Lucretia, Miss, of Sandisfield, and Harry Hawley, int. Jan. 26, 1824.


Amanda, Miss, and Milo Webb, Mar. 4, 1823.

Eliza, Miss, and John M. Cole, Sept. 1, 1822.


Sally, Miss, of Southwick, and Benajah Phelps, int. June 18, 1820.


Abigal, Miss, of Blandford, and Asa Tiffiny, int. Nov. 25, 1813.

Dolly B., Miss, and Samuel Wilson, of Blandford, int. Dec. 19, 1827. [m. Dec. 27. CR2]

Hannah W., Miss, and Henry B. Wadams, of Blandford, int. July 9, 1827. [m. July 16. CR2]

Henry, of Blandford, and Eunice Hunter, int. Jan. 19, 1827. [Henry W., of Blanford, m. Jan. 31. CR2]

Jane, Miss, and Daniel Bartlett, int. Apr. 11, 1813.


–––––, of Sandisfield, and ––––– Knight, wid., ––– ––, ––––* CR2

Hiram and Miss Julia L. Picket, int. Sept. 10, 1838.

Margery, wid., of Blanford, and Isaac Kibbe, of Loudon, Dec. 21, 1788, in Blanford.

Norman S., of Tyringham, and Miss Olive Spear, int. Apr. 29, 1837.


Ama, Miss, and Hezekiah Thomas, int. Aug. 1, 1813.

Julius and Miss Abigail Tompson, of Tyringham, int. Nov. 25, 1820.


Bavil, Esq., and Mrs. Statira Curtiss, of Granville, int. Nov. 11, 1821.

Henry and [int. Miss] Jane S. Barker, Jan. 17, 1836.

Henry and Miss Ann E. Carter, Feb. 21, 1839.

Lucy M., Miss, and Dr. Aretas Rising, of New Marlboro, int. Oct. 25, 1829. [m. Nov. 12. CR2]

Mary Elizabeth, of Sandisfield, and Ezra W. Jackson, int. July 29 [pub. cert. Aug. 27], 1849.

SHALEY (Shaylor)

Amelia and Constant D. [int. Davison] Pearl, [int. both of Loudon], Feb. 3, 1805.


Eli and Miss Roba R. Remington, of Colebrook, int. Oct. 26, 1817.

SHAYLOR (Shaley)

Plinea and Miss Hannah Owen, int. Feb. 9, 1812.


Abigail, Mrs. [int. Miss], and Levi Philley [int. Filley], of Sandsfield, [rec. Apr. 18, 1818, int. Oct. 16, 1817].


Norman, of New Marlborough, and Elesan [int. Miss Eliza A.] Curtis, July 7, 1834. [Eliza Ann. CR2


James L., single, farmer, of Blandford, s. Linus of Blandford, and S. Cecelia Phelps, d. Marcus and Susan, July 4, 1848.


Jesse Jr., of Tolland, and Miss Amanda Cotton, int. Dec. 11, 1821.

Stephen and Miss Polly B. Bradley, of Sandisfield, int. Nov. 28, 1812.


Allen, of Westfield, and Miss Sarah Lloyd, int. Jan. 1, 1836.


Samuel, of Loudon, and Lucy Leonard, of Barkhamsted, int. Oct. 2, 1796.


Thomas, of Colebrook [int. adds CT], and [int. Miss] Abigail DWolf, Jan. 9, 1816. [Miss Abigail. CR2]


Reuben, of Blandford, and Sarah M. Webb, int. Sept. 26, 1829, "No Certificate issued".


Almira, of Chester, and Jonathan N. Latham, int. Nov. ––, 1825.


Henry L., of Windsor, NY, and Aurelia Bushnell, int. Sept. 4, 1831.


Ashel and Miss Fanny H. [int. M.] Higher, Oct. 26, 1814.

Cloa (Smith), Miss, and Zenas Smith, of New Marlboro, int. Oct. 24, 1813.

David H., of Blandford, and Miss Eliza Ann Cornwell, int. Nov. 21, 1842.

Elijah, of Litchfield, CT, and Miss Rachel Webster, Oct. 1, 1811.

Ira and Lavina Hubbard, both of Sandisfield, Mar. 15, 1824.*

Ira 2d, of Sandisfield, and [int. Miss] Lucy Ann C. Dimmock [int. Dimock], Jan. 2, 1842.

