Ailce, and James Pequit, Indians, Oct. 18, 1772.


Martha, "Molatto Woman", and Ceser Slocum, "Negro Man," int. Sept. 24, 1774.

Mary, and Ebenezer Chipman, Dec. 3, 1730.*

Susanna, and Sanford Taber, June 7, 1795.* CR4

Walley, of Chatham, CT, and Susannah Hathaway, wid. Philip, int. June 23, 1770. [m. Oct. 17. CR4]

AKIN (Akings, Akins)

Abigail, wid., [wid. Ebenezer. int.], and Jethro Hathaway, Nov. 13, 1773.

Abigail, d. Thomas and Rebeca, and Gideon Shepherd, of New Bedford, s. David, of New Bedford, and Reliance, (both dec.), 26: 5m: 1802. CR3

Abraham, Capt., and Miss Rebecca Eldridge, of Harwich, Barnstable Co., int. May 1, 1808.

Abraham Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and [Miss. dup.] Rhoda E. Baker, Apr. 27, 1841. [Apr. 24. dup.]

Amie [Amie written after Almy crossed out], and Job Mosher, s. Jonathan, int. Aug. 26, 1759.

Amy (Akins) [Miss. int.], and Jonathan Fuller, of New Bedford, May 25, 1821.

Anna, d. James, and Moses Allen, s. Benjamin, int. Feb. 6, 1754.

Anna, and William Wing, Jan. 23, 1804.

Anne [Ann, d. William.. int.], and William Russell, s. Timothy, Mar. 26, 1787. [Anna. BCM]

Anne, and William Potter, int. Aug. 25, 1813.

Avis, and David Howland, May 5, 1791.

Bartholomew, and Marcy Delano, Jan. 27, 1782. [Akins and Mercy Delano. CR4]

Benjamin Jr., and Mary Allen, d. Jedediah, dec., int. Apr. 7, 1759.

Benjamin, and Lydia Wing, int. May 4, 1763. [Akins Esq., m. May 27. CR]

Catherine, and Jeremiah Tallman, int. Jan. 12, 1799.

Carlotte I., Miss, and Thomas Widyer, of Manchester, int. Aug. 6, 1829.

Charlotte I. (Akins), Miss, and James O. Grinnell, of Littlecompton, int. Sept. 20, 1830.

Daniel B., of New Bedford, s. Timothy, of Westport, & Phebe, dec., and Sarah R. Allen, of Westport, d. Humphrey, dec., of New Bedford, & Rebecca, 2: 11m: 1848. CR3

David (Akins) [Akin. int.], and Silvia Briggs, of Westport, June 30, 1817.

Ebenezer, and Cloe Hathaway [Hathway. int.], Sept. 28, 1788. [Hathaway. PR1]

Elihu, and Ruth Perry, July 12, 1744.*

Elihu, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Ruth Willcox, wid., Apr. 12, 1790. [Elihu. BCM]

Elihu [Akins. int.], and Esther Kempton, of New Bedford, Feb. 18, 1819.

Elisha, and Elizebeth Tripp, July 5, 1739.

Elisha, and Ruth Derry, of Swanzey, July 12, 1744, in Swanzey.*

Elisabeth, and Edward Bennet, int. Oct. 3, 1761.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Pope, int. June 29, 1762. [Elizabeth Akins, m. Dec. 2. CR4]

Eunice (Akins), and John Crowel, Feb. 16, 1794.* CR4

Hannah, and Jonathan Howland 2d, int. Sept. 1, 1786.

Hannah, and Jonathan Akin, int. June 7, 1823.

Hope, and William Shaw Jr., int. Aug. 16, 1786.

Huldah G., d. Timothy, of Westport, & Phebe, dec., and Ephraim Gifford, of Westport, s. Elijah & Mary, of Westport, 2: 11m: 1848. CR3

Jacob, and Mary Cushman [Cuishman. int.], Mar. 18, 1784.

James, and Ruth Sanford, Oct. 26, 1748.

James, and Lettice [Lettis. int.] Killey, Jan. 1, 1817.

James, and Phebe Russell, d. Micael, Jan. 15, 1823.

Jerusha, and Lemuel Smith, Oct. 25, 1771.

Job, and Deboah Taber, int. June 9, 1786. [Akins, m. June 25. CR4]

John, s. James & Amy, dec., and Peace Russell, d. Caleb & Rebeckah, dec., Mar. 24, 1762. CR3

John [2d. int.], s. Elihu, and Meribah Chace [Chase. int.], Nov. 21, 1773. [John and Meribah Chace. BCM]

John, and Sarah A. Dexter, of Rochester, int. July 5, 1833.

Jonathan, [s. Elihu. int.], and Mary Shearman, [d. Mary, wid. int.], Dec. 5, 1782.

Jonathan, and Hannah Akin, int. June 7, 1823.

Joseph, and Rachal Millar, wid. [Rachel Miller, omits wid. int.], Nov. 17, 1776. [Rachel Miller. BCM; Akins and Rachel Millar. CR4]

Joseph, and Hannah Howland, June 29, 1815.

Josiah, s. David & Sarah, and Judith Huddlestone, d. Richard & Sarah, 30: 2m:, "called April," 1746. CR3

Juda, and Wesson Briggs, int. Oct. 19, 1785.

Judath [Juda –––––. int.], and John Gatchel [Gatchell. int.], Apr. 10, 1727. [Judith and John Gatchel. BCM]

Lois, and Clark Hathaway, June 17, 1770.

Mary, and William Robeson Jr., June 11, 1778.

Mary, and Shadrech Brownel, int. Sept. 25, 1794.

Hitty [Mehitable. int.], and Abraham Haskin, Aug. 26, 1803.

Permelia W., and Adrian G. Dean, int. Mar. 4, 1838.

Phebe, and Henry Wait, int. June 4, 1774.

Phebe, and Isaac Sanford, Aug. 19, 1798.

Phebe, Miss, and Walter Briggs, int. Apr. 21, 1809.

Phebe Ann, and Henry T. James, of Newbedford, int. Nov. 14, 1835.

Rebecca, of New Bedford, and Abraham Ricketson, int. Sept. 8, 1788.

Rebecca S. (Akins), 19, d. David & Sylvia, and Frederick H. Randall, single, 30, shipwright, [of Rochester. int.], b. Rochester, s. Samuel & Hannah, of Rochester, June 9, 1846.

Reliance, and Zebine Baker, int. Jan. 25, 1826.

Rhoda, and William Tallman Jr., int. Jan. 8, 1774. [m. Feb. 13. BCM]

Rhoda H., and Nehemiah Waterman, of Newbedford, int. Apr. 18, 1839.

Richard, and Judea [Judah. int. BCM] Wilcox, Jan. 26, 1777.

Robe (Akins), and Benjamin Taber Jr., both of New Bedford, 7: 9m: 1787.* BCM [Rhobe Akin, d. Thomas, of New Bedford, & Rebeccah, and Benjamin Taber, of New Bedford, s. Benjamin, of New Bedford, and Hannah, dec. CR3]

Russell (Akins), and Susan Church, of Littlecomton, int. Feb. 27, 1819.

Ruth, and Henry Shearman, Sept. 17, 1749. [Ruth Sanford and Henry Sherman. BCM]

Salley, Miss, and John Slocum, int. Jan. 1, 1828.

Sarah, and George W. Williams, Sept. 21, 1834.

Silvia, and William Sowle, int. July 11, 1789.

Thomas (Akings) [signed Akin], s. John, and Abigail Allen, d. Ebenezer, dec., 10: 6m: "called August," 1727. CR3

Thomas [Akins. int.], s. Thomas & Abigail, dec., now a resident of Nova Scotia, and Rebecca Russell, d. Timothy and Robe, dec., 29: 4m: 1767. CR3

Timothy, and Mehitable Russell, Oct. 9, 1780.

Timothy, and Patience Snell, int. May 31, 1834.

William, and Mary Wilcox, d. "Stephen Wilcoxs Taylor," int. Nov. 3, 1759.

William, Capt., and Hannah Howland, Feb. 26, 1793.

William, [s. Jonathan. int.], and Sarah [Sally. int.] Almy, May 14, 1804.

William (Akins) [Akin. int.], and Sally Shearman, June 20, 1817.

Williams, and Caroline Dunham, int. July 30, 1837.


