Hanan of Taunton, and Cloe [int. Chloe] Braman, May 26, 1816.

Chloe, Mrs., and Ebenezar Willis of Taunton [int. Tauntion], Feb. 21, 1826.


Meletiah and James Austen, int. Jan. 6, 1770.


Walter and Content W. Danforthe [int. Content Walker Danforth], Jan. 11, 1829.


Betsey of Mansfield, and Otis Sweet Jr. of Mansfield, Jan. 25, 1839, in Mansfield.*


Sarah and Ebenezar Wellman, Dec. 11, 1716.*

Mehetabel and Joseph Briggs, Oct. 20, 1718.*

Charity [int. Charety] and Joseph Welman [int. Wellmon], July 31, 1722.

John and Sarah Wellman, Mar. 7, 1726-7.*

Lydia and Philip White, Mar. 17, 1730-1.*

Hannah and Samuel Welman, June 9, 1730.*

Benjamen and Elizebeth Skinner, Apr. 23, 1744.

Hannah 5th of Raynham, and Timothy Smith, int. July 6, 1751.

John and Elisabeth White [int. 3d], Sept. 14, 1758.

Lydia of Taunton, and Benjamin Willis, int. Jan. 30, 1762.

John "a Foreigner," and Olive Tucker, Dec. 24, 1781.

Elkanah and Huldah [int. Hulday] Gilbert, May 6, 1784.

Anna and Nathaniel Monrow of Providence, Mar. 29, 1786.

Briant [int. Bryant] and Polley [int. Polly] Lane, Jan. ––, 1788.

John 3d and Sarah Bragg [int. 2d] of Wrentham [int. Wrenthem], Feb. 15, 1789, in Wrentham.

Elkanah of Mansfield, and Mehitable [dup. Mehetabul, int. Mehetable] Newcomb, Sept. 2, 1790 [dup. 1789] [int. Mar. 29, 1789].

John Jr. and Silva [int. Sylva] Dean of Mansfield, Nov. 3, 1789, in Mansfield.

Phebe of Rainham, and Silvester Newcomb, int. Apr. 11, 1791.

Josias of Taunton, and Susanna Andrews, Dec. 8, 1791.

Hannah and Elisha Dean [int. Deane] Jr. of Easton [int. Eastown], Mar. 24, 1793.

Silas and Nancy Standley, Mar. 25, 1794.

Abiah 2d and Samuel Wild 3d [int. Jr.] of Taunton, June 4, 1794.

Sarah and Jedediah Jewit, int. Nov. 19, 1797.

Silence and Seth Tisdale of Taunton, int. Jan. 23, 1803.

John and Molly [int. Mollay] Leonard of Foxborough, Mar. 31, 1803.

John 3d and Dilla Standlay, int. Apr. 1, 1803.

Salley and Enoch Toby Paul [int. Enoch Tobey Paull], Apr. 22, 1814.

Chandler and Julia-ann [int. Julia Ann] Munroe, Apr. 2, 1815.

Stella of Raynham, and Amos Keith, int. Mar. 4, 1819.

Betsy [int. Betsey] and Levitt [int. Levet] Taylor Jackson of Brunswick, ME, June 22, 1820.

John Jr. and Harriot Leonard of Taunton, int. June 13, 1821.

Elizabeth of Mansfield, and James B. Parker, int. Jan. 20, 1822.

Chandler and Susan Wiet Gillet, int. July 19, 1823.

Leonard of Taunton, and Roby K. Crane, June 3, 1827.

Benjamin S. and Caroline J. Hodges [int. Hodgs], Jan. 7, 1830.

Richard H. and Mary Ann Bates, July 23, 1830.

Andrew H. of Taunton, and Hannah W. Crane, Nov. 8, 1832.

Silas, Rev., of Abington, and Lucinda Makepeace, Nov. 28, 1832.

Ann T. and Nathan B. Lee, Mar. 30, 1837, in Taunton.

Susan W., Mrs., and Laban Hodges, int. Apr. 26, 1840.

Nathaniel B. of Raynham, and Elizabeth C. Lane, Apr. 15, 1841.


Ebenezer and Emmely J. Frost of Smithfield, RI, int. Apr. 2, 1842.

Phebe, Mrs., and Ansel Wood of Middleborough, June 14, 1842.

HARADEN (Haradon, Haredon, Harradon, Harridon, Heradon, Hereden, Heridon)

William and Abigaile Gray, July 1, 1731.*

Elisha and Sophia Woodward, int. Feb. 23, 1807.

HARADON (Haraden, Haredon, Harradon, Harridon, Heradon, Hereden, Heridon)

John [int. Harradon] and Charity Hoar, Feb. 5, 1754.

Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth Harridon] and Linsford Green of Wrentham, Mar. 7, 1765.

HARDEN (Hardin, Harding)

Isaac Jr. [int. Hardon] of Walpole, and Eunice Sweet, Oct. 22, 1815.

