DAGETT (Daggett)

Hannah, Mrs., of Tisbury, and William Norton Jr., Dec. 26, 1782.* [Daggett. CR1]

DAGGETT (Dagett)

Almira and George Osborn, July 22, 1821.

Amey, d. Joseph, and Thomas Martin, Dec. 22, 1715.*

Augusta N. of Tisbury, and Joseph Claghorn, int. Jan. 12, 1828.

Brotherton Esq. and Mrs. Jerusha Bunker, June 9, 1782.*. CR1

Charles and Fanny S. Worth, June 19, 1828.

Charles N. of Tisbury, and Betsey Linton, int. Sept. 27, 1837.

Deborah, d. Joshua, and John Ishom of Barnstable, May 9, 1717.*

Deborah of Tisbury, and Lendal Smith of Portland, May 3, 1802.*. CR1

Ebenezer and Jedidah Vinson, Mar. 6, 1759.*

Elisha and Pamelia Dunham of Tisbury, int. Oct. 13, 1838.

Elizabath, d. Capt. Thomas, and John Butler Jr., Dec. 16, 1708.*

Elizabeth and Samuell Whelden, Nov. 3, 1757.*

Fanny S., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 39, d. Jonathan Worth and Mercy and Thomas M. Coffin, widr. [int. omits widr.], housewright, 66, s. Eddy and Sarah, Dec. 16, 1846.

George and Elthannah Donham, Sept. 18, 1769.*

Hannah and Thomas Stuart, Sept. 21, 1769.*

Hannah, see Susan.

Hephziabth and Jabez Trapp, ––– 10, 1716.*

Hephzibah and Enoch Norton, Dec. 17, 1725.*

Isaac and Cordelia Fisher, Aug. 17, 1823.

Isreal and Ruth Norton, Jan. 31, 1701.*

John and Thankfull Vinson, June 11, 1761.*

John Jr. and Mrs. Susanna Stuard, Jan. 26, 1784.* [Stewart. CR1]

John and Betty Crowell of Tisbury, int. Aug. 4, 1803.

John C. and Emily B. Brush of Tisbury, May 15, 1831. [Emily B. Brush of Holmes Hole, May 14. CR1]

Love and Thomas Cunningham, Oct. 17, 1775.*

Love, Mrs., and Valentine Pease, Aug. 18, 1785.* [Volentine. CR1]

Mary and Benjamin Davis, Oct. 1, 1775.*

Mary and William Cooke, Oct. 22, 1822.

Naomi and William Brown "A Transient person," Sept. 29, 1808.

Prince and Elener Cottle, Aug. 20, 1775.*

Samuell, s. Capt. Thomas, and Mary Pease, d. Sergt. Thomas, July 11, 1705.*

Samuell and Hope Norton, Dec. 15, 1796.* [Samuel. CR1]

Samuel S., widr. [int. omits widr.], 45, trader and Chloe [int. Mrs. Cloe] King, wid., 42, nurse, Nov. 17, 1844.

Sally and Joseph Linton, int. Apr. 7, 1800.

Sally and Samuel Cleavland [int. Cleveland], Mar. 29, 1805.

Susan [int. Hannah] and George W. Whitaker [int. Whituker] of NY, Sept. 9, 1830. [Hannah and Capt. George Whitaker. CR1]

Susanna and Tristram Cleveland, Dec. 24, 1795.* [Mrs. Susanna and Tristram Cleavland. CR1]

Thankfull and Barnard Case of Tisbury, Jan. 1, 1793.* [Mrs. Thankful. CR1]

Timothy and Mary Smith, d. Benjamin Esq., May 6, 1717.*

Timothy and Sally Jernigan, Feb. 9, 1797.* [Mrs. Sally. CR1]

Timothy Esq. [int. omits Esq.] and Rebecca Jernegan, Oct. 18, 1829.

William F. [int. Franklin] and Lydia D. Luce, Dec. 19, 1837.


Benjamin F. [int. Danfourth] of New Bedford, and Lucy Norton, May 6, 1834.


