SABIN (Saben)

David, of Rehoboth, and Jael Peck of A., May 19, 1725.

Elisha, of Dudley, and Sarah Tower of A., int. June 10, 1732.

William (Saben), of Rehoboth, and Catherine Metcalf of A., int. Mar. 14, 1767.

John (Saben), of Rehoboth, and Zerviah Fuller of A., int. Nov. 7, 1767.

Vassel (Saben), of Rehoboth, and Martha Freeman of A., int. Oct. 15, 1768.

David, and Polly Evens, unm., both of A., Nov. 1, 1795.

SADLER (Saddler)

John, and Nancy Fuller, unm., both of A., int. Sept. 23, 1813.

Thomas D., and Sally Howard, unm., of Easton, int. Oct. 9, 1819.

Thomas D. (Saddler), and Sally Leonard, unm., of Taunton, int. Nov. 16, 1821.

Thomas D., and Claracy Kent, both of A., int. Feb. 19, 1843.


James, and Nelly Little, both of A., int. Aug. 28, 1779.

Daniel, and Suanna Harden of Mansfield, Jan. 4, 1787.

SALSBURY (Sailsbury)

Smith, of North Providence, RI, and Calista C. Branch, unm., Apr. 23, 1826.

Mary (Sailsbury), and Luther Kent, both of Seekonk, Nov. 16, 1828. PR50*

William, and Nancy Skiff, unm., both of A., Sept. 21, 1834.

Clement D. (Sailsbury), of Pawtucket, RI, and Mary Ann Allen, unm., int. July 24, 1842.

SAMPSON (Samson)

Banjamian (Samson), of Bridgewater, and Susanna Read of A., int. Aug. 21, 1790.

Betsey, unm., of Roxbury, and Samuel Tyler of A., int. Aug. 17, 1811.


Thomas, and Sarah Ann Read Tisdale [unm. int.], both of A., Apr. 24, 1836.

SANFORD (Saford, Sandford)

Abigil, and Peter Brigs of Rehoboth, int. Oct. 10, 1770.

Paul (Sandford), and Lydia Macomber of Rehoboth, int. Oct. 3, 1771.

Samuel, and Eleona Pullin, both of A., Dec. 25, 1795.

John [Saford. int.], and Sarrah [Sally. int.] Bliss of Rehoboth, Dec. 27, 1798.

Senica, and Juliana Carpenter, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Feb. 20, 1821.

Mary Ann, unm., and Augustus Holmes, both of A., Nov. 27, 1825.

Lydia M., and Zenas b. Carpenter, Apr. 9, 1828. PR32*

Anna H. [unm. int.], and Jonathan Crane, both of A., June 11, 1838.

Juliana C. [unm. int.], and Lemuel G. Morse of Upton, May 2, 1842.

Eben P., of Taunton, and Harriet Moore, unm., int. Dec. 1, 1843.

Sarah B., and Remember Smith of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 14, 1849.

Seneca, jr., and Emily Hodges, unm., of Norton, int. Apr. 4, 1849.


Luther [Eaton. int. and CR1], and Salley Sweet [unm. int.], both of A., June 3, 1821.

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Augustus (Sanders) [Saunders. int.], of Providence, RI, and Sylvia Pirce [Pierce, unm. int.] of A., Jan. 27, 1814.

Isaac, and Mary Ann Cushman, unm., of Scituate, RI, int. June 12, 1830.

Charlotte Augustus, unm., and Rev. William Whiting, of Abington, int. Dec. 25, 1838.


Content B. [unm. int.], of Smithfield, RI, and Rodolphus H. Claflin of A., Sept. 7, 1835.


Pheineas, Dr., and Nancy Messinger, unm., of Canton, int. May 1, 1829.

Phineas, M.D., and Sally A. Bailey, unm., of Little Compton, RI, int. July 13, 1833.


Abigal Snow, unm., and Nathan Cole of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 20, 1815.


James W., and Harriett M. Tillinghast, unm., of Wrentham, int. Mar. 29, 1834.

SCOTT (Scot)

Daniel, and Mary Whipple of Providence, int. Apr. 4, 1724.

Roger [Scot. int.], and Anna Peters [both of A. int.], June 13, 1745.

Gilbert G., and Mary J. Holbrook, unm., of Foxborough, int. May 21, 1836.

Sarah, unm., and Patrick Gilligan, both of A., int. Apr. 22, 1848.


Josiah, of Rehoboth, and Molly Tingley of A., int. Aug. 15, 1761.


Duty J., and Hannah P. Chace, ––– ––, 1840. PR26*

SEAVER (Sever)

Ichabod, of Medway, and Rebackah Richardson of A., int. June 23, 1787.

Hannah (Sever), and Jonas Adams, both of A., int. Aug. 18, 1787.

Sarah Ann (Sever), and Vernum Richardson, both of A., Dec. 4, 1817.


John Samuel [Sensabe. int.], and Polley Taylor [Tayler, both of A. int.], Nov. 16, 1796.


Charles A., of Smithfield, RI, and Susan L. Brown, unm., Feb. 16, 1834.


Daniel, of Little Compton, and Mary Gould, wid., int. Feb. 8, 1754.


Lydia A., unm., and Joseph H. Pearsons, both of A., int. Mar. 25, 1838.


Ezra, of Canton, and Hepsey Heath, unm., June 24, 1839. PR1


Mary, and John Rockliff, both of Wrentham, Dec. 25, 1838.*


Jonathan, of Norton, and Sarah Richardson of A., int. Jan. 30, 1762.

Ichabod, jr., of Norton, and Zilpah Bolckum of A., int. Aug. 6, 1763.

Oakes, of Barnstable, and Mrs. Elisibeth Weld of A., int. Dec. 7, 1763.

Polly [unm. int.], and Lemuel Bishop, 2d, both of A., May 26, 1816.

Adason, and Zerviah Fuller [unm. int.], both of A., Oct. 25, 1818.

Betsey, unm., of Abington, and Seth C. Sprague of A., int. Feb. 21, 1819.

Thomas, and Joanna Kent, unm., of Seekonk, int. Oct. 12, 1822.

P.W., and M.S. Perry, at Newport, RI, Feb. 22, 1824.*

Theron V., of Weymouth, and Rebecca T. Colburn, unm. of A., Nov. 29, 1833.

Harriette, unm., of Mansfield, and Lorenzo Draper of A., int. Oct. 9, 1842.

Polly T, unm., of Norton, and Alfred Briggs, unm., yeoman, s. Emerson [at Norton. dup.], Apr. 10, 1845.

Joel E., of Mansfield, and Allepha M. Sweet, unm., int. Nov. 6, 1846.

James Y., and Ruth Ann Cowden, unm., of Smithfield, RI, int. June 16, 1848.

Henry S., and Emily H. Franklin, unm., both of Mansfield, Mar. 7, 1849. CR2

Lydia W., unm., of Norton, a. 23 y., d. John and Polly, and Hezekiah Sweet, jr., unm., of Taunton, a. 25 y., machinist, s. Hezekiah and Ann, Oct. 4, 1849.*

SHELDON (Shelddon, Shelden, Sheldin, Shelton)

Ephraim, of A, and Deliver ––––– of Boston, int. Aug. 29, 1724.

Ephraim, and Margaret Fenner [both of A. int.], Apr. 15, 1725.

Lediah (Shelden), and John Peck, both of A., int. Nov. 14, 1737.

Lidea, and Ralph Brimfield, both of A., int. Nov. 11, 1738.

Sarah (Shelden), of Rehoboth, and Jonathan Willmarth of A., int. Nov. 4, 1785.

