FARINGTON (Farrington)

Ephraim and Tyrissa G. Eldridge of Hancock, int. Oct. 2, 1836.

Mary C., 17, seamstress, d. Ephraim and Lovisa, and Otis Cole Jr., 23, cabinet maker, b. Rehoboth, Bristol Co., s. Otis and Abigail, Sept. 9, 1849.*

FARRINGTON (Farington)

Ephraim and Naomi Babbit of Lanesborough, int. June 11, 1826.


Hannah of Lanesborougb and Laurane Fosdick [dup. Lawrence Fausdick], int. July 2, 1786.

Stephen of Cheshire and Ruby [int. Ruba] Roberts, Jan. 29, 1804.


Sarah and William Skovill, int. Mar. 7, 1790.


Elezebath [dup. Elizabeth Fordyse] and James Whaling of Brandon, int. June 9, 1785.


Laurane [dup. Lawrence Fausdick] and Hannah Fish of Lanesborough, int. July 2, 1786.


Sary of Williamstown and John Lane, int. Dec. 5, 1795.

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