Clarissa of Mansfield, and Simeon Derry, int. Feb. 9, 1816.

HARDIN (Harden, Harding)

Sarah and Nathaniel Brintinal, Feb. 21, 1736-7.*

Patty and John Farrington of Easton, int. Sept. 28, 1824.

Alcott and Sarah B. Martin of Attleborough, int. Apr. 14, 1844.

HARDING (Harden, Hardin)

David and Susanna [int. Sussannah] Skinner, Mar. 20, 1751.

Lydia [int. Harden] and Jonathan Smith, May 24, 1793.

Martha S. of Newsalem, and Rev. Asarelah M. Bridge, int. June 30, 1838.

HAREDON (Haraden, Haradon, Harradon, Harridon, Heradon, Hereden, Heridon)

Isaac [int. Heredon] and Anna Stone, Mar. 10, 1796.


William Jr. of Plymouth, and Elizebeth Jackson, Jan. 13, 1797.

HARRADON (Haraden, Haradon, Haredon, Harridon, Heradon, Hereden, Heridon)

Hannah and Philip Hoar of Taunton, int. Sept. 3, 1757.

HARRIDON (Haraden, Haradon, Haredon, Harradon, Heradon, Hereden, Heridon)

Joanna and Olliver Smith of Taunton, int. Oct. 3, 1766. "publishing forbid by the above named Joanna Harridon. "

Charity and William Norton, int. June 26, 1767.

Joanna [int. Johannah Harradon] and Levi Titus, July 20, 1769.

Zeruah [int. Haradon] and Bradford Briggs [int. Brigg] of Providence, RI, June 9, 1833.


Margaret and James Lynch, int. Nov. 13, 1846.


Ebenezer [int. Herring] of Dedham, and Sarah Crossmon [int. Crosman "A transsiant person"], June 21, 1770, in Easton.


Thomas and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Adams of Newtown, Mar. 13, 1760, in Newton.

John and Elenor Budery of Mansfield, int. Nov. 1, 1807.

James of Mansfield, and Prushia Chapman of Boston, Nov. 11, 1808.*

Otis of Mansfield, and Abiah Haskins, Aug. 17, 1836, in Fall River.

Roxey, Mrs., of Attleborough, and Larnard Stone, int. May 6, 1848.


Joseph and Hannah Seele, Aug. 4, 1748.

Joseph and Sarah Cook, Feb. 20, 1753.

Hephzibah and Peter Makepeace, int. Dec. 3, 1753.

Samuel King of Brewer, ME, and Sarah Copeland, Nov. 7, 1819.

Betsey of Taunton, and Hiram J. Hunt, int. Nov. 30, 1834.


Samuel of Bridgewater, and Susannah Burr, int. Feb. 28, 1782.


Joannah of Tanton, and Samuel Hoskins of Tanton, Apr. 8, 1736.*

Zurviah of Taunton, and Abiel Eddy 2d, int. July 9, 1763.

Jemima of Taunton, and Ephraim Fisher, int. Jan. 6, 1769.

Welthy of Taunton [and] Elijah Eddy, int. Feb. 12, 1778.

Thomas and Pedy Ball of Taunton, int. Mar. 13, 1780.

Elezebeth 2d of Taunton, and John Arnold, int. Apr. 8, 1788.

Rebecca [int. Rebeccah Havy] of Taunton, and Terry Crane, May 20, 1798.

Rachel and Asa Williams, Sept. 21, 1800.

Josiah and Lucinda Balkcom, int. May 21, 1801.

Lydia of Taunton, and William Braman, Mar. 31, 1805.

Sally of Taunton, and George Hodges Jr., int. Oct. 13, 1805.

Lintha of Taunton, and Stephen Hodges, Sept. 3, 1809.

Henry of Taunton, and Polly Newcomb, int. Apr. 26, 1812.

William of Taunton, and Rozanah Richman, int. May 20, 1816.

Abigail of Taunton, and Rev. Ebenezar Easty, Apr. 18, 1824.*

Sally of Taunton, and John Crane, int. Mar. 6, 1825.

Lucinda [int. Lucindia] and Leonard Smith, July 24, 1825.

Polly P. and Bradford H. Hunt, Sept. 7, 1837, in Taunton.

Josiah and Mary Chena of Taunton, int. Jan. 9, 1845.

Benjamin, school teacher and farmer, of Taunton, b. Taunton, s. David of Taunton, and Lucinda Lincoln, 27, tayleress, d. Laban and Susanna, Mar. 17, 1846.

Stimpson of Taunton, and Louritta Briggs, int. Apr. 10, 1846.

John, 28, mechanic, b. Taunton, s. Barnabas and Peddy, and Cornelia A. Hodges, 29, d. Seth and Lucy, Apr. 6, 1847.

HASKINS (Hoskins)

John Jr. of Taunton, and Sally Clark, int. July 2, 1813.

