charles Bigelow of Worcester, Dec.6,1849.

Hiram and Betsy Jackson, Oct.7,1827.

Hiram and Mrs.Emely Wood, July4,1847.

Huldah and David Daniels [of Mendon. int.], Jan.25,1737 [int.Jan.6,1737-38.]

Israel Jr. and Mathew [Martha ?] Smith,末蔓末,1743.

Israel and Lois Stanford, Mar.5,1799.

Israel and Mrs.Elizabeth Cook, Oct.12,1835 [?]

Joel and Mrs.[Miss.int.] Chloe Fisher, Apr.2,1789.

Joel and Levisa Fisher of Grafton, int.Sept.末,1804.

Joel Jr. of Royalston and Malinda Taft, int.Oct.17,1819.

John and Rebeckah Wark of Hopkinton, int.Apr.17,1762.

John and Love Whitney, Apr.23,1772.

John and Mrs.Huldah Holbrook, Feb.27,1794.

Joseph and Sarah Farrer, May26,1791.

Joseph and Marcy Stockwell of Sutton, int.Sept.29,1815.

Levi W. and J. Jane Fisk, int.Sept.1,1839. [Probably the same as above]

Levi and Jane Fisk, Oct.10,1839. [Probably the same as below]

Lois, Mrs., [Miss.int.] and John Childs, Oct.5,1786.

Lois H. and Daniel C. Thurston of Grafton, Sept.27,1842.

Lucy and Daniel Courser of Boscawen, Jan.1,1801.

Lucy C. and Forester Harwood of Spencer, Oct.10,1835.

Margery and Simeon Wood [of Uxbridge. int.], Oct.30,1760.

Maria and William Legg, Nov.24,1821.

Martha and Philander Hale of Northbridge, int.July29,1829.

Mary and John Long, int.Sept.21,1745.

Mary and Arba Legg, Nov.29,1818.

Mary F. and Daniel M. Winch, Apr.9,1829.

Matthew and Jenet Crag of Wrentham, int.Oct.21,1749.

Matthew Jr. and Hannah Cutler of Medway, int.July26,1760.

Malinda and Joel Taft Jr. of Royalston, int.Oct.17,1819.

Mercy, Mrs., [Miss Masse. int.] and Benjamin Green [of Mendon. int.], Oct.2,1753.

Nathan and Lydia Legg of Milford, int.Oct.12,1801.

Nathan and Calista Wood, Feb.27,1826.

Nathan F. of Grafton and Betsy R. Batchelor, Aug.31,1829.

Nathaniel L. of Milford and Caroline N. Burnap, Sept.10,1835.

Nathaniel S. and Mary Sanders of Milford, int.Dec.18,1842.

Otis and Thankful Benson of Northbridge, int.Mar.4,1806.

Otis and Betsy Beals of Milford, int.May19,1811.

Pearly P. and Eunice M. Miller of Westborough, int.Apr.14,1832.

Philinda M. and Thomas T. [or S.] Forbush, Apr.20,1839.

Presilah and Moses Wood, Feb.5,1738 [int.Dec.30,1738]

Rebekah and Asa Childs, Oct.21,1784.

Robart and Jane Crag of Wrentham, int.Mar.3,1749-50.

Robert Jr. and Rhoda Rockwood of Grafton, int.Nov.21,1783.

Robert, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Whitney of Mendon, int.May10,1795.

Roxalana and William Southland Jr., Aug.14,1826.

Samuel and Malinda Perham, Nov.22,1809.

Samuel and Polly Wood, May12,1814.

Sarah and Ezra Wood Jr., May31,1781.

Sarah and Ephriam Taft, int.Feb.20,1803.

Sarah and Hartford Stoddard, Sept.28,1829.

Silas and Elisabeth Sadler, Sept.8,1772.

Solomon and Sarah Fisher of Wrentham, int.Feb.2,1777.

Solomon and Hipsabah Blackington of Atlebury, int.Nov.29,1818.

Stephen and Mrs.[Miss.int.] Jemima Davis, Dec.4,1791.

Stephen [Capt. Steven. int.] and Betsy Baker, Nov.27,1817.CR

Stephen Jr. and Eliza F. Gleason of Worcester, int.Nov.13,1831.

Timothy of Uxbridge and Abigal Wright, Oct.24,1779.

Velorous and Lucy Bennett of Framingham, int.Oct.30,1847.

Ward A. and Lydia Marshal, Jan.18,1815.

Warner of Uxbridge and Mrs.Mary Legg, Feb.11,1821.

Zelida A. and Charles M. Brown, Aug.12,1845.


Willard S. and Hannah Goddard of Worcester, int.Jan.16,1839.


Elizabeth of Westborow and Stephen Sadler, int.Oct.末,1750


Asa S. of Roxbury, VT, and Caroline Lealand, int.Nov.15,1849.

Eliza of Scituate, RI, and Edmund Hill Jr., int.June4,1831.

Susan and Charles Buck, Apr.3,1828.


Abeguel and Willson Rawson, int.Dec.24,1737.