Perry, of Troy, and Merebah Crocker, of Westport, Feb. 7, 1828.*

ALDEN (Aulden)

Catharine [Catherine. int.], and Edward Southworth, Sept. 12, 1843.

Ebenezer, of Fairhaven, and Serena Thacher, int. Aug. 10, 1844.

John (Aulden), and Lois Southworth, int. Oct. 18, 1765. [Alden, m. May 4, 1766. CR4]

Lucy, Miss, of Williams Town, and Oliver Alden, int. Oct. 15, 1808.

Lydia (Aulden), and John Spooner, int. Nov. 12, 1768.

Mary (Aulden), of Middleborough, and Calvin Delano, int. Jan. 20, 1764.

Oliver, and Miss Lucy Alden, of Williams Town, int. Oct. 15, 1808.

Rebeckah (Aulden), of Middleborough, and David Kerby, int. June 30, 1779.

Susannah (Aulden), and Joseph Tripp. int. Apr. 4, 1776.

ALLEN (Allin)

Abiah, of Barnstable, and Seth Cushman, int. Nov. 5, 1756.

Abigail, d. Ebenezer, dec., and Thomas Akings [signed Akin], s. John, 10: 6m: "called August," 1727. CR3

Abigail, and John Whitly, July 4, 1728.* [Allea and John Whitely. CR3]

Abigail, d. Seth & Elisabeth, and Robert Kerby [Robard Kirby. int.], s. Robert & Rebecca, 13: "of the month called December," 1744. CR3

Abigal [Abigael. int.; Abigail. BCM], d. Benjamin, and Joseph Macomber, s. William, Mar. 9, 1748-9.

Abigail, d. Gideon, dec., & Elezabeth, and Allen Russell, s. Abraham, dec. & Dinah, 27: 9m: 1781. CR3

Abby D., 22, of Westport, b. Westport, d. Stephen & Hannah, of Westport, and Isaac B. Tompkin, single, 22, mariner, of Rochester, b. Rochester, s. Peirce (Tompkins) & Marabah, of Rochester, Nov. 12, 1848.*

Abner, and Ruth Mosher, int. Apr. 15, 1775.

Abner, of Westport, and Rachel Gifford, Oct. 9, 1843.

Abraham, s. Philip & Susannah, and Phebe Kerby [Kirby. int.], d. Robert & Abigail, 10: 1m: 1776. CR3

Abraham A. [int. omits A.], and Anna Wordle [Amy Wodal. int.], Feb. 16, 1812. [Abraham and Amelia Wordale. PR1]

Adam [Allen. int.], "Negro man belonging to Mr. Benjamin Allen," and Dinah Tobey [Toby. int.], Dec. 12, 1751.

Adam, and Bettey Eedy, int. Nov. 27, 1756.

Adam, and Hannah Mosher, Sept. 10, 1779.

Amie, "Mris.," and Stoten Booth, Nov. 29, 1781. [Amil [sic], Nov. 27. BCM; Amia, Nov. 29. PR1]

Ame, and Charles Howland, Jan. 13, 1785.

Andrew, of Barnstable, and Dorcas Haws, int. Apr. 4, 1763. [Allen Farr, of Barnstable and Dorcas Hawes, m. Oct. 9. CR4]

Anna, and Thomas Howland, Dec. 2, 1794.

Anthony, and Lucretia Gifford, both of Westport, Oct. 6, 1833.* PR1

Audria [Audra. int.; Andria. BCM], and Peter Fuller, May 8, 1777.

Barbary, and John Handy, of Sandwich, Nov. 29, 1728.*

Benjamin, and Debere [signed Deborah] Russill, 24: 6m: 1704. CR3

Benjamin, s. Benjamin & Deborah, and Eliphel Slocum, d. Eleazer and Deborah, 12: 3m: "called may," 1748. CR3

Benjamin, s. Philip, dec. [int. omits dec.], and Nancy Kerby, May 19, 1782.

Benjamin, and Hannah Head, Jan. 27, 1803.

Benjamin Jr., and Miss Rebecah Gurney, of Freetown, int. May 2, 1816.

Benjamin F., and Sylvia A. Smith, Nov. 20, 1833.

Bridget, and Stephen Potter, int. Dec. 8, 1759.

Catherine, of Westport, and Ebenezer Allen, int. Nov. 3, 1792.

Charles, of Westport, and Miss Marcy Cornell, int. Dec. 7, 1826.

Charles, single, [of Newbedford. dup.], and Patience M. Brown, single, July 14, 1844.*

Daniel, and Elizebeth Seabery, Oct. 16, 1751.

Daniel, and Content Tallman, of New Bedford, int. Apr. 17, 1796.

David, s. Benjamin & Ellifal, and Hannah Ricketson, s. William & Hannah, dec., June 16, 1768. CR3

David, and Elisabeth Butler, Oct. 2, 1777.

Deborah, d. John, and Joseph Cornell, s. William, Apr. 29, 1743.*

Deborah, d. Philip & Susanna, and Thomas Almy, s. Samuel & Sarah, 8: 3m: 1769. CR3

Deborah, and Stephen Wood, Oct. 1, 1780.

Deborah, of Westport, and Stephen Head, int. June 20, 1808.

Deborah R., of Newbedford, and John S. Brightman, Nov. 8, 1835.

Deborah [Rebecca. dup.] D., [Miss. int.], of Westport, and Barnabas Kirby [Kirbey. int.], Mar. 5, 1843.

Deborah, 16, d. Isaac S. & Deborah, and Edward Clark, single, 25, mariner, s. John & Elizabeth, June 29, 1848.

Dinah, and Eliashib Smith, 24: 6m: 1704. CR3

Dinah, and Abraham Russel, 28: 9m: "called November," 1728. CR3

Dinah, and Perry Briggs, [of Westport. int.], Mar. 16, 1817.

Dorothy, d. Benjamin, and William Willcox, s. Daniel, dec., 8: 12m: "called february," 1732-3. CR3

Dorothy, and John Tallman, May 23, 1765.

Ebenezer [Jr. int.], s. James, and Susannah [Susannah. int.] Getchel, d. John, Oct. 28, 1749. [Ebenezer and Susannah Getchel. BCM]

Ebenezar, s. Ebenezar, and Eliphal Tucker, int. Apr. 29, 1758.

Ebenezer, late of Sherburne, and Mary Wing, int. Jan. 3, 1772. [m. May 14. CR4]

Ebenezer [Eleazer. int.], and Phebe Wilkey, Oct. 13, 1776. [Eleazer. BCM; Eleazar and Phebe Wilcox. CR4]

Ebenezer, and Catherine Allen, of Westport, int. Nov. 3, 1792.

Ebenezer 1st [int. omits 1st], and Phebe Gifford, May 6, 1832.

Edy, and William Hall, of Middlebourough, int. Oct. 26, 1762.

Edith, and Joseph Russel, 4: 1m: 1789.* BCM [Edith, d. Prince, dec., & Deborah, and Joseph Russel, s. Timothy & Robey, dec., 1: 4m: CR3; Russell, 1: 4m: PR30]

Eleazer [Elezear. int.], and Elisabeth Wood, Mar. 19, 1777. [Eleazer. BCM]

Elihu, and Mary Wing, Feb. 20, 1766.

Elijah, and Rebecah [Rebecca. int. PR1] Gifford, Aug. 23, 1801.

Elijah, and Cloe Duncon, of Fall River, int. Sept. 17, 1840.

Elaphal, and Pardon Pierce, both of Westport, ––– ––, 1814.*

Elepal [Eliphas. int.], and Gideon Smith, Dec. 18, 1836.

Elisha [Elijah. int.], and Mary Church, of Rochester, July 23, 1773, in Rochester.

Elisha, and Sarah Wing, Oct. 15, 1780.

Eliza, and James Hathaway, ––– ––, 1813. [Aug. 30. int.]

Eliza Ann, 24, d. John & Patience, and Davis S. Howland, single, 26, carpenter, of Westport, b. Westport, s. John W. & Sarah, of Westport, Jan. 9, 1846.

Elisebeth, d. Incres, dec., and George Smith, s. Deliverans, 30: 1m:, "called March," 1726. CR3

Elizabeth, d. Joseph, and Gideon Gifford, s. Jeremiah, 23: 2m: "called April," 1730. CR3

Elizebeth, and Timothy Soul, ––– 6, 1736-7.*

Elizebeth, d. James, and Daniel Cornell, s. William, May 10, 1744.*

Elizebeth, and Seth Morton, Dec. 4, 1746.*

Elisabeth, and Judah Allen, of Sandwich, int. June 8, 1762.

