Joseph [int. Keech] of Glocester, and Judeth [int. Judith] Tucker, Nov. 17, 1757.

KEITH (Kieth, Kith)

Phebe of Easton, and Daniel [int. Daniell] White, Sept. 3, 1746.

John of Easton, and Hannah Briggs, May 28, 1766, in Easton.

Seth of Easton, and Anne Williams, Jan. 12, 1773.*

Josiah of Easton, and Hannah Wetherell, Sept. 11, 1775, in Easton.*

Nehemiah [int. Keth] of Easton, and Mary Eddy, Nov. 27, 1777.

Anna 2d and Joel Wilbor of Rainham, Dec. 22, 1796.

Abigail and Samuel Bolkcom, int. Feb. 19, 1797.

Benjamin of Easton, and Betsay Godfray of Easton, May 30, 1799.*

Jerusha of Easton, and Elias Quiggle of Mansfield, May 13, 1804.*

Patty of Easton, and Jones Godfray Jr., int. July 12, 1807.

Amos and Stella Hall of Raynham, int. Mar. 4, 1819.

Williams and Rhoda [int. Rhody] Lothrop, Nov. 13, 1834.

Semanthe of Prescott, and Lemuel B. Perry, int. June 13, 1840.

Amos and Abigail Comey of Foxborough, int. Apr. 25, 1845.

KELLY (Killey)

James of Easton, and Sabrina Chapman, int. July 26, 1835.

Zeno and Dulcebella W. Cobb, May 3, 1838.

Zeno, widr. [int. omits widr.], merchant, and Julia Ann Braman, 24, d. Sylvanas B. (Bramen), Apr. 2, 1845.


Eliza E. of Ringe, NH, and John L. Shaw, int. June 16, 1849.

KIETH (Keith, Kith)

Benjamin of Easton, and Elisabeth Williams of Easton, May 7, 1761.*

Arza and Marcia Kingman of Bridgwarter, int. May 1, 1814.

Ansel and Betcy Andrews, Nov. 30, 1816.

KILLEY (Kelly)

Stephen of Yarmouth, and Lydia Garey, Mar. 1, 1770.

John and Eunice Lincoln, int. Feb. 25, 1771.


Sarah of Taunton, and Allen Derry, int. Oct. 3, 1807.

Rhoda [int. Rhodia] of Taunton, and Oliver Mesinger [int. Messenger], Jan. 21, 1817, in Taunton.

Stephen of Taunton, and Celinda Eddy, int. Aug. 29, 1840.

KIMGMON (Kingman)

Hosea [int. Kingman] and Sally Hodges, Jan. 12, 1809.


Mary and Jedediah Caswell, July 11, 1726.*

Sarah and Nicholas White, May 1, 1728.*

Hezekiah and Jerusha Ware of Wrentham, July 11, 1734.*

Sarah, wid., and Dea. Ebenezer Hovey of Weymouth, Nov. 13, 1735, in Weymouth.*

Nehemiah and Abiah Hodges, Dec. 26, 1738.*

Jerusha and Jonathan Day of Wrentham, Apr. 5, 1742.*

John Jr. and Abigail Morey, int. Apr. 15, 1757.

Abiah and Jonathan Hunt, Feb. 2, 1758.

Margret [int. 2d] and Jeremiah Fisher of Dighton, May 22, 1760.

Josiah and Ruth Basset, Jan. 7, 1762.

John and Rachel White, Aug. 28, 1766.

Hannah and David Clap, Aug. 18, 1767.

Ruth [int. 2d] and Timothy Hodges Jr. of Taunton, Oct. 24, 1786.

Josiah Jr. and Meriam Cobb [int. 2d], May 29, 1787.

Calvin and Salley [int. Sally] Tucker, Nov. 23, 1789.

Josiah [int. adds Capt.] and Elizebeth Morey, Dec. 15, 1789.

Margaret [int. Margret] and John Prior, Mar. 31, 1791, in Mansfield.

John Jr. and Ruth Bassett, Mar. 31, 1795.

Joseph and Betsy Abel, int. Mar. 28, 1802.

Phillip [int. Philip] Jr. and Polly Hodges 2d, Aug. 29, 1802.

Rhoby [int. Roba] and Terry [int. Terra] Crane, Oct. 30, 1803.

Benjamin and Peggey Bower of Summerset, int. July 28, 1805.

Peggy [int. Peggey] Bowers and George Leonard 2d, Sept. 26, 1805.

John of Greenfield, NY, and Mrs. Rhoda Lathrop, Nov. 25, 1813.*

Dauphin [int. Dauphen], Capt., and Harriot A. Raymond, Oct. 2, 1825.

