FAIRCHILD (Fairchilds)

Esther and Allen Henderson, Dec. 30, 1813.*

Frances and William C. Bryant, Jan. 11, 1821.*

Josiah B. of Newtown, CT, and Rebecca L. Anderson, May 28, 1848.*

FAIRCHILDS (Fairchild)

Maria of Alford, and Grotius Dewey, Sept. 20, 1809.*


Nancy and Levi Humphrey, Mar. 17, 1808.*


Henry C., 30, of Alford, s. Dennis and Rebecca of Alford, and Sarah A. Wharfield, June 19, 1845.*

Marina E. [dup. of Lenox] and Major S. Wilson, widr. [dup. omits widr.], Feb. 18, 1844.


Rhoda and Jesse Warner, Mar. 29, 1778.* CR2


Abigal and William Benjamin, Oct. 3, 1774.* CR2

Walter of Egremont, and Thankfull Webb, Jan. 11, 1804.* PR1


John, widr., b. Ireland, and Jane McCann, Oct. 15, 1848.*

FOOT (Foote)

Sylvenus of Lee, and Abigail Bradley, Oct. 4, 1804.*

Thankful and Anthony Stympson, Mar. 28, 1793.* CR1


John R. Sheffield, and Mary Anne Kellogg, Dec. 13, 1836.* CR2


Eaton and Almira Hart, Mar. 12, 1818.*

Elizabeth of Westfield, d. Enos, and Heman Laflin Jr., Feb. 28, 1844.*

Salome and Chester Merrill, Sept. 25, 1814, in Richmond.*

William and Polly Hill, May 10, 1801.


Mary and Ralph Adams, Apr. 25, 1788.* CR2


Alfred of Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY, and Mehitable Castle, Mar. 3, 1796.*

Cornelia A., d. George I., and Dr. S. Waterman Graves, Nov. 16, 1845.*

Eliza Ann and Jonah A. Hulbert, June 12, 1828.*


Albert, Esq. of Milwaukee (W.T.), and Emily Wilcox, Aug. 11, 1836.*


Francis J. of Hartford, CT, and Charity H. Day, Oct. 10, 1844.* CR2

FREEMAN (Freman)

Hannah of Tyringham, and Levi Atwood, Feb. 9, 1825.*

Phebe of New Marlboro, and Daniel Willard, Apr. 15, 1779, in New Marlboro.*


Rebecca and John Van Deusen, Apr. 18, 1802.*

FREMAN (Freeman)

Cesar and Peggy Hull, Mar. 24, 1783.* CR2

Lydia and Moses Bond, Aug. 1, 1782.* CR2


Thomas Jr., b. W. Stockbridge, of W. Stockbridge, s. Thomas of W. Stockbridge, and Susan Hart, Oct. 18, 1844.*

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