Rhoda, Mrs., and Andrew Fisher, int. Nov. 7, 1835.


Charles S. of New London, CT, and Abigail F. Pease, int. Aug. 5, 1826.

Ira of Waterford, CT, and Martha W. [dup. Wyer] Norton, Oct. 30, 1823.

Mary L., 18, d. Ira and Martha W., and John A. Pease, 24, s. Jeremiah and Eliza, Nov. 5, 1848.


Anna and Samuel Norton, int. Aug. 12, 1804.

Benjamin and Mary Daggett, Oct. 1, 1775.*

Benjamin Jr. and Almira Newcomb of Tisbury, int. Sept. 24, 1825.

Catharine T. of New Bedford, and George Cleveland, int. May 16, 1835.

Cornelius and Hepzibah Norton, Dec. 17, 1807.

Dennis and Polly Norton, [int. Nortown], Nov. 26, 1800.

Eunice P. and Stephen Kidder, Dec. 20, 1831.

Hannah of New Bedford, and Francis F. Flood, negroes [int. omits negroes], June 11, 1835.

Henry and Elizabeth Athearn of Tisbury, int. Sept. 22, 1805.

James and Prudance Ripely, Apr. 19, 1789.* [Prudence Ripley. CR1]

Joann and Obed Luce, Apr. 12, 1831.

John of Tisbury, and Abigail Jernegan, Feb. 8, 1776.*

Lydia and Francas Norton, Dec. 15, 1768.*

Metaliah [Melatiah] and Mary Cosens Davis, Dec. 19, 1771.*

Margret, Mrs., of New York City, and Thomas Nugent of Trinadad, W.I., Nov. 23, 1800.*. CR1

Mary and Henry Norton, Dec. 22, 1764.*

Mary Cosens and Metaliah [Melatiah] Davis, Dec. 19, 1771.*

Polly D. [int. Daggett] and Charles Smith, Apr. 16, 1818.

Oliver and Nancy Norton, Sept. 23, 1810.

Phebe A., 23, d. Benjamin and Almira, and Shubael L. Norton, 24, s. Shubael and Sophronia, Aug. 9, 1849.

Rufus and Abigail Norton, Mar. 15, 1818.

Rufus H. and Abigail Hillman of Chilmark, int. Sept. 28, 1840.

Samuel N. and Adaline Norton [int. Norten], Nov. 7, 1839.

Sanford and Debroh Coffin, Nov. 26, 1790.* [Mrs. Deborah Coffin, Nov. 25. CR1]

Sally and Argalis Pease, Feb. 2, 1798.* [Mrs. Sally, Feb. 1. CR1]

Sarah C. and Grafton Norton 2d, int. Nov. 4, 1837.

Shubael and Matilda S. Johnson of Chilmark, int. Mar. 19, 1836.

Sylvia of Nantucket, and William Smith of Nantucket, negroes, int. Jan. 4, 1812.

Wendal and Polly Smith, Feb. 18, 1790.* [Mrs. Polly. CR1]

Zadock and Betsy Bassett of Chilmark, int, July 28, 1804.


Andrew of Florus, Western Island, and Prudence Butler, Apr. 5, 1843.


John, 29, mariner, of Tisbury, b. Tisbury, s. Zenas and Betsey of Tisbury, and Hepsey B. Pent, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 25, seamstress, d. John W. Norton and Hepsey B., July 1, 1847.

Sophronia J. of Tisbury, and John Linton, int. Mar. 21, 1829.


Francis [int. Dimmick] of Falmouth, and Puella [int. adds M.] Waldron [int. of Albany], Aug. 14, 1811. [Dimick, Aug. 15. CR1]


London and Jenny Sanders, int. Mar. 23, 1806.


Cloe [int. Chloe] and Freeman [int. adds P.] Coffin, May 7, 1829. [Freman. CR1]

Desire and Alexander B. Perry, May 3, 1843.