Elisabeth, and Issachar Samson, int. Apr. 29, 1766.

Elizabeth [Elisabeth. int.; Elizabeth. BCM], and Benjamin Potter, Apr. 30, 1767.

Elisabeth, d. Prince & Deborah, and Barnabas Kerby [Kirby. int.], s. Silas & Elisabeth, 10: 7m: 1768. CR3

Elisabeth (Allen), wid. Judah, and Daniel Ormsby, int. Nov. 16, 1771.

Betty, wid., and Thomas Lion, int. June 5, 1773.

Elisabeth, and Willbur Gifford, of Westport, int. Oct. 2, 1789.

Betsy, and Robert Taber, Feb. 2, 1792.* CR4

Elisabeth, and Jethro Allen, int. July 27, 1799.

Elizabeth [Elisabeth. int.], and Alpheus Simmons, Apr. 13, 1808.

Elisabeth [Miss. int.], and Peleg White Slocum [Peleg White Jr., omits Slocum. int.], Jan. 12, 1809.

Besey [Miss Betsey Allin. int.; Betsey Allen. PR1], and Ebenezer Terry, of Troy, Apr. 22, 1813.

Betsey B., 21, d. Gardner, dec., and William Commings [Benjamin Cummings. int.] 2d, single, 22, mariner, s. William (Cummings) 2d, Dec. 17, 1844.

Ellen A., and Preserved Bullock, of Freetown, ––– ––, 1841. [Nov. 12, 1840. int.]

Emeline, and William S. Hammond, both of Westport, July 7, 1836.*

Eunice, and Thomas Cook, int. July 6, 1763.

Eunice, and Joshua Donne, int. Sept. 2, 1767.

Francis [Frances. int.], s. Benjamin & Deborah, and Rebeckah Tucker, d. Abraham & Elisabeth, 15: 2m: "called Aprill," 1742. CR3

Francis, s. Benjamin & Deborah, and Mary Wrightington [Marah Ridenton. int.], d. Robert & Abigail, of Newport, RI, 3: 11m: "called January," 1749. CR3

George, and Mary Briggs, Feb. 10, 1731.*

George, s. William & Elisabeth, and Rachel Smith, d. Eliashib & Dinah, 14: 3m: "called May," 1740. CR3

George, of Sandwich, and Rebecca [Rebeckah. int.] Spooner, Nov. 30, 1749.

George, and Margret Taber, of Tiverton, int. Nov. 7, 1767.

George, and Alice Case, int. Nov. 9, 1776.

George, s. Zebulon, and Rebecca Lusana [Lusany. int.], Feb. 26, 1781. [Rebecca Susana. BCM]

George S., of Westport, and Ann P. Macomber, of Tiverton, July 28, 1833.*

Gideon, single, 20, mariner, of Westport, b. Westport, s. Green & Phebe, of Westport, and Avis Little, 26, d. Isaac & Mary, Feb. 23, 1847.

Giles F., single, 24, mariner, s. Henry T. & Sarah W., and Mary A. Slocum, 19, d. Ricketson & Joanna, Dec. 5, 1848 [? in New Bedford].

Hannah, d. Ebenezer, and Isaac Howland, s. Benjamin, 16: 10m: "called december," 1717. CR3

Hanna, d. Increas, and Seth Russill, s. Joseph, 21: 4m: "called June," 1722. CR3

Hannah, d. John & Deborah, and Benjamin Russell, s. Jonathan & Judeth, 8: 1m: "called March," 1738. CR3

Hannah, and Nathaniel Kerby, Mar. 22, 1778.

Hannah, of New Bedford, and Josiah Proctor, "late of Worcester now resident in New Bedford," Nov. 1, 1790.* CR4

Hannah, d. Rhuben & Bathsheba, and Jonathan W. Allen, of New Bedford, s. Robert & Esther, of New Bedford, 13: 3m: 1817. CR3

Harriet H., Miss, and John Macomber, int. Dec. 11, 1830.

Harriet S., Miss, and Obidaih Mosher, int. May 21, 1842.

Henry T., and Sarah W. Slocum, Nov. ––, 1822.

Holder, and Mary D. Slocum, int. Mar. 18, 1832.

Humphry, and Phebe Burges, int. June 10, 1775.

Humphrey B., and Mary M. Gifford, both of Westport, July 12, 1829.*

Increas Jr., and Lydia Allen, June 29, 1721.*

Increase, s. Jedidiah, dec., & Penelope, and Hannah Springer, d. John & Sarah, 13: 2m: 1749. CR3

Increas 2d, and Mary Spencer, int. May 2, 1761.

James, [s. Francise. int.], and Eunice Tripp, Oct. 4, 1767.

James, s. Prince, dec., & Deborah, and Sarah Howland, d. Gideon & Sarah, 1: 6m: 1785. CR3

James, and Hannah Smith, Feb. 16, 1819.

James, of Oringe, OH, and Harret C. Mason, int. Oct. 6, 1839.

James, of Westport, and Ardelia D. Macomber, int. Oct. 28, 1843.

Jane, and William Davis, of Huntington, L.I., NY, "now residing in" D., Sept. 15, 1796.* PR1

Jedidiah, s. Jedidiah, dec., & Penelope, and Eunice Wood, d. Jediah & Kezia, 18: 11m: 1756. CR3

Jedediah, and Marecy Cornell, int. June 12, 1775.

Jedediah [Jr. int.], of Westport, and Precilla [Persilla. int.] Gidley, July 9, 1809.

Jethro, and Thankful Philips, int. Oct. 18, 1760.

Jethro Jr., and Susanna Mayhew, of Chilmark, int. Nov. 1, 1771.

Jethro, and Eunese Taber, int. Nov. 11, 1773.

Jethro, and Ruby Merihew, Jan. 18, 1792.* CR4

Jethro, and Elisabeth Allen, int. July 27, 1799.

Johanna, and Isaac Sanford, Mar. 17, 1763. [Joanna. BCM]

John, s. Ebenezer & Margrate, and Margrate Soule, d. George & Lydia, 13: 5m: "called July," 1738. CR3

John, s. James, and Rhoda Allen, int. Nov. 19, 1757.

John, of Charlot Precinct, Duches Co., NY, and Hope Sherman, int. July 17, 1771.

John, s. William, dec., and Salley Langford, of Greenwich, RI, int. Nov. 20, 1777.

John, and Miss Marcy Greennal, int. July 11, 1811.

John, of Westport, and Patience Slocum, Oct. 26, 1817.

John 2d, and Miss Elisabeth White, of Westport, int. June 8, 1826.

John, and Content Wilcox, both of Westport, Feb. 14, 1836.*

Jonathan, and Marthay Tripp Jr., int. Dec. 9, 1756.

Jonathan, "Transient person," and Patience Almy, Mar. 7, 1790.

Jonathan, and Elisabeth [Eliza. int.; Elizabeth. BCM] Sanford, Feb. 15, 1795.

Jonathan W., of New Bedford, s. Robert & Esther, of New Bedford, and Hannah Allen, d. Rhuben & Bathsheba, 13: 3m: 1817. CR3

Joseph, and Jenett Hay [? Hay, Hay†, Kay‡], Nov. 17, 1721.* [Ray. BCM PR42]

Joseph Jr., and Ruth Smith, Dec. 30, 1725.*

Joseph, s. Joseph, and Martha Pooter [Potter. int.], wid., d. Isaac Case, July 12, 1747. [Potter, July 2. BCM]

Joseph Jr. [int. omits Jr., adds s. William], and Mary Faun, Aug. 25, 1748. [Fawn, Aug. 28. BCM]

Joseph, s. Benjamin, and Hipzibah Coffen, of Sherbourn, int. Nov. 25, 1753.

Joseph, s. Joseph, and Elisabeth Sherman, d. Stephen, int. Mar. 4, 1754.

Joseph Jr., and Hannah Wood, d. Jonathan, shomaker, int. Feb. 25, 1758.

Joseph, and Prudence Earl, int. May 26, 1784.

Joseph [Jr. int.], and Priscilla Lawton, Mar. 18, 1790. [Joseph. BCM; Joseph and Priscilla Laton. PR1]

Joseph, and Anna Pettys, May 16, 1807.

