Norris G. [int. Abbot] of Providence, RI, and Charlotte B. Norton, Nov. 1, 1833.


Louisa of Tisbury, and Thomas Norton, int. Oct. 4, 1806.

Lucinda F. of New Bedford, and Samuel D. Smith, int. May 25, 1844.


John and Elizabath Newcomb, Mar. 5, 1699-1700.*

Samuell and Embling Newcomb, Apr. 8, 1703.*


Sarah F., 19, d. Francis and Abby, and James Fisher, 25, s. Matthew and Sarah, Feb. 18, 1849.


Ann, Mrs., and Alden Sibley, Apr. 12, 1836.

Bartlett of W. Tisbury, and Cordelia A. Coffin, Feb. 19, 1832.*

Benjamin of Nantucket, and Ann Lewis, Feb. 8, 1825. [of Nantuckett, Feb. 5. CR1]

Clarisa and Henry Marchant, Nov. 15, 1819.

Ebeazer [int. Ebenzar] of Fair Haven [int. Fairhaven], and Hannah Stuart [int. Stewart], Jan. 2, 1817. [Eleazer. CR1]

Eleanor and Joseph Linton, int. June 27, 1812.

Eliza and Joseph Sanders [int. Saunders] of Boston, Nov. 18, 1801.

Elizabeth, d. Ichabod of Tisbary, and Jabez Norton, Feb. 9, 1736.*

Ezra of Chilmark, and Beulah Coffin, Apr. 6, 1797.* [Bulah. CR1]

Freeman and Beulah Pease, Apr. 22, 1810. [Bulah. CR1]

Huldah and James Coffin, Sept. 9, 1773.*

James 3d of Chilmark, and Mrs. Lois Allen of Chilmark, Dec. 18, 1783.*

Jane P. and Charles Bunker, Apr. 26, 1827.

John Jr. and Clarissa [int. Clarisia] Pease, Apr. 1, 1804.

Lois, Mrs., of Chilmark, and James Allen 3d of Chilmark, Dec. 18, 1783.*

Moriah of Tisbury, and David Smith, Nov. 13, 1788.*

Mary and Horace Gould of Boston, Aug. 23, 1801.

Rebeca [int. Rebeckah] of Falmouth, and Joseph Vinson Jr., Nov. 30, 1800. [Rebecca. CR1]

Robert of Chilmark, and Desire Norton, Dec. 21, 1752.*

Sarah E. of Falmouth, and Isaiah D. Pease Jr., int. Mar. 25, 1849.

Sophia B. of Tisbury, and George Luce, int. Apr. 27, 1839.

Walter and Rebecah [int. Rebeca D.] Fisher, Oct. 14, 1819. [Rebecca. CR1]

ALLEY (Ally)

James of Nantuckett [int. Nantucket], and Mary Chockrane Cockrane [int. Cokrin], Aug. 23, 1820. CR1

ALLY (Alley)

John [int. Alley] of Nantucket, and Martha Fisher, Aug. 10, 1806. [of Nantuckett. CR1]


John of New Bedford, and Louisa Whiting, Mar. 21, 1809.


John and Julia Hayman, negroes, int. July 8, 1849.


Richard and Patty Drew, negroes, int. Oct. 5, 1802.


Prudence, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 26, d. Nathan Jernegan and Prudence, and George W. Mudgett, 26, of Prospect, ME, b. Prospect, ME, s. William P. and Comfort, Sept. 12, 1849.

Samuel E. of NY, and Prudence Jernegan, June 13, 1841.


James of Anapolis, NS, and Margaret Michael, int. Oct. 20, 1805.


Elijah and Anna Pease, Feb. 22, 1774.*

Elisha of Newlonden, CT, and Debby Ripley, int. May 31, 1804.

Betsey and Freeman Ripely, Mar. 4, 1804. [Ripley. CR1]

George W. and Mary Marchant, Mar. 27, 1803. [George Washington. CR1]

Heman and Polly [int. Mrs. Sally] Thaxter, May 5, 1818. [Sally Thaxter, wid. Joseph Jr. CR1]

Jane M. and Gustavus A. Baylies, June 6, 1841.

Jean, d. Richard, and Benjamin Pease, June 17, 1697.*

Margaret and John Vincent [int. Vinson], Feb. 5, 1828.

Martin and Margaret Pease, Dec. 1, 1814.

Martin and Caroline Fisher, Nov. 8, 1840.

Mary and Joseph Huxford Jr., Nov. 30, 1780.*

Mary Ann and George R. Marchant, Mar. 14, 1826. CR1

Nancy and Soloman C. Swift of Falmouth, Jan. 23, 1834. [Solomon. CR1]

Richard and Lydia Norton, d. Joseph Esq., Dec. 6, 1705.*

Sarah and Thomas Harlock, Nov. 16, 1696.*

Sally P. and Gustavus A. Baylis [int. Baylies], Sept. 20, 1829. [Sally Pease and Capt. Gustavus A. Balylies. CR1]

Thomas and Bulah Trapp, Sept. 4, 1740.*

Thomas and Mary Sumner, Nov. 2, 1769.*


Joyce of Chilmark, and James Michael, int. Oct. 9, 1803.

ATHEARN (Athern)

Alexander of Tisbury, and Louiza [int. Louisa] Smith, Sept. 23, 1827.

Avis of Tisbury, and James A. Jones, int. Mar. 15, 1817.

Avis J. of Tisbury, and Elijah B. Vincent Esq., int. Nov. 22, 1846.

Charles Grandison of Tisbury, and Ann Thaxter, d. Rev. Joseph, Jan. 1, 1824. [Athern. CR1]

Elizabeth of Tisbury, and Henry Davis, int. Sept. 22, 1805.

Jabez of Tisbury, and Sally P. Vincent, int. Nov. 12, 1825.

Joseph and Susan P. [int. omits P.] Coffin, Aug. 8, 1832.

Joseph and Mrs. Nancy C. Coffin, Nov. 11, 1838.

Margaret of Tisbury, and Jesse Pease, int. Nov. 25, 1814.

Nancy of Tisbury, and Gilbert W. Smith, int. June 1, 1816.

ATHERN (Athearn)

Abigail and Horatio Norton, Sept. 4, 1830.* [Atherton, and Horatio G. Norton. CR1]

ATSATT (Atsett)

Sarah and Daniel Manter of Tisbury, July 11, 1774.*

ATSETT (Atsatt)

Bathsheba and Edward Burgis, Aug. 4, 1774.*

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