Caroline E., 28, b. Pittsfield, d. Calvin and Lovina, and William N. Fuller, widr., 30, carpenter, s. Lemuel and Fanny of Bennington, VT, Nov. 29, 1843.*


Sybil [int. Sybel] and Elijah Jones of Steventown, NY, Dec. 29, 1794.

NICHOLS (Nickols)

Amos and Sarah Storey, int. July 25, 1787.

Sylvanus E., 26, operative, of Middlefield, and Malvina Green, 17, Apr. 13, 1843.*

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Esther and Asa Selvey of Pittsfield, int. Sept. 23, 1787.


Clarissa and Nathan Hall, int. Jan. 28, 1797.

Grace and Amos Smith, Feb. 11, 1816.*


Lyman C., 25, merchent, of Otis, s. Jonathan and Ann, and Roxy L. Baird, d. Moses and Electa, Sept. 5, 1847.*

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