Joseph N., s. James & Sarah, and Sara Howland, ch. John & Reliance, ––– ––, –––– [this entry written in pencis[. CR3 [June 25, 1812 in New Bedford. New Bedford VRs]

Joshua, and Rebeckah Winslow, int. Nov. 8, 1764.

Josiah, and Elizebeth Mosher, Jan. 6, 1736-7.*

Judah, of Sandwich, and Elisabeth Allen, int. June 8, 1762.

Judah, and Henry Russell, int. Apr. 23, 1767.

Juda, and Thankful [Thankfull. int.; Thankful. BCM] Jonson, May 12, 1782.

Judith, of Newbedford, and George Howland, int. Oct. 17, 1818.

Louisa, and John S. Coquin, int. May 28, 1838.

Lucy [Lusannah. int.], d. Prince & Deborah, and Timothy Howland, s. Nicolas & Zerviah, 15: 1m: 1767. CR3

Lucy, of Chilmarke, and Benjamin Harris, of New London, Dec. 19, 1820.*

Lucy, and Charles Slocum Jr., int. June 1, 1833.

Lydia, and Increas Allen Jr., June 29, 1721.*

Lidia [Jr. int.; Lydia. BCM], d. Incres, and James Mosher, s. Nicholas, Oct. 28, 1748.

Lydia, wid., and Thomas Caswell, int. Feb. 6, 1762.

Lydia, and Samuel Hitch, int. July 13, 1764.

Lydia [Alen. int.], and Phillip [Philip. int.] Taber [Jr. int.], [s. Thomas. int], Oct. 9, 1774. [Allen and Phillip Taber. BCM]

Lydia, and Peleg Wood, Apr. 16, 1778.

Lydia, of Westport, and Jeremiah Brightman, int. Dec. 25, 1809.

Margret [Margreat. int.; Margeret. BCM], and George Wilcox, Aug. 5, 1779.

Pattey, of Westport, and Benjamin Potter, int. Sept. 6, 1800.

Patty, [Miss. int.], and Clark Haskins, of Freetown, May 3, 1812.

Mary (Allin), d. Ebenezer, and Thomas Briggs Jr., Apr. 25, 1706.*

Mary, d. Increas, and John Green, s. James, dec., of Warrick, RI, 16: 12m: "called february," 1709. CR3

Mary, d. Increas, and Peter Allen, s. Ebenezer, Dec. 18, 1747.

Mary, d. Jedediah, dec., and Benjamin Akin Jr., int. Apr. 7, 1759.

Mary, and John Chadwick, int. Apr. 9, 1773. [m. May 13. CR4]

Mary, d. Prince & Deborah, and Jonathan Howland, s. Nicholas & Serviah, dec., 8: 3m: 1775. CR3

Mary, and John Crowel [Crowell. int. BCM], Feb. 25, 1776.

Mary, and Thomas Booth, Sept. 30, 1776.

Mary, of Middleborough, and Thomas Eskrige, int. Jan. 9, 1777.

Mary, [d. Silvanus. int.], and Salathiel [Salathel. int.] Handy, Sept. 15, 1785. [Saluthiel, Sept. 5. BCM; Salathiel, Sept. 15. CR4]

Mary, and Paul Cook, Jan. 1, 1792.* CR4

Mary, "commonly called Molly", and William Mirick, both of New Bedford, Aug. 6, 1797.* CR4

Mary, and Jeptha W. Gifford, June 20, 1820.*

Mary M., Miss, and Stephen Wood, int. May 3, 1827.

Mary, and Cornelius Hoyer, 20: 6m: 1834.* PR30

Mary S., and Abraham Simons, Feb. 9, 1840.*

Mary W., and Thomas Jurnon, of RI, 2: 11m: 1843. [Mary W., d. Prince & Hannah G., and Thomas Inman, of Providence Co., RI, s. Daniel, of Smithfield, Providence Co., RI, & Abigail. CR3]

Mehetabel, d. Jedidiah & Penelope, and Christopher Davel, "of the nine partners in Cromelbo weinet," Duchess Co., NY, s. Joseph & Mary, July 28, 1756. CR3

Mehitable, and Eleazer Spooner, int. Nov. 21, 1764. [m. Dec. 30. CR4]

Mehitable, and John Cornell, int. Nov. 7, 1787. [m. Apr. 23, 1788. BCM PR9]

Hitty S., and Isaac R. Potter, 2: 6m: 1842.* [Hetty S., d. James, dec., & Hannah S., and Isaac R. Potter, s. Benjamin & Elizabeth G. dec. CRC]

Meribah, [d. Zebulon. int.], and Joseph Mosher Jr., [int. omits Jr.], [s. Jonathan. int.], Feb. 13, 1755. [Joseph Jr. BCM]

Merebah, and Christopher Palmer, both of Westport, Nov. ––, 1822.*

Moses, s. Benjamin, and Anna Akin, d. James, int. Feb. 6, 1754.

Myra E., of Westport, and William Weeks, Apr. 24, 1836.

Nancy, Miss, and Uriel Sisson, of Westport, int. Sept. 15, 1827.

Nancy, and James H. Slocum, July 10, 1834.

Naomy, d. Jedidiah, dec., & Penelope, and Philip Trafford, s. Thomas & Mary, 27: 3m: 1754. CR3

Noah, and Rebekah Kirby Jr., Oct. 5, 1727.

Noah Jr, s. Noah & Rebeccah, and Sarah Chandler [Chandine, of Duxbury. int.], Nov. 18, 1762.

Noah, of Newbedford, and Mary Perce [Pearce, wid. int.], Mar. 1, 1801. [Mercy Peirce. PR1]

Noel, and Hannah Dunham, Mar. 30, 1803.

Obadiah, and Phebe Hussey, May 22, 1766.

Obediah, and Mary Hix, of Tiverton, int. Dec. 22, 1798.

Patience, and John Lawrence, int. Aug. 5, 1802.

Patience Almy, and Holder S. Borden, of Westport, int. Nov. 1, 1843.

Paul, and Lydia Warren, of Middleborough, int. Dec. 27, 1784.

Peleg, and Susannah Shearman, both of New Bedford, 2: 4m: 1789.* BCM [Peleg, s. Benjamin & Eliphal, of New Bedford, and Susanna Shearman, d. Philip & Mary, dec. CR3]

Penelope (Tripp), wid. Jedidiah, and Barnabas Howland, s. Benjamin & Judith, 16: 2m: 1750. CR3

Peter, s. Ebenezer, and Mary Allen, d. Increas, Dec. 18, 1747.

Peter Jr., and Mary Butts [Butt. int.], Oct. 20, 1773.

Philip, s. John & Deborah, and Susannah Allen, d. Jedidiah & Penelope, 10: 8m: 1745. CR3

Philip, and Marcy Perce, Sept. 2, 1790. [Peirce, Sept. 11. BCM; Mercy Peirce, Sept. 2. PR1]

Phillip, of Westport, and Nancy Gifford, int. June 12, 1797.

Philip [Phillip. int.] Jr., and Sally [Miss Sarah H. int.] Smith, Nov. 19, 1826.

Philip, s. Rueben & Bathsheba, and Hannah Gifford, d. Elijah & Mary, of Westport, 4: 2m: 1830. CR3

Phebe, and Gideon Sisson, Sept. 2, 1787.

Phebe, and Nathaniel Gifford, int. Feb. 14, 1792.

Phebe A., Miss, and John B. Cornell, of Westport, int. Feb. 26, 1847.

Prince, and Deborah Butler, of Falmouth, June 18, 1742, in Falmouth.*

Prince [Jr. int.], and Abigail Prat [Pratt. int.], Aug. 2, 1775. [Prince and Abigail Prat, Aug. –6, 1775. CR4]

Prince, and Miss Jane Packard, int. Oct. 9, 1805.

Prince, s. Reuben & Bathshebe, and Hannah Gifford, d. Joseph & Mary, 14: 11m: 1822. CR3

Rachel Jr., d. Increas, and William Soule Jr., s. William, 19: 1m: "Called March," 1717-18. CR3

Rachel, d. Joseph, and Ichabod Cerby [Kirby. int.], s. Robert, 1: 1m: "called March," 1732-3. CR3

Rachel, and John Case, int. July 17, 1757.