Susanna (Sheldin), of Smithfield, RI, and Ezekiel Carpenter, jr. of A., int. Apr. 7, 1801.

Mary Ann (Sheldin) [Sheldon, unm. int.], and Leprelet Hunt, both of A., Sept. 25, 1817.

Pardon (Shelddon) [Sheldon. int.], of Cumberland RI, and Rhoda Daggett [unm. int.] of A., Mar. 25, 1818.

Cynthia (Shelton), unm., and James Carpinter, both of A., int. Nov. 19, 1821.

Ruth Ann, unm., and Ebenezer Carpenter of Cumberland, RI, Dec. 29, 1825.

David, of Cumberland, RI, and Juliaett Rhodes, unm., of A, Aug. 3, 1828.

SHEPARD (Sheapard, Shephard, Shepherd)

Jonn [of Wrentham. int.], and Abigail Richardson [of A. int.], Aug. 8, 1728.

Elizebeth, and John Wilkison, both of A., int. Feb. 2, 1733-4.

Mindwall, wid., and Jeremiah Everett, both of A., int. Apr. 25, 1754.

Chickering, of Wrentham, and William Balcom [jr. int.] of A., Jan. 2, 1758.

Martha, of Wrentham, and Benoni Robbins of A., Oct. 25, 1760.

Mindwell, and Enoch Robinson, Dec. 17, 1761.

Hannah, unm., and Dea. Jonathan Stanley, both of A., Oct. 25, 1771.

Jacob, of Wrentham, and Lydia Newell of A., Oct. 6, 1777. PR81

Chloe [Sheapard. int.], of Foxborough, and Peter Fales [jr. int.], Sept. 10, 1797.

Nancy [Hannah. int.], unm., and Clark Sweetland, both of A., Nov. 28, 1799.

Abigail, of Foxborough, and Daniel Hayden of A., int. Apr. 20, 1801.

Sylas, of Wrentham, and Sarah Hallowell Bicknell of A., Oct. 5, 1803.

Tryphene, of Wrentham, and Silas Everett of A., int. Jan. 27, 1804.

Preston, of Wrentham, and Hannah Passmore, unm., int. June 8, 1806.

Betsey (Shephard) [Shepherd of Wrentham. int,], and Lemuel Ingraham [of A. int.], Dec. 30, 1809.

Jacob, Capt., of Norton, and Mary A. White, unm., Apr. 3, 1827.

Chauncy [Shephard. CR1], of Providence, RI, and Abby C. Tingley, unm., May 27, 1829.

Elijah H., jr., and Sally Cook, unm., both of Mansfield, Sept. 8, 1833.*

David, of Wrentham, and Susan Joy of Boston, Nov. 7, 1837.*

Warren, of Mansfield, and Abagail Briggs, unm., int. Aug. 27, 1843.

Eunice W., unm., of Wrentham, b. Wrentham, s. Jonathan, of Wrentham, and Handel N. Daggett, unm., s. Ebenezer, June 20, 1844.

David Lewis, of Foxborough, and Susan Minerva French of A., int. Dec. 13, 1849.

SHEPARDSON (Sheperson, Shepesson, Shepperson)

Ruth (Sheppeson), and Ephriam Lane, Jan. 10, 1716-17.*

Daniel, and Hannah Richardson [both of A. int.], Dec. 9, 1725.

Daniel (Sheperson) [Shepardson. int.], and Mary Washburn [Washbourn. int.] of Taunton, May 9, 1728.

Jonathan, and Abigail Fuller, both of A., int. May 9, 1730.

Amos and Margaret Pidge [both of A. int.], Mar. 30, 1732.

Hannah, and Alexander Balcom, ––– 17, [1750.]*

John (Sheperson) [Shepardson. int.], and Anna Blanchard [Blancher. int] of Norton, Jan. 17, 1754.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Follet, both of A., int. Apr. 27, 1754.

Zephaniah, and Ruth Hills, both of A., int. Sept. 2, 1754.

Jonathan, jr., and M[iriam. int.] Follet [both of A. int.], Mar. 4, 1756.

Stephen [int.], and Lucy Fisher of Norton, Mar. 15, 1759.

Zebadiah, and Deboro Cook of Norton, int. Aug. 7, 1762.

Nathaniel, Esq., of Cumberland, and Elisabeth Jackson, wid., int. July 17, 1773.

Olive, and John Macomber of Rehoboth, int. Dec. 6, 1776.

Nathaniel [jr. int.], of Cumberland, and Bettey Sweetland of A., Dec. 30, 1778. PR81

Mary, of Cumberland, and James Sweetland of A., int. Apr. 29, 1780.

Elizabeth [of Cumberland. int.], and Josiah Allen, abt. 1780. PR30 [July 29, 1780. int.]

Isaac, of Cumberland, and Lucy Wood of A., int. Mar. 17, 1784.

Sabra, of Cumberland, and Charles Morse of A., int. Nov. 7, 1794.

Nathaniel, and Sally Dickerman, unm., of Bridgewater, int. Aug. 16, 1817.

Betsey L. [unm. int.], and Elias G. Richards [Richard. int.], both of A., Aug. 8, 1819.

Jonathan, of Wrentham, and Esther Richardson [Richard. int.], unm., Apr. 20, 1823.

Nathaniel, of Cumberland, RI, and Marcy Whipple, unm. of A., int. May 21, 1824.

Mary, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Calvin Richards, 2d, int. Aug. 14, 1824.

Nancy, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Richard Ellis of A., int. Sept. 20, 1825.

George W. [formerly of Cumberland, RI int.], and Juliett Richards, unm., both of A., May 13, 1833.

Isaac, and Betsey Jane Starkey, unm., both of A., Oct. 29, 1840.

John, and Emiley Albro, int. Sept. 2, 1848.

Daniell, jr., and Mary [Peck, both of A. int.], Nov. 12, 1853. [1754. int.]


William, and Lydia Jenckes, unm., both of Wrentham, Apr. 16, 1828.*


John S., of Boston, and Cecilia C. Blackinton [unm. int.] of A., Sept. 8, 1841.

Joseph H. [Herry F. int.], unm., of Warren, RI, and Laura F. [S. int.] Fisher, unm., Feb. 21, 1844.

Elisa G., unm., of Pawtucket, and Albert Randall, int. Apr. 21, 1849.

Benjamin R., and Martha J. Gleason, both of A., int. June 9, 1849.


Judith, of Wrentham, and John Streeter of A., Aug. 1, 1716.*

Jonathan, of Taunton, and Jemima White of A., int. Apr. 5, 1760.


Polly, unm., of Seekonk, and David Jillson of A., Nov. 9, 1823.

SHORT (Shortt)

Anna, and John Ide [jr. int.], both of A., May ––, 17––. [1786. int.]

Mathew [Matthew. int.], and Mrs. Margaret Freeman, Dec. 27, 1711.*

Margaret, Mrs., and Jeremiah Freeman, both of A., int. Sept. 28, 1734.

Margrett, of Weymouth [d. Rev. Matthew and Margaret (Freeman). PR30], and Samuel Tingley of A. [at Weymouth. PR30], Feb. 3, 1737. [1735. PR30]*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Bolkcom, May 18, 1749.*

Mary (Shortt), and Branabus Caray of Providence, int. Feb. 24, 1759.

Judeth, and Noah Brown, both of A., int. Sept. 28, 1778.

Menassah, of Rehoboth, and Anna Pecks of A., int. Nov. 22, 1779.

Mehetable W., unm., and Alfred W. Thurber, both of A., int. Apr. 20, 1833.

