Edmond of Peru [int. Edward T. of Middlefield], and Betsey Merriman, Apr. 30, 1829.

Lucy, Mrs., and Ebenzer P. Stevins [int. Stephens], Jan. 31, 1832. [Stevens; CR]

Sarah and Porter Cooper, Nov. 29, 1827.


Mary, 25, and Silas B. Bottum [name changed; see Bottum], Dec. 25, 1845.*


Daniel [int. Nickols, dup. and int. of Pittsfield] and Sophia Putman, Jan. 27, 1820. [Putnam; CR]

Sardis of Pittsfield, and Roxana Booth, Oct. 24, 1833.

Sophia P., Mrs., and Jacob Booth Jr., int. Apr. 25, 1841.

NICHOLSON (Nickerson)

Ambrose and Maria McElwain, Nov. 20, 1825.

Eli and Loruhannah Thayer, int. Oct. 15, 1825.

George and Clarissa Bullard, int. July 13, 1824.

Gideon [int. Gideion] and Lucy Bullard, Apr. 7, 1825.

NICKERSON (Nicholson)

Laura and Abraham Witter, Nov. 9, 1816.* [Nicholson; Nov. 19. CR]


Henry L. [int. Henry S. Noble] of Pittsfield, and Emeline [int. Emilin] Watkins, Sept. 12, 1833.

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