BACHUS (Backus)

James of Greenfield, and Love Clark, Oct. 25, 1798.* [Baker of Greenfield, CT, and Love Clarke. CR1]

BACKUS (Bachus)

Priscilla [int. Bacus] and John Harpy "a Forigner," Feb. 8, 1819.


Solomon and Sarrah Lathropp, d. Thomas, June 5, 1719.*

BAILEY (Baylies, Baylis)

Hervy [int. Hervey] and Julyann [int. Julia] Cooke, Dec. 27, 1827. [Harvy and Julia Cooke. CR1]

Lydia N. of Farmington, ME, and Isaac Norton, Sept. 3, 1843.


James, see James Bachus.

Sarah of Bass River, and John Crosby, int. Mar. 28, 1812.


John C. [int. H.] of Bethel, NY, and Sarah C. Sweet, Apr. 2, 1844.


James and Mercy Coffin, July 21, 1774.*

Jeremiah and Abigail Marchant, Dec. 16, 1821. [Baning, Dec. 18. CR1]


Lucy of Nantucket, and Samuel Green of Nantucket, negroes, int. Jan. 4, 1812.


John of Philadelphia, and Rebekah Marchant, int. June 9, 1810.

BARRET (Barrett, Berret)

George [int. Barrett] of Nantucket, and Rebecca M. Vincent, June 11, 1841.

BARRETT (Barret, Berret)

James of Philadelphia, PA, and Lucy N. Marchant, int. Oct. 4, 1846.


Thomas and Tamson Luce, Sept. 25, 1831.*. CR1


Lois S. of Rochester, and John N. Smith, int. Dec. 4, 1830.


Benjamin and Hannah Claghorn, July 21, 1774.*

BASSATT (Basset, Bassett)

Nathan of Chilmark, and Lydia Norton, Sept. 22, 1791.* [Bassett. CR1]

BASSET (Bassatt, Bassett)

Joseph S. [int. Bassett] of Newburyport, and Polly Coffin [int. Mary C.] Marchant, Dec. 15, 1816. [of Newbery Port and Mary Coffin Marchant. CR1]

BASSETT (Bassatt, Basset)

––––– and Radrick Flood, int. May ––, 1820.

Betsy of Chilmark, and Zadock Davis, int July 28, 1804.

James and Esther London, Nov. 14, 1797.*

Mary, Mrs., d. Nathan Bassett of Chilmark, and Benjamin Smith, Nov. 29, 1716.*

Nancy, 32, dressmaker, b. New Bedford, d. Nathaniel and Sophia of New Bedford, and William P. Chadwick, 34, blacksmith, b. Nantucket, s. Anthony of Nantucket, Feb. 16, 1845.

Zilpha and Charles Mingo of Troy, negroes, int. Oct. 25, 1823.


Sarah F. of Danvers, and Rev. David Tilton, int. Feb. 20, 1836.


Lydia and Elijah Vincent, Nov. 28, 1813. [Lydia Butler. CR1]

BAYLIES (Bailey, Baylis)

Caroline and Barzillia [int. adds N.] Fisher, July 25, 1839.

Daniel W. and Mary Lawrence, Sept. 9, 1835.

Edgar M. and Sophia P. Marchant, Mar. 21, 1832.

Frederick and Sally Lee, ––– ––, ––––.*

Frederick [int. Jr.] and Velina Worth [int. 2d], May 18, 1820. [Fredrick Jr. CR1]

Gustavus A. and Jane M. Arey, June 6, 1841.

Harriet and John Coffin, Dec. 20 [dup. Dec. 18], 1821. [Harriot, Dec. 20. CR1]

John A. and Mrs. Catharine N. Pool, Oct. 13, 1839.

Maria B., Mrs., and Edward Smith, July 22, 1838.*

Nancy and Henry Colt, June 30, 1825. [Baylis. CR1]

Sally and Jerard Coffin, Jan. 14, 1819. [Jared. CR1]

Thomas L. and Maria B. Coffin, May 16, 1830.

BAYLIS (Bailey, Baylies)

Gustavus A. [int. Baylies] and Sally P. Arey, Sept. 20, 1829. [Capt. Gustavus A. Balylies and Sally Pease Arey. CR1]


Eastman Jr. of Saco, and Louisa Vincent, int. Feb. 23, 1812.