William B., and Abagail Bary of Pawtucket, int. Oct. 4, 1838.

Cecelia L., unm., and Samuel Fisher, jr. of Stoughton, int. Jan. 22, 1842.

Mary J., unm., and George W. Fisher of Fall River, int. July 17, 1842.

Hezekiah P., of Rehoboth, and Olive S. Ingals, unm., int. Nov. 23, 1843.


Denison [Sholes. int.], and Mary Rounds, unm., of Cumberland, RI, Sept. 22, 1833.


Silus [Shirtliff. Wrentham Town Records.], and Fear Mercy Feild [Fear Mereyfield. Wrentham Town Records.] of Wrentham, int. Jan. 28, 1758.

SHURTLEFF (Shirtlef)

Mary (Shirtlef), and John Robinson, Jan. 3, 1750.*

Silvanus, and Sarah Ward, int. Jan. ––, 1760.

Drusilla, and Richard Everett, int. Aug. 8, 1761.


Royal, and Mary Carpenter, unm., both of A., Feb. 5, 1826.

Celia, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Peter Nelson of A., int. Apr. 6, 1844.

SIMMONS (Simeons)

Patience, of Norton, and Seth Eddy of A., Jan. 18, 1736-7.*

Patience, and John Traffon of Dighton, Aug. 22, 1751.*

Sally, of Dighton, and Isaac Mason of A., Sept. 3, 1795.

Harlon, of Greenfield, Ohio, and Ann Ide, unm., int. June 30, 1827.

Charles, and Eliza Perrigo, unm., of Wrentham, int. Mar. 7, 1834.

Henry Wilber [Simons. int.], and Selinda Stone of A., Feb. 25, 1839.

Narcissa, unm., of Parisvill, NY, and Arza Blanding, int. Aug. 19, 1848.


Martha [unm. int.], and Robert Carson, both of A., Jan. 23, 1812.

Charles, and Louis Pain, unm., of Foxborough, int. Feb. 8, 1812.

Mary Jane [unm. int.], and John Miskelly, both of A., Jan. 16, 1820.

Nancy, unm., and Thomas Middleton of Canton, Nov. 3, 1834.


Cynthia, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and David Pidge of A., int. Oct. 2, 1830.

Nancy, unm., and William Salsbury, both of A., Sept. 21, 1834.

SKINNER (Skiner)

Hepzebeth [of Norton. int.], and Samuel Titus [of A. int.], Feb. 5, 1735.

Abbigal, of Norton, and Seth Richardson [jr. int.] of A., Oct. 25, 1739.

Tabathy, of Norton, and Benjamin Capron of A., Oct. 12, 1748.*

John, and Bithia Slack, Jan. 3, 1749-50.*

Ruth, of Norton, and Abial Peck of A., July 11, 1751.

Anna, of Norton, and Hezekiah Peck of A., Feb. 5, 1755.

Zopher, of Norton, and Polly Sweet [unm. int.] of A., May 4, 1817.

Welcome, and Mary Mann, Apr. 30, 1820. PR44*

Mary M., unm., of Mansfield, and Martin Packard of A., int. Nov. 9, 1827.

Betsey, unm., and John B. Lincoiln, both of A., int. July 30, 1836.

Sarah C., and Jesse Cahoon, both of Mansfield, Aug. 3, 1837.*

Christopher E., [of Haddam, CT int.], and Elizabeth H. [R. int.] Allen [unm. int.], both of A., Aug. 3, 1841.

Mary H., and William S. Hale, both of Mansfield, Jan. 6, 1842.*

Betsey W., unm., a. 16 y., d. Simeon and Betsey, and George P. Mann, unm., of Pawtucket, a. 22 y., salesman, s. Alexander and Betsey, Jan. 25, 1846.

SLACK (Shlack)

John, and Bethiah Woodcok, Mar. 4, 1713-14.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Ide, Nov. 19, 1716.*

Bethiah, and Nathaniel Whipple [both of A. int.], Apr. 22, 1736.

Dorcas, d. John, and Thomas Barrow of A., Oct. 14, 1740.

Hannah, and Daniel Tingley, both of A., int. Nov. 5, 1743.

William, and Sarrah Goff [Goose. int.] of Rehoboth, Oct. 2, 1746.

Bithiah, and John Skinner, Jan. 3, 1749-50.*

Abigail, and Daniel Cook of Wrentham, int. June 23, 1753.

Margret, and Uriah Clark [Clerk, both of A. int.], Jan. 16, 1755.

Esther, and Samuel Darling of Bellingham, Jan. 20, 1755. PR73*

Samuell, and Ruth Stearnes, both of A., int. Oct. 18, 1765.

John, and Abbigal Gould, both of A., int. Apr. 2, 1768.

Comfort, and Sarah Lane of Coventry, int. Sept. 16, 1769.

Hannah, and Penuel Everett, both of A., Jan. 16, 1783. PR81*

Lewis, and Huldath Burn of Providence, int. Nov. 27, 1787.

John, jr., of Wrentham, and Betty Ide of A., Dec. 13, 1787. PR81

Ruth, and George Robinson of Norton, int. May 13, 1791.

Joel, of Wrentham, and Esther Richardson, unm., Mar. 22, 1792.

Lewis, and Ame Burr of Providence, int. May 15, 1792.

Charlotte, and Jesse Richards, both of A., May 19, 1796.

Rebeckah, and Milton Barrows, both of A., May 25, 1796.

Polly, and Josiah Millar [Miller. int.] of North Providence, June 9, 1796.

Samuell, jr., and Molly Allen, wid., of Cumberland, RI, int. Oct. 17, 1801.

Sintha, unm., of Rehoboth, and Ezekiel Robinson of A., int. Apr. 26, 1807.

Samuel, and Lucy Stephens, unm., of Cumberland, int. Apr. 5, 1822.

Mazoa [Maroa. int.], unm., of Wrentham, and Benjamin Cummings [Commins. int.] of A., Nov. 24, 1825.

Benjamin, of Providence [RI. int.], and Mary Cummings, unm., Oct. 11, 1832.

Eliza [unm. int.], and Jabez J.R. Gay, both of A., May 9, 1836.

Mary, unm., of Johnston, RI, and Samuel Richards of A., int. Apr. 30, 1845.


Albert, of Somerset, and Elizabeth B. Walker, unm., int. Sept. 7, 1834.


Mary, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and William A. Freeman of A., int. Oct. 8, 1826.

Hazard T. [P. int.], of Smithfield, RI, and Mary [Amy. int.] Ann Perkins of A., Sept. 30, 1844.

SMALL (Smalle)

William, of Norwich, CT, and Mehetibl Basset of A., int. May 1, 1788.

Sarah [Smalle, unm. int.], and Joseph Field, both of A., Dec. 18, 1838.

Lydia B., of North Providence, RI, and Benjamin E. Frost of A., int. Oct. 10, 1839.


Noah, of Providence, and Mary Bartlet of A., int. May 11, 1728.

Martha, of Gloucester, and Joseph Day of A., int. Sept. 20, 1729.

Joseph [of Easton. int.], and Dorothy Sweet [of A. int.], Mar. 4, 1734-5.

Comfort, of Rehoboth, and Zilpha Dagget of A., int. Sept. 1, 1744.

Daniel, jr., of Cumberland, and Easer Sweetland of A., int. Feb. 2, 1753.

Cathrain, and William Day, both of A., int. June 30, 1753.

Sary [Sarah, of Bellingham. int.], and Elijah Robinson [of A. int.], Apr. 17, 1755.

Noah, of Providence, and Hannah Heally of A., int. Nov. 2, 1771.

