MackELHANY (MackHenry, MeckLahenny)

Ichabod and Fear Chadwick, int. Nov. 30, 1771.

John, of Sandwich, and Thankfull Pitts, int. Sept. 22, 1750.

MackHENY (Mackelhany, Mecklahenny)

Thomas and Sally Baker, int. Sept. 5, 1801.


Judith, of Nantucket, and Willard Robinson, int. July 11, 1819.

MAGS (Megs, Meiggs, Meigs, Mog)

Thankful and Ebenezer Hatch 4th, int. Feb. 23, 1772.

MAHEW (Mayhew)

Love and Mica (Micah, int.) Robinson, (Jr., int.), June 23, 1780.*

Love and Samuel Harding Jr., int. Oct. 3, 1789.

MAINWARING (Manwaring)

William (Manwaring, int.) and Saviah (Soviah, int.Zurviah. CR1) Gifford, Sept. 9, 1798.*


Elbridge or Maker, Eldridge, of Lovell, and Phebe Ann Hatch, Apr. 5, 1845. (First and last names spelled differently in Vols. III and IV TR)


Abner and Bethiah Cowett, persons of colour, Dec. 17, 1809.*

MANDELL (Mendal)

Lemuel (Mendall, int.), of Dartmouth, and Sarah Bourn, Apr. 2, 1747.*


Isaiah, Rev., and Mrs. Zipporah Nickolson (Nicholson, int.), Mar. 8, 1780.*

Thomas and Eliza Smith, of Nantucket, int. May 10, 1807.


John Jr., of Fairhaven, and Sylvia P. Davis, Jan. 4, 1848.

MANWARING (Mainwaring)

Frances (Fanny. PR9) and Charles Dimmick, Sept. 29, 1824. CR3 (Sept. 30. PR9)


Herculos (Hurcules Mash, int.) and Tabatha Robens (Tathatha Robin, int.) blacks, Sept. 5, 1791.*

Nancy and Benjamin (Abraham, int.) Studley, Jan. 4, 1798.*

MARCHANT (Merchant)

Barney and Anna Hallet, Nov. 26, 1799. PR28

Barney and Sally Hallet, Mar. 21, 1824. PR28

Gorham, of Yarmouth (Barnstable, int.) and Mehittable (Mehetible, int.) Studley, Nov. 25, 1799.*

MARSHAL (Marshall)

John, of Rochester, and Hannah (Hanah, int.) Hinckley, Apr. 8, 1762.*. CR1

MARSHALL (Marshal)

Josiah, Rev., and Mrs. Hannah Hatch, Feb. 1, 1726-7.

Mary and Benjamin Clark, Sept. 21, 1823. PR4


Isaiah (of Barnstable, int.) and Elizabeth Lawrance, May 4, 1779.*


John (Mathews, int.), of New York, and Diadame (Damy, int.) Palmer, Oct. 2, 1814.*


Nancy and Rev. Zalmon Stuart, Jan. 20, 1823.

MAYHEW (Mahew)

Asenath and John Pheney, int. June 4, 1796.

John Jr. and Ruth Davis, Oct. 29, 1730.

Joseph and Polly Cottle, of Chilmark, int. May 7, 1796.

Maria and Job Parker, Aug. 1, 1822.

Martha, of Chilmark, and Silvenus Parker, int. Nov. 13, 1748.

Rachel and Benjamin Hatch, Dec. 24, 1795.*


Benjamin and Temperance G. Hatch, Aug. 3, 1841.

Nathan and Nancy Crowell, May 26, 1833.


Alexander, of Gorham, and Belenda Dollandson (Belinda Donaldson, int.), Aug. 27, 1815.*


Henry E. and Eunice H. Fish, Aug. 21, 1844.


Thomas B., of Nantucket, and Susan E. Hatch, Mar. 3, 1840.

MECKLAHENNY (Mackelheney, Mackheny)

Robort (Robard Muckheney, int.) and Jane Hatch, Nov. 11, 1770.*

MEGS (Mags, Meiggs, Meigs, Mog)

Nathaniel, of Rochester, and Mary Wyat, int. May 10, 1777.

MEIGGS (Mags, Meigs, Mog)

Mercy (Marcy Meggs, int.) and Theodore (Theodor, int.) Fish, of Sandwich, Nov. ––, 1800.*

Thankful (Meigs, int.) and Nathaniel Hammond, June 27, 1806.*

MEIGS (Mags, Megs, Meiggs, Mog)

Benjamin and Ruth Jenkins, Feb. 23, 1766.*

Jabaz and Lurana (Lurany, int.) Dimmuck, Nov. 24, 1768.*

James, of Barnstable, and Sarah Fisher, Sept. 23, 1830.

Joseph and Martha Chadwick, Aug. 25, 1832. CR1

Martha (Maggs, int.) and Jabez (Jabis, int.) Robinson, of Chilmark, Feb. 25, 1768.

Mary (Maggs, int.) and Joseph Dimock, Apr. 17, 1759.*

Robica (Megs, int.) and Thomas Shiverick, Sept. 4, 1790.*

MENDAL (Mandell)

Joannah, of Rochester, and Daniel Butler, July 17, 1707.

MERCHANT (Marchant)

–––––, of Barnstable, and Lydia Hatch, ––ary, 10, 1767.

Molly, of Yarmouth, and Jabez Lumburt, int. Aug. 28, 1790.

MERRILL (Morrill)

Betty, of Salisbury, and Humphrey Merrill, Dec. ––, 1741.

Humphrey and Betty Merrill, of Salisbury, Dec. ––, 1741.


Eliza O.T., wid., and Ansel Edwards, Sept. 29, 1847.


Joseph, Rev., and Abiel Adams, int. Sept. 3, 1707.


Ann and Hallet Baker, May 3, 1842.


Drodet (Drover Jr., int.) and Cate (Catherine Coffe, int.) (Blacks), Mar. 27, 1781.*

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Richard Jr., of Nantucket, and Frances Lincoln, May 1, 1814.*

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

William H., of Nantucket, and Ann L. Shiverick, Aug. 14, 1839.

MOG (Mags, Megs, Meiggs, Meigs)

Thankful and Samuel Fish, int. June 7, 1719.


David (Daniel, int.), of Pownalsborough, and Meribah Hatch, Jan. 22, 1781.*

MORRILL (Merrill)

Samuel (Mirrill, int.), of Lyman, NH, and Hannah Davis, Feb. 2, 1815.*

MORS (Morse)

Calvin and Martha Smith, int. Aug. 16, 1788.

Cinthia (Cynthia, int.) and David Swift, of Roxbury, Sept. 24, 1786.*

Theodorus (Theodore, int.) and Thankfull Crocker, Apr. 26, 1739.* (Apr. 25. CR1)

Theodore and Susanah Davis, int. Feb. 12, 1763.

MORSE (Mors)

Azarelah (Asarchah, int.) and Hepsibeth (Hephsibah, int.) Hall, of Yarmouth, July 4, 1771.*

Martha M. and Rev. Joseph Snellings, of Sandwich, Dec. 16, 1813.*

Susanna and Benjamin Finney (Phiney, int.), Jan. 15, 1769.*

Thankful and Danil Howland, of Plimpton, int. Oct. 22, 1773.

Theodore and Susanna Phinney, Mar. 6, 1763.

William, of Rochester, and Sarah Fish, May 7, 1829.


Elizabeth and Jonathan Lindsey, June 22, 1770.

Moses and Elizabeth Tabor, Indians, Jan. 11, 1756.


Jacob (Maxcum, int.), of Rochester, and Abigal (Abigel, int.) Green, Feb. 3, 1762.

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