John Godfroid of Drisden, Prusia [int. John Godfroyd of Dresden, Prussia], and Belinda Fisher, Feb. 22, 1804. [John Godfroyad and Balinda Fisher, Feb. 2. CR1]


J.T.E., Dr., widr. [int. Dr. J. Thompson E., omits widr.], 35, s. Thomas and Mary E., and Jane E. [int. Elizabeth] Cooke, 25, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, May 31, 1846.


Deborah and Samuell Call of Tisbury, Feb. 15, 1749.*

George A. of Nantucket and Betsy W. Brown, int. Mar. 14, 1840.

Grafting and Abigail Coffin, Sept. 22, 1730.*

Mary and Luice Cooke, Indians, Oct. 7, 1785.* [Lewis Cook. CR1]

Rowland [int. adds Capt.], 25, marener, of Nantucket, b. Nantucket, s. Henry and Hannah of Nantucket, and Martha S. Potter, 18, d. John and Olive, June 1, 1847.

Tristram of Nantucket, and Deborah Coffin, Jan. 24, 1734-5.*

William and Mary Johnson, Dec. 12, 1780.* [Indians. CR1]

GARRISH (Gerish)

Nancy of Boston, and Richard Gould, int. June 23, 1844.

GERISH (Garrish)

John of Dartmouth, and Abiah Claghorn, Sept. 4, 1767.*

GIBB (Gibbs)

Abigail and Elisha West, June 23, 1736.*

GIBBS (Gibb)

Albion and Lydia D. Norton, Oct. 22, 1837.

Charity [int. adds C.] and John R. Norton, Apr. 13, 1836.

Eliza S. and Sylvester H. Fisher, tailor, b. Falmouth, Dec. 13 [int. Dec. 14], 1845.


Asa R. [int. adds Capt.], 35, of Dartmouth, b. Dartmouth, s. David and Sally of Dartmouth, and Abby D. Beetle, 23, d. James H. and Betsey, Feb. 14, 1849.

GODFRAY (Godfrey)

Albert [int. Godfrey] and Mrs. Olive O. Potter, Sept. 18, 1832. CR1

GODFREY (Godfray)

Belinda and Edward B. Kelley of Nantucket, May 3, 1838.*

Daniel and Rebecca Butler, Oct. 18, 1840.

Rebecca, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 30, mariner, d. ––––– Arnolds, and Joseph Enos [int. Enus], 34, of Nantucket, Sept. 22, 1846.

GOODRIDGE (Gudredge, Gudridge)

Patty and John Wing of New Bedford, int. Dec. 8, 1818.


Joseph William of Salem, and Priscilla Chadwick, int. Jan. 10, 1808.


Horace of Boston, and Mary Allen, Aug. 23, 1801.

Jane and Joseph Sam "a trancient man" Indians, int. July 17, 1824.

Richard and Nancy Garrish of Boston, int. June 23, 1844.

Zenus [int. Zenas] M., 23 [int. of Gayhead], b. Gayhead, s. Joseph and Fenely, and Mary Grant, 15, b. Christiantown, d. William and Eliza [int. negroes], May 4, 1849.


Joseph B. of Halowell [int. Holowell], ME, and Julia A. Vincent, June 18, 1842.


Mary, 15, b. Christiantown, d. William and Eliza, and Zenus [int. Zenas] M. Gould, 23 [int. of Gayhead], b. Gayhead, s. Joseph and Fenely [int. negroes], May 4, 1849.


Elizabeth P. and Thomas Dunham, Feb. 24, 1841.

Henry and Betsey Fisher 2d, Apr. 27, 1820. CR1

Jane [int. Elisabeth Jane] and Alfred Swift of Rochester, Oct. 29, 1818. [Jane. CR1]

John and Puella Butler, Sept. 25, 1796.*

John and Margret Butler, Oct. 14, 1819.

Mary Ann of ME, and Charles Kidder, int. June ––, 1835.

Rhoda and David Isbell of Talmage [int. Talmadge], O., May 31, 1838.


Mary, d. Charles of Marblehead, and Matthew Pease, s. James, Apr. ––, 1699.*

Samuel of Nantucket, and Lucy Barney of Nantucket, negroes, int. Jan. 4, 1812.


Amos and Leah Pechaker [? Indians], int. Nov. 27, 1803.

Martha and Abraham Freeman of Rorwich [? Norwich], CT, int. Nov. 9, 1822.

Nelly and Emanuel Joseph, negroes, ––– ––, –––– [int. Jan. 9, 1821].

GUDREDGE (Goodridge, Gudridge)

Patty and William Edwards of Baltimore, int. May 14, 1825.

GUDRIDGE (Goodridge, Gudredge)

Simion and Daty Belain, coloured, int. June 8, 1833.


Anthony of Nantuckett [int. Nantucket], and Hannah Tacknash, negroes [int. omits negroes], ––– ––, –––– [rec. between Apr. 6 and Aug. 10, 1806] [int. Mar. 23, 1806]. CR1


Rhoda, Mrs., and Daniel Dunavin of Nantucket, int. July 22, 1825.

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