Rebecca, d. Benjamin & Deborah, and John Lawton, s. George & Mary, Nov. 13, 1746. CR3

Rebecca, and Samuel Thrasher, Jan. 4, 1778.

Rebecah [Miss. int.], and William Young, Apr. 21, 1811.

Rebecca Y., and Joseph Irish, of Portsmouth, RI, int. Oct. 28, 1835.

Rebecca D., single, and Allen D. Gifford, farmer, June 1, 1844.

Reuben, and Bathsheba Kerby, 4: 3m: 1789.* BCM [Reuben, s. Philip, dec., & Susanna, and Bathsheba Kirby, d. Barnabas. CR3]

Rhoda, and John Allen, s. James, int. Nov. 19, 1757.

Roba, and Thomas Allen Taylor, Dec. 6, 1787.

Robert, and Hester Wood, May 14, 1778.

Robe, and Stephen Smith, Dec. 21, 1765. [Rhoda. BCM]

Ruby [dup. crossed out Robey; Roby. int.], of Newbedford, and Charles Slocum, Dec. 28 [dup crossed out Dec. 18], 1837, in Newbedford.

Rufus, and Rebecca Delano, May 8, 1777.

Ruth, d. Increas, and John Anthony, s. Jacob, int. Jan. 8, 1754.

Ruth, and Zebedee Cornell [Zebulon Cornel. int.], Oct. 10, 1771.

Ruth, and Preserved Shearman, Sept. 16, 1779.

Ruth, and Stephen Wilcox [Jr. int.], Feb. ––, 1782. [Willcox, Feb. 13. BCM]

Ruth, and Lemuel Barker [2d. int.], May 27, 1819.

Ruth W., of Westport, and John S. Brightman, Dec. 23, 1842.

Samuel, and Lucretia Hathaway, int. Dec. 16, 1769. [m. Feb. 22, 1770. CR4]

Samuel, and Rebecca Pirce, of Middleborough, int. Mar. 12, 1771.

Samuel P., and Delana Durfee, of Tiverton, int. Dec. 30, 1837.

Samuel P., and Nancy Collens, Feb. 11, 1841.

Samuel G., and Patience K. Lawton, both of Westport, Dec. 31, 1843.*

Sarah, and Jerimiah Devil, May 24, 1711.*

Sarah, d. Ebenezer & Margrate, and Charles Slocum, s. Ebenezer & Bathsheba, 25: 8m: 1749. CR3

Sarah, and James Ellis, of Harwich, Aug. 23, 1752.

Sarah, and Daniel Wood, Sept. 7, 1780.

Sarah, "Mris," and Simeon Clark, of Freetown, Dec. 12, 1782. [Simeon Clarke, of Freetown. PR1]

Sarah, of New Bedford, and Philip Russell, [s. Stephen. int.], Feb. 25, 1790, in New Bedford.

Sarah, and Jonathan Gifford, of Westport, int. June 18, 1795.

Sally, and Parterick MacLune, "a foreigner," int. Aug. 2, 1821.

Sally S., of Freetown, and Peter Crapo 2d, Dec. 25, 1824.

Sally [Miss Salley. int.], of Westport, and Thomas Allen, Oct. 5, 1826.

Sarah Jane, 18, d. Henry J. & Sarah, and George W. Slocum, single, 29, mariner, s. Otis & Patience, Feb. 8, 1848 [? in New Bedford].

Sarah Jane, and Frederick P. Cornell, int. June 23, 1848.

Sarah R., of Westport, d. Humphrey, dec., of New Bedford, & Rebecca, and Daniel B. Akin, of New Bedford, s. Timothy, of Westport, & Phebe, dec., 2: 11m: 1848. CR3

Seth, and Elisabeth Butler, of Sandwich, Jan. 11, 1725-6, in Sandwich.*

Seth, s. Increas, and Margreat Maccumber, d. Philip (Maceumber), int. Nov. 9, 1759.

Shubel Garner, and Bathsheba Hathaway, Oct. 19, 1813. [Shubael Gardner Allen. PR1

Sylvanus, of New Bedford, and Miss Hannah Shearman, int. Apr. 25, 1830.

Sylvanus, and Eliza [Elsa. int.] Ann Hix, Dec. 25, 1839.

Silvestar [Silvia. int.], d. Thomas, dec., & Mary, and Levi Smith, s. Jonathan & Phebe, Oct. 26, 1758. CR3

Slocum, of Newbedford, and Ann Russell, int. Jan. 10, 1823.

Stephen, of New Bedford, s. Robert & Esther, of New Bedford, and Hannah Baker, d. Job, dec., & Rachel, 11: 6m: 1817. CR3

Susan W., and Jacob Akin Howland, s. David & Avis (Akin), Aug. 23, 1846, in New York City.* PR38

Susannah, d. Jedidiah & Penelope, and Philip Allen, s. John & Deborah, 10: 8m: 1745. CR3

Susanna [Susanna. int.], of Chilmark, and Philip Hathaway, July 17, 1765, in Chilmark.

Susanna, and Benjamin Hayward [Howard. int.], Jan. 17, 1786. [Hayward, Jan. 17, 1776. BCM]

Susanna, and John Peckham, June 25, 1794.* CR4

Susannah [Susanna, wid. int.; Susanna. PR1], and Lewis Gifford, Sept. 26, 1799.

Susanna, and Abraham Gifford, s. Timothy, int. Oct. 30, 1805.

Susannah, and Howland Willcox, int. Mar. 11, 1815.

Silvanus, s. Noah, and Mary Howland, d. Zoeth, int. Feb. 8 [? 8 or 18], 1755.

Silvanus [2d. int.], s. Noah, and Ruth Tripp, Oct. 25, 1764.

Sylvenus, and Miss Ruth Sowl, int. Aug. 24, 1808.

Silvia, and William Sisson, Aug. 21, 1783.

Silvia [Silvester. int.], and Russell Sherman, July 20, 1794. [Silvia. BCM]

Thankfull, and Abraham Ashley 3d, of Freetown, int. Nov. 21, 1817. [m. Dec. 21. PR1]

Thomas, and Lusannah [Lucy. int.; Susannah. BCM] Barker, Nov. 29, 1770.

Thomas, s. Prince, and Ruth Almy, int. May 16, 1772.

Thomas, s. Peter, and Dorcas Wing, Dec. 13, 1772.

Thomas, s. Benjamin, and Sarah Macomber, int. July 23, 1774.

Thomas, s. Frances, and Mary West, d. Richard, Apr. 28, 1776.

Thomas, s. Prince, dec., & Deborah, and Judith Kerby, d. Silas, dec., & Elisabeth, 2: 5m: 1792. CR3

Thomas [Capt. int.], and Susanna Briggs, Jan. 14, 1798.

Thomas H., and Polly Russell, int. Apr. 6, 1806. [m. 1: 7m: PR30]

Thomas, of New Bedford, and Phebe Howland, Oct. 10, 1816.

Thomas, and Polly Collins, of Fairhaven, int. Mar. 15, 1817.

Thomas, and Sally [Miss Salley. int.] Allen, of Westport, Oct. 5, 1826.

Thomas Jr., of Westport, and Phebe Ann Alny, int. June 10, 1837.

Tucker, and Sarah W. Slocum ––– ––, –––– [this entry written in pencil.] CR3

Waite, d. Jedediah, dec., & Penelope, and Zehaniah Anthony, s. William & Alce, Aug. 28, 1765. CR3

William, and Lydia Joy, Mar. 29, 1744.* BCM

William, and Deborah Tinkcom, int. July 11, 1772.

William (Allin) [Allen. int.], and Susanna Ashley, of Freetown, Nov. 25, 1790, in Freetown.

William, and Mary Hix, int. Sept. 24, 1833. [m. Oct. PR1]

William G., and Nancy S. Potter, both of Westport, Dec. 24, 1837.*

Williams, s. Ebenezer, and Ailce Slocum, d. Peleg, Mar. 21, 1782.

ALMY (Allmy, Alny)

Abigail [Jr. int.], and Perry Gifford, of Westport, Nov. 13, 1788.

Ann S. [G. int.], and Charles A. Walters [Walter. int.], of Newbedford, Feb. 2, 1840.

Anthony, s. Joseph, and Prudence Hicks, d. Joseph, June 20, 1784.