Josiah and Zerviah Newcomb, Nov. 2, 1716.*


Jane, Mrs., and Benjamin Michael King of White Haven, Eng., int. Mar. 1, 1817.

Joseph of Walcot [int. Walcott, CT.], and Jane Cleavland [int. Mrs. Jane Cleveland], Feb. 13, 1812. [of Walcut, CT. CR1]

BEETLE (Beettle, Bettle)

Abby D., 23, d. James H. and Betsey, and [int. adds Capt.] Asa R. Gifford, 35, of Dartmouth, b. Dartmouth, s. David and Sally of Dartmouth, Feb. 14, 1849.

Anna [int. Anne] and Harrison Smith, June 21, 1810. [Aanna. CR1]

Christopher and Mary Norton, Oct. 25, 1718.*

Christopher R. and Charlotte N. Smith of Tisbury, int. Sept. 2, 1826.

Eliza [int. adds Mrs.] and John G. Thurber of Providence, RI, Oct. 15, 1826. CR1

Eliza W. and Thomas H. Norton, June 19, 1842.*

Elisabeth and Peter Norton Jr., Dec. 23, 1775.*

Hannah and Thomas Bradley, Sept. 1, 1814.

James [int. adds H.] and Betsey Worth, Dec. 4, 1817.

Jane Coffin and Edmund Bradley, Dec. 10, 1822. [Edmond. CR1]

John and Sally Butler, Nov. 18, 1804.

Lovey and Aaron Coffin, Mar. 15, 1789.*

Mary and Samuell Bradly, July 2, 1785.* [Bradley. CR1]

Mary and Edmond Bradley [int. Edmund Bradlee], Mar. 10, 1811.

Mary B. and Benjamin Stewart, June 16, 1839.

Mary A., 17, d. Christopher and Charlotte, and Henry D. Norton, 25, mariner, s. Shubael C. and Polly D., Jan. 6, 1848.

Phebe [int. adds G.] and Bernard Case [int. Barnard C.] Marchant, May 29, 1825.

Ruben and Jedidah Coffin, June 26, 1791.*. CR1

Sally [int. adds Mrs.] and Elijah Stewart, Apr. 28, 1825. [Mrs. Sally. CR1]

William 3d [int omits 3d] and Eliza [int. Elisa] Pease, Sept. 19, 1822.

William E. and Keziah O. Holley, int. May 21, 1825.

BEETTLE (Beetle, Bettle)

Jedidah and John Butler Jr. of Tisbury, Dec. 5, 1749.*

BELAIN (Belin)

Anstress [int. Anstruss], 16, d. Peter and Sally, and Daniel T. Webquish, 25, s. ––––– and Sally Indians [int. coloured], May 1, 1849.

Asa J. and Charlotte M. Peters of Christiantown, Tisbury Indians, int. Aug. 12, 1843.

David and Herriet N. Simpson, coloured, int. Aug. 15, 1847.

Isaiah and Waty Johnson [int. coloured], June 9, 1831.

Isaiah and Laura Webquish, coloured, int. Jan. 27, 1837.

Daty and Simion Gudridge, coloured, int. June 8, 1833.


Moses of Brantry, and Ann Sarson, May 20, 1715.*

BELIN (Belain)

Peter of Nantucket, and Sally Johnson, int. Nov. 24, 1805.


Hannah, Mrs., and Mayhew A. Huttlestone of Fairhaven, int. Oct. 25, 1828.

Sally C. of Tisbury, and Peter M. Vincent, June 3, 1821.

Thomas of Tisbury, and Hannah Vincent, int. Apr. 27, 1822.


Phebe Ann of Nantucket, and Joseph Vincent Jr., int. Dec. 6, 1834.

BERRET (Barret, Barrett)

Mirick [int. Barret] of Vinal Haven, ME, and Sally Crosby, Oct. 21, 1829.

BETTLE (Beetle, Beettle)

Sarah and Uriah Coffin, ––– ––, 1791.* [Mrs. Sarah Beetle, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after Dec. 14, 1790.]. CR1]


William of NY, and Love Jonson, int. Dec. 10, 1818.