Jedadiah and Miss Submit Smith, of Weston, int. Feb. 13, 1814.

John, of Sandisfield, and Miss Persey Philinda Adsell, of Loudon, int. May 10, 1808.

Josephine, Miss, and Jarvis Osborn, of Blandford, int. Feb. 5, 1842.

Lemuel and Cynthia Lamberton, int. Aug. 7 [pub. cert. Sept. 7], 1808.

Lucius and Sally Canfield, wid., of Tyringham, int. Feb. 20, 1813.

Luther R., of Blandford, and Miss Susan Cornwall, int. Apr. 18, 1844.

Mary A., of Blandford, and Ira P. Hunt, int. May 4, 1830.

Nathan, of Sandisfield, and Miss Mahitable H. Whitney, Oct. 6, 1831.

Philo Jr. [int. omits Jr.], widr., 27, mechanic, s. Philo and Bedee, and Harriet C. Judd, wid., 23, of Monterey, d. William Branning and Hannah, Apr. 18, 1848.

Rachel, of Bethleham, and Levi Messenger, of Berkhamstead, Apr. 27, 1802.*

Ruth, of Becket, and Sterling Phelps, int. May 29, 1831.

Submit, Miss, of Weston, and Jedadiah Smith, int. Feb. 13, 1814.

Susan and Marcus Phelps, int. May 7, 1820. [m. June. CR2]

Susanna, Miss, of Becket, and Capt. James DWolf, int. Apr. 4, 1813.

Thankful, wid., of Sandersfield, and Aron Priest, of Loudon, int. Jan. 2, 1790.

Timothy and Miss Amanda DWolf, int. Apr. 27, 1817. [m. May 5. CR2]

Zenas, of New Marlboro, and Miss Cloa Smith, int. Oct. 24, 1813.


Caroline S., Miss, and Ira P. Hunt, Oct. 30, 1842.

Electa, of Tyringham, and Moses S. Baird, of Bethlehem, int. Oct. 16 [pub. cert. Oct. 31], 1808.

Elizabeth P., Miss, of Becket, and Capt. Jonathan Norton, int. Feb. 27, 1831.

Ephraim, of Tolland, Hampshire Co., and Miss Edea More, of Southwick, Hampshire Co., Aug. 15, 1811.*

Franklin, of Becket, and Lydia Olcott, of Loudon, int. Oct. 14, –––– [? 1804].

Isaac W. and Miss Hannah C. Whitney, int. Feb. 7, 1835.

James Jr., of Becket, and Lydia Case, of Loudon, Dec. 9, 1802.

Lydia, of Becket, and Rodolphus Snow, int. Nov. 7, 1819.

Lydia A., [int. Miss], and Franklin D. Gilmore, Sept. 9, 1846.

Martha, of Sandisfield, and Milton B. Fay, int. Sept. 5, 1847.

Mary and Bella [? Bela] Adams, Aug. 19, 1800 [in Sandisfield].*

Mary M., Miss, and Calvin Palmer Jr., Nov. 30, 1842.

Nancy A. and Daniel R. Jones, Sept. 14, 1837.*

Rodolphus and Lydia Snow, of Becket, int. Nov. 7, 1819.

Rodolphus and Miss Catharine Roades, of Becket, int. Dec. 24, 1827.

Susannah, Miss, of Tolland, and David Kibbe, int. ––– ––, 1819.


David and Miss Betsey Jones, of Sandisfield, int. Apr. 7, 1822.

Harriet [int. adds A.], Miss, and Ornan M. Gleason, [int. of Sandisfield], May 24, 1841.

John, [int. Dea.], and [int. Miss] Lucinda Jones, May 1, 1834.

Lyman and Miss Almira Hunter, int. May 21, 1820. [m. Oct. 4. CR2; Almira, d. Samuel and Hannah (Blair), m. Oct. 4. PR2]

Olive, Miss, and Norman S. Sears, of Tyringham, int. Apr. 29, 1837.

Sylvester J., single, 25, mechanic, s. David and Betsey of Sandisfield, and Harriett [int. Harriet] A. Jones, 23, d. Timothy and Eliza, Jan. 9, 1849.


