Ephraim, ch. Jedidiah and Sarah, May 11, 1800.

Joseph, ch. Jedidiah and Sarah, Jan. 3, 1806.

Sally, ch. Jedidiah and Sarah, July 24, 1798.

JOHNSON (Johnston)

Eliza Frances, d. Charles H. and Eliza A. [Feb. ––, 1849]. GR3

JOHNSTON (Johnson)

Betsey, ch. Dr. Adam, bp. May 26, 1776. CR1

Hannah, ch. Dr. Adam, bp. May 23, 1779. CR1

Sarah, ch. Dr. Adam, bp. Sept. 18, 1774. CR1


Daniell, ch. Joseph and Marcy, May 16, 1746.

Joseph, s. Joseph and Marcy, Mar. 7, 1742.

Mary, ch. Ebenezer of Easton, bp. Dec. 31, 1758. CR1

Phebe, d. Dea. Johnathan and Abigal (Paull), w. Benjamin Stanley, June 14, 1785, in Dighton. GR2

William, ch. Joseph and Marcy, Apr. 25, 1744.

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