George M. and Prudence A. White, int. June 23, 1839.

Dauphin, Capt., and Hannah Cornelia Dean Allen of Pembroke, int. June 14, 1840.

Emely [and] Marcus S. Carpenter of Foxborough, int. Feb. 25, 1846.

KINGMAN (Kingmon)

Edward of Easton, and Sarah Newcomb [int. 2d], Apr. 29, 1766, in Easton.

Sarah and John Wild of Taunton, int. Apr. 21, 1782.

Nathan of Bridgwatr, and Chloe Smith, Dec. 19, 1785.

Edward and Polly Knowles of Dighton, int. July 7, 1787.

Salle of Easton, and Daniel Briggs, int. Sept. 8, 1787.

Marcia of Bridgwarter, and Arza Kieth, int. May 1, 1814.

Henry of Mansfield, and Nancy Carpenter, Dec. 8, 1814.

Sally W., Mrs., and Francis Sturtevant [int. of N. Providence], Dec. 20, 1824.

Abel of N. Bridgewater [int. N. Bridgwater], and Mrs. Fanny Perry, Dec. 11, 1828.

Hiram A. of Mansfield, and Lydia W. Knowles, int. Oct. 17, 1835.

Henry W. of Mansfield, and Susanna H. Lincoln, int. Dec. 31, 1842.

Edward A., 28, carriage manufacturer, of Mansfield, b. Mansfield, s. Henry and Nancy of Mansfield, and Harriot Hodges, 27, school teacher, d. Elisha, Apr. 7, 1846.


Willard of Franklin, and Nancy Makepeace, Oct. 5, 1815.

KINGSLEY (Kinsley)

Benjamin of Providence, and Hannah Stone, int. Jan. 26, 1800.

Mason (Kinglsey) of Bristol, and Betsay Miller, int. Apr. 28, 1805.

KINSLEY (Kingsley)

Lurana of Easton [int. Kingsley of Eastown], and Gershom [int. Garshum] Godfrey, Nov. 29, 1792, in Easton.

KITH (Keith, Kieth)

Hannah and William Carpenter Jr., int. Feb. 20, 1779.

KNAP (Knapp)

Ebenezer of Taunton, and Elizabeth Cobb, July 25, 1728.*

Jonathan and Mehetibel Tucker, Feb. 19, 1734-5.*

James of Labanon, and Sarah Cobb, int. July 19, 1754.

Patience and John Thayer of Taunton, Dec. 4, 1756.

Jonathan Jr. and Mercy Cook, Mar. 13, 1760.

Bethiah and David Hodges, Sept. 9, 1762.*

Mary and John Philips of Taunton, int. Mar. 11, 1763.

Mehetabel and Ebenezer Titus, Mar. 20, 1764.

John and Jane Foster of Attleborough, Nov. 28, 1765.

Abiel and Keziah Cheeney [int. Kezia Cheney 2d], Jan. 9, 1766.

Mary and Peletiah Day, Apr. 17, 1766.

Daniel and Mary Field, Nov. 27, 1766.

Samuel and Rachel Grover, Jan. 17, 1769.

Masa and Lucy Briggs, int. Mar. 8, 1788.

Molley [int. Molly] and William Lane, Feb. 3, 1791.

Anna and Laban Smith, Dec. 20, 1792.

KNAPP (Knap)

Harriot P. [int. Knap] and Susan [int. Susannah] Packard of Bridgewater [int. Bridgwater], Aug. 28, 1760, in Bridgewater.

Hannah and Oliver Hunt, Sept. 11, 1799.

Lucy and Thomas Allen of Canton, June 3, 1804.

Charles and Hannah Brown Wiswell [int. Wisewell], Mar. 20, 1807.

Peddy and Moses Hunt, Dec. 1, 1808.

Abiather and Hannah Woodward of Taunton, June 4, 1809.*

Sumner and Phebe Patten, Mar. 15, 1825.

Charles F. and Rachel Pond of Franklin, int. Apr. 6, 1828.


Eliza R. and Lemuel Brow of Andover, June 16, 1841.*


Polly of Dighton, and Edward Kingman, int. July 7, 1787.

Asa and Lucy Smith, Nov. 30, 1796.

Betsy [dup. Knowls] and Richard [int. Richad] Newcomb, Sept. 15, 1797.

Henry and Nancy Knowles, Jan. 20, 1822.

Nancy and Henry Knowles, Jan. 20, 1822.

William and Almira Griffin [int. Giffin], May 6, 1827.

David and Fidelia Danforth, Oct. 9, 1832.

Elbridge G. and Elizabeth Drake of Sharon, int. Oct. 20, 1837.

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