Artemetia, of Sandisfield, and William Sumner, of Bethlehem, int. Aug. 29 [pub. cert. Sept. 18], 1805.

Silas C. and Mrs. Polly Oles, Aug. 4, 1836.


Elisha and Miss Lyda Watos [? Watos or Wates], both of Sandisfield, Dec. 29, 1814.*


Sarah and Gamaliel Dunham, both of Sandisfield, Feb. ––, 1828.* CR2


Daniel and Miss Emily Loomis, int. Mar. 30, 1834.

Darius and Mehitibal [int. Miss Mehetabel] Jones, [int. Nov. 28], 1812.

John, of Sandisfield, and Miss Hannah Roberts, int. Jan. 8, 1834.

Pamela, Miss, and Roswell Dewey, of Gt. Barrington, int. Jan. 9, 1812.


David C. [int. S.], of Colebrook, and [int. Miss] Caroline Frazier, Aug. 31, 1815. [David C. Squire. CR2]


Warren and Mary Ann A. Haskell, d. Jearus and Electa (Stratton), Aug. 29, 1843.* PR1

STEDMAN (Stedmun)

Robert, of Lee [int. Lenox], and Elvira Dorman, Jan. 29, 1833.

Thomas (Stedmun), of Tyringham, and Salley Marcy, of Loudon, int. Jan. 27, 1805.

STICKLAND (Strickland)

Amelia M., [int. Miss], and Charles J. Carter, Nov. 29, 1837.

Clarissa, Miss, and Levi Clark, of Tolland, May ––, 1822.

Daniel [int. Strickland] and Miss Esther Case, June 28, 1814.

Fidelia and John Hawley Jr., int. Aug. 15, 1830.

Hiram C. and Miss Mary Curtis, of Gt. Barrington, int. Oct. 8, 1842.

Laura [int. Miss Lorry Strickland] and Hadlock Marcy, Feb. 21, 1816. [Miss Laura Stickland. CR2]

Lucinda, Miss, and Wait S. Avery, of W. Stockbridge, int. June 17, 1827. [Waitstell of W. Stockbridge, m. July 5. CR2]

Lura, Miss, and Nathaniel Marcy, int. Aug. 3, 1817. [m. Aug. 31. CR2]

Lyman J. (Strickland), single, 42, innkeeper, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Hannah P. [int. omits P.] Hunt, 24, d. Curtis, Sept. 6, 1848.

Philo [int. adds T.] (Strickland), single, 28, farmer, s. Daniel and Esther, and Harriet N. Norton, 22, d. Jonathan and Ann, Oct. 16, 1849.

Willis and Lucy Hawley, of Sandisfield, int. Feb. 6, 1827.


Elijah, [int. of Westfield], and Betsey [int. Elizabeth] Jenings, [int. of Loudon], May 28, 1795.

STILLMAN (Stilman)

Fradrick (Stilman), of Colebrook, and Miss Livona Marvin, int. Dec. 16, 1815.

Roswell, of Colebrook, CT, and Miss Mary E. [int. omits E.] Marvin, Apr. 8, 1819.


Rachel, of Granville, and Daniel Owen, of Loudon, int. Sept. 27, 1795.


Electa, d. Samuel and Mary Holister of S. Glastonbury, CT, and Jearus Haskell, b. Louden, s. Philip and Joanna (Brooks), Feb. 24, 1818.* PR1


John H., of W. Hartford, CT, and Miss Everline A. Chidsey, int. Nov. 10, 1833.


John, Dr., of Baket, and Elizabath Rowlee, wid., of Loudon, int. July 6, 1777.


Daniel and [int. Miss] Clarissa Bettis, of Sandisfield, May 26, 1835, in Sandisfield.

Sephronia and Harlow H. Bushnell, int. Sept. 29, 1830.

Thankfull, of Bethlehem, and Elias Humphry, of Loudon, int. Oct. 30, 1796.

William, of Bethlehem, and Artemetia Spencer, of Sandisfield, int. Aug. 29 [pub. cert. Sept. 18], 1805.


Levi, of Hartland, and Hannah Owen, of Loudon, int. Sept. 1, 1793.


Ruca [int. ? Rewea or Rewca] Jerusha, of N. Sandisfield, and John Morandus [int. Merandus], July 14, 1814.


Adah, Miss, and Asa Judd, int. Apr. 19, 1812.

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