Benjamin D., and Silvia Howland, Dec. 11, 1821.

Benjamin R., widr., 39, merchant, of Provedence [int. adds RI], b. Provedence, s. William & Rhoda, of Providence, and Emily M. Cummings [Emely M. Commings. int.], 22, d. Benjamin (Commings) & Cynthia, Nov. 15, 1849.

Catherine, and Benjamin Cook, of Tiverton, June 14, 1790.

Catherine [Miss. int.], and Wilks Slocum, Jan. 1, 1822.

Charles, single, 21, merchant, of Newbedford, b. Littlecompton, s. Pardon & Mary, of Littlecompton, and Mary A. Cummings, 23, d. Benjamin & Cynthia, Oct. 28, 1846.

Christopher, and Elizabeth Sanford, of Chilmark, Dec. 30, 1762.

Christopher, and Naomi [Naoma. int.] Woodward, of Little Compton, Newport Co., RI [int. omits Newport Co., RI], Mar. 17, 1782.

Christopher, and Susan N. Sanford, Nov. 9, 1837.

David, and Salley Prince, "black people," Dec. 25, 1792.

Deborah, and John Slocum, Dec. 21, 1738.*

Deborah, and Peleg Almy, June 10, 1787. [June 20. BCM]

Edward (Allmy), "Negro Man," and Mary Nuncsew, "Indian woman," May 26, 1768.*

Elisabeth [Elizabeth. int.], [d. Samuel. int.], and Govet Cornell, Mar. 30, 1777. [Elizabeth and Gevet Cornell. BCM]

Elisabeth, and Loyd Rider, May 10, 1804.

Elizabeth S., Miss, and Charles White, of Westport, int. July 16, 1826.

Betsey A., and John Ellis, int. June 9, 1849.

Eunice, and George Gifford, Nov. 11, 1784.

Flora, and James Cope Costa, of Newport, June 22, 1781.* [James Cape Costa, of Newport. BCM]

Freelove, and William Corey, of Tiverton [int. adds RI], Feb. 25, 1790.

George Brownel, of New Bedford, s. Holder, of Porthmouth, Newport Co., RI & Hannah, and Elisabeth Tucker, d. Jonathan & Mehitable, 31: 1m: 1793. CR3

George, and Phebe Howland, int. Apr. 22, 1814.

George, of New Bedford, s. George B., of Warwick, Flint Co., RI, & Elizabeth, and Anna E. Morton, d. George & Mary, 5: 9m: 1822. CR3

Giles, and Mary Maccumber, Dec. 26, 1787. [Macomber. BCM]

Giles Jr., and Sarah Smith, int. Sept. 17, 1831.

Holder, of Portsmouth, and Elizabeth Howland, int. Aug. 16, 1834.

Hope, and William Howland [3d. int.], May 26, 1763. [William. BCM]

Isaac, s. Job, of Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI & Catherine, dec., and Hannah Tucker, d. Jonathan & Mehetable, 30: 10m: 1800. CR3

James, of Newbedford, and Ruth A. Potter, 3: 3m: 1842.* [James, of Newbedord, s. George B., of Providence, RI, & Elizabeth, and Ruth A. Potter, d. William & Anna, dec. CR3]

Jane, and Pero Howland, int. Dec. 30, 1803.

Jane, 24, d. Joseph & Phebe, and James E. Henry, 25, mariner, of New Bedford, s. Thomas & Lucinda, of New Bedford, Nov. 17, 1847.

Job [Jr. int.], s. Job, and Ann [Anne. int.] Slocom, d. Eleazer, Apr. 27, 1750. [Job and Ann Slocum. BCM]

John (Allmy), and Sarah Kerby, Aug. 1, 1769. [Almy. BCM]

John, and Mary Potter, d. Nathaniel [Nathan. int.], Apr. 21, 1771, in Tiverton, RI.

John [John C. Allmy, late of Newport, RI. int.], and Catherine Tucker, Dec. 7, 1777. [John Almy. BCM CR4]

John C., and Miss Ruth Bailey, int. Sept. 30, 1822.

Joseph, s. Job, and Abigail Sisson, d. John, Nov. 10, 1750.

Langworthy [Languthy. int.], of Portsmouth, RI, and Edeth [Edith. int.] Macumber, Apr. 12, 1818.

Linnard, and Miss Anna Davis, int. Aug. 17, 1814.

Lusanna (Allmy), and Jethro Quoy, int. Nov. 4, 1769.

Lidia, and John Wing Jr., Feb. 11, 1750. [Lydia. BCM]

Marianna, 21, d. John C. & Ruth, and Wanton H. Shearman, single, 28, maringer, s. John & Sarah, Jan. 28, 1845.

Mary, of Tiverton, and John Hicks, int. Nov. 30, 1782.

Mary, wid., [wid. Ned ("Negro man"). int.], and Jupiter Cory, of West Port, Nov. 4, 1787.

Marcy [Marcy written above Nancy crossed out], and John Wing, Apr. 27, 1780. [Nancy. BCM]

Nancy (Allmy), and Gideon Tallman, Feb. 21, 1771. [Almy. BCM]

Pardon, and Nabby Davis, of Westport, Oct. 1, 1822.

Patience, and Jonathan Allen, "Transient person" [resident in D. int.], Mar. 7, 1790.

Peleg, and Deborah Almy, June 10, 1787. [June 20. BCM]

Phebe Ann (Alny), and Thomas Allen Jr., of Westport, int. June 10, 1837.

Richard, s. Christopher, and Patience Wilcox [Willcox. int.], of Westport, d. Benjamin, Apr. ––, 1799, in Westport.

Ruth, and Thomas Allen, s. Prince, int. May 16, 1772.

Ruth, and Job Springer, Apr. 2, 1777.

Samuel, s. Job, and Sarah Wood, d. Jonathan, Feb. 5, 1746.*

Sarah [Sally. int.], and William Akin, [s. Jonathan. int.], May 14, 1804.

Susan G., and Humphrey Shearman 2d, int. Feb. 10, 1849.

Thomas, s. Samuel & Sarah, and Deborah Allen, d. Philip & Susanna, 8: 3m: 1769. CR3

Thomas, and Salley Gifford, of Westport, int. Jan. 15, 1798.

Willard, and Miss Eliza Ann Slocum, int. May 31, 1828.

William, and Polly Millit [Millet. int. BCM], Feb. 23, 1780.

William, and Loransa [Loranza. int.] Swazey, "people of Colour," Jan. 15, 1823.

William, and Miss Alice Quibish, Apr. 24, 1831.

William, and Almira Brownell, Dec. 4, 1839.


Hope, and John Mashow, "people of Colour," int. July 17, 1830.

Jacob, of Freetown, and Meribah Cornell, int. Mar. 2, 1787. [m. Apr. 5. PR1]

John A. [A. blurred out], and Susanna [Susanna written above Deborah crossed out] Scoate, int. Oct. 8, 1768.

Richard, and Muda Prince, int. Nov. 13, 1779.

Thomas, and Hannah Pegin, "Mustees," int. Apr. 2, 1774.

Thomas, of Freetown, and Patience Ginnins, of Westport, Jan. 2, 1789.* PR1


Jenne, and Thomas Nye, int. Feb. 7, 1767. [Jane, m. Mar.––. CR4]

Jane, and Seth Clark, Aug. 18, 1774. [Jean. BCM; Jane. CR4]

Thomas [Andorson. int.; Anderson. BCM], and Patience Nye, Dec. 21, 1785.

ANDREWS (Andros, Andross, Androus, Androuse, Androws, Andrus)

Anna (Andross) [Andros. int.; Andress BCM; Andrews. PR1], and Seth French, Nov. 27, 1791.

Ebenezer (Andrus) [Andres. int.], and Keziah Bullock [Bulluck. int.], of Rehoboth, Sept. 18, 1774, in Rehoboth.

Ebenezer, and Rachel Reynolds, int. Aug. 25, 1838.

Ebenezer, of New Bedford, and Miss Elizabeth Ann France [Faunce. int.], Feb. 6, 1842.

Ebenezer C., and Miss Hannah Shearman, Nov. 24, 1842.

Elisabeth (Androus), and Samuel Weston, Nov. 30, 1768. [Elizabeth Andrews. BM]

Elizabeth A. (Andros), 20, d. Elisabeth, and Benjamin S. Jackson, 21, mariner, of New Bedford, s. Edmond & Amy, Aug. 10, 1847.*

Jane J. [G. int.], 18, d. Joseph & Maria, and Leonard M. Cowing [Cowen. int.], single, 22, machinist, s. William & Elizabeth, Apr. 5, 1846.

