John M., Rev., of Cranston, RI, and Esther B. Collins, unm., int. Sept. 3, 1830.

YEATS (Yatts)

Margret (Yatts), and Morriss Hearn of Providence, int. Mar. 15, 1755.

Jane, and Jonathan Robbins, both of A., int. Jan. 13, 1759.


Jeremiah, of Cumberland [RI int.], and Marcy [Mary. CR1] Jillson of A., Sept. 27, 1801.

Marcy, unm. [Mrs. int.], and Dr. Ashbel Willard of Wrentham, Oct. 9, 1825.

Betsey, and Lowell B. Blake, both of Wrentham, Aug. 7, 1837.*

William, and Louisa Britt, at Brompton, P.Q., Nov. 24, 1844. PR16 [Nov. 27. dup.]*

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