Michal of Tisbury, and Remember Nye, int. Mar. 3, 1804.

Isaac of Tisbury, and Abigail Robinson, int. Dec. 15, 1838.

Martha L. of Falmouth, and William F. Sprague, int. Aug. 13, 1847.


James and Peggy Horswet Indians, int. Apr. 13, 1805.

Lyddia and Nathan Francis, int. Mar. 16, 1811.

George of Gayhead, and Lovina Cooper, int. Mar. 9, 1827.

George of Gayhead, and Louisa Cooper, int. Sept. 27, 1836.


Bullah of Falmouth, and Samuel Allen Jr., Feb. 12, 1741, in Falmouth.*

David of Edgartown, and Olive Mayhew, Nov. 30, 1786.*

Hannah of Falmouth, and Zephanieh Robinson Jr., July 29, 1787, in Falmouth.*

Deidamia and Joseph Tillton Jr., Dec. 25, 1788.*

Rufus of Edgartown, and Rebecca Mayhew, Dec. 4, 1794.*

Zadock of Edgartown, and Elizabeth Bassett, Nov. 15, 1804.

Levi of Kennebeck, and Lucinda Mayhew, int. Mar. 2, 1827.

Shubel of Edgartown, and Matilda S. Johnson, int. Mar. 19, 1836.

Rufus H. of Edgartown, and Abigail Hillman, int. Sept. 26, 1840.

John and Mrs. Mary Ann Printice, Apr. 13, 1843.

Mary C., 19, d. John and Sophronia, and [int. add Capt.] Mayhew Adams, July 20, 1845.

De GRASS (Degrass)

Recol [int. Recall] and Abiah Paul [int. Indians], Feb. 13, 1805.

De VINE (Divine)

John of New Bedford, and Hannah Johnson, int. July 4, 1801.

DEANE (Doane)

John [?Doane] of Lebanon, CT, and Ladia Thacher, June 10, ––––.*

DEGRASS (De Grass)

James W. of Tisbury, and Cindrilla Cooper, int. Nov. 17, 1838.

Mehitable of Gayhead, and William Allen, July 7, 1839.


Deberah of Rochester, and Samuel Hilton, Apr. 23, 1719.*

Allen, Capt. of Rochester, and Martha Mayhew, int. Mar. 2, 1827.

DIVINE (De Vine)

John of Gayhead, and Parnel Jeffers, int. May 2, 1834.

DOANE (Deane)

Eliza of Harwich, and Benjamin Allen, Sept. ––, 1742, in Harwich.*


Chloe and John Cuff, int. Aug. 5, 1800.

Mary and Nathaniel Peters, int. Oct. 12, 1806.

Margaret and Calo Pond, int. Aug. 28, 1807.

DONHAM (Dunham)

David and Sarah Clifford, Apr. 11, 1723.*

DUNHAM (Donham)

Daniell and Sarah Huxford, Nov. 19, 1739.*

Thankfull and Timothy Stuart, ––– ––, 1763.*

Jese of Edgartown, and Dinah Tillton, Mar. 23, 1769.*

Jethro of Edgartown, and Lyda Tillton, Apr. 10, 1776.*

Eleazer of Tisbury, and Dinah Tillton, int. Oct. 4, 1800.

Polly and Matthew Tilton, Apr. 1, 1806.

Abigail N. of Tisbury, and Davis A. Look, int. Nov. 9, 1826.

John of Tisbury, and Nancy S. Mayhew, Aug. 6, 1839.

George W. of Tisbury, and Rebecca P. Allen, int. Apr. 18, 1840.

Charles F. of Edgartown, and Matilda V. Mayhew, int. June 6, 1840.


Allen W. and Phebe Ann [int. Anne] Robinson, [int. Sept. 24], 1831.

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