Ebenezer of Rochester, and Anna Butler, Mar. 26, 1829.

Eliza and John Bradley Donison, int. Feb. 2, 1828.

Mary Eliza and John B. Dormin, Feb. 26, 1828.*

Thankfull and William Claghorn, Nov. 11, 1756.*

Thomas and Eliza S. Clark, June 13, 1831. CR1


Abigail and Charles Williams of NY, negroes, int. Mar. 20, 1803.

Sally and William Dunkin, int. Dec. 18, 1803.


Jenny of Marshpee, and Cesar Johnson of Chilmark, int. May 28, 1807.

DONHAM (Dunham)

Abishai of Tisbury, and Thankfull Covel, Feb. 20, 1776.*

Benajah and Sarah Covell, May 7, 1708.*

Benajah Jr. and Lydia Peas, d. Nathan, Jan. ––, 1733.*

Benajah and Anna Marchant, Oct. 7, 1772.*

Benajah Jr. and Mrs. Mary Marchant, Aug. 12, 1784.* [Dunham. CR1]

Daniel Jr. and Sarrah Huxford, Nov. 20, 1739.*

Daniel Jr. of Newport, and Elizabeth Donham, Dec. 18, 1759.*

David and Mary Mackoloy, Oct. 30, 1738.*

David and Mary Chase ["N Pease aunt," written in margin] of Sherbourn, Oct. 4, 1748.*

David and Priscilla Butler, Nov. 5, 1761.*

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] and Abisha Marchant, June 25, 1803. [Dunham, and Abishai Marchant. CR1]

Drusilla and Matthew Mayhew of West Port, Aug. 16, 1798.* [Dunhom. CR1]

Ebenezer and Abigail Vinson, Sept. 13, 1750.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Huldah Fish, Oct. 28, 1784.* [Dunham. CR1]

Elijah Jr. and Mrs. Silvia White, May 22, 1783.* [Dunham, and Silva White. CR1]

Elisha and Rebecca Vinson, Apr. 4, 1769.*

Elisha Jr. and Rebecca [int. Rebeca] Ripely, Apr. 8, 1804. [Dunham, and Rebecca Ripley. CR1]

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elisabeth and Daniel Donham Jr. of Newport, Dec. 18, 1759.*

Elisabeth and Peter Marchant, May 4, 1786.* [Elizabeth Dunham. CR1]

Elthannah and George Daggett, Sept. 18, 1769.*

Hannah and Noah Pease, Mar. 7, 1776.*

Hezekiah and Jean Steward, Oct. 22, 1761.*

Isaiah and Salley Osborn, Dec. 25, 1794.* [Dunham, and Mrs. Sally Osborn. CR1]

Jane and Henry Fish 3d, Nov. 10, 1796.* [Dunham. CR1]

Jerusha and Anthoney Swasey, Aug. 10, 1774.*

Jonathan and Sukey Marchant, Nov. 18, 1798.* [Dunham and Sukey Merchant. CR1]

Joseph [int. Dunham] and Susanna Stuart, May 6, 1804. [Dunham, and Susanna Stewart. CR1]

Lydia and Jacob Ferren of E. Haven, CT, Dec. 8, 1793.* [Dunham. CR1]

Martha and Ichabod Cleavland, Dec. 20, 1770.*

Mary, d. Gersham, and James Covel Jr., July 22, 1713.*

Matild and John Marchant, Aug. 19, 1787.* [Matilda Dunham. CR1]

Mehitable and Barnabas Vinson, Oct. 1, 1761.*

Mercy, see Marcey, Marcy.

Marcy and Gamaliel Butler, Dec. 5, 1748.*

Marcey and Nathaniel Macy of Nantucket, int. Mar. 6, 1802.