Jerusha, Mrs., and Benjamin Dunham, int. Feb. 15, 1812.

William [int. adds R.] and Jerusha Cleveland, ––– ––, [rec. bet. Oct. 9 and Nov. 6], 1803. [Cleavland. CR1]


James W. of Charleston [int. Charlestown], SC, and Susan Osborn, July 28, 1825. [of Littletown, SC, and Sunsan Osborn. CR1]

Susan, Mrs., and Orlando Chester [int. of Groton, CT.], May 3, 1832. CR1

BLACKMER (Blackmore)

Mary F. of Rochester, and Henry H. Smith, int. Nov. 9, 1839.

BLACKMORE (Blackmer)

William of Rochester, and Nancy Smith, Aug. 22, 1802.*. CR1


Walter of Union, and Jane Reed [int. Read], Jan. 15, 1809.


Cynthia D. [int. Blankinship] and John Kelley, Sept. 14, 1837.


Nancy M. of Nantucket, and Elijah P. Smith, int. Mar. 17, 1827.


George of Nantucket, and Ferebey Porrage, int. June 6, 1802.


Myrinda C. of New Bedford, and Henry F. Ripley, int. Feb. 18, 1843.


Deborah of Sandwich, and Rev. Frederick Upham of Malden, int. Apr. 24, 1824.

BRADLEY (Bradly)

Edmond [int. Edmund Bradlee] and Mary Beetle, Mar. 10, 1811.

Edmund and Jane Coffin Beetle, Dec. 10, 1822. [Edmond. CR1]

Stephen H. of Madison, CT, and Harriet Butler, Feb. 3, 1842.

Thomas and Hannah Beetle, Sept. 1, 1814.

BRADLY (Bradley)

Samuell and Mary Beetle, July 2, 1785.* [Bradley. CR1]


Ann A., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 36, d. Freeman Ripley and Betsey and Manuel D. Susan, widr. [int. omits widr.], 36, mariner, s. Joseph and Mary D., May 31, 1846.

James and Ann A. Ripley, Apr. 1, 1830.


Samuel A. of New Bedford, and Mary B. Crosby, Oct. 2, 1836.


Ann and Isaac Joab, mariner, of Tisbury, b. Tisbury, negroes [written in pencil] [int. omits negroes], Dec. 25, 1844.

Eliza of Nantucket, and Thomas Huxford, int. Nov. 29, 1823.

Betsy W. and George A. Gardner of Nantucket, int. Mar. 14, 1840.

Joseph of New Haven, and Jane Freeman, negroes, int. Sept. 27, 1823.

Juliann of Falmouth, and Joseph Simpson Jr., negroes, int. Dec. 13, 1823.

William "A Transient person," and Naomi Daggett, Sept. 29, 1808.

William and Persis Dunham, July 30, 1820. CR1

William Jr. and Mary Huxford, Nov. 10, 1839.


Emily B. of Tisbury, and John C. Daggett, May 15, 1831. [of Holmes Hole, May 14. CR1]


Andrew P. of Nantucket, and Eliza Clark, Apr. 5, 1825.

Charles and Jane P. Allen, Apr. 26, 1827.

Chloe [int. Mrs. Chloa] and Stephen King of Boston, Sept. 14, 1834.

Hannah and Thomas Riply, Dec. 15, 1774.*

Jerusha, Mrs., and Brotherton Daggett Esq., June 9, 1782.*. CR1

Richard and Susanna Roborts, Aug. 2, 1781.*. CR1

Susan C., 22, d. Chloe, and Peter Ewaw, shipwright [int. of Danzig, Prussia], Oct. 12, 1846.


Angeline, wid. [int. Mrs. Angelina], 39, d. Benjamin Worth and Betsey, and [int. adds Capt.] Valentine Pease Jr., widr. [int. omits widr.], 49, mariner, s. Valentine and Love, July 26, 1846.

James and Mrs. Sally A. Pease, Nov. 9, 1823.

John and Angeline [int. Angline] Worth, Mar. 2, 1831.

Sally [int. adds A.], Mrs., and Rev. William W. Hall, Feb. 19, 1837.