John, in the Continental Army, and Elizabeth Fuller of A., int. Mar. 5, 1776.

David, and Martha Daggett [wid. int.], both of A., Jan. 3, 1782. PR81

Solomon, of Rehoboth, and Susanna Bates of A., int. Sept. 6, 1785.

Nicholas, of Rehoboth, and Asenath Capron of A., Mar. 30, 1786. PR81

Nedebiah, of Providence, and Susanah Bardeen of A., int. Sept. 22, 1787.

Susannah, and Aaron Cole of Rehoboth, int. Sept. 23, 1791.

Phebe, and Abial Wood, both of Taunton, Sept. 30, 1795.*

John, 2d, of Rehoboth, and Marry Caswell of A., June 18, 1797.

Anna, of Rehoboth, and Samuel Androws, jr. of Taunton, June 10, 17[98.]*

David, and Lucy Tyler, both of A., Nov. 28, 1799.

Nancy, and Timothy Starkey, both of A., Apr. 19, 1801.

Abigail, unm., and James Brown of Utica, NY, Nov. 27, 1803.

Polly, of Rehoboth, and Edmond Mason of A., int. Dec. 26, 1803.

Stephen, of Hallowell, and Nancy Robinson [unm. int.] of A., Oct. 5, 1806.

Sarah, unm., of Norton, and Gidion Sweet of A., int. Feb. 21, 1807.

Nancy [unm. int.], and Elisa Capron, jr. of Utica, NY, Oct. 4, 1807. CR1

Abigail, unm., and Peter Carpenter, both of A., int. Dec. 22, 1810.

Remember, of Rehoboth, and Sally Willmarth of A., int. June 5, 1811.

Rachel, and Thomas Barden, Sept. 12, 1812. PR69*

Mary, unm., and Nathan Fuller, both of A., int. Dec. 25, 1817.

John, and Emma Hodges, Apr. 20, 1818. PR15*

Lydia, of Rehoboth, and Joseph Howard, jr. of Taunton, Feb. 16, 1820.*

Stephen, and Ruth Hodges, unm., both of Mansfield, Dec. 5, 1824.*

Scott, of Providence, RI, and Rachel Martin, unm., Apr. 26, 1826.

Stephen, of Mansfield, and Mercy J. [T. int.] Ide, unm., Feb. ––, 1830.

Emon H., of Smithfield, RI, and Esther B. Carpenter, unm., int. Feb. 25, 1831.

Aaron Mason, of New Bedford, and Cynthia Follett [Follet. int.], unm., Dec. 11, 1831.

Thaddeus, and Rebecca M. Richardson, unm., both of A., int. Apr. 21, 1832.

Mary S. [unm. int.], and Gideon M. Horton of Rehoboth, Nov. 4, 1832.

George, of Pawtucket, and Sarah F. Bucklin, unm., int. Oct. 18, 1834.

Noyes, and Emily Claflin [unm. int.], both of A., June 14, 1836.

Eliza [A. int.], unm., and Andrew S. Mathews of Charlestown, RI, Mar. 15, 1837.

Stephen, of Norwich, CT, and Maria Ellis [unm. int.] of A., Apr. 17, 1837.

Cynthia [Mrs. int.], and Thomas S. Hunt of Boston, May 1, 1837.

James, of Providence, RI, and Amelia Jencks of A., Nov. 8, 1837.*

Elisha G., of Warren, RI [of A. int], and Maria Jackson [unm. int.] of A., at Wrentham, Oct. 17, 1841.

Nelson, and Fanny D. [A. CR2] Walker [unm. int.], both of A., Mar. 1, 1842.

Sally, unm., and Almon Rounds, both of A., int. Mar. 30, 1844.

Maria Louisa, unm. of Warren, RI, and Noah Jackman of A., int. Oct. 19, 1844.

Georgianna, unm., of Mansfield, and Alexander Foster of A., int. June 7, 1845.

Lewis H., unm., of Sterling, blacksmith, and Elen Maria Jackson, unm., a. 21 y., d. William and Eunice, Nov. 27, 1845.

Granville S., unm., a. 21 y., blacksmith, b. Rehoboth, d. Cyril and Rebecah, and Hannah B. King, unm., a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Mera, Mar. 23, 1848.

Remember, of Rehoboth, and Sarah B. Sanford of A., int. Mar. 14, 1849.

John S., of Pawtucket, and Adeline Kent, unm., int. June 4, 1849.

Freeman A., unm., of Boston, a. 23 y., bookkeeper, s. Herman G., and N. Maria Blackinton, unm., of Wrentham, a. 28 y., d. Fisher and Fanny R., July 12, 1849.*

Sarah S., unm., of Palmer, and Augustus H. Bishop, int. Sept. 22, 1849.


Lucinda H., and Henry Farnsworth, both of Wrentham, Sept. 24, 1837.*

Ephraim, of North Providence, RI, and Marielice L. Dirk, unm., int. May 23, 1846.


Susan, unm., of Smithfield, RI, and Dexter Luther of A., int. Nov. 29, 1837.

Julia Ann T., unm., of Rehoboth, and Joseph L. Witherell of A., int. July 10, 1841.


James M., widr., a. 37 y., physician, s. John and Amma, and Rebecca A. Parker [unm. int.] of A., a. 24 y., d. Loami and Mary A., Feb. 3, 1849.


Mary W., unm., and Wilder Bourn, both of Seekonk, Oct. 17, 1824.*


Elizabeth R., unm., and Jonathan P. Dunbar, both of A., int. Mar. 14, 1847.


John, of Killingly, CT, and Selinda A. Field [Field. CR2], unm., June 15, 1823.


Bradford, of Killingly, CT, and Ardela Ellis, unm., Apr. 16, 1823.

SPEARS (Spear)

Jonathan (Spear), [of A. int.], and Hannah Brown [of A. int.], d. Benjamin, May 24, 1744.

Abigail, and Benjamin Stanley, int. Dec. 8, 1759.


Caleb [of Rehoboth. int.], and Elezebeth [Woodcock of A. int.], Nov. ––, 1753.

Mary, wid., and John Thare of Mendon, int. Dec. 22, 1769.

Jonathan N., of Pawtucket, RI, and Eunice R. Newell, unm., Apr. 5, 1825.

SPRAGUE (Sprag, Sprage)

Mercy, and Daniel Jencks, jr., both of A., int. Dec. 30, 1727.

John (Sprage), and Mary Everet, both of A., int. Sept. 11, 1756.

Rebeckah (Sprag), wid., of Providence, and Stephen Carpenter of A., int. Feb. 20, 1768.

Joseph, of Smithfield, and Phillis Jillson of A., int. Dec. 10, 1768.

Phebe (Sprage), and Ebenezer Whitaker of Cumberland, int. May 5, 1770.

Eleazer, of North Providence, and Eunice Read of A., int. Aug. 31, 1778.

Molly, and Azereel Read, both of A., Sept. 30, 1800.

Elias (Sprage) [Sprague. int.], and Polly Haden, both of A., Dec. 2, 1802.

Patience [unm. int.], and Silas Rhodes [Rhoads. int.] of Wrentham, Nov. ––, 1815.

Seth C., and Betsey Shaw, unm., of Abington, int. Feb. 21, 1819.

Florintine, unm., and David E. Whiting, both of A., Sept. 22, 1829.


Lyman, of Providence, RI, and Cynthia Fuller, unm., June 27, 1830.


Hannah, unm., of Norton, and Pentacost Walcoutt of A., int. Mar. 4, 1809.