Abiah and Otis Harris of Mansfield, Aug. 17, 1836, in Fall River.

Franklin of Middleborough, and Eliza R. Lothrop, int. July 16, 1838.

HATHAWAY (Hatheway)

Mehetable of Berkley, and Joshua Basset, int. Jan. 14, 1764.

Anna of Berkley, [and] Elisha Crossman Jr., int. Feb. 22, 1818.

Betsey of Dighton, and Almond Tucker, int. May 31, 1829.

James W. [int. Hothaway] of Freetown, and Matilda M. Crane, Jan. 26, 1837.

Mary V. of Fallriver, and Silas W. Lincoln, int. Sept. 20, 1838.

HATHEWAY (Hathaway)

Stephen of Berkley, and Mary Babbit, Feb. 27, [1751-2].


Elizebeth and Benjamen Drake, Nov. 28, 1723.*

HAWARD (Haward, Hayward, Howard)

Edward Jr. of Bridgwater, and Hannah Hinsley "of the Est End of the north purchase," Feb. 2, 1713-14.*

Moses (Noses) of Easton, and Margeret Wethrell of Easton, July 15, 1747.*

HAWES (Haws)

Elenor [int. Elener Hose] and Samuel Glover of Stoughton, Jan. 17, 1787.

HAWS (Hawes)

Daniel Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Wrentham, and Abiah Braman, Sept. 21, 1756.

Nancy of Wrentham, and Andrews Braman, int. June 26, 1813.

HAYARD (Haward, Hayward, Howard)

William [int. Howard] and Lidea Manley, Jan. 11, 1723-4.

HAYWARD (Haward, Hayard, Howard)

Eunice [int. Eunic Haward] and Benjamin Shaw of Mansfield, Nov. 17, 1791, in Mansfield.

William A. of Milford, and Betsey T. Newcomb, int. Jan. 28, 1844.

HEARTH (Heath)

Mary [int. Heath] of Swansey, and Meletiah Washburn [int. Malatiah Woshbourn], Feb. 20, 1777, in Swansey.

HEATH (Hearth)

Polley and Amase Wiswall, int. Sept. 28, 1787.

Ezra B. of Attleborough, and Sarah F. Richardson, int. Dec. 14, 1849.


John and Sarah Black, negroes, Feb. 19, 1740-1.*

HERADON (Haraden, Haradon, Haredon, Harradon, Harridon, Hereden, Heridon)

Sophia [int. Heridon], Mrs., and James Lawson, May 24, 1818.

HEREDEN (Haraden, Haradon, Haredon, Harradon, Harridon, Heradon, Heridon)

Nancy and Stephen Smith of Taunton, int. Mar. 22, 1807.

Sophia, Mrs., and Lemuel Stacey Jr. of Taunton, int. Aug. 9, 1815.

HERIDON (Haraden, Haradon, Haredon, Harradon, Harridon, Heradon, Hereden)

Joanna and Ichabod Eddy, Feb. 9, 1725-6.*

Jean and Joseph Gray, Apr. 30, 1730.*

Bythiah [int. Harridon] and John Cumber, Apr. 9, 1761.


Almira of Middleborough, and Kingman Richmond, int. Apr. 25, 1818.

HEWES (Hews)

Abigail [int. Hews of Wrentham] and Dr. Daniel Parker of Wrentham, ––– ––, –––– [int. Aug. 9, 1777].

Benjamin and Sarah Hill, wid., Jan. 1, 1740-1.*

Joseph of Wrentham, and Sarah Hodges, Nov. 30, 1769.

HEWET (Hewett, Hewit)

Hanah and Benjamin Drake, int. Oct. ––, 1724.

Mary of Taunton, and Ezra Skiner [int. Skinner], Oct. 17, 1764.

Liza of Franklin, and Calvin Dean, int. Mar. 4, 1820.

Mary of Taunton, and Moses Shute of Taunton, Feb. 17, 1824.*

HEWETT (Hewet, Hewit)

Betcy of Taunton, and John Chapman Jr., int. Feb. 26, 1816.


Ebenezer of Stoughton, and Judith Porter, Nov. 19, 1730.*

Abigail of Sharon, and Albert Field, int. Mar. 13, 1818.

HEWIT (Hewet, Hewett)

Ephraraim of Eastton, and Charaity Wetherel, Oct. 7, 1735.*

Anna [int. Anne Hewet] of Easton, and Edward White 2d [int. omits 2d], May 3, 1770, in Easton.

Amos and Elizabeth Parmenter of Attleborough, Oct. 1, 1772, in Attleborough.*

Catee and Thomas Burt of Taunton, int. Aug. 1, 1779.

HEWS (Hewes)

Hannah of Wrentham, and Isaac White, int. Mar. 14, 1743-4.


Lois [int. Lowis Hix] of Taunton, and Obediah Eddy, July 20, 1744.