BURGESS (Burgis)

Melvina S. of Sandwich, Pocassett, and Tristram Cleveland, int. Dec. 7, 1845.

BURGIS (Burgess)

Edward and Bathsheba Assett, Aug. 4, 1774.*


Jacob of Baltimore, and Olive Cooke, negroes, int. July 17, 1824.


Abigail and Joseph Smith, Apr. 18, 1764.*

Abigail and David Covel, June ––, 1785.* [Covil, June 26. CR1]

Abigail and John Randal, Oct. 17, 1790.*

Nabby and George Marchant, Oct. 15, 1796.*

Adaline [int. Adeline] and Theodore Fisher [int. of Sandwick], Dec. 28, 1835.

Almira and Jonathan Mayhew of Chilmark, Nov. 8, 1821.

Almira E., 18, d. Daniel and Dinah, and Levi Pierce, mariner, of Tisbury, Aug. 23, 1847.

Anna and William Covel, June 25, 1774.*

Anna and Ebenezer Dexter of Rochester, Mar. 26, 1829.

Arnold and Prudence Smith of Tisbury, int. June 3, 1809.

Benjamin of Nantucket, and Sally Luce, int. June 11, 1808.

Beulah and John Benjamin Downs, Sept. 16, 1792.* [Mrs. Bulah. CR1]

Caroline and Joseph Wilber of Bethel, ME, int. May 14, 1848.

Caroline L., 19, d. Daniel and Dinah and Charles R. Smith, 27, [int. of S. Sandwich], b. S. Sandwich, s. Edmund and Celia of S. Sandwich, July 2, 1849.

Charles and Lucy Mayhew, June 17, 1813.

Charles D. of Tisbury, and Love Pease, Oct. 3, 1843.

Daniel and Mary Norton, Mar. 17, 1814.

Daniel and Dinah [written in pencil] Smith of Tisbury, int. ––– ––, 1827.

Deborah, wid., and Authur Snow of Gt. Britian, Nov. 28, 1737.*

Deborah and Simeon Coffin, Dec. 1, 1806.

Dinah and Abner Chapman of Colchester, Mar. 10, 1748-9.*

Elijah and Thankfull Smith, Apr. 14, 1737.*

Eliza C. and Edward D. Linton, Aug. 11, 1836.*

Elizabeth, d. Samuell, and Peter Martain, Jan. 24, 1739.*

Elisabeth and John Fish Jr., Mar. 9, 1780.*

Fidelia [int. Fidele] and John R. Quinnell [int. John Richards Quinnel] of Portsmouth, Eng., Sept. 3, 1842.

Francis and Mrs. Hannah Pease, Nov. 5, 1786.*

Freeman and Abigh [int. Abiah] Vincent, Oct. 11, 1818.

Gamaliel and Marcy Donham, Dec. 5, 1748.*

Hannah and Eliakim Norton, Aug. 18, 1774.*

Hannah R. and Consider H. Fish [int. Consider Fisher] of Sandwich [int. adds Barnstable Co.], Apr. 23, 1828.

Hannah, 20, d. Freman and Abiah, and Josiah C. Pease, 22, mariner, s. Josiah and Anna, Apr. 12, 1846. [sic. int. Mar. 14, 1847.]

Harriet and Stephen H. Bradley of Madison, CT, Feb. 3, 1842.

Henery and Prisila Mallikins, Dec. 30, 1747.*

Henry and Elisabeth Ripley, Feb. 2, 1766.*

Henry Jr. and Mehetabbe Norton, Feb. 14, 1771.*

Henry and Charlottee Norton, Sept. 23, 1792.* [Mrs. Charlotte. CR1]

Henry of Nantucket, and Love Pease, int. Sept. 23, 1809.

Hepsibah [int. Hepzibah] and Obed Fisher, Nov. 15, 1801.

Jane, Mrs., and Timothy Butler, Mar. 1, 1785.* [Mar. 31. CR1]

Jane and Jonathan Manter of Tisbury, June 26, 1791.* [Mrs. Jane and Jonathan Mantor Jr., July 3. CR1]

Jane and Joseph Randel of Rocester [int. Rochester], May 15, 1803. [Randal. CR1]

Jane Eliza and Thomas H. Norton, Mar. 30, 1837.