STACY (Stacey)

Mary, and Nathan Wilmarth, Nov. 29, 1722.*

Rebekah (Stacey), and Joseph Maxey [both of A. int.], Feb. 8, 1727-8.


Edward A., and Ellen C. Ingraham, Aug. 7, 1849. PR19*

STANLEY (Standley, Standly, Stanly, Stannley, Stenley)

Nathaniel, and Sarah Blackinton, Oct. 13, 1720.*

Mary, and Edward Capron, Dec. 22, 1720.*

Sarah, and Thomas Daggett, Mar. 21, 1722-3.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah [E. int.] Freeman [both of A. int.], Jan. 2, 1728-9.

Rebeckah (Standley), and Elihu Daggett [both of A. int.], Aug. 6, 1734.

Mary (Standley), and Samuel Standley, both of A., int. Dec. 1, 1745. [May 19, 174–. dup.]

Samuel (Standley), and Mary Standley, both of A., int. Dec. 1, 1745. [May 19, 174–. dup.]

Eliza [Elezebeth Standley. int.], of Rehoboth, and Edward Bacon of A., Feb. 17, 1742.

Daniell (Standley), and Roda Capron, both of A., int. Oct. 1, 1743.

Martha (Standley), and Gideon Tower, both of A., int. Dec. 20, 1745.

Phebe (Standley), and Joseph Barba of Rehoboth, int. Jan. 25, 1746-6.

Daborah, and Zephaniah Robinson, Mar. 19, 1752.*

William, and Zilpha Daggett [both of A. int.], Oct. ––, 1752.

Mary, and Joseph Maxey [both of A. int.], Nov. 3, 1752.

Amey, and Nathan Hatch, both of A., int. Mar. 8, 1753.

Phebe, and James Pullen, jr., both of A., int. Mar. 16, 1755.

Patience, wid., of Rehoboth, and Joshua Everet of A., int. Apr. 3, 1756.

Benjamin, and Abigail Spears of A., int. Dec. 8, 1759.

Jacob, and Jemima Bragg of Wrentham, Sept. 30, 1760.

Jeremiah, and Abigail Ward, Apr. 2, 1761.

Timothy, and Rebekah Maxey, May 13, 1761.

Benjamin, jr., and Annah Tiffiney, both of A., int. Feb. 15, 1766.

Pentecost, and Experance Fairbanks of Wrentham, int. Oct. 18, 1766.

Solomon (Stannley), and Patience Perry, both of A., int. Feb. 28, 1767.

Timothy, and Ruth Clark, wid., both of A., int. May 23, 1767.

Abigil, and Elijah Capron, both of A., int. May 11, 1769.

Elezeboth, and Ebenezer Metcalf, both of A., int. Nov. 25, 1769.

Daniel, jr., and Hanna Dagett, both of A., int. Oct. 10, 1770.

Jonathan, Dea., and Hannah Shepard, unm., both of A., Oct. 25, 1771.

Chloe, and Joel Read, both of A., int. Aug. 28, 1779.

Ryal, and Abigail Fairbanks, both of A., int. July 6, 1780.

Anna, and Zephaniah Robinson, both of A., Mar. 13, 1783. PR81*

Bebee, and Jesse Stenley, both of A., May 13, 1783. PR81*

Jesse (Stenley), and Bebee Stanley, both of A., May 13, 1783. PR81*

Adin, and Silance Packard, both of A., July 22, 1784.

Daniel, and Katharine Gould of Wrentham, May 26, 1785. PR81

William, and Polly Stone of Norton, int. Feb. 1, 1786.

Rebekah, and Thomas Mann of Franklin, June 29, 1786. PR81

Bette, and Ebenezer Read, both of A., int. Oct. 31, 1789.

Abigail, and George Stanley [both of A. int.], Dec. 9, 1789. [1779. int.]

Martha, and [Stephen. int.] Stanley, both of A., Feb. 7, 1792.

Stephen [int.], and Martha Stanley, both of A., Feb. 7, 1792.

Artemas, and Betsey Daggett, both of A., Nov. 24, 1795.

Lydia (Stanly) [Stanley. CR1], and Sylvester Bishop, both of A., May 15, 1796.

Thomas, Dr., and Mrs. Mary Norton of Providence [RI int.], May 26, 1796.

John [of A. int.], and Juliet Marsh [of Norton. int.], Sept. 26, 1797.

Mindwell [unm. int. PR46], and Nathaniel Claflen, jr. of Norton, Feb. 17, 1801.

Dilla, unm., and John Hall, 3d, both of Norton, May 15, 1803.*

Jabez, and Nancy Barrows, unm., both of A., Sept. 13, 1804.

Waity [unm. int.], and Sylvester Everett, both of A., July 7, 1805.

Prudey [unm. int.], and Jonas Richardson, both of A., Nov. 17, 1805.

Annah Daggett [unm. int.], and William Paine, both of A., Jan. 11, 1809.

Unice, unm., and Moses Perry, both of A., int. July 7, 1810.

Woodward [Woodard. int.], and Prisse [Prescilla. int.] Phillips [unm. int.; of Pembroke. PR70], Apr. 16, 1811.

Sewell, and Catharine Blackinton [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 30, 1812.

Fanny, and Silas Tyler of Lowell, ––– ––, 1818. PR70*

Priscilla (Phillips), wid. Woodward, and John Goodhue of Dracut, Sept. 29, 1820. PR70*

George [s. George and Abigail. PR70], and Hannah K. Grant [unm. int.], both of A., Sept. 23, 1821. [1822. PR70]

Charlott, unm., and John Craig of Farmington, ME, Sept. 19, 1824.

Timothy W. [P., Norton Vit. Rec.], and Britanna Makepeace, unm., of Norton, int. Dec. 8, 1825.

Lucinda, wid., and James M. Murry, both of A., int. July 8, 1827.

David, of Taunton, and Louisa Tyler, unm., [both of A. int.], Oct. 8, 1827.

Ira, and Mary Paine, ––– ––, 1828. PR70*

Mariett, unm., and Abraham Bailey, jr., both of A., Sept. 17, 1829.

Rebecca M., unm., and Moses Wilmarth, both of A., Sept. 21, 1829.

Sylvan, and Susanna Emory Frye, at Dracut, Oct. 29, 1829. PR70*

Seneca M., of Readfield [ME int.], and Mary Ann George, unm., Sept. 6, 1831.

Nancy [D. int.], unm., and Edward T. Richardson, both of A., Sept. 13, 1831.

Milton, and Abigail King Raddin of Danvers, at Billerica, Oct. ––, 1831. PR70*

Sarah F., wid., and William G. Brigs of Cranston, RI, int. Sept. 7, 1833.

Betsey S., unm., and Stephen O[lney. PR70] Stanley, both of A., Sept. 29, 1833. [1831. CR2 and PR70]

Stephen O[lney. PR70], and Betsey S. Stanley, unm., both of A., Sept. 29, 1833. [1831. CR2 and PR70]

Charles E., and Margarett Montgomery, unm., both of A., int. May 26, 1834.

Vernal, and Louisa [Susan. int.] Wellman, unm., Aug. 28, 1834. [Aug. 8. PR61]

Mary P. [D. int.], unm., and John Cole, both of A., Sept. 13, 1834.

Hariett E[mily, unm. int.], and Dr. Selim A[ugustus. PR70] Stanley of Bellingham, Jan. 2, 1837.

Selim A[ugustus. PR70], Dr., of Bellingham, and Hariett E[mily. int.] Stanley [unm. int.], Jan. 2, 1837.

John H., and Cornelia Draper [unm. int.], both of A., Aug. 29, 1837.

