Ann M. and Levi Patterson of New Lebanon, May 6, 1840. [Leei. CR]

Emeline M. and Grove N. Gaston, June 3, 1840.

Luther and Phebe Redington, Oct. 31, 1821.*

SANDFORD (Sanford)

Lucy and Jeremiah Miller Jr., May 4, 1778.*

SANFORD (Sandford)

David of Long Island, and Polly Fowler, int. Dec. 28, 1788.

Malachi of Hancock, and Martha Rathbun, int. Oct. 5, 1788.


James of Sharon, OH, and Nancy Childs, int. Oct. 19, 1817.


Moses B. [int. of New Lebanon, NY] and Sarah Rosseter, Jan. 12, 1831. [Mosses B. CR]


John A. of Glenville, NY, and Susan Griffing, June 5, 1842.


Moses of Adams, and Clarissa Robberts, int. Jan. 1, 1837. [Mosses Jr. and Clarissa Roberts, m. Jan. 19. CR]

SHERRIL (Sherrill)

John 2d, 24, farmer, s. Lewis and Nancy, and Mary Jane Groat, 17, b. Salisbury, CT, d. Samuil D. and Mary, Oct. 14, 1845.

Zeruiah and Frederic Perry, Jan. 20, 1811. [Sherrill. CR]

SHERRILL (Sherril)

Henry and Lois Chidsey, May 11, 1784.*

Joseph and Amanda Hicks of Stockbride, int. Oct. 5, 1816.

SLOSSEN (Slosson)

Electa M. [int. Slosson] and Sylvenus [int. Sylvinus] H. Nichols, Jan. 3, 1826. [Slosson, and Sylvenus H. Nichols. CR]

Franklin S. [int. of Union, NY] and Julia West, May 23, 1832. [Slosson, May 22. CR]

SLOSSON (Slossen)

Anna and Aaron Delino of Kent, Apr. 8, 1785.

Joseph and Rebekah Palmer of Stockbridge, int. Sept. 28, 1811.

Martin and Sabra M. Avery of Lenox, int. Jan. 2, 1831.

Nathaniel and Rhoda Judd of Stockbridge, Oct. 8, 1804.


Gager and Asenath Tracey [int. Tracy], Oct. 31, 1788. [Tracy. CR]

Gilbert, Dr., and Lucy Redington, May 4, 1796.*

Mark, 27, painter, of Gt. Barrington, s. John and Electa of Gt. Barrington, and Eliza Richmond, 21, d. Elkanor, Oct. 9, 1844.*

Miriam and Nathan Cogswell, Dec. 31, 1787.*

Richard and Polly Reddington, int. Sept. 25, 1785.


Caleb [dup. Calub] and Harriot Gaston [dup. Goston], int. Dec. 26, 1812. [Caleb and Harriet Gaston, m. Jan. 12, 1813. CR]


Julia and Nelson H. Gaston of New Haven, CT, int. Mar. 26, 1837.


Samuel and Submit West, Feb. 12, 1800.*

Samuel and Hannah Brown of W. Stockbridge, int. Sept. 30, 1804.


Eli and Unice Branch, int. June 20, 1790.

Isaiah, see Samuel Jr.

Jude and Content Rathbun, int. Sept. 28, 1788.

Samuel Jr. [int. of Guilford, CT] and Jane Loomes [int. Loomise], Sept. 14, 1831. [Isaiah and Jane Loomis. CR]


Lydia of Widsor, and Johnn Legg, Aug. 23, 1798.*


Sally and Ebenezer Williams, Apr. 28, 1787.*


Joseph and Lucy Rosseter, Jan. 15, 1829.* [Stillman Jr. CR]


Anna [int. Anne Stephens] and Rufus Gaston, Nov. 25, 1804. [Anna Stevens. CR]

Aurelia and George Tyler of W. Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., int. Jan. 22, 1826.

Bethiah and John Nony [int. Noney] of Chester, Nov. 26, 1807. [Noncy. CR]

Calvin H., widr. [dup. and int. omit widr.], 26, farmer, s. Lyman and Phebe, and Sarah Bradley, 30, of Stockbridge, d. Frederick of Stockbridge, Nov. 10, 1845.

Clarinda and Joel Hubbard of Guilford, int. Nov. 5, 1808.

David Jr. and Sarah Gellet of Stockbridge, int. Sept. 12, 1784.

Hannah and Erastus Strong of W. Stockbridge, Mar. 12, 1806.

Henry B., 26, farmer, s. William and Parna, and Julia A. Norton, 19, b. Goshen, CT, d. Hiram and Caroline, Sept. 11, 1844.

Lucy and Joseph D. Lynch of Stockbridg, Oct. 23, 1800.*

Lydia and Jabez Wood, int. July 13, 1794.

Polly and Lewis Johnson, Dec. 2, 1798.*

Mercy and Henry Gasten [int. Gaston], Nov. 9, 1824. [Gaston. CR]

Nelson H. and Mary Cone of W. Stockbridge, int. May 15, 1831.

Orren and Hannah Bedlow, Oct. 30, 1788.* [Orin. CR]

Ruth and Elisha Gaston, Dec. 8, 1802.*

William of Pittsfield, and Parny Branch, int. Dec. 1, 1816.

William [int. of Stockbridge] and Hannah Hoseley [int. Hosley], Jan. 26, 1831. [William and Hannah Hosley. CR]


Henry LaRoy [dup. and int. Steward], 23, pedlar, s. Henry and Polly, and Almira Newton, 20, tailoress, d. Ira and Olive, Sept. 3, 1845.


Peter and Ruth Hand, Oct. 10, 1787.*


Daniel [int. Daniel B. Stranahan of Nassau, NY] and Eliza Betts, Mar. 12, 1834. [Daniel Stranahan. CR]


Erastus of W. Stockbridge, and Hannah Stevens, Mar. 12, 1806.

Tillinghast B. and Sarah A. Pettee, int. Dec. 30, 1832.


Elizabeth and Sherebiah Ballard, int. Feb. 26, 1792.

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