Caroline Elizabeth, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), May 31, 1818.

George Winthrop, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), June 18, 1820.

James Winthrop, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), Feb. 14, 1822.

Harriet Maria, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), Sept. 3, 1823.

Addison Henry, ch. Walter and Sophronia (Sylvester), Oct. 24, 1823.

Wells Austin, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), Jan. ––, 1824.

Mari, ch. Walter and Sophronia (Sylvester), Oct. 25, 1825.

George Lester, ch. Cutler and Mary (Whitney), Mar. 8, 1828.

Byron, ch. Walter and Sophronia (Sylvester), Apr. 24, 1829.

Mary Frances, ch. Cutler and Mary (Whitney), Nov. 19, 1829.

Maria Frances, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), July 1, 1830.

Grace Madeline, ch. Walter and Sophronia (Sylvester), Oct. 22, 1831.

Josephine, ch. Winthrop and Fanny (Loomis), Nov. 19, 1833.

Adelaide, ch. Cutler and Mary (Whitney), Jan. 11, 1836. [d. Cutler and Mary B. GR]


Lois, ch. Arnold and Anne, Nov. 26, 1796, in Windham.

Joseph, ch. Arnold and Anne, Oct. 7, 1797, in W. Greenwich, RI.

Lorticus, ch. Arnold and Anne, Apr. 13, 1799, in Springfield.

Lyman, ch. Arnold and Anne, Feb. 6, 1801, in Springfield.

Arnold, ch. Arnold and Anne, May 18, 1803, in Mansfield.

Zalmon, ch. Arnold and Anne, Aug. 18, 1805, in Washington.

Anne, ch. Arnold and Anne, Oct. 27, 1807, in Hinsdale.

Lena, ch. Arnold and Anne, Apr. 8, 1810, in Hinsdale.

Angelina Matilda, ch. Arnold and Anne, Mar. 22, 1812, in Saratoga.

Else, ch. Arnold and Anne, Feb. 18, 1816, in Grafton, NY.

Moses, ch. Arnold and Anne, ––– ––, 1818.

Charles Bishop Moses, ch. Arnold and Anne, Feb. 22, 1822.


Mary B., w. Warren W. Barlow, Nov. 26, 1835. GR


Franklin Markham, ch. James and Lucretia, Aug. 2, 1832.


Joseph, ch. Patrick and Jane, Mar. ––, 1834.

John, ch. William and Mary, Apr. 13, 1835.


Robert Jr., ch. Robert and Eliza M. (second w.), Aug. 27, 1817.


Alice, d. Rev. Isaac H. (b. NY), and Elizabeth P. (b. Long Island, NY), of S. Lee, Oct. 17, 1849, in S. Lee.


Charlotte, ch. Cyrus and Sally, Jan. 9, 1818.

Henry, ch. Cyrus and Sally, Sept. 4, 1820.

Uriah Linnell, ch. Cyrus and Sally, July 20, 1821.

Nancy Bourn, ch. Cyrus and Sally, July 1, 1823.


Francis William, ch. Horace H. and Experience, Aug. 10, 1819.

Horace Holden, ch. Horace H. and Experience, Apr. 18, 1824.


Lucy Ann Maria, ch. Francis C. and Rebecca, Jan. 26, 1834.

–––––, ch. Francis C. and Rebecca, Aug. 19, 1835.


Andrew Jackson, s. William and Mary, Mar. 7, 1844.

Elizabeth Louisa, d. William H. and Mary S., July 4, 1846.


John Alfred, s. Alfred P. (b. Boston) and Mary (b. Gt. Barrington) of S. Lee, Apr. 4, 1846, in S. Lee.

Mary Anna, d. Alfred and Mary, Feb. 20, 1848.


George, s. Edmund and Harriet, Apr. 4, 1845.

Mary Jane, d. Edward P. and Harriet, Apr. 1, 1848.


Roxana Maria, ch. Riley and Roxana (Atwater), Apr. 24, 1817, in Russel.

Riley Atwater, ch. Riley and Roxana (Atwater), Dec. 23, 1818.


Canfield Frederick, ch. Frederick N. and Charlotte, Jan. 5, 1828.

Melina Elizabeth, ch. . Frederick N. and Charlotte, Mar. 16, 1833.

Rebecca Maria, ch. Frederick N. and Charlotte, Aug. 3, 1837.

Sarah Augusta, ch. Frederick N. and Charlotte, May 25, 1842.


Ann Eliza, ch. Ambrose 0. and Eliza B., Sept. 12, 1840.

Charles Winchester, ch. Ambrose 0. and Eliza B., Sept. ––, 1842.


Maria A., w. Thomas Bassett, July 28, 1808. GR


Sarah Albina, d. Thomas C. (b. Swansey) and Miranda (b. Buckland), May 16, 1846.

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