Aimy, and Samuel Tingley, both of A., July ––, 1797. [July 16. CR1]

VICKERY (Vickere, Vickre, Vicory)

John (Vicory), of Cumberland, and Sarah Jillson of A., int. Jan. 31, 1777.

Hannah [Vickere. int.], and Benjamin Goff of Rehoboth, Oct. 27, 1799. [Sept. 21, 1800. int.]

Abdiel (Vicory) [Vickre. int.], of Rehoboth, and Hannah Fuller [unm. int.] of A., June 19, 1805.

Otis, and Juliann Handy, unm., both of A., int. Sept. 2, 1826.


Ebenezer [Vorse. int.], of Boston, and Nancy W. Draper, unm., Sept. 10, 1823.

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