TABER (Tabor)

Daniel H., of Fairhaven, and Sarah A. Parker, Oct. 9, 1842.

Frederick C., of Fairhaven, and Fanny Parker, Feb. 3, 1828.

Godfrey H. and Susan Edwards, of New Bedford, June 30, 1840.

TABOR (Taber)

Elizabeth and Moses Moses, Indians, Jan. 11, 1756.


Experience, indian, and John Samsson,of Sandwich, Nov. 6, 1764.

TERRY (Torry)

Elisha and Sarah Holms, Sept. 15, 1766. CR1

THACHER (Thatcher)

Thankful, of Barnstable, and Zaccheus Allen, Dec. 30, 1765.*

THATCHER (Thacher)

Elizabeth, of Yarmouth, and Moses Hatch, Oct. 18, 1699.

Elizabeth, of Barnstable, and Thomas Palmer, int May ––, 1763.


Mehitable (Mehitabel, int.) and Jesse Gifford, Jan. 2, 1771.*


Louis (Loues Tilli, int.) and Abraham Bowerman, Feb. 16, 1800.*


Ebenezer, of Chilmark, and Hepsibah (Hephzibah, int.) Parker, Jan. 6, 1785.*

TOBEY (Toby)

Abigail and Elisha Tobey, of Hanover, Nov. 29, 1739.*

Abigail Jr. (Toby, int.) and Ruben Lawrence (Larance, int.), Jan. 19, 1772.*

Abigail, of Rochester, and Francis Nye, int. Nov. 19, 1815.

Barnabas, of Sandwich, and Thankful Parker, Sept. 28, 1782.*

Celia, Mrs., of Sandwich, and Stephen Nye, int. Dec. 4, 1814.

Cynathy and John Gardner, both of Sandwich, Apr. 27, 1798.

Elisha, of Hanover, and Abigail Tobey, Nov. 29, 1739.*

Elizabeth, of Rochester, and Ebenezer Nye, int. Dec. 1, 1805.

Henry F., of New Bedford, and Mary Nye, July 26, 1831.

Howes (Thomas Hows, int.), of Sandwich, and Thankfull Crowel, Mar. 7, 1799.*

Isaiah and Jane A. Phinney, May 19, 1829.

James, of Sandwich, and Temperance Crowell, Dec. 2, 1804.*

Jean (Jane. CR1) and John Your (Ewer. CR1), of Barnstable, Dec. 5, 1740.*

John Jr., Capt., and Lydia Jones, Mar. ––, 1838.

Joseph, of Sandwich, and Susanna Parker, Dec. 19, 1754.

Josiah, of Sandwich, and Sarah Lewis, Feb. 8, 1842. CR2

Mary, Indian women, and David Capa, Indian man, Oct. 9, 1746.

Mary and Silas Blush (Bliss. CR1), of Barnstable, Apr. 21, 1748.*. CR1

Mary and Nathaniel Wing, Nov. 28, 1773.

Mehitable and Nathaniel Bourn, int. Nov. 13, 1779.

Mehitabel (Mehatable, int.) and Joseph Crowell, Oct. 30, 1809.*

Melatiah (Maltiah, int.), of Sandwich, and Mary (Polly, int.) Crowel, Dec. 23, 1790.*

Mercy and David Hatch, Mar. 19, 1749-50.

Mercy and Levi Weeks, May 2, 1762.*. CR1

Mercy (Marcy, int.) and David Wing, of Sandwich, Nov. 27, 1792.*

Mercy and Daniel Hall, of Dennis, Jan. 14, 1830.

Rebecca (Rebakah, int.) and Isaac Dagget (Daggett, int.), of Tizbury, Aug. 4, 1772.*

Rebecca (R., int.) and Zacheus Allen, July 4, 1818.*

Robert, of Sandwich, and Elizabeth C. Eldred, Sept. 8, 1842.

Rufus and Roxana Hatch, Oct. 19, 1823.

Sarah and Tamar Hatch, int. Sept. 28, 1777.

Silas and Bethiah Rowley, July 30, 1761.

Sylvia (Silvia, int.) (Mrs. CR1) and Nathan Cobb, of Sandwich, Nov. 24, 1793.*

Thomas Harris,of Sandwich, and Thankful Crowell, Mar. 7, 1799. CR1

Trustom, of Sandwich, and Clerosy Handy, int. Mar. 9, 1800.

Zimri and Hannah (Anner. CR1), Nancy, int.) Wing, of Sandwich, Oct. 22, 1794.*

TOBY (Tobey)

Ebenezer, of Sandwich, and Marcy Hatch, June 30, 1715.

Mary, of Sandwich, and William Lackey, of Boston, int. Aug. 6, 1774.

Samuel and Rebecca Hatch, Oct. 17, 1765.*

Sarah and Paul Nye, Oct. 9, 1818.*


Nabby (Abigial Turner, int.), of Scituate, and Samuel Lewis, Sept. 1, 1794.*

Hannah, of Scituate, and William Nye, int. Oct. 10, 1801.

Joseph P. (R., int.), of Scituate, and Susan B. Jones, Apr. 24, 1814.*

TORNER (Turner)

Joshua and Lydia Colman, of Barnstble, int. Dec. ––, 1803.

TORRY (Terry)

Elisha (Jorney, int.) and Sarah Homes (Homs, int.), Sept. 15, 1766.*


Henry G., of St. Johns, N.B., and Thankful L. Hatch, June 24, 1840.


Arnold G., of Fairhaven, and Susan Swift, June 13, 1844.


Desier and Abraham Hix, Feb. 10, 1724-5.

TUCKER (Tuker)

Eliza H. and Edward Baxter, of Yarmouth, Jan. 17, 1843.

Harriet S. and Nathan Lewis, of NY, Oct. 7, 1849.

Thankful and Nathan Hatch, Dec. 22, 1732. CR1

William H., of George Town, S.C., and Peggy Dagget, of Tisbury, Aug. 15, 1819.

William H., of SC, and Sarah Handy, Mar. 14, 1821.


Elizabeth, of Chilmark, and Ichabod Hatch, May 18, 1781.

TUKER (Tucker)

Jean, of Sandwich, and Amos Hatch, int. Oct. 16, 1774.


William, of Harwich, and Eliza Ann Jones, Apr. 14, 1847.

TURNER (Torner)

Abial (Abiel, int.), of Scituate, and Elizabeth (Elisabeth, int) Robinson, May 16, 1737.*

Anna (Annet, int.), of Scituate, and Sylvanus (Salvanus, int.) Hatch, Nov. 8, 1780.*

Deborah, of Scituate, and Shubel (Shobal, int.) Hatch, Oct. 25, 1787.*

Hannah and Alden Nye, Jan. 13, 1813.*

Hannah and Gorham Baker, of Yarmouth, Mar. 31, 1846.

Japhet and Thankful Childs, of Barnstable, int. May 14, 1774.

Japheth and Mercy Fuller, of Sandwich, int. Feb. 9, 1806.

Japhath and Susanna Fish, Oct. ––, 1816.*

Joseph and Elizabeth Hilman, of Chilmark, int. Dec. 11, 1763.

Roland, of Situate, and Hannah Shiverick, int. Dec. 7, 1776.

Thankful and James Fish, of Sandwich, Jan. 1, 1807.* (Feb. 26. CR1)

Walter and Lydia Swift, Sept. 5, 1799.*

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