William R. of Rehoboth, and Artha Melinda R. Tucker, int. Aug. 18, 1830.

Cyrus of Boston, and Polly Wood, int. Dec. 8, 1840.

Samuel G. and Sarah Jane Robinson of Mansfield, int. Sept. 11, 1847.

Elizabeth M. and Abert Skinner, int. Jan. 14, 1849. "On the 15th of January 1849 GIlbert Hicks the Father of the above Elizabeth forbid the Bans of Marriage. and on the 20th of January 1849 The above named Elizabeth M. Hicks requested the Town Clerk of take the Publishment down as She had given no consent to be Published. "


Abigail and Seth Stevens, int. Aug. 17, 1753.

Zurviah and James Wilson of Newhaven, int. July 29, 1769.


John of Rehobath, and Sarah Silley 2d, Nov. 17, 1737.*

Sarah, wid., and Benjamin Hewes, Jan. 1, 1740-1.*

John of Brookfeild [int. Brookfield], and Hannah Witherel [int. Wetherell], May 17, 1748.

William of Atelberrough, and Sarah Criston of Stoughton, Sept. 21, 1750.*

Joseph and Silence [int. Silance] Tucker, Apr. 8, 1789.

Leonard and Peggy Bassett, Sept. 30, 1789 [dup. 1790] [int. July 18, 1789].

Pegga and John Penno, Mar. 10, 1808.

Silence, Mrs., of Taunton, and Ezry Eddy of Taunton, June 6, 1830.*

Almira and Jesse Davenport Jr. [int. Jese Davenport, omits Jr.] of Canton, Sept. 18, 1831.

Nahum W. and Jemima Newel of Taunton, int. July 2, 1846.


Mary and Ebenezer White 2d, Sept. 19, 1765.


Hannah "of the Est End of the north purchase," and Edward Haward Jr. of Bridgwater, Feb. 2, 1713-14.*


Bethiah of Dorchester, [and] John Phillips, int. Jan. 8, 1721.


Charity and John Haradon [int. Harradon], Feb. 5, 1754.

Philip of Taunton, and Hannah Harradon, int. Sept. 3, 1757.

Jacob and Welthy Broman Braman, Jan. 22, 1761.


Enos and Fanny Perry, May 19, 1799.

David and Prudence Cadding of Taunton, int. Apr. 8, 1804.

Prudence, Mrs., of Taunton, and William Carpenter, Feb. 23, 1824.


Samuell and Mary Allen of Tanton, Mar. 7, 1717.*

Nathan and Experience Williams of Taunton, Dec. 12, 1728.*

Ebenezer and Mary Dailey of Easton, Nov. 11, 1729, in Easton.*

Silance and Ephraim Turner, June 18, 1730.*

Lydya and Thomas Winchil, Dec. 7, 1732.*

Mehetobel and Thomas Morey, Dec. 21, 1732.*

Anna and William Ware, Sept. 27, 1733.*

Eliphelet and Elizabeth Clap, Jan. 29, 1735-6.*

Abiah and Jonathan Follit, May 20, 1735.*

Edmund and Marcy Cooke of Kingstowne, Jan. 6, 1736-7.*

Miriam and Joseph Bishop of Atelborrough, Apr. 22, 1736.*

Charity and James Winslow of Freetowne, June 8, 1738.*

Abiah and Nehemiah King, Dec. 26, 1738.*

William of Tanton, and Lidya Andrews, June 21, 1739.*

Joseph Jr. and Naomei Pratt, Nov. 26, 1739.*

Samuel and Ruth Potter, Dec. 6, 1739.*

Mercy and Silas Titus, Dec. 22, 1741.*

Bethiah and George Godfrey of Taunton, May 9, 1744.*

Eliphelit [int. Eliphlit] of Stoughton, and Abigail Phillebrown [int. Abigaill Filebroune], Mar. 4, 1745.

Jonathan 1st [int. omits 1st] and Deborah [int. Deberah] Newcomb, Mar. 20, 1745-6.

Anna [int. Anne] and John Wild Jr., May 1, 1746.

Abigail [int. Abigaill Hadges] and Beach Cutler of Pomferit, May 13, 1746.

Mary [int. Hadges] and George Morey [int. Mory] Jr., Nov. 23, 1748.

Benjamin and Mrs. Sarah Seele [int. Seelle, omits Mrs.], May 29, 1749.

Joseph and Mrs. Miriam Bishop of Attleborough, int. Nov. 15, 1749.

Elizebeth and John Cobb, int. Feb. 26, 1750. "Publishment forbid by her father. "

Mary and Samuel Morey, May 3, 1750.

Esther, Mrs., and Benjamen Fairbank, int. Aug. 11, 1750.

Phebe and John Cobb 2d, Nov. 1, 1750.

Isaac and Mary Pratt, Jan. 31, 1751.

Rachell and Record Franklin, Apr. 25, 1751.

Nathan Jr. and Hannah Morey, Nov. 7, 1751.