Jean and Bobert [Robert] Hamett, June 13, 1749.*

John Jr. and Elizabeth Daggett, d. Capt. Thomas, Dec. 16, 1708.*

John Jr. of Tisbury, and Jedidah Beettle, Dec. 5, 1749.*

John O. and Olivia P. Willard [int. Williard], Sept. 19, 1841.

Joseph and Rebeca Pease, Mar. 2, 1800.* [Rebecca. CR1]

Joyce, d. Capt. Butler, and Joseph Newcomb, Nov. 20, 1705.*

Julia and Dr. Elihew [int. Elihu, omits Dr.] P. Norton, Dec. 23, 1824.

Keziah and Samuell Orsborn, Sept. 9, 1731.*

Lorenzo and Mary Ann Pease, int. Sept. 17, 1842.

Lydia, see Lydia Batterson.

Margaret and John Gray, Oct. 14, 1819.

Margaret and Rodulphus [int. Rodolphus] W. Coffin, Jan. 1, 1835.

Mary and James Manter of Tisbury, Nov. 28, 1771.*

Polly and Isaac Ewers of Nantucket, Dec. 4, 1796.*

Mary S. and Seth Marchant, June 12, 1828.

Mary N. and Thomas M. Stewart, Feb. 27, 1833.

Mary P., 28 [int. of Holmes Hole], d. Samuel and Mary P., and Richard W. Coffin, 26, bricklayer, s. Thomas and Ruann, Apr. 14, 1846 [int. Mar. 21, 1847, sic].

Matthew and Jean Vinson, Mar. 11, 1773.*

Nancy P. [int. Pease] and John Presbury [int. Prebery] Norton of Tisbury, Oct. 18, 1810.

Nicolas and Sarrah Riply, Sept. 6, 1726.*

Nicalos and Thankfull Marchant, Jan. 1, 1730.*

Pernal, Mrs., and David Humphrevile of CT, Dec. 9, 1745.*

Phebe and Abner Coffin, Sept. 9, 1731.*

Phebe P., 25, d. Henry and Love, and Cyrus Jernegan, 21, tailor, s. Hiram and Abigail, Sept. 20, 1846.

Pricilla and David Donham, Nov. 5, 1761.*

Prissa, Mrs., and James Preston, Feb. 24, 1783.* [Priscilla. CR1]

Prudence and Andrew Day of Florus, Western Islands, Apr. 5, 1843.

Puella and John Gray, Sept. 25, 1796.*

Rebecca and Daniel Godfrey, Oct. 18, 1840.

Samuel and Rebeca Smith, int. Sept. 5, 1818.

Sarah and Jabez Wheelden, Jan. 12, 1764.*

Salley and Tristram Norton Jr., Dec. 2, 1794.* [Sally. CR1]

Sally and John Beetle, Nov. 18, 1804.

Sally and Andrew Fisher, Oct. 17, 1820.

Sarah P. and Stephen Morse, Sept. 9, 1827.

Sarson and Mrs. Susanna Young, June 3, 1783.*

Silas and Mrs. Miriam Thomson, int. Jan. 7, 1821.

Sukey and Timothy Pease, June 21, 1799.*

Susan and Alexander Marchant, Dec. 6, 1838.

Thankful and Samuell Peas of Glosenbury, Dec. 15, 1774.*

Thomas and Jemimah –––––, Nov. 27, 1682.*. DR1

Thomas Jr. and Anne Torrey of Waymouth, Sept. 18, 1702.*

Thomas and Elizabeth [int. Betsey Smith] Vincent, July 19, 1812.

Timothy and Mrs. Jane Butler, Mar. 1, 1785.* [Mar. 31. CR1]

Tristam E. and Sally F. Fisher, Dec. 26, 1841.

Velina and George Norton, Dec. 1, 1807.

Walter and Polly Sprague, July 1, 1798.*

Watson S., school teacher, b. Falmouth, and Mary B. Fisher, d. Jared and Sarah P., Sept. 10, 1846.

William and Rebeca Smith, Sept. 13, 1792.* [Mrs. Rebeccah. CR1]

Zephaniah and Hannah Riply, Mar. 3, 1774.*

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