Oliver, and Emily Whitney [unm. int.], both of A., Feb. 24, 1842.

Fanny M. [unm. int.], and Enos Richardson, 2d, both of A., Dec. 11, 1842.

Elanor [Elen. int.], and Isaac Bailey, both unm. of A., Dec. 24, 1843.

Juliet D., unm., and James Goss, both of A., int. June 21, 1846.

Otis, unm., a. 45 y., machinist, s. Artimas, and Harriot C. Whiting [Whitney. int. and PR70], unm., a. 35 y., d. Martin, Jan. 6, 1848.

Mindwell, unm., and William J. Aldrich, both of A., int. Oct. 13, 1849.

STAPLES (Stapels)

Joseph, of Wrentham, and Hanah Bartlet of A., int. Apr. 13, 1728.

Jemima, and Edward Bishop, both of A., int. Oct. 7, 1732.

Ales (Stapels), of Smithfield, and Samuel Bishup of A., int. Mar. 3, 1753.

Isaac B., of Wrentham, and Roxannis D. Peimo [Frances D. Penno, unm. int.] of A., Mar. 17, 1834.

Leonard D., unm., a. 31 y., wheelwright, s. William and Charlotte M. George, unm., a. 18 y., b. Wrentham, d. Harvey, Oct. 2, 1844.

Betsey, unm., and George G. Horton, both of A., int. June 5, 1846.

STARKEY (Starky, Sterkey)

Thomas [Sterkey. int.], and Rebekah Capron [both of A. int.], ––– ––, 17––. [Aug. 30, 1755. int.]

Andrew, and Catharine Bolkcom, Feb. 2, 1718-19.*

John, and Amy Capron [both of A. int.] ––– 9, 1734. [Oct. 12. int.]

Andrew, and Sibil Fisher of Norton, May 4, 1749.*

Thomas, and Easther Pratt, both of A., int. June 29, 1754.

William, and Sarah Martin, both of A., int. Oct. 6, 1764.

Mehetable, and Nemiah Clefflen, both of A., int. Nov. 12, 1768.

Isable, and Thomas Norton, both of A., int. July 22, 1774.

Enoch, and Betty Blackinton [both of A. int.], Jan. 11, 1775. PR81

Amos, and Miriam Thomas of Bridgewater, Dec. 6, 1780.

Thomas, jr., and Irana Pond of Wrentham, int. Oct. 5, 1787.

Sally [Sarah. int.], and [Newman. int.] Bliss of Rehoboth, Jan. 8, 1792.

Rebeckca (Starky) [Starkey. int.], and Daniel Chitondon [Chittenden. int.], both of A., Jan. 12, 1792.

Mary [of A. int.], and [Newman. int.] Bliss [of Rehoboth. int.], Apr. 16, 1795.

Rhoda, and Abiel Fuller, jr., both of A., int. Mar. 28, 1799.

Macy [Marcy, unm. int.], and Dea. Josiah Everett, both of A., Oct. 1, 1800.

Timothy, and Nancy Smith, both of A., Apr. 19, 1801.

Elinor [Stanly. int.; Stanley. CR1 and PR70], and David Richards, both of A., Jan. 9, 1803. [1802. PR70]

Sarah [2d. int.], and Thomas Littlewood, both of A., Mar. 20, 1803.

Ame, unm., and Zachary Fuller, both of A., int. May 1, 1803.

Cyrus, and Fanny Fuller, unm., both of A., Nov. 20, 1803.

Lemuel, and Sally Grover, unm., of Foxborough, int. Oct. 1, 1808.

Lemuel, and Nancy Drown, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Dec. 10, 1811.

Betsey [unm. int.], and Ebenezer Bolkcom, both of A., July 5, 1812.

Hartford, and Mrs. Fanny Brown [unm. int.], both of A., Apr. 4, 1813.

Amos, and Hannah Moulton, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Oct. 15, 1814.

Milton, and Nancy Foster [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 28, 1816.

Harriet Irena, of Wrentham, and Enoch Robinson of A., July 3, 1823.

Betsey Jane, unm., and Isaac Shepardson, both of A., Oct. 29, 1840.

Lemuel T., of Taunton, and Abby D. Dean, unm., int. Apr. 30, 1842.

Henry C., unm., carpenter, s. Amos, and Mary L. Richardson, unm., d. Edward, May 8, 1843.

Augustus A., and Mary Ann Sweet, unm., of Norton, int. Apr. 21, 1844.

STEARNS (Starns, Stearnes)

Abigail [Starns. int.], Mrs., and Lemuel Stratton of Foxborough, Dec. ––, 17––. [1787. int.]

John [Capt. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Mary Pettee [Petty. int.] of Dedham, Sept. 29, 1756.

John (Stearnes), jr., and Rachil Day, both of A., int. Sept. 24, 1757.

Rebeckah (Stearnes), and Jeams Daggett of Rehoboth, int. Oct. 1, 1757.

Phebe, and John Bradford, June 10, 1761.

Ruth (Stearnes), and Samuell Slack, both of A., int. Oct. 18, 1765.

Joseph, and Rhoda Tingley, both of A., int. July 13, 1774.

Mary [Mrs. int.], and [Col. int.] Sabin Mann of Medfield, May 1, 1785.

STEPHENS (Stephans, Stevens)

John, and Rachel Freeman [both of A. int.], Nov. 22, 1728.

John, and Sarah Titus [both of A. int.], Dec. 6, 1733.

Rachel (Stevens), d. John, and John Follett, Sept. 8, 1748.*

John (Stevens), and Hannah Horsford, wid., both of A., int. May 1, 1756.

Lydia, and Samuel Daggett, both of A., int. Oct. 20, 1787.

Lucy, unm., of Cumberland, and Samuel Slack of A., int. Apr. 5, 1822.

Hiram (Stevens), unm., of Kirby, VT, a. 24 y., house carpenter, s. William and Betsey, and Nancy Martin [Marten. int.], unm., a. 22 y., d. Jonathan and Nancy, Mar. 20, 1848.


Hannah, of Pembroke, and Reuben Neal of A., int. Oct. 24, 1801.

Experance Davice [Davie, unm. int.], and Orin Lindsey, both of A., May 24, 1821.

Loisa C. [Louisa L. CR2], unm., of West Bridgewater, and Rev. Plummer Chase of Carver, Feb. 2, 1829.*


Anna S[mith. int.; Stimpson. CR1], and Hiram W[ashington. int.] Titus, both of A., June 7, 1821. [June 17. CR1]


Sarrah, of Norton, and Zephniah Bishop of A., Aug. 8, 1765.

Anna, of Norton, and Enoch Hunt, jr. of A., int. July 18, 1778.

Polly, of Norton, and William Stanley of A., int. Feb. 1, 1786.

Selinda, and Henry Wilber Simmons [Simons. int.], Feb. 25, 1839.

Mason, Col., widr., of Norton, a. 44 y., manufacturer, s. Nathaniel, of Norton, and Mary H. Holman, unm., a. 37 y., d. Nathan, May 20, 1845.

Jane Francis, and Truman Ives Brown, both of A., int. Apr. 13, 1848.

Larned, widr., of Norton, a. 53 y., farmer, s. Nathaniel and Rebecca, and Roxa Harris, wid. [Miss. int.], a. 47 y., housekeeper, d. Daniel and Alice, May 24, [1848.]


Eliza Eddy, unm., of Swansea, and Pardon Allen of A., int. Aug. 15, 1813.

Nancy A., unm., of Taunton, and Amos P. Fisher of A., int. Aug. 23, 1835.