Andrew and Mehittable Leonard of Taunton, int. Mar. 2, 1752.

Ephraim and Rachel Cox of Pembroke [int. Koks of Pembrook], Nov. 15, 1752 "New Stile," in Pembroke.

Hannah 2d and Aaron Blake of Wrenthem, int. Sept. 14, 1753.

Hannah 3d and Noah Wiswall [int. Wisall] of Dorchester, Nov. 8, 1753.

Elisabeth and Moses Wilmarth [int. Willmarth] of Attleborough, Apr. 20, 1756.

Elisabeth 2d [int. omits 2d] and Caleb Lyon of Woodstock, Apr. 28, 1756.

Timothy and Lydia Cox of Pembroke [int. Koks of Pembrook], June 3, 1756, in Pembroke.

Sarah [int. adds wid.] and Nathaniel Dunham, June 14, 1756.

Miriam 2d and Daniel Tiffaney 2d of Attleborough, Apr. 17, 1760.

Miriam and William Cobb, July 9, 1760.

Hannah 2d and Richard Guild [int. Guile] of Wrentham, Dec. 3, 1761.

Ruth and Soloman [int. Solomon] Trow, May 20, 1762.

David and Bethiah Knap, Sept. 9, 1762.*

Bethiah [int. Bythiah] and Nathaniel Freeman, Feb. 10, 1763.

Deliverance and Silas Cobb, May 24, 1764.

Edmond Jr. and Rachel Godfrey, July 25, 1764.

Simeon and Susannah Cobb, July 4, 1765.

Josiah and Welthy Hodges, Oct. 24, 1765.

Welthy and Josiah Hodges, Oct. 24, 1765.

Miriam and John Dean 2d, Jan. 16, 1766.

Abiel and Experience Williams of Taunton, int. May 8, 1766.

James and Mary Briggs 4th, Dec. 2, 1766.

Elizebeth [int. Elizabeth] and Samuel Godfrey, July 8, 1767.

Sarah and Joseph Hewes of Wrentham, Nov. 30, 1769.

Lona and Jacob Skiner, Apr. 19, 1770.

Jonathan 2d and Abigail Carpentor, Jan. 8, 1771.

Deborah 2d and John Allen, Sept. 5, 1771.

Andrew and Abigail Hoskins of Providence, int. May 17, 1773.

Rachel and William Hodges of Taunton, int. July 9, 1773.

William of Taunton, and Rachel Hodges, int. July 9, 1773.

Sarah and Adam Johnston, Oct. 14, 1773.

Mehetable and Josiah Cobb, Apr. 19, 1774.

Abigail and Samuel Lincoln, Apr. 28, 1774.

Nathaniel and Hannah Skinner [int. 3d] of Mansfield, May 24, 1774, in Mansfield.

Naomi [int. Neoma] and Tisdale Hodges, Oct. 6, 1774.

Tisdale and Naomi [int. Neoma] Hodges, Oct. 6, 1774.

Mary and Samuel Godfrey, Dec. 29, 1774.

Joseph [and] Lusanah Williams of Taunton, int. Jan. 5, 1775.

Abiel and Abigail Williams, int. Nov. 18, 1775.

Nathan Jr. and Betty [int. Bettey] Bosworth of Barrington [int. Barington], Apr. 17, 1777.

Abigail and Benjamin Hodges, Aug. 27, 1778.

Benjamin and Abigail Hodges, Aug. 27, 1778.

Elijah [int. Jr.] of Mansfield, and Sarah Morey, May 4, 1779.

William of Taunton, and Mary Eddy, int. Feb. 27, 1780.

Lucilda [int. Lusilda] and Nathaniel Williams of Taunton, Apr. 20, 1780.

John and Abigail Wheaton of Mansfield, Nov. 2, 1780, in Mansfield.

Abigail 2d and James Tayler of Newport, int. Mar. 5, 1781.

Isaac Jr. and Chloe Bishop of Attleborough, July 25, 1782.

Sybal [int. Sibbel] and Rufus Clap, Nov. 12, 1782.

Jesse and Olive White of Marshfield, Dec. 1, 1782, in Marshfield.

David and Lydia Hodges of Taunton, May 1, 1783.*

Lydia of Taunton, and David Hodges, May 1, 1783.*

Rany [int. Raney] and George Tisdale of Taunton, July 10, 1783.

Hannah and Job Tisdale Jr. of Taunton, int. Sept. 26, 1784.

William of Mansfield, and Sarah Willard, Apr. 28, 1785.

Anna and Isaac Makepeace, July 28, 1785.

Timothy Jr. of Taunton, and Ruth King [int. 2d], Oct. 24, 1786.

Daniel and Elona Shepardson of Rehoboth, Mar. 12, 1787, in Rehoboth.

Experieance [int. Experience] and George Porter of Rehoboth, Mar. 22, 1789.

