Hannah, 2d, of Dighton, and Dr. Roland Green, int. Nov. 22, 1793.


Charles F., unm., of Taunton, a. 23 y., nailer, s. James and Abby, and Amelia Chamberlain, unm., a. 22 y., d. Job and Ruth, July 25, 1847.


Elijah, and Mehetable Pratt of Foxborough, int. Dec. 9, 1791.

Elisha, and Mary Grover, int. Nov. 7, 1807 [Sept. 27, 1812. dup.].

Elizabeth, of Franklin, and Williard Hatten, int. Aug. 24, 1823.

Emily M., unm., a. 15 y., d. Simon and Polly, and Benjamin F. Johnson, unm., of Easton, a. 23 y., manufacturer, s. Bela and Sally, of Easton, Aug. 12, 1846.

Emeline E., of Bellingham, and William Hart, int. Nov. 8, 1849.

Horres, of Franklin, and Louisa Williams, Apr. 27, 1825.

Isaac F., painter, and Laura A. Standish, both unm., Sept. 26, 1847.

Jemima, and Amos White, July 21, 1804.

John N., unm., of Peterborough [NH. int.], a. 27 y., stone mason, s. Elijah, and Loretta H. Thayer, unm., a. 20 y., d. Simion, Oct. 22, 1844.

Jonathan, and Nancy Bates, int. Aug. 19, 1815.

Loretta H., unm., a. 20 y., d. Simion, and John N. Thayer, unm., of Peterborough [NH. int.], a. 27 y., stone mason, s. Elijah, Oct. 22, 1844.

Mary, and [William Shaw. PR14] of Norton, Dec. 5, 1770.*

Mary F., and John D. Mason of Pembroke, Jan. 1, 1834.

Sally, and Ebenezer Brintnall [jr. int.], Aug. 1, 1790.

Simeon, and Polly Fuller [both of M. int.], Nov. 7, 1813.

Simeon O., of Randolph, and Mary M. Hodges, Aug. 13, 1837.

Sophia, and David Fisher of Royalston, int. May 30, 1790.

Susannah, and Samuel Blanding of Cumberland, RI, int. Oct. 27, 1801.

Susannah, and Scott Fuller of Attleborough, int. Apr. 10, 1807.

Sylvia, and George Brooks, May 28, 1821.


Calvin, and Chloe Deane, Nov. 28, 1824.

Calvin, jr., and Mrs. Catherine [E. int.] Thomas, May 25, 1843.

Catherine [E. int.], Mrs., and Calvin Thomas, jr., May 25, 1843.

George W., and Charlotte Bacon of Walpole, int. May 2, 1840.

Hemon [Hermon. int.], of Pembroke, and Abigail C. Fuller, June 4, 1832.

Lewis, of Tyngsborough [of M. PR1], and Catherine E[verett. PR1] Allen [d. Oliver and Martha (Guild). PR1], Apr. 24, 1834.

Lydia C., unm., of Easton, and Shepard Godfrey, widr., of Easton, carpenter, s. James, Feb. 7, 1849.*

Martha B., and Jonathan P. Perry of Easton, June 26, 1831.

Nancy K., and Philip K. Deane of Raynham, Sept. 3, 1826.

William D[ean. PR1], and Abby K[ollock. PR1] Allen [d. Oliver and Martha (Guild). PR1], Mar. 15, 1843.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

David (Thomson), of Easton, and Lucy Pratt [of M. int.], June 11, 1811.

Prutia, of Norton, and Daniel White, int. Nov. 9, 1817.

Sarah, of Easton, and Milton Sumner of Foxborough, July 13, 1823.*

TIFFANY (Tifaney, Tiffanay)

Albert W. (Tiffanay) [Tiffany. int.], and Alvira Pratt, May 21, 1832.

Isaac, and Fanny Grover of Foxborough, int. Mar. 10, 1799.

John (Tifaney) [Tiffany. int.], jr., of Attleborough, and Rutha Clap, Mar. 28, 1782.

Joseph, of Stoughtonham, and Sarah Morse of Stoughton, Sept. 12, 1775.*

Margret, and Moses Knap [jr. int.], Esq., Nov. 1, 1785.

Meriam, and Joshua Clark, both of Foxborough, May 27, 1779.*

Sally, of Foxborough, and Hossea Grover, int. Nov. 26, 1812.


William, unm., of Easton, and Hannah R. Quiggle, unm., d. Friend, Aug. 11, 1846.


Dorathy C., of Easton, and Meletiah White, int. Jan. 27, 1811.

TITUS (Tittus)

Elizabeth (Tittus), and Ichabod Randell of Easton, int. Mar. 19, 1773.

Hephzibah [Tittus. int.], and David Sweetland of Attleborough, Feb. 10, 1774.

James, and Rebecca Wood, int. Aug. 21, 1847.

Joseph, and Lois Brintnell, Oct. 17, 1780.

Joseph, of Norton, and Content Walker, int. Oct. 10, 1801.

Loney, and Archibald Todd, May 27, 1783.

Rhoda, and Nathan Hill of Brookfield, Nov. 17, 1771.


John T., of Easton, and Eliza Ann Grover, Sept. 29, 1833.


Archibald, and Loney Titus, May 27, 1783.

Archibald, jr., and Esther Whiting of Attleborough, int. Nov. 12, 1820.

Eliza M., and Joel Shaw of Foxborough, May 8, 1822.

Eloney, and Elijah Hodges Shepard of Foxborough, Dec. 17, 1807.


Fanny [Gallman. int.], of Sharon, and William Merritt Allen, s. Elijah and Abigail, Nov. 27, 1834. PR1

William, of Attleborough, and Chloe White, 2d, int. Aug. 23, 1777.

TORREY (Torry)

Martin [Torry. int.], of Foxborough, and Susanna Hardon, Nov. 25, 1817.

Nancy (Torry), of Pembroke, and Jacob P. Bird, int. Nov. 3, 1810.


Benjamin O., unm., of Scituate, a. 29 y., blacksmith, s. Benjamin and Eunice, and Betsey C. Vinal, unm., of Scituate, a. 20 y., d. John S. and Mary A., June 20, 1849.


Isral, jr., and Hannah Makepeace, both of Norton, May 28, 1788.*


Charlotte R. [of M. int.], and Peter Matheson [Matherson. int.] of Pawtuxet, Jan. 1, 1819.

Eunice, of Milton, and John Sweet, int. Jan. 18, 1794.

John, and Sabra Coffee [Coffey. int.] of Dedham, Oct. 28, 1797.

Lucy, and John White, 2d, Apr. 19, 1780.

Mary E., and John H. Sargent, Dec. 3, 1844.*

Vodon, of Norton, and Olive White, July 16, 1788.


Mary Ann, of Providence, and Davis Lothrop, int. Mar. 8, 1835.


Calvin, and Ann Cobb, Apr. 13, 1825.


Elijah G., and Mariett Hardon, July 3, 1839.

TYRELL (Terrill, Terrille, Tirrel, Tirril, Tirrl, Turral, Turrel, Tyrel)

Abigail, and Ebenezer Lane, Dec. 24, 1793.

Chloe (Tirrl) [Tirril. int.], and John Cobb, Jan. 24, 1788.

Jane (Turral), and Jeremiah White, June 2, 1774.

Job (Tyrel) [Tirrel. int.], and Abigail Cobb, May 27, 1783.

Mary (Turrel), and Nathaniel Sweeting, Sept. 19, 1781.

Mehetabel (Terrille) [Terrill. int.], and Daniel Cobb, jr., Dec. 29, 1822.

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