ACKLEY (Hackley, Hackly)

Lucy, see Polly

Mary and Abraham Rockwell of Canaan, NY [int. omits NY], Aug. 17, 1806.

Polly [int. Lucy] and James Mercer of Canaan, May 7, 1811. [Lucy. CR]

Polly [dup. int. Hockley] and Alfred Bliss of Otsego, NY [int. and dup. int. omit NY], July 12, 1812.

Polly [int. Hackley] and Alansen Berdect [int. Alanson Burdick], Mar. 7, 1832.

Peter and Mary Rowley, June 23, 1785.


Harriet M. and Samuil L. Werden [int. Samuel L. Worden], Apr. 3, 1839.

Sarah A. and Simeon P. Clapp, Feb. 9, 1843.


Seth and Sally Griswold, Apr. 26, 1790.* [Sept. 26. CR]


Sarah W. and John R. Cole, Nov. 22, 1838.


David and Sarah [int. adds L.] Bacon, June 10, 1840. [Sarah L. CR]

Deming L., 24, farmer, s. Jonathan and Betsey, and Rebecca Barney, 22, [dup. of Barrington,; int. of Gt. Barrington], b. Barrington, d. Edward and Eliza of Barrington, Oct. 16, 1845.

Dennis, 31, carpenter, s. Selah and Levina, and Ruhama Cook, 35, d. Isaac and Priscilla, Mar. 29, 1848. [Ruhamah. CR]

Elvira E. and Henry F. Hall, Dec. 12, 1833.

Lucia C., d. Selah and Levina, and Morgan Chittenden, carpenter [dup. of Richfield, OH; int. of Ritchfield, OH], b. Ritchfield, OH, s. ––––– of Ritchfield, OH, Nov. 30, 1848.

Marcia and Charles Kendall, Mar. 29, 1831.

Phylarmon of E. Haddam, and Philanda Willson, int. Sept. 12, 1784.

Thomas K. and Sally Hart, May 30, 1803.


Lydia and Jehiel Dean [int. of Galloway], May 26, 1794. [Jeheil. CR]


Artimesia [dup. Artimisea] of Pittsfield, and Andrew Hyde, int. Jan. 16, 1813.


Samuel and Parthenia Raymond, Feb. 17, 1790.* [Parthena. CR]


Levi and Mary Gates, Dec. 30, 1769.*


Mary Ann and Sidney West, int. Mar. 20, 1842.

Sabra M. of Lenox, and Martin Slosson, int. Jan. 2, 1831.


Daniel G. and Elvira Betts, Dec. 12, 1820.* CR

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