Joseph of Taunton, and Silance White, int. July 18, 1789.

Rachel and Abel Carpenter 2d of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 16, 1790.

Jonathan Jr. and Sarah Danforth, Aug. 3, 1790.

Zilpha and Luther Short of Rehoboth, Nov. 29, 1792.

Welthy 2d and Ezra Macomber, Dec. 27, 1792.

James Jr. and Naby Daggett of Attleborough, int. Jan. 5, 1793.

Naby [int. Nabby] and Nathaniel Wood Jr., June 9, 1793.

Bethiah of Taunton, and John Norton of Taunton, Sept. 1, 1793.*

Seth and Lucy Webber of Taunton, Jan. 9, 1794.

Gemima of Taunton, and Asa Arnold, int. Aug. 3, 1794.

Seleah [int. Selah] and Kint Bullok of Rehoboth [int. Kent Bulock of Rehobauth], Dec. 11, 1795.

Miriam [int. Meriam] and Isaac Lane, Apr. 14, 1796.

Nancy Shaw and Ira Smith, int. Oct. 20, 1797.

Leonard and Hannah Peck of Rehoboth, int. Feb. 11, 1798.

Anna and Lemuel Arnold, May 18, 1802.

Polly 2d and Phillip [int. Philip] King Jr., Aug. 29, 1802.

Luranah 2d [int. omits 2d] and David Lane, Jan. 20, 1803.

Hannah of Mansfield, and Zebadiah Skinner of Mansfield, Feb. 20, 1803.*

Elizabeth Wheaton and Simeon Green of Mansfield, Apr. 5, 1803.

Lydia 2d and Joseph Woodcock, int. June 24, 1804.

Chloe [int. Chloa] 2d and Masa Bassett of Providence, Sept. 6, 1804.

Joseph Jr. and Sally Gilbert, Aug. 15, 1805.

George Jr. and Sally Harvey of Taunton, int. Oct. 13, 1805.

Polly and John L. Monroe [int. John Linsay Munro] of Providence, Sept. 15, 1806.

Fanny and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Abijah Willard of Uxbridge, Nov. 24, 1807.

Betsay and Homes Richmond, June 28, 1809.*

Stephen and Lintha Harvey of Taunton, Sept. 3, 1809.

Sophia and Isaac White of Mansfield, May 24, 1810.

Barnam and Phebe Richardson of Attleborough, int. May 19, 1811.

Galan of Providence, RI, and Demmy [int. Dimma] Andrews, July 17, 1811.

Nancy [int. 2d] and Noah Smith of Mansfield, Jan. 23, 1812.

Addoniram and Barsheba Richmond, int. May 10, 1812.

Lucinday and Benjamin Gay Scott of Barrington, NH, int. Aug. 2, 1812.

Clarissa and Hodges Read of Taunton, May 13, 1813.

Deborah and Rufus Davis of Rehoboth [int. Rehobath], Mar. 25, 1815.

Harlow [int. Harlon] and Polly [int. Polley] Bates, Feb. 1, 1818.

Mercy of Mansfield, and Benjamin Richmond, int. Mar. 29, 1818.

Amia of Mansfield, and John Smith of Mansfield, Apr. 20, 1818.*

Sarah 2d and Richard Caswell of Winthrop, May 31, 1818.

Gilford of Mansfield, and Betcy Brownel, int. July 17, 1818.

Polly [int. Polley] and Sylvanus Blanchard Braman, Nov. 5, 1818.

Elisha and Mrs. Hannah Braman, Oct. 1, 1819.

Nancy and Elijah Copeland of Mansfield, Jan. 4, 1821.

Eliza and Capt. Thomas Copeland, June 4, 1821.

Jarves [int. Jarvis] and Mehitable Tisdale, Dec. 3, 1821.

Williams and Avis Palmer Whitmarsh of Dighton, int. Aug. 1, 1822.

Lucy Ann and John Hunt, Apr. 28, 1823.

Hannah P. and Asa Arnold Jr., int. July 9, 1824.

Elijah and Mrs. Betsy Burt of Troy, int. Sept. 17, 1824.

Phebe A. [int. Arnold] and James L. [int. Leonard] Perry of Easton, Nov. 20, 1825.

Leonard Jr. and Chloe Lane 2d, Nov. 24, 1825.

Ebenezar of Mansfield, and Abigail White, int. Feb. 25, 1826.

Almira and William Newcomb of Taunton, Jan. 2, 1828.

Eliza and Dwelly [int. Dwelley] Goward of Easton, Feb. 7, 1828.

Jarvis and Rhoda Fairbank of Petersham, int. Apr. 20, 1828.

Louisa Caroline and Denis Capron of Attleborough, int. Aug. 7, 1828.

Newton S. of Taunton, and Lurana W. Lane, Oct. 1, 1829.

Caroline J. [int. Hodgs] and Benjamin S. Hall, Jan. 7, 1830.