Joanna [Andros. int.; Andrews. BCM PR1], and Elijah Mosher, Mar. 20, 1791.

John (Andros), and Mary Caswell, int. Aug. 24, 1758.

John Jr., and Abby [int. adds M.] Wilbur, Nov. 8, 1835.

Joseph (Androws), and Almira [Miss Almera. int.] Sampson, of Troy, Sept. 3, 1827.

Judith (Andros) [Andrews. int.; Andros. BCM; Judah Andress. PR1], and Benjamin Gifford Jr., Sept. 6, 1789.

Judeth [Judith G. int.], and Washington Whitehead [Whithead. int.], Oct. 12, 1837.

Lydia (Andros), "Transient person" [resident in D. int.], and Nathan Craw, Mar. 18, 1790.

Lydia, and William Butts, int. Nov. 1, 1823. [m. Jan. 4, 1824. PR1]

Mary (Andros), Mrs. [Androus, omits Mrs. int.; Mary Andros. BCM; Mary Andress. PR1], and Joshua Cowen, Apr. 22, 1789.

Mary Ann, and Samuel [int. adds A.] Wood, of Newbedford, Apr. 26, 1838.

Marcy (Andross), and John Chase 2d, int. Mar. 17, 1756.

Pamela [Pamelea. int.; Pamela. BCM; Pamelia. PR1], and Samuel Holmes, Jan. 29, 1792.

Rachel, and Stephen Macomber, of Newbedford, July 1, 1838.

Sarah (Androus), [d. Ebenezer. int.], and Samuel Peckcom, [s. Joseph. int.], Nov. 4, 1765. [Andrews and Samuel Peckham. BCM]

Simeon (Androus), and Catherine Hammon, May 10, 1770.

Stephen (Andrus) [Andrews. int.], and Jemima Bullock [Bulluck. int.], of Rehoboth, Dec. 20, 1773, in Rehoboth.

Stephen [Andros. int.] 2d, and Sally Cowen [Cowin. int.], May 22, 1808.

Stephen Jr. [2d. int.], and Lydia [int. adds M.] Collens, July 15, 1835.

Susanna (Androus), and John Samson, Dec. 18, 1768. [Andreus. BCM]

William (Androuse) [Andrews. int.], and Hannah Archcraft, July 9, 1780. Andrews and Hannah Archeraft. BCM]

William F., and Hannah L. Pool, June 16, 1836.


Pardon, of Cumberland, RI, and Percis Bourn [Pursess Bourne. int.], Apr. 29, 1821.

ANNABLE (Anible, Annible)

Isaac (Anible), of Hallafax, N.S., and Lydia Delano, wid., int. July 6, 1772.

Samuel [Annable. int.], and Thankful [Thankfull. int.] Smith, Feb. 22, 1781. [Annible and Thankful Smith. BCM CR4]

ANNES (Annis)

Abigail, and Samuel White, int. Mar. 31, 1784.

ANTHONY (Anthoney, Antone)

Abigail, d. William & Alice, and Samuel Shove, s. Edward & Phebe, of Dighton, July 9, 1760. CR3

Abigail, d. William Jr. & Sarah, and Seth Hart, s. Luke, dec., and Mary, 9: 5m: 1781. CR3

Abby, and Elihu Gidley, Dec. 1, 1816.

Abigail, and William Howland [2d. int.], Jan. 12, 1820.

Abraham, and Rhoda [Rhobe. int.; Rhoda. BCM] Eddy, Jan. 13, 1774.

Abraham, s. Philip, dec., of Porthmouth, RI, & May, and Lettishe [signed Lettisha; Latitia. int.] Smith, d. Benjamin & Susanah, Dec. 25, 1782. CR3

Abraham, and Juda Case ["Mulattos." int.], Jan. 3, 1788. [Juda Cora Mosher. BCM]

Abraham, and Lucinda Lawton [Lauton. int.], "Resident people of culer," June 2, 1811.

Abraham B., and Julia Tucker, int. June 26, 1835.

Alice S., Miss, and Asa Shearman, int. Mar. 22, 1843.

Anne, and Robert Kerby [Jr. int.], Oct. 5, 1786. [Anna and Robert Kerby. BCM]

Benjamin S., and [Miss. int.] Hannah Kirby, July 4, 1827.

Benjamin S., widr. [int. omits widr.], 50, farmer, s. Gedeon, and Amy Kirby, 40, d. Weston, Feb. 6, 1845.

Caleb, and Levina Briggs, Sept. 6, 1789.

Celia [Celah. int.], and Jonathan Jonson, of Woodstock [CT. int.], Dec. 25, 1780. [Celia and Jonathan Johnson, of Woodstock. BCM]

Daniel [Daniel written after David crossed out] B., and Maria L. Winslow, of Westport, int. June 16, 1837.

David, s. William & Alice, and Judith Hicks, d. Thomas & Judith, Oct. 22, 1767. CR3

Edith (Anthoney) [Anthony. int. BCM], and David Case, Feb. 13, 1794.

Edwin, and Susan Gidley, Oct. 14, 1824.

Gideon, and Alice Smith, 7: 10m: 1789.* BCM [Gideon, s. William & Sarah, dec., and Alice Smith, d. Benjamin & Susanna, dec. CR3]

Hope Jr., and Philip Sisson, [s. Richard. int.], May 1, 1763.

Humphrey 2d, and [Mrs. int.] Phebe T. Smith, Apr. 26, 1825.

Jacob, and Deborah Wood [wid. int.], Oct. 10, 1784.

James, and Desire Sisson, int. Oct. 7, 1758.

James, and Lydia Coffin, of Sherburon, Nantucket, int. Aug. 7, 1762.

Job, s. Jacob & Hop, and Sarah Wing, d. Benjamin & Content, 3: 4m: "called June," 1747. CR3

John, s. Jacob, and Ruth Allen, d. Increas, int. Jan. 8, 1754.

John, and Rozanna Chase [Chace. int.; Chase. BCM], "black people," Aug. 24, 1794.

John, and Charlottee Simons, "people of Colour," Aug. 14, 1821.

Jonathan, and Sarah Chase, Dec. 1, 1782.* PR1

Joseph, and Jenney Wicket, "alies Willbur," "black people," int. Jan. 15, 1791.

Joseph, and Rozanna Brayley, of Taunton, int. May 5, 1798.

Joseph (Antone), of Newbedford, and [Miss. int.] Sally Auker, Dec. 2, 1821.

Lucretia, and Amos Simon, int. Mar. 26, 1820.

Mary, d. William & Alice, and Samuel Smith, s. Benjamin & Hannah, July 1, 1761. CR3

Mary, Miss, and David P. Smith, int. Feb. 13, 1847.

Merribeh (Anthoney) [Antonia. int.], and Dennis Littlefield, "black people" ["Molattoes transient persons." int.], Nov. 29, 1792. [Merribah Anthony. BCM]

Nancy, and John Lewis, of New Bedford, "people of Colour," Mar. 30, 1808.*

Philip, s. Abraham & Elisabeth, of Portsmouth, RI, and Mary Goddard, d. Beriah & Anne, dec., Oct. 5, 1750. CR3

Philip, of New Bedford, s. Abraham, dec., of Portsmouth, RI, & Lettishe, and Sarah Howland, d. Nathaniel & Elizabeth, 5: 6m: 1823. CR

Rhadergrowhy [Rhaadowhy. int.], and Jonathan Winslow, Jan. 1, 1804.

Ruth, d. William & Sarah, and Barnabas Mosher, s. Barnabas & Bethiah, May 24, 1780. CR3

Sarah, Miss, and Caleb Howland, int. May 16, 1829.

Sarah S., and Abner Smith, int. Apr. 10, 1841.

Seth, and [Miss. int.] Barbary Kirby, Feb. 9, 1820.

Simon, and Catey Slocum, "black people," int. Jan. 9, 1798.

Stephen, and Ruth Shrefe, Apr. 15, 1772.

Stephen M., and Eliza W. Baker, int. Sept. 13, 1837.