Naomi and Nathaniell Fish, Oct. 18, 1764.*

Nathan and Matilda –––––, Dec. 29, 1757.*

Patience and Gamaiel Fish, Oct. 30, 1791.* [Mrs. Patience Dunham and Gamaliel Fish. CR1]

Persies and William Donham of Colchester, Nov. 13, 1739.*

Pheby and Joseph Pilsbury [int. Pilsbary "a Trancient Person"], Mar. 31, 1803. [Phebe Dunham. CR1]

Sarrah and David Pease, July 5, 1739.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Abraham Pease, Jan. 17, 1784.* [Dunham. CR1]

Sally of Tisbury, and William Pease, int. ––– ––, 1802.

Sally and William Morris of [int. adds E. Haven], CT, Dec. 25, 1803. [Dunham, and William Moris. CR1]

Seth and Mahala Pease, Jan. 10, 1802. [Dunham. CR1]

Thomas of Tisbury, and Deborah Norton, June 1, 1800. [Dunham. CR1]

William of Colchester, CT, and Percies Donham, Nov. 13, 1739.*

Zurviah and William Rogers of Tisbury, July 16, 1741.*


John Bradley and Eliza Dexter, int. Feb. 2, 1828.


John B. and Mary Eliza Dexter, Feb. 26, 1828.*


Thomas of Nantucket, and Lois Steward, d. Charles, Dec. 27, 1734.*


John Benjamin and Beulah Butler, Sept. 16, 1792.* [Mrs. Bulah Butler. CR1]


Patty and Richard Anable, negroes, int. Oct. 5, 1802.

Nancy C. of Nantucket, and Eddy Coffin, int. Mar. 26, 1825.


Daniel of Nantucket, and Mrs. Rhoda Gurnerson, int. July 22, 1825.

DUNHAM (Donham)

Benjamin and Mrs. Jerusha Bird, int. Feb. 15, 1812.

Charles F. and Matilda V. Mayhew of Chilmark, int. May 30, 1840.

Daniel of Nantucket, and Dorcas King, Dec. 28, 1816. [of Nantuckett. CR1]

Ebenezar [int. Jr.] of Nantucket, and Margaret King, Jan. 17, 1816.

Edward R. and Nancy E. Edwards of Falmouth, int. Feb. 20, 1848.

Elish and Dinah Fisher, int. Aug. 5, 1820.

Elisha Jr. and Elsy [int. Elcy] Fisher, Mar. 24, 1822.

Eliza [int. Elsa], Mrs., and Henry Norton 2d, Oct. 1, 1833.

Eliza and Thomas Powers, Apr. 12, 1835.

Elizabeth P., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 22, d. Henry Groy and Betsy, and John L. Jenks, 28, mariner [int. of Dover, NH], b. Dover, s. David and Deborah of Dover, NH, June 3, 1847.

Easter and Joseph Fish, Jan. 10, 1782.*. CR1

Esther, see Easter.

Jane S. and Francis J. Silva of Nantucket, int. May 13, 1837.

Joseph Jr. and Jane Ann Stewart, Feb. 22, 1842.

Mary L. and Charles Francis of Grenville, int. Apr. 18, 1840.

Pamelia of Tisbury, and Elisha Daggett, int. Oct. 13, 1838.

Persis and William Brown, July 30, 1820. CR1

Ralph R. and Cinthia [int. Sympathy Ann] Clark, Dec. 25, 1827.

Rebecca S. of Chilmark, and Peter M. Pease, int. Sept. 30, 1843.

Ruhamah [int. Ruann] Pease [int. Donham] and Thomas Coffin Jr., Aug. 4, 1817.

Sally [int adds A.] and Peter Pease 3d, Dec. 25, 1817.

Sarah and Robert W. Norton, Nov. 6, 1834.

Thomas of Tisbury, and Belinda Norton, int. Feb. 7, 1819. "you will find that Mr Smith made a mistake in this entery and put T Dunham where Oliver Crosby should have been. I.D. Pease. "

Thomas and Elizabeth P. Gray, Feb. 24, 1841.


William and Sally Diamon, int. Dec. 18, 1803.


Samuel of Boston, and Mrs. Jane Remsen [int. Remson] [dup. Jane Frisbee] of Nantucket, June 12, 1836.

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