Millen of Dalton, and Electa Pixley, int. Dec. 15, 1818. [Millin, m. Jan. 13, 1819.]

Monica of Dalton, and Richard Vandenburgh, int. Apr. 6, 1842.


Aaron and Lydia Matthews, Feb. 13, 1820.*

Morgan, widr., s. James dec'd, and Amanda Chappel, wid., Oct. 10, 1844.*


Warren of Plainfield, and Elizabeth Booth, June 19, 1830. [June 17. CR]

GEAR (Geer)

Chole, Mrs., [and] Jonathan Western, int. Oct. 6, 1809.

Sherman, widr. [int. omits widr.], 36, b. Worthington, of Worthington, s. Luther and Joanna of Worthington, and Malina Wing, Dec. 12, 1848. [Geer; CR]

GEER (Gear)

Adison A., 23, b. Peru, of Peru, s. Alpheus and w., and Rebecca D. Warren, Mar. 30, 1847.*

Obidiah G. of Peru, and Aurilia Wing, Dec. 26, 1818.*


Jonathan and Abigail Jones, June 7, 1808.*


Elijah H. and Mary Washboun [int. Washburn], Dec. 29, 1829.

Elvisa [int. Elviza] and Henry Putnam, June 6, 1838.

Lovina and Roswell Parrish [int. Parish], June 7, 1831.

Nancy and John Sherwin, Mar. 15, 1804. CR


Andrew J., 23, b. Pittsfield, s. John M. and Matilda of Pittsfield, and Louisa E. Loveland, Feb. 18, 1849*.

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