Alexander S. of Hopkinton and Sophia Legg, Sept.29,1841.

Levicia and Amos Wood, Jan.26,1786.

Luercreetia, Mrs., [Miss Lucretia.int.] and Abner Lazell, Apr.16,1786.

Lucy of Holden and Ralsa F. Johnson, int.Aug.17,1828.

Phebe, Mrs., [Miss.int.] and Reuben Albee of Milford, Oct.7,1792.

Samuel of Bedford and Hannah Gleson, Nov.13,1751.

Sarah and David Forbush of Grafton, Sept.6,1785.

Stephen Jr. and Susannah Wood, Feb.5,1784.

Stephen and Rhoda Estling, int.July3,1784.

Susanna and John Wood, int.Apr.3,1778.

TENNEY (Teny, Tinney)

Daniel and Judeth Clark, int.Feb.5,1835.

Danniel and Susan Staples, Apr.17,1843.

Hannah and Aaron Hayward, Apr.25,1765.

Hannah, wid., and Isaac Mace of Sutton, int Oct.17,1772.

Joshua and Olive Perham, Oct.7,1766.

Joshua and Olive Lesuer, Mar.19,1812.

Sarah and Nathan Peek, Feb.9,1769.


Susanna [Tenney.int.] and Asa Ober, Feb.6,1772.


Angeline L. of East Douglas and Edwin C. Aldrich, int.Oct.14,1849.

Comfort of Mendon and Samuel Fisk, int.Aug.24,1750.

Ziba of Milford and Clarinda Taft, Jan.7,1833.


Philadelphia and Henery Peirce, Mar.27,1792.


William K. [William W. int.] of Millbury and Mrs.Betsey G. Congdon, May11,1841.


Lauria and Joseph M. Wood, int.Feb.16,1823.


Pardeus and Sally Ward, int.Aug.26,1798.


Daniel C. of Grafton and Lois H. Taft, Sept.27,1842.

Elizabeth and Pliny Daniels, Apr.27,1823.

Peter [Thursting. int.], of Grafton and Elizabeth Holbrook, Oct.28,1779.

Rachel, Mrs., and Amos Ellis, both of Grafton, Mar.12,1789. In Grafton.*

Sarah W. and Joseph Wood Jr., June8,1826.

Susanah and Lawson Munyon, Feb.11,1830, both of Grafton.*


Abigail of Hopkinton and William Johnson Jr., int.Jan.25,1755.

TINNEY (Tenney)

Hannah and Ahaz Aldrich, "belonging to the Genesee," Dec.24,1795.

Moses and Levisa Lesiire of Milford, int.Dec.4,1797.


Cyrus J. of Boston and Alecia Taft, Nov.26,1840CR


Michael of Duglas and Susanna Wood, int.July29,1769.


Susannah [Toby.int.], and James Huzzy,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Jan.1,1785]


Zalmon of Providence, RI, and Sophronia Baker, Mar.21,1833.


Abraham and Mary Harry, int.Oct.12,1787.

Abraham and Hannah Chase, Nov.末,1791.

Caesar and Margaret Romsor of Worcester, Sept.7,1756.

Caesor Jr. and Susanna Harry, Dec.16,1784.


Almira and Alexander Young, June8,1846.

Hammon [Hermon. int.] and Betsy Childs, May24,1825.

James and Mary White, Jan.8,1771.

James and Rhody Leathe of Grafton, July11,1775.

Josiah and Lydia Fisk, June19,1781.

Naaman of Weymouth and Mary C. Shepherd, Aug.12,1846.


Harmon [Hermon. int.] and Abigail Hoar, Apr.4,1831.

James and Mary Patridge of Mendon, int.Sept.20,1755.


Mary of Mendon and John Ward, int.Dec.21,1745.


Judith Town, Mrs., of Mendon and Josiah Pease, int.Nov.30,1811.


Mary of Framingham and Solomon Miller, int.May26,1759.


Anna and Joel Southland, int.Dec.22,1799.


Hosea and Huldah Batchelor, Oct.8,1820.

Jonathan G. and Sabrina A. Wheeler, at Grafton, Oct.7,1846.


Amariah and Hannah Carriel of Sutton, int.Feb.3,1793.


Adeline of Leicester and Fisher H. Turner, int.May12,1823.


Sarah and John Whitney, both of Westborough, June21,1781.*


Susannah of Westborough and Samuel Wood, int.Aug.28,1805.


Anna and Amariah Taft, int.July10,1770.

Bethiah, Mrs., and Elias Perminter [of Hopkinton. int.], Mar.22,1753.

David and Rachel Baybrock of Concord, int.May3,1746.

Dorcas and Ebenezer Fisk, Jan.28,1739 [1740 ?] [int.Dec.29,1739]

Elijah and Ruth Ohen [Ober ?] of Mendon, int.May23,1749.

Hannah and William Green Jr., Jan.10,1744-45.

Hannah and Francis Nelson, Feb.4,1755.

Joanna of Northbridge and Benjamin Webster, int.Dec.6,1818.

John, Capt., of Mendon and Urana Bates, int.Mar.25,1778.

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