Earl and Harriot Lane, Apr. 22, 1831.

Linthy A. and Charles H. Briggs, Feb. 13, 1832.

Lepha M. and Samuel Seaver of Taunton, int. Apr. 9, 1832.

Lewis and Sally B. Round of Taunton, int. July 7, 1832.

Abba [int. Abby] Ann and Joseph D. Sweet, Nov. 22, 1836.

Nancy Jane of Taunton, [and] Edmond Anthoney of Taunton, July 4, 1838.*

Sarah W. and Milton B. Barney of Taunton, Nov. 18, 1838.

Josiah Jr. and Sally Winslow of Berkley, int. Apr. 26, 1840.

Simeon W. and Emeline Babbitt of Petersham, int. Apr. 27, 1841.

Wealthy A. and Daniel Crane, June 23, 1842.

Clarrinda [dup. and int. Clarinda] M., 25, d. Stephen, and [dup. adds Capt.] Ira C. Root, shoemaker, Apr. 23, 1843.

Charles J. and Stella L. Field, int. Dec. 23, 1845.

Harriot, 27, school teacher, d. Elisha, and Edward A. Kingman, 28, carriage manufacturer, of Mansfield, b. Mansfield, s. Henry and Nancy of Mansfield, Apr. 7, 1846.

Royal P., 28, carpenter, s. Leonard dec'd and Hannah, and Martha M. Leonard, 30, d. Cromwell and Belinda, Sept. 9, 1846.

Salmon S., 37, mechanic, s. Stephen and Lintha, and Nancy T. Parris [int. Parice], 22, of Rehoboth, Oct. 21, 1846.

Cornelia A., 29, d. Seth and Lucy, and John Harvey, 28, mechanic, b. Taunton, s. Barnabas and Peddy, Apr. 6, 1847.

Emily and Seneca Sanford Jr., int. Apr. 2, 1849.

Emeline, 30, d. Seth and Lucy, and Francis A. Whitmarsh, 40, farmer, of Dighton, b. Dighton, s. Robert and Avis of Dighton, Nov. 11, 1849.


George F. and Sarah Ann Guellow, int. Nov. 21, 1846.


Nathan, Rev., of Attleborough, and Lettice Morey, int. Aug. 9, 1801.

Mary K. of Attleborough, and Col. Mason Stone, int. May 3, 1845.

HOLMES (Holms, Homes)

Benjamin [int. Homes] and Rachel Glover of Stoughton, June 28, 1785, in Stoughton.

Sally and Calvin Willis, int. Jan. 24, 1824.

William and Melancy W. Tucker, int. Dec. 8, 1827.

Ann and Thomas Cooper of Attleborough, Apr. 25, 1830.

Rufus T. of Taunton, and Betsey Drake, Sept. 21, 1830.

David of Taunton, and Hannah Wilbur, Jan. 1, 1832.

Asa P. and Eunice Arnold of Foxborough, int. Dec. 26, 1835.

Eliza J. and Charles Cooper of Charlestown, Apr. 17, 1836, in Taunton.

Julia A. and William Cooper [int. Copper] of Charlestown, Oct. 2, 1836, in Taunton.

Emeline S. and Nathan P. Godfrey of Cambridge, int. Mar. 2, 1844.

HOLMS (Holmes, Homes)

Samuel and Sally N. Wilde of Mansfield, int. June 18, 1836.

John R. [int. John K. Holmes] of Taunton, and Sarah C. Mitchel, Aug. 21, 1842.

HOMES (Holmes, Holms)

Benjamin and Mehetible Hayward of Bridgwater, int. Aug. 10, 1783.


John and Betsay Crosman, July 7, 1811.


Roby of Rehoboth [int. Robe of Rehobath], and Sylvanas Cambell [int. Salvanus Cambel], Mar. 12, 1766, in Rehoboth.

Gideon and Mary Newcomb, Nov. 24, 1774.

Benjamin and Abigail Danforth of Taunton, int. Apr. 6, 1796.

Abigil Danforth and Eleazer Walker Jr., int. May 7, 1815.

Elizabeth [int. Elezebeth] and Ichabod [int. Ichobad] Perry Jr., Feb. 15, 1818.

Lucindia and William Cottenton Verry, Feb. 15, 1818.

Benjamin E. [int. Everett] and Eunice Danforth, Mar. 18, 1827.

James B. and Roxana Lincoln, int. May 3, 1834.

Hannoh [int. Hannah] Jane and Silas R. Goff, Jan. 28, 1841.

Roxana, Mrs., d. Samuel Lincoln and Anna, and Silas R. Goff, int. Oct. 20, 1849.

HOSKINS (Haskins)

Samuel of Tanton, and Joannah Harvey of Tanton, Apr. 8, 1736.*

Bethiah of Tanton, and Benjmen Crosman of Tanton, Aug. 11, 1737.*

Abia of Taunton, and Seth Tisdale Jr., int. June 8, 1770.