Susan M., of Pawtucket, and Joseph Sweetland of North Providence, RI, Nov. 6, 1838.*


Lemuel, of Foxborough, and Mrs. Abigail Stearns [Starns. int.] of A., Dec. ––, 17––, [1787. int.]

Richard, and Sarah Newel, Feb. 7, 1750-51.*

Polly [unm. int.], and Adonijah Lewis, both of A., Nov. 10, 1822.

STREETER (Streator, Streetor)

Isiah, and Hannah Day, Nov. 2, 17––.*

John, and Judith Shores of Wrentham, Aug. 1, 1716.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Titus, June 4, 1717.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Tree, Feb. 20, 1723-4.*

Alles, and Robart –––––ap of Bellingham, int. Mar. 21, 1723-4.

John (Streetor), and Miriam Day [both of A. int.], Oct. 31, 1733.

Judeth, wid., and Edward Day, both of A., int. Mar. 20, 1738.

Abigail, and Abraham Barrowes, int. July 7, 1739.

Benjaman, of Wrentham, and Elezebeth Bumpons of A., int. Apr. 19, 1746.

Isiah (Streator), and Elezebeth Barney of Rehoboth, int. July 20, 1746.

Jemima, wid., and Lt. Samuel Tingley, both of A., int. Aug. 11, 1764.

Chloe, and Neel McDaniel, both of A., int. Jan. 13, 1779.

Jacob, of Hinsdale, and Tirzah Tyler [unm. int. PR46] of A., Nov. 25, 1802.

Lewes S., of Cumberland, RI, and Adaline Richards, unm., int. Dec. 28, 1828.

John R., and Hannah Sweet, unm., both of A., Apr. 29, 1833.


Betsey [Elizabeth. int.], and William Tiffany, Apr. 12, 1787.


Moley, and Ibrock Whiple of Cumberland, RI, int. Feb. 10, 1776.

Robert, and Mary Brown of Cumberland, int. June 29, 1776.

Ebenezer, jr., and Rhoda Cargill of Cumberland, int. Jan. 12, 1777.

Lois, and Abial Baker of Smithfield, int. May 21, 1778.

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Whiting, wid., of Roxbury, int. Oct. 13, 1780.

Deuty, and Loney Whipple of Cumberland, int. Feb. 4, 1798.

Betsy, unm., and John Titus, both of A., May 12, 1799.

Jesse, and Fanny Everett [Everrett, unm. int.], both of A., May 13, 1810.

Amelia, unm., and Salmon Washburn of Taunton, Apr. 7, 1833.


Peter, and Nancy Carr, unm., of Newport, RI, int. Dec. 13, 1835.

SWEET (Sweate)

John [jr. int.], and Jamima Freeman [both of A. int.], Aug. 30, [17––.] [Aug. 4, 1753. int.]

John, and Hannah Peck, Jan. 22, 1718-19.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Ingraham, May 15, 1718.*

Thomas, and Rebecca Peck [both of A. int.], Nov. 12, 1728.

John, and Sarah Maclaflen [both of A. int.], Nov. 11, 1730.

Dorothy [of A. int.], and Joseph Smith [of Easton. int.], Mar. 4, 1734-5.

Hannah [Sweeting, wid. int.], and Benjamin Barrows [both of A. int.], May 16, 1742.

Henry, and Bathsheba Bolkcom [wid. int.], both of A., Feb. 27, 1746-7.

Sarrah, and William Lane of Norton, Oct. 12, 1748.*

Hannah, and Eliphalet Wilmarth, Mar. 15, 1752.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Ide, jr. [both of A. int.], Sept. 16, 1752.

John [of A. int.], and Mrs. Elisabeth Brag [Bragg, wid. int.; of Stoughton. PR1], Jan. 10, 1753. [Nov. 15, 1753. int.]

Rhoda, and [Elijah. int.] Welman, both of A., June 28, 1759.

Benjamin, and Susanna Foster, both of A., Jan. 1, 1761.

Sarah, and Benjamin Freeman, both of A., int. Nov. 21, 1761.

Michael, and Rachel Foster, both of A., int. Jan. 16, 1762.

Amos, and Hannah Richardson, both of A., int. Oct. 9, 1762.

Ebenezer, and Neomi Daggett, both of A., int. May 19, 1764.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Willmarth, both of A., int. May 26, 1764.

Thomas, jr., and Margaret Foster, both of A., int. Oct. 11, 1766.

Rebekah, and Noah Fuller, jr., both of A., int. Dec. 12, 1767.

Zebidiah (Sweate), and Rebeckah Perey of Rehoboth, int. Aug. 12, 1770.

Gideon, and Experience Whit, both of A., int. Dec. 28, 1771.

Jamime, wid., and Josiah Ide of Rehoboth, int. Aug. 24, 1775.

Ebenezer, and Desier Dagget, both of A., Nov. 14, 1782. PR81*

Michael, jr., and Phebe French, both of A., int. Jan. 8, 1784.

Henry, jr., and Lucinda Tyler, both of A., int. Apr. 14, 1787.

Hannah, and Labin Capron, both of A., int. Sept. 19, 1788.

Elesibeth, and Abel Read, both of A., int. Jan. 24, 1789.

Barshaba, and Walter Tyler, both of A., int. Mar. 23, 1790.

Thomas, jr., and Nancy Tyler, 2d, both of A., Nov. 17, 1791.

Rebeckah, and [Elijah. int.] Ingraham, both of A., Feb. 2, 1792.

Calvin, and Nancy Tyler, both of A., May 26, 1793. CR1

Rachel, 2d, and Otis Capron, both of A., Jan. 3, 1794.

Experiance [2d. int.], and Elkanah Carpenter, both of A., Jan. 9, 1794.

Elias, and Abigel Forster, both of A., Apr. 15, 1794.

Amos, and Sally Sweet [both of A. int.], June 16, 1796.

Sally, and Amos Sweet [both of A. int.], June 16, 1796.

Dexter, and Lucy Dunham, both of A., int. Mar. 9, 1799.

Gedion, jr., and Esther Richardson, both of A., int. Mar. 27, 1799.

Lydia, and Elijah Capron, jr., both of A., June 29, 1800.

Poly [unm. CR2], and Capt. Thomas French, both of A., Jan. 1, 1801.

Nancy [unm. int. PR46], and Lemual Ingraham, both of A., May 14, 1801. CR2

Fanny [unm. int. PR46], and Jabel [Jabes. int.] Ingraham, both of A., Nov. 1, 1804.

Thomas, and [Mrs. CR2] Elizabeth Carpenter, wid. [Miss. int.], both of A., Nov. 3, 1805.

Hezekiah, and Amy Andrews [Anna Andress, unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 18, 1805.

Leonard, and Lemira Field [unm. int.] of Foxborough, Jan. 2, 1806.

Margaret [unm. int.], and Vinton Richardson, jr., both of A., July 20, 1806. CR2

Gidion, and Sarah Smith, unm., of Norton, int. Feb. 21, 1807.

Sullivan, and Polly Dunham [unm. int. PR46], both of A., Aug. 2, 1807. CR2

Minda [unm. int.], and Daniel Babcock of Rehoboth, Sept. 17, 1807. CR2

Henry, and Nabby Green, unm., of Mansfield, int. May 29, 1809.

Leander, and Orinda Horr [Hor, unm. int.] of Rehoboth, Sept. 16, 1811.

Manson [Allanson. int.], and Betsey [S. int.] Richmond [unm. int.] of Norton, July 20, 1812.

Phebe, unm., of Johnson, RI, and George West of A., int. Sept. 23, 1816.