William, s. William & Alice, and Sarah Shearman, d. Seth & Ruth, dec., 12: 1m: 1757. CR3

William, and Betsey Lewis, "Black people," int. Aug. 1, 1795.

William, and Hannah [int. adds B.] Mosher, Jan. 16, 1812.

Zephaniah, s. William & Alice, and Waite Allen, d. Jedediah, dec., and Penelope, Aug. 28, 1765. CR3

ARMATAGE (Ammentage)

John (Ammentage), "Transient Person," and Susannah Wilkeson, int. Oct. 2, 1760.

John, and Phebe Hart, of Tiverton, int. Oct. 17, 1783.

Mary [Amantage. int.], and Ruben Wate, Feb. 28, 1782.

ARMSBY (Ormsby)

John [Armsbey. int.], and Prissilla Tompkins [Priscilla Tomkins. int.], Oct. 8, 1778. [Armsby and Prissalla Tomkins. BCM]

Olive [Amsby. int.], and Stephen Cobb, of Sandwich, Mar. 14, 1777.


Anthony, of Providence, RI, and Sarah Fish, d. John, 20: 8m: "called october," 1731. CR3

Charles, of E. Houseck [Late of Smithfield, "Now a Resident at East Hoosock." int.], and Meribah [Maribah. int. BCM] Russell, Jan. 20, 1774.


Keturah, of Nantucket, and Stephen Peckham, 8: 1m: "Called March," 1739. CR3


Marhat, and John George Hackh, int. Sept. 5, 1761.

ASHCROFT (Archcraft)

Hannah, and William Androus [Andrews. int.], July 9, 1780. [Archeraft and William Andrews. BCM]


Abraham, and Phebe Taber, int. Apr. 11, 1767.

Abraham, and Hannah Crapo, both of Freetown, Jan. 22, 1783.* PR1

Abraham 3d, of Freetown, and Thankfull Allen, int. Nov. 21, 1817. [m. Dec. 21. PR1]

Annah [Abiah. dup.], of Freetown, and Henry Perkins, int. Sept. 25, 1773 [Apr. 27, 1772. dup.]

Charles P., single, 25, farmer, s. James & Mary, of Freetown, and Betsey [Betsy. int.] Russell, 22, d. Humphry & Betsy, Nov. 18, 1849.

Eliza [Miss. int.], and John Fance [Faunce. int.], Mar. 13, 1831.

Elizabeth, of Rochester, and Samuel Joye, int. "1st of" Dec. 1759.

Bettey, and Nathan Jenne, int. May 3, 1760.

Betty, of Freetown, and John Edminster, of Middleboro, Dec. 5, 1822.* PR1

Eunice, and Thomas Wood, of Rochester, int. Aug. 13, 1773.

Fanny [Fanney. int.] W., Miss, and Isaac F. Terry, July 18, 1841.

Freeman, and Elisabeth Hammond [Hammon. int.], Apr. 22, 1771.

Hannah, and George N. Slocum, June 27, 1837.

Hiram, and Miss Elizabeth Ann Ryder, int. Aug. 12, 1842.

Jefferson, of Freetown, and [Miss. int.] Hope Collins, Feb. 27, 1831.

Jireh, of Freetown, and Miss Sarah Clark, int. Jan. 20, 1827.

Jirah, and Sally Downin, both of Freetown, May 29, 1842, in Freetown.*

Josiah H. [L. int.], and Melora [Merala. int.] Crapo, of Freetown, July 31, 1841.

Lowring, single, 23, farmer, s. Stephen & Sybel, and Phebe Ann Faunce, 23, d. Thomas, Dec. 22, 1847.

Lucy F., and Abraham Peirce [Pierce. int.] 2d, of Taunton, Oct. 14, 1832.

Mary [Marcy. int.], and Simeon Babbet, Dec. 3, 1766, in Freetown.

Mary, Miss, and Henry Davis, of Newbedford, int. Oct. 11, 1823. [m. Nov. 2. PR1]

Phebe P., 20, d. Stephen & Sybel, and Job L. Shaw, single, 26, trader, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s. Job & Amy, of New Bedford, Jan. 13, 1848.

Rebeccah, and Gamaleal Spooner, int. May 25, 1763.

Richard C., and Rachel [Miss Rachael. int.] C. Davis, of Westport, Aug. 16, 1842, in Westport.

Stephen, of Freetown, and Sibbel Bullock, int. Nov. 16, 1822. [Sybil, m. Dec. 4. PR1]

Susan G. [Miss. int.], of Freetown, and Homphry [Humphrey. int] Russell Jr., Apr. 23, 1843, in Freetown.

Susannah, [of Freetown. int.], and Samuel Joy Jr., May 13, 1755. [Jay jr. BCM]

Susanna, of Freetown, and William Allin [Allen. int.], Nov. 25, 1790, in Freetown.

Tabour [Taber. int.], of Freetown, and Nancy Phillips, Jan. 3, 1799. [Taber, of Freetown. PR1]

Taber, of Freetown, and Elizabeth Wordle [Wodel. int.], July 18, 1816. [Tabor, of Freetown, and Elizabeth Wodell. PR1]

Thomas, and Polly Simmons, both of Freetown, May 21, 1843, in Freetown.*

Warren, and [Miss. int.] Hannah Rider, May 11, 1828.

William, and Sarah Collins, int. Apr. 30, 1821. [m. June 17. PR1]


Thomas, of Edgartown, and Sarah Cannon, int. Nov. 5, 1772. [m. Apr. 4, 1773. CR4]


Jane, of Province Town, and Benjamin Willcox Jr., int. June 18, 1792.

Salome, of Chatham, and Abial Cushman, int. Mar. 14, 1783.


Hephzibah [Aucooch. int.], "Indian woman," and Jonathan Slocum, "Mulatto Man," Dec. 6, 1772.


Jemima, "free Negro woman," and Prince Edward, "Negro Man," of Sandwich, int. Sept. 10, 1763. [Jemima, d. Augustus (negro), and Prence Edward, "negro servant of Mr. Timothy Boom, of Sandwich," m. Nov. 9. CR4]


Betsey, and Peleg Johnson, "people of Colour," int. Nov. 23, 1823.

Joseph [Aucor. int.], and Zilpha [Zilpah. int.] Tucker, of Newbedford ["Mulattoes." int.], Nov. 10, 1788. [Auker and Zelpha Tucker, of New Bedford. BCM]

Rhobe, and Micael Wainer, of Westport, int. Dec. 2, 1814.

Sally, [Miss. int.], and Joseph Antone, of Newbedford, Dec. 2, 1821.

AUSTEN (Asten, Astens)

John, of Newport, and Elisabeth Joseph Jenne, int. Apr. 12, 1763. [m. May 1. CR4]

Joseph, and Patience Grinnell [Grinnel. int.; Grennel. BCM], May 10, 1770.

Mary Ann, d. David, dec., of Albany, NY, & Anna ("now resident of Fairhaven," Bristol Co.), and George W. Francis, s. Nathan, dec., & Sarah, 1: 5m: 1834. CR3

Marcy (Asten) [Austines. int.], of Middleborough, and Nathan West [Waste. int.], Jan. 29, 1778. [Mercy Asten, of Middleboro, and Nathan West. BCM]

Philip (Astens), and Mercy Horskins, int. Aug. 18, 1774.

Sarah, of Chilmark, and Prince Tuckham [Peckcom. int.], Nov. 28, 1780, in Chilmark.


Robert, and Hannah Mohooit, int. Nov. 10, 1740.

AYRES (Airs, Heirs, Hier, Hiers, Hire, Hyres)

Albert (Hyres), and Mary Jinkens, of Newbedford, int. Mar. 28, 1840.

Edward [Heirs. int.], and Joanna [Johannah. int.] Kempton, Apr. 23, 1786. [Ayres and Joanna Kempton. BCM CR4]

John (Hiers), of New Bedford, and Silvia Peckham, int. Mar. 1, 1801.

John (Airs), of New Bedford, and Clarissa Macomber, int. June 4, 1838.

Mary Ann (Hire) [Hyre. int.], and James Semmons [Simmons. int.], Feb. 3, 1835.

Sarah (Heirs), and James Taber, int. Feb. 21, 1787.

Sylvia (Hires), and Robert Dennis, of Westport, int. Dec. 5, 1837.

Vincent (Hier) [Hyer. int.; Heirs. BCM], and Elisabeth Spooner, June 5, 1778.

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