Abigail of Providence, and Andrew Hodges, int. May 17, 1773.


Ebenezer, Dea., of Weymouth, and Sarah King, wid., Nov. 13, 1735, in Weymouth.*

HOWARD (Haward, Hayard, Hayward)

Susanna of Bridgewater, and Benjamin Williams, Dec. 22, 1720, in Bridgewater.*

James of Bridgewater, and Elizabeth Babbit of Easton, June 12, 1765.*

Keziah of Easton [int. Haward of Eastown], and Adonijah White, Feb. 20, 1794, in Easton.

Jemima [int. Gemima] and Benjamin Coleman [int. Colman], Aug. 13, 1794.

Adam and Lois Lovell of Mansfield, int. Dec. 12, 1813.

Abba [int. Alba] of Bridgwater, and Louisa Carpenter, Apr. 14, 1823.

Joseph of Taunton, and Betsey Stasey Storey of Taunton, Oct. 7, 1829.*

Elethan Howard [sic] [int. Ethan, omits Howard] of Easton, and Julia Maria White, June 19, 1836, in Raynham.


Martin D. of Troy, NY, and Ann B. Perry, int. Jan. 8, 1843.

HUMPHREY (Umphrey)

Dinah [int. Umphrey] and Kuff [int. Cuff], "negro sarvants of mr Benjamin Farebanks," Nov. 28, 1754.

HUNT (Hunts)

Elizebeth [int. Elizabeth] and Jonathan Hunt, May 3, 1750.

Jonathan and Elizebeth [int. Elizabeth] Hunt, May 3, 1750.

Rebecah [int. Rebecca] and Joseph Linken [int. Lincoln] Jr., Aug. 27, 1750.

Daniel and Hannah Powers of Littleton, int. Oct. 23, 1753.

Daniel and Mary Newland, wid., int. Feb. 7, 1756.

Experience [int. 2d] and Jeremiah Newland, Mar. 31, 1757.

Daniel and Sarah Jackson of Attleborough [int. Attleborow], June 30, 1757, in Attleborough.

Jonathan and Abiah King, Feb. 2, 1758.

Samuel and Abigail Day, Sept. 16, 1762.

Joseph and Eunice Copland, Sept. 28, 1769.

Ruth and William Makepeace, Dec. 8, 1774.

Enoch of Attleborough, and Anna Stone, int. July 18, 1778.

Samuel Jr. and Salley [int. Sally] Walker, Jan. 28, 1790.

Eunice [int. Eunic] 2d and William Witherell [int. Wetherell] Jr., Nov. 29, 1792.

Abigail 2d and Asahel [int. Asel] Tucker, Apr. 21, 1793.

Joseph Jr. and Prudenc [int. Prudence] Wetherell, Nov. 20, 1794.

Oliver and Hannah Knapp, Sept. 11, 1799.

Lydia and George Wetherell [int. Wethrell], Feb. 16, 1800.

Josiah and Fanny Lincoln, Apr. 7, 1803.

Lydia of Taunton, and Benajah Tucker, May 3, 1803.

Elizabeth and Allen Lane, Apr. 14, 1804.

Anna and James Carpenter, int. Jan. 27, 1806.

Sally and Elias Wetherell [int. Wetherel], Nov. 20, –––– [int. Sept. 14, 1806].

Moses and Peddy Knapp, Dec. 1, 1808.

Content and Lemuel Perry, Jan. 1, 1809.

Samuel 2d and Julia Phillips [int. Philips], Nov. 17, 1811.

John and Lucy Ann Hodges, Apr. 28, 1823.

Samuel, Capt., and Mrs. Luranah Lane, June 16, 1824.

Samuel Jr. of Providence, and Nancy Lincoln, int. Oct. 19, 1824.

Hannah and Theophilus Crosman 2d, Sept. 11, 1825.

Fanny and Charles L. Crosman, int. Dec. 16, 1827.

Moses Jr. and Nancy Puffer, July 25, 1833.

Hiram J. and Betsey Hart of Taunton, int. Nov. 30, 1834.

Sophia J. and James M. Sweet, Dec. 22, 1835.

Colvin M. and Lovina Pratt of Taunton, int. Sept. 15, 1836.

Bradford H. and Polly P. Harvey, Sept. 7, 1837, in Taunton.

Burden and Eunice H. Adams, Apr. 8, 1838.

Henry of Boston, and Mariah Deane, int. Aug. 1, 1840.

Burden and Horriot Harriot Coffin, int. Jan. 2, 1841.

Eliza, 23, d. Oliver dec'd, and Oliver Dean [dup. Deane], 26, trader, s. John Deam, Jan. 21, 1844.

HUNTS (Hunt)

Adolphus D. and Emily J. Drown of Attleborough, int. Mar. 15, 1835.


Samuel B. of Fall River, and Charlotte Macy of Nantucket, June 22, 1841, in Nantucket.*

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