Thomas, s. Thomas and Lucy (Small), July 18, 1788.

Lucy, d. Thomas and Lucy (Small), June 29, 1790, at Penobscot.

Thomas Junr, s. Thomas and Lucy (Small), Dec. 11, 1793.


Betsy Goddard, d. Caleb and Polly (Harding), Aug. 18, 1817.

Betsy Goddard, d. Caleb and Mary (Harding), Aug. 18, 1817.

Juliaann, d. Caleb and Polly (Harding), Oct. 18, 1819.

Nehemiah, s. Caleb and Polly (Harding), Aug. 25, 1822.

Almira Baker, d. Caleb and Mary K. (Harding), Jan. 17, 1833.

Isaac Green, s. Caleb and Mary K. (Harding), Aug. 24, 1837.

FOSTER (Forster)

Anna Luis, d. John and Susanna (Lewis), Jan. 3, 1766, in Boston.


Julia Elizabeth, d. John and Adaliza (Eastman), July 18, 1842.

Julia Elizabeth, d. John and Adaliza (Eastman), Nov. 27, 1843.

Sarah Sellew Harding, d. John, mariner, and Adaliza (Eastman), Nov. 1, 1845.

Tamsain, d. John, seaman, and Adaliza (Eastman), Aug. 19, 1847, in North Truro.

FREEMAN (Freman)

Jonathan, s. Constant and Jane (Treat), June 9, 1710.

Apphia, d. Constant and Jane (Treat), Jan. 14, 1713.

Joshua, s. Constant and Jane (Treat), July 4, 1717.

Elijah, s. Robert and Mary (Paine), Jan. 6, 1722-3.

Rebecca, d. Robart and Mary (Paine), Sept. 23, 1724.

Hannah, d. Robart and Mary (Paine), Apr. 23, 1726.

Robart, s. Robart and Mary (Paine), Dec. 31, 1727.

Constant, s. Constant and Ann (Larkin), May 12, 1729.

Mary, d. Robart and Mary (Paine), Aug. 18, 1729.

Elisha, s. Robart and Mary (Paine), July 2, 1731.

Jane, d. Jonathan and Rebecca (Binney), Nov. 7, 1732.

Simeon, s. Robart and Mary (Paine), Apr. 28, 1733.

Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Rebecca (Binney), May 18, 1734.

John Ela, s. Constant and Jane (Treat), Sept. 21, 1734.

Mercy, d. Robart and Mary (Paine), Mar. 11, 1735-6.

Mary, d. Constant and Jane (Treat), Mar. 5, 1740-1.

Nehemiah, s. Constant and Jane (Treat), June 7, 1743.

Eunice, d. Constant and Jane (Treat), Oct. 12, 1746.

Apphia, d. Joshua and Rebekah (Parker), Apr. 2, 1748.

Rebekah, d. Joshua and Rebekah (Parker), Mar. 15, 1749-50.

Sarah, d. Joshua and Rebekah (Parker), Jan. 16, 1752.

Rebekah, d. Joshua and Rebekah (Parker), Feb. 18, 1754.

Charles, s. Edmond and Priscilla (Rich), Nov. 15, 1805.

Betsey Rich, d. Edmund and Priscilla (Rich), Sept. 15, 1807.

Betsey Rich, d. Edmond and Priscilla (Rich), July 10, 1809.

Edmond, s. Edmond and Priscilla (Rich), Dec. 10, 1811.

Richard Rich, s. Edmand and Betsy (Rich), Dec. 17, 1813.

Louisa, d. Ebenezer and Louisa L. (Shed), Nov. 16, 1835.

Rebecca, d. Richard R. and Rebecca (Higgins), July 22, 1837.

James Edwin, s. Ebenezer and Louisa L. (Shed), Feb. 27, 1838.

Betsy R., d. Richard R. and Rebecca (Higgins), Sept. 14, 1838.

Ellen Augusta, d. Richard R. and Rebecca (Higgins), Aug. 6, 1840.

Almira Shedd, d. Ebenezer and Louisa L. (Shed), Sept. 14, 1841.

Rebecca Higgins, d. Richard R., mariner, and Rebecca (Higgins), Apr. 5, 1844.

Ebenezer Jr, s. Ebenezer, mariner, and Louisa (Shed), Oct. 6, 1845.

–––––, d. Richard R., mariner, Apr. 9, 1847, in South Truro.

Anthony Collins, s. Jeremiah, seaman, and Betsy D. (Collins), Oct. 6, 1849, in South Truro.

Naphtali D., s. Alden, seaman, and Angeline R. (Dyer), Oct. 15, 1849, in South Truro.


George Doane, s. James H., seaman, and Emma C. (Paine), Sept. 29, 1847.

Elanor Francis, d. James H., seaman, and Emma C. (Paine), Oct. 14, 1849, in South Truro.

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