Harriet [unm. int.], and Moses Wilmarth, both of A., Nov. 13, 1816. [1815. CR2]

Polly [unm. int.], and Zopher Skinner of Norton, May 4, 1817.

Hannah [unm. int.], and Forest Foster, both of A., July 28, 1817.

Leprelet, and Lidia Dunham [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 13, 1820. CR2

Margarett [unm. int.], and Nathan Hawes, both of A., Apr. 2, 1821.

Clarisa [unm. int.], and Wilard Blackinton [Willard Blackington. CR2], both of A., Apr. 11, 1822.

Almira, unm., of Pawtucket, and Russell Robinson of A., int. Mar. 12, 1831.

Daniel D., and Amanda Tracy, unm., of Providence, RI, int. Feb. 23, 1833.

Amos, jr., and Mary Thrasher, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 8, 1833.

Hannah, unm., and John R. Streeter, both of A., Apr. 29, 1833.

Amos, jr., and Sarah Thrasher [unm. int.] of Rehoboth, Mar. ––, 1838. [Mar. 5. CR2]

Sarah R. [K. CR2], and Horatio Bates, both of Norton, Sept. 26, 1838.*

Rachel F. [unm. int.], and Albert P. Briggs, Nov. 19, 1840.

Nancy B., unm., and Milton Cummings, both of A., Nov. 26, 1840.

Cyril S., and Marcy A. Richmond, unm., of Norton, int. Jan. 23, 1842.

Eliza A. [unm. int.], and Charles B. Richardson, both of A., Mar. 3, 1842.

Mary Ann, unm., of Norton, and Augustus A. Starkey of A., int. Apr. 21, 1844.

Joabert, unm., a. 27 y., mechanic, s. Amos and Sally, and Eliza Cole, wid. [unm., of A. int.], Feb. 9, 1846. [Feb. 1. CR2]

Allepha M., unm., and Joel E. Shaw of Mansfield, int. Nov. 6, 1846.

Ann E., unm., a. 26 y., d. Leverett and Lydia, and Wyat Manchester, unm., of Bristol, RI, a. 26y., manufacturer, May 3, 1848.

Charles D., unm., a. 25 y., farmer, s. Reuben H. and Mary, and Ruth A. Blackinton, unm., of Wrentham, a. 23 y., d. Willard D. and Keziah, Mar. 16, 1849.

Hezekiah, jr., unm., of Taunton, a. 25 y., machinist, s. Hezekiah and Ann, and Lydia W. Shaw, unm., of Norton, a. 23 y., d. John and Polly, Oct. 4, 1849.*

Leprelite, widr., a. 53 y., farmer, s. Gideon and Experience, and Hannah [H. CR2 and int.] Manchester, unm., of Bristol [RI CR2], a. 48 y., d. Hale and Polly, Nov. 26, 1849.


Ezebiah, of Wrentham, and Willy Ware of A., int. Oct. 13, 1728.

Henry, of Providence, and Hannah Crabtree of A., int. Sept. 4, 1731.

Hannah, and Joseph Barrows, May 6, 1742. CR1*

Henry, and Elizebeth Barrows, both of A., int. Sept. 12, 1758.

John, and Ruth Read of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 28, 1767.

Elisabeth, wid., and Capt. Peter Coombs, "in the Armey," int. Nov. 16, 1778.

SWEETLAND (Swetland)

John, and Elizabeth Fuller, both of A., Apr. 30, 1716.*

Margery, and Jabez Gould, Apr. 21, 1719.*

Ruth, and James Cumings of Providence, int. July 1, 1732.

Samuel [of Rehoboth. int.], and Easther Robbins [of A. int.], Sept. 20, 1733.

Mehetabell, and Joseph Reaze, both of A., int. May 30, 1741.

John (Swetland), jr., and Elezebeth Fuller, both of A., int. June 1, 1745.

Samuel, jr., and Elisabeth Bradford, Dec. 28, 1749.*

Easer, and Daniel Smith, jr. of Cumberland, int. Feb. 2, 1753.

William, and Mindwall Howard of Cumberland, int. Feb. 2, 1753.

John, jr., and Lydiah Bowing, wid., both of A., int. Jan. 12, 1754.

Zerviah, and Peter Clark of Cumberland, int. Nov. 2, 1759.

Rebeckah (Swetland), and Ageubus Bishop of Cumberland, int. Aug. 25, 1764.

William, and Agness Woods, both of A., int. Jan. 4, 1766.

Esther, and Jabez Gould, jr. of Cumberland, int. Mar. 15, 1766.

John, of Douglass, and Sarah Wood of A., int. Apr. 8, 1773.

David, and Hephzibath Titus of Mansfield, Feb. 10, 1774.

Samuel, and Abigail Titus, both of A., int. Aug. 5, 1775.

William, Lt., and Sarah Arnold of Cumberland, int. Oct. 2, 1779.

James, and Mary Shepardson of Cumberland, int. Apr. 29, 1780.

Bowen, and Nancy Bates, both of A., Dec. 7, 1780. PR81

Lydia, and Enoch Arnold of Cumberland, May 1, 1783.*

Clerk, and Elizabeth Hancock of Wrentham, June 3, 1784.

Benjamin, and Cloey Gould of Cumberland, int. Aug. 19, 1784.

Betty, and Agalus [Agabus. int.] Bishop of Fitzwilliam, Feb. 22, 1790.

Mary, wid., and David Walker of North Providence, Aug. 17, 179–.*

Oliver, and Cyntha Bowen [Brown. int.] of Cumberland, Sept. 29, 1793.

George, and Nancy Walker, unm., of Cumberland, Dec. 30, 1794.

Ruth, and John Bates, both of Foxborough, Feb. 17, 1796. CR2*

Clark, and Nancy [Hannah. int.] Shepard, unm., both of A., Nov. 28, 1799.

Rufus, and Mrs. Clarisa Bell of Cumberland, RI, int. July 29, 1803.

John W., and Amy Holmes, unm., both of A., Apr. 8, 1804.

Mary, unm., and Loammi Day, jr., both of A., int. Oct. 4, 1806.

Deborah, unm., and Comfort More of Cumberland, RI, int. May 25, 1807.

Abigal [unm. int.], and William May, both of A., Jan. 23, 1814.

Betsey [unm. int.], and Eliphalet Holmes, jr., both of A., Mar. 2, 1820.

Lucy, unm., and Lovett Haven, both of A., int. Apr. 28, 1821.

Nancy B., unm., and James Fairbanks, jr., both of A., int. May 27, 1821.

Betsy, unm., and Benjamin Bolkcome [Bolkcom. int.], jr., both of A., June 23, 1822.

Susan, unm., and Elisha Tingley of [Killingly. int.], CT, June 9, 1825.

Nelson B., and Abby C. Dana, unm., of Providence, RI, int. Oct. 19, 1826.

Albert D., and Hannah S. Sweetland, unm., both of A., May 4, 1828.

Hannah S., unm., and Albert D. Sweetland, both of A., May 4, 1828.

Calista, unm., and Russel Park, both of A., Sept. 22, 1829.

Eliza Ann, unm., and Otis Atherton, both of A., int. July 31, 1830.

Lydia [E. int.], unm., and Delfor B. Tucker of Windham, CT, Feb. 5, 1832.

Jane C., unm., and Penuel [C. int.] Bowen, both of A., May 23, 1833.

Joseph, of North Providence, RI, and Susan M. Strange of Pawtucket, Nov. 6, 1838.*

Celinda, unm., a. 49 y., spinster, d. Clark, and Naaman Fuller, widr., a. 35 y., laborer, s. Eben, July 14, 1844.

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