a age | h husband | s son
abt about | hrs hours | Sr senior
b born | inf infant | w wife; week
ch child | int intention of marriage | wid widow
chn children | Jr junior | widr widower
Co county | m married; month | y year
d daughter; died; day | min minutes | 1st first
Dea deacon | prob probably | 2d second
dup duplicate entry | rec recorded | 3r third
CR1 First Congregational Parish, Unitarian
CR2 Dissenting Congregational (afterwards Baptist)
CR3 Trinitarian
GR1 First Burial Place
GR2 Norton Common Cemetery
GR3 Center Cemetery
GR4 Timothy Plain Cemetery
GR5 Babbit, or Cobb, Cemetery
GR6 Winneconnet Second Cemetery
GR7 Winneconnet New Cemetery
GR8 Woodward-Willis Cemetery
GR9 Senaca Lincoln Family Burying Ground
GR10 Crane Cemetery
GR11 Abraham White Cemetery
GR12 Eddy-Lincoln Cemetery
GR13 Crane-Newcomb Burial Place
GR14 John Eddy Burial Place
GR15 Hall Cemetery
GR16 White Cemetery
GR17 Josiah Newcomb Cemetery
GR18 Briggs Cemetery
GR19 George Codding Burial Place
GR20 Dyer Burial Place
GR21 Lincoln Burial Place, Gaffney Farm
(Bibles, Family Records, Etc.)
PR Josiah Woodward Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. George Woodward, of Norton

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