a age | h husband | s son
abt about | hrs hours | Sr senior
b born | inf infant | w wife; week
ch child | int intentions of marriage | wid widow
chn children | Jr junior | widr widower
Co county | m married; month | y year
d daughter; died; day | min minutes | 1st first
Dea deacon | prob probably | 2d second
dup duplicate entry | rec recorded | 3d third
CR1 Congregational
CR2 Village Church
GR1 Center Cemetery
GR2 South, or Slauter, Cemetery. Now called Rockdale Cemetery
GR3 Village Protestant Cemetery. Now called West Stockbridge Cemetery. It is non-denominational.
GR4 Village Catholic Cemetery. This is the small cemetery just north of GR3. It is comprised of six sections.
(Bibles, Family Records, Etc.)
PR1 From Bible of John Easland, now in the possession of Arthur Easland, of West Stockbridge
PR2 From Bible of Alvan Arnold, now in the possession of Alvan Arnold, of West Stockbridge
PR3 From Bible of Thomas French, now in the possession of Mrs. A.A. Arnold, of West Stockbridge
PR4 From a family register relating to Cone, Moore and Edwards families, now in the possession of Theodore Cone, of West Stockbridge
PR5 From an account book now in the possession of Herbert Jenkins, of West Stockbridge
PR6 From a family record of J.S